Screencapture by Boch. Via LAPD YouTube.
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The Los Angeles Police Department has released some dramatic bodycam footage of a standoff that took place on March 16th. In it, an LAPD SWAT cop was shot twice by the suspect using a shotgun, once in his tactical vest and another time wounding him in the neck and face area. Fortunately, he’ll survive. As for the drugged up, barricaded bad guy who was shooting at police…he didn’t make it.

It seemed rather amusing when police negotiators from the Southwest Division tried to lure Jorge Cerda, who was under the influence of…something, out of his barricaded position with the offer of what amounted to a familial hug. That didn’t work. Go figure.

After the standoff dragged on for hours, SWAT officers moved in and deployed teargas.

Officer Rodney Williams’ armor stopped the first round the suspect fired at him. Williams then stuck his head back around the corner once more in a tactically questionable attempt to get eyes on the armed man who had already shot him once.

The suspect then fired again, hitting Williams in the unarmored face or neck area. Williams’ partner dragged his leaking partner out of the danger zone while muzzling him repeatedly with his rifle. At least he didn’t have his finger on the trigger and the rifle’s safety was engaged.

image by Boch via LAPD YouTube.

Meanwhile, after Williams was wounded, another SWAT cop shot Mr. Cerda from above when Cerda came out of the residence to continue his attack, proving once again that the only thing that stops bad people with evil in their hearts isn’t a hug, but a good guy with a gun.

Screencap by Boch. Courtesy Youtube/LAPD

How can we surmise Mr. Cerda’s intentions?  If he intended to surrender and repent, he wouldn’t have carried a stolen Kel-Tec KSG shotgun loaded with a variety of rounds.

Skip to the 15:00 mark to see the dramatic climax. Caution: NSFW (language, graphic violence).

After the bodycam showing the suspect well-ventilated, the LAPD PR officer narrating the video goes on editorialize on the danger of “ghost guns.” It seems Mr. Cerda possessed a Polymer80 pistol or similar product. Obviously the police can’t trace that gun to see it was stolen as the shotgun was.

Screencap by Boch. Via YouTube/LAPD

Frankly, it doesn’t really matter whether the firearm had a serial number or not. Mr. Cerda tried to kill innocent people and in doing so he lost his life. In other words, there is a zero percent chance of recidivism.

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  1. The shotgun HAD a serial number, and only provided the name of the person it was stolen from. Gave the police nothing of any use to their investigation.

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  3. Can someone explain what (if any) difference would have been made if that handgun were a stolen and serialized firearm?

    • Serial numbers are magic talismans that both track its whereabouts in real time and prevent the firearm from being misused.

      Such is my understanding based on proposed legislation that is clearly well-researched and firmly grounded in reality.

      • I can’t top that explanation. There certainly is not a rational one. The only time tracing can have any possible efficacy is when a firearm is left at the scene of a crime but the perpetrator has left. I have no idea what the actual odds are that the traced actual owner is the perpetrator. I cannot imagine that the number is very large. Funny, isn’t it, that despite all the chatter about tracing, you can never get the statistics as to how useful it really is.

      • “…that is clearly well-researched and firmly grounded in reality.”

        As is all legislation that comes from the group that believes in science and believes all women…until it’s no longer convenient.

      • That real time tracking works! I’m sitting at my desk and I tried visualizing the serial number of one of my handguns and you ain’t gonna believe this but then I opened the drawer and shezzam there it was!

    • yes. if it were unserialized kel tec would not have to honor their warranty repeatedly.

  4. it aint in the article as far as i can see
    and nobodys replied it yet
    so i will:
    his weapon is on the ground
    the safety is off
    i would imagine theres a round in the chamber
    i know the guy got shot and so forth
    but proper weapon handling is even more important in times like this
    that is when nds happen
    when youre out of your rhythm
    when youre out of your regular pattern
    the picture should be captioned:
    whats wrong with this picture

    • He gets a pass for muzzling his partner. He had to drag 200+lbs of leaking human to safety while covering the area in case Jorge came around the corner. That means the muzzle stays downrange, even if it muzzles someone.

      Tactics beats keyboard commando in the real world.

      • Exactly.

        All that muzzle BS, booger hook on the trigger crap, proper shoulder arch, etc… all costs time and lives. Precise proper form may win matches but targets aren’t shooting back.

  5. Don’t believe that a shotgun isn’t a deadly weapon. In Oregon, a Washington County Sheriff’s Deputy was shot in the neck with a 20 gauge shotgun loaded with “harmless” birdshot. A spent a month in the hospital including a week in intensive care. Only recently he finally returned to duty over a year later.

    That KelTec KSG shotgun is an excellent weapon.

    • I think the author was referring to the orange furniture on the Police shotgun, denoting that it’s for non-lethal rounds

      • I didn’t misunderstand the author. I wasn’t commenting on the police shotgun loaded with less lethal ammunition. I was referring to the officer that expressed himself after already getting shot once.

        BTW, this incident illustrates why the term “scatter gun” is misleading. The rule of thumb is about one inch of pattern assist for every yard of range

  6. “The Only thing that starts a bad person with evil in their hearts isn’t a hug, but a good guy with a gun. “

    I laughed out loud

  7. Maybe all these killer firearms need to have a tracking anklet on them, so they won’t “ghost” out of the home where they are supposed to stay. That will happen after the government demands that we all have tracking chips and ID tattoos on our wrists, foreheads or neck.

  8. Damned shame for 1st responders to take a bullet. I’m not sure additional training would have changed this situation/result. But damn I don’t like to see 1st responders injured or killed

    • David Walters,

      I don’t want to see anyone injured or killed.

      I have to wonder if any of that was necessary. If the guy was stoned on private property and wasn’t threatening anyone, who cares? If he was stoned and threatening people, then he probably got what he deserved.

      • He was out in his backyard firing it into the air not long before that. Dude was a danger to everyone.

      • I listened to the SWAT call on the LAPD radio (I work in Public Safety in LA) from the start. The original call was because the suspect was firing a rifle off in his backyard in a residential area. There was a family trapped in a rear unit that was unable to be evacuated. LAPD and SWAT negotiated with the guy for multiple hours before they decided to use gas.

      • Really? he was not stoned, marijuana doesn’t make you act like that.. sleep deprivation and drugs do that to people and he was shooting a firearm In his backyard, There is no excuse for his actions it’s sad that that’s all you can say about a person out of there mind on drugs but it’s the truth there’s no excuse

  9. Did anyone zoom in on the swat guns? All had full auto Sears and I didn’t see any brand, maker or serial number on the left side. Where these ghost swat guns?

  10. “In other words, there is a zero percent chance of recidivism.” And in the ‘criminal coddling,’ Socialist Republic of Kaliforniastan, that’s saying A LOT.

  11. As we continue to armchair quarterback, Kerri in mind that it is unlikely that the officer will survive being shot in the face with a 12 gauge. Even birdshot would be devastating or to a range of 40 yards.

    • Number8’s at forty yards wont kill nobody, well unless a miracle happens. I guess you dont shoot nothing but paper?

      • Number 8 shot at 40 yards will have an impact velocity of about 460 feet per second. Probable penetration depth in soft tissue would be about 1 to 2 inches. Doesn’t seem like much until you multiply by about a hundred pellets puncturing your carcass from head to groin. There goes your eyes. There goes your testicles and penis. The birdshot in your intestines might pass, eventually. The birdshot that pentrates between your ribs to enter your lungs will be with you for life. Birdshot that pentrates your carotid artery will go to your brain causing a stroke.

  12. For once I agree with Bill O’Reilly. Bad guys shooting people is the price of freedom. Liberty is risky business. That’s why our Founding Fathers recognized our God-given right to shoot back.

    I’ll take my chances with a bad guy with a gun rather than a bad government with lots of guns. Much better survival percentages.

  13. Once the bad guy starts shooting, no more non-lethal BS. Shoot to kill. His well-being should no longer be a priority or even a concern.

  14. So a bad guy shot at bad guys and the bad guys killed the bad guy. One of the bad guys was wounded by the bad guy. Sounds like a wash to me. The jack booted thug gets the Hunting With Cheney award.

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