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The NRA’s Board of Directors met Sunday in Dallas behind closed doors in an emergency session. At the meeting, the board approved Wayne LaPierre’s bankruptcy plan for the nation’s oldest civil rights organization, albeit retroactively.

Reportedly, the action did not go through without debate and maybe a little drama. Stephen Gutowski at the Washington Free Beacon reports:

The National Rifle Association’s board of directors retroactively approved the group’s bankruptcy plan after an emergency meeting on Sunday.

The decision was not without drama: Board members locked themselves behind closed doors in an “executive session” for hours before delivering the final verdict, and executive vice president Wayne LaPierre left through a separate exit from where press was waiting.

A copy of the resolution obtained by the Washington Free Beacon said the Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing initiated by LaPierre in January advances “the best interests of the NRA, its members, and its mission.” The board addressed questions on the legitimacy of the bankruptcy raised by New York attorney general Letitia James (D.)—who has moved to scuttle the bankruptcy to advance her prosecution of the group in state court—by saying the declaration is “authorized, directed and ratified” by the board. The resolution further approved the appointment of attorney Bill Brewer’s law firm as the group’s general bankruptcy counsel in a rebuke to conflict of interest allegations made by the Department of Justice.

Anything that makes life more difficult for the hyper-partisan Leticia James helps gun rights and the NRA.

The resolution also allows for the NRA to retain Brewer and the other attorneys involved in the case should it be dismissed and then refiled. The resolution could help the NRA in court. With at least a majority of the board voting to officially ratify the bankruptcy filing it becomes more difficult for James to argue NRA leadership lacks board support in the case. The move makes it less likely James will succeed in getting the case thrown out.

Plenty of people have raised questions about Bill Brewer’s law firm and its hefty, gold-plated fees charged to the National Rifle Association. Even the Department of Justice has raised conflict of interest allegations against Brewer’s firm’s representation of the NRA in the Bankruptcy as noted in the Washington Beacon story above. But it’s not the first time Mr. Brewer has been tied to alleged misconduct.

Some members of the NRA Board continue to demand answers about Brewer’s firm, its work, and the massive fees charged to the NRA.

From the Washington Free Beacon story

Rocky Marshall, another NRA board member present at the meeting, called the resolution an “awkward attempt to ratify the Chapter 11 bankruptcy.” He said he believed the bankruptcy was “financially unnecessary” and questioned the millions of dollars spent on the Brewer firm. 

“This entire episode appears to be an elaborate snipe hunt and the NRA is left holding an empty bag,” Marshall said. “The bankruptcy appears to be an attempt to find a safe harbor from the NYAG suit and a vehicle for the Brewer law firm to continue extracting assets from the NRA. The Brewer law firm claims to fight to protect the NRA, but I wonder who is protecting the NRA from the Brewer law firm? ” 

That final comment from Marshall says it all. “I wonder who is protecting the NRA from the Brewer law firm?”


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  1. I used to divide what I could afford to contribute between
    the NRA and the GOA. Now the GOA gets it all.
    As long as LaPierre is driving the NRA train, I’ll never buy a ticket.
    I refuse to see my money waisted on his fancy suits.

    • I agree. Our dues money has absolutely been wasted on fancy perks, high salaries, and crushing amounts of legal fees that are COMPLETELY unconnected with Second Amendment litigation.

      I made the decision 3 years ago that I was done letting the NRA piss my money away and I haven’t given them 1 cent since then. There are other local and national organizations picking up the slack! Find out who is doing the hard work in your state and send some funds their way.

    • Yep, still a member, but my donations go to GOA and SAF and it will stay that way till Wayne is gone.

    • At a NRA Annual Convention Thursday evening Banquet and Auction, as Wayne was shmoozing with the Little Peeps before the dinner, I placed my hand on Wayne’s shoulder as we spoke…, that was some nice suit material. Let me assure you NRA Little Peeps, we are getting our money’s worth. in those suits!!!!!!

      • You actually touched Wayne LaPierre.And lived to tell about it. What’s it like?, I mean to touch that much royalty and power.

    • I’ll always give some money to the NRA. Why? Because the left thinks it is the end-all be-all of gun rights. “Take down the NRA and we win!”

      It’s an ablative shield. Let them stay focused on it. Let them attack it. Meanwhile, GOA, FPC, and all the rest will be fighting the actual fight for us.

  2. These people waste time and a lot of money feathering their own nests and just raising more money, without much result. I did like their support of Trump in the general election in 2016, but that’s rudimentary and barely meets par for the course. They need the bankruptcy, the move to Texas, and then full regime change among the leadership. Do that, show they’re making some headway for a couple of years, then we can talk about resuming membership and contributions.

  3. I’ve been heavily involved with NRA in time and money since the 1970s and I’ve never regretted any of it.

    As for GOA and the others out there circling: they wouldn’t survive one week under the constant bombardment from those who are on-record as declaring they have been out to destroy NRA, using your own tax dollars in the attempt, no less. If NRA were to ever go down it’d take about a week to bring down all of the others who claim to support the Second Amendment. Don’t kid yourselves…

      • If you are referring to me, moron (N Freeman) I load 27 metallic calibers and 4 ga of shotgun shells. How about you? I’m still shooting a couple times per week.

        For a change, though, and to prove you have an attention span and can process information- explain how I’m wrong about the other groups going into fetal position in a week or so if NRA wasn’t taking ALL of the anti gun incoming? Those launching the attacks don’t even acknowledge the wannabe groups, except for maybe Oathkeepers, and that’s only due to the Jan 6 fiasco. I’m betting you believe NRA should’ve sponsored that one.

        Never, ever see or hear reference of GOA, NAGRs or the others from govt releases nor MSM coverage. Never. Oh, except around here and other sites cruised by the real 2A “purists”. Not even being recognized as existing by those out to destroy you ought to tell you something but I’m betting most here can’t see the proverbial forest for the trees.

        • Craig is correct.

          The fallacy here is believing the GOA and NRA are the same size and strength as organizations.
          Think of it as taking all your tax dollars and pulling them away from the US military and giving them to a small militia down the street because their views line up more with yours.
          Until Uncle Bobs band of badasses gets up and running strong you are pulling massive power from your largest defense.

          A smarter move would be to support both until the better fighter becomes strong enough to handle the blows dealt by the opposition.

          To just walk away from the NRA as a whole isn’t walking away from Wayne L., its walking away from every member who contributes to the fight.
          Kind of like not voting because Biden cheated, you’re just handing the battle over not protesting.

        • LOL, no. It’s not about raw numbers; the NRA doesn’t actually leverage their membership advantage for anything except begging for more money anyway. Even if it were just about numbers, if the NRA went down the other groups would soak up their members anyway.

        • The fallacy is using the lack of MSM covering GOA, NAGR, or others as an example of those groups lacking power. The MSM goes with who they have been covering for years and they will continue to do that until that entity disappears. In Ohio, we have to see quotes by Toby Hoover every time the MSM needs the anti-gun side of a story. Hoover was a one person operation running Ohio Coalition Against Gun Violence but the MSM made it look like she had as many members as the numerous pro-gun groups. Then she retired and handed off OCAGV to another woman (who has handed it off to another woman). Who does the MSM now call when they need an anti-gun quote? The retired Toby Hoover but they refer to her as “founder of OCAGV.”

        • Disagree Possum, I believe the intent was for militias to serve as the National Guard, except we’ve turned the guard into more of a standing military than hometown guard. But i do believe it was intentionally written that when necessary your average citizen could defend their country without having to be under the order or direction of active military which would be government controlled. This is why the anti gun who claim militia is the national guard is wrong, as the guard are controlled by the state government and you cannot fight a tyrannical government using people it owns and controls.
          Therefore the countries last line of defense to save itself is a well armed, well regulated militia made up of free able bodied civilians.

          Voting to disarm civilians is voting your only defense away in the event of a hostile government takover, in reality, citizens should be equally or greater armed than our active military as WE are THE people.

        • possum, no. It was explicitly stated in their writings that they considered all adult citizens of a state to be its militia.

    • My involvement dates continuously back to 1973. So, to a large extent I agree with you. No other gun rights org is feared by the “gun safety” crowd as is the NRA. Ol’ Joe professes to “stand-up” to no other 2A org. Feinstein, Schumer, Pelosi, all of them frequently vilify and denigrate the NRA (and to my knowledge, no other org). That said, the NRA has problems. Most of those problems stem from an entrenched leadership. I have contributed thousand’s to the NRA over the last 40 years, but am now wanting some visible, altruistic change in the org.

      • If the NRA falls the brunt of the burden won’t be gun owners loss of a fighter, it will be the impact it makes on the anti gun crowd that will empower them with what they perceive as a massive victory.

      • Nah, the NRA is a group that politicians can safely ‘stand up’ against because they do nothing. As a life member I hate to say it but NRA is entrenched in Washington along with the rest of the swamp and pretty much toothless.

    • Proud to declare bankruptcy? More like seeking monetary and asset protection from the predators in your own government(s), using your own tax dollars to take away your rights. I don’t think a plurality of gun owners even realize that- certainly not you.

      So, repeat after me: “the only money any government has for attempting to prosecute NRA or any other group or person is the money they’ve taken from you, the taxpayers”.

      Like it or not- Leticia James in NYS and Harris/Biden are using your own money to defund the Second Amendment. You don’t want to chip in? Neither do I, but at least if all goes to hell I won’t come dragging around blaming the end on a group I constantly and publicly disparaged and wouldn’t help.

      For all the efforts and macho chest thumping from those lower tier groups like GOA and their misinformed supporters, why not ask them why THEY didn’t stop the Hughes Amendment, or the bump stock debacle, the ‘93 semiauto “ban”, the Brady Law or keep Harris/Biden from being elected? THEY were around when it all went down.

      • “…from those lower tier groups like GOA and their misinformed supporters,…”

        What ever you’re smoking, can I have some from your bag?

        Alan Gottlieb, Alan Gura and the SAF successfully argued the ‘Heller’ and ‘McDonald’ decisions, forcing NYC, Chicago, San Fransisco, and every other 2A-hating large city to allow their citizens to have a handgun in their home.

        The ‘Fearless Leader’ NRA only tagged on to the very end of that battle.

        FACT – The NRA talks the talk, while the SAF ‘walks the walk’ where it counts, during oral arguments at the SCOTUS…

        • I have no beef with SAF per se, they always have a large booth at NRA Annual Meetings and I’ve met Al Gotlieb a number of times there and in hospitality rooms at conventions. He’s given me many of their sponsored publications to place in libraries and for my own.

          However- unlike NRA, SAF has no other programs to run- no safety, no
          marksmanship, children’s safety, hunting or marksmanship, no competitions for various levels, no military or LE, nothing for collectors, no other instruction where they are spending to maintain all that they were originally founded on. In fact it’d be pretty safe to point out that because NRA firearms safety programs have been so affective over the past 40 years at all age levels firearms accidents are now nearly off the radar as a cause of death for any age group. The actual stats have taken a huge reason to ban guns away from those who seek to. Sure- MDA and others claim “safety” for their hype but it’s not an effective rallying point that sways any but those already inclined to give up their 2A rights.

          NRA is the only organization that maintains all these, and other programs and none should be cashed in just to undertake more responsibilities that individuals should be exercising on their own if they truly love their freedom and liberties. That’s what puts NRA in a completely different tier than any of the other groups. And I’m still waiting for any evidence that GOA, NAGR, CCRTKBA, SAF or any other group would/could withstand the constant government and media battering if NRA was gone. Don’t be delusional.

          One final thought I’d like to see disputed: betting that at least 50% of the “members” of those lesser tier groups are also members of NRA. I know this because I’ve been an NRA recruiter for over 30 years at large gun shows and have been seeing and speaking with roughly 6000 people who have to walk past my table to get into the show about 18 weekends per year. A large number of those joining or renewing “proudly” declare they belong to all the “other” groups and I used to as well until I paid attention to the entire scenario.

  4. Less Colin noir, more Larry potter field.

    Less Dana loesch, more hickok45.

    More wood stocks, less aipac ads.

    More hunting, less tacticool.

    • How about “tacticool” and hunting going hand in hand (You can hunt with an AR15 and/or 590A1 or Benelli M4).

      How about Colin Noir and Larry Porterfield working together? How about Dana Loesch and Hickok45 both reminding everyone about the importance of Civic Participation?

      Get out of here FUDD-Troll!!

      • So I am called a troll for having preferences that are different than yours? Why such name calling? I think your anger toward me reveals something deep and dark within your soul.

        Yeah- I own and practice with an AR with a peq15 and pvs7s… but what I enjoy reading about mostly, and what I think is healthy for gun culture is hunting and the traditional shooting sports. I support people’s God-given right to own whatever tacticool products they want, but I think our gun rights will be best protected by people joining a real life skeet club instead of buying NCstar lasers, sitting at home, poasting about SHTFantasy.

        So f*** you, f*** fake tits cheats on her husband Dana, and f*** hip hop degenerate Collin noir and his NRAtv bs. I’m getting ready to go on a hunting trip with real life friends for turkeys.

        • You’re an absolute moron. So if people don’t like exactly what you like then they’re bad for gun culture. That’s the mindset of a toddler.

        • “…and f*** hip hop degenerate Collin noir…”

          ‘Degenerate’, exactly how? Is he an accused or convicted child molester?

          Or, (more likely) did a Black man steal your woman?

          How is Noir a ‘degenerate’?

          YOU are the one that made that accusation.

          You really must have some *spicy* video of him doing something…

  5. 1) 75 members on the BoD is about 60 too many. Most directors are celebrity choices, who are out of their league, and not doing their duty to direct a organization of the NRA’s size.

    2) We need another Cincinnati revolt to get the ship back on course. I wish we had another Neal Knox.

    • What he said.

      Someone please tell me of another organization anywhere in the country that has 70 board members? That my friends is not a quorum, but rather a cheerleading section for Wayne LaPierre. Some of these people have been surround so long that their trunks have multiple rings around them, just like an old oak tree.

      How on God’s green earth do they ever get anything done? and then you have to fly, feed, and house all of these board members portal to portal for all these meetings. Just a coffee and sweetrolls for a simple meeting alone is a significant expense.

      tell me one other organization that has this many people running it? IBM? Microsoft?
      Ford motor? Americann red cross? There is no other board this huge.

      There’s no doubt that Marian Hammer is a good decent lady and did the people of Florida a good turn. But honestly, what has she done lately in her advanced years?

      Then you have all of these Rock stars, movie actors, and Big Time CEOs. aside from their good looks, tell me what they bring to the table?

      as much as I like Ted Nugent in his music and his opinion on things, what has he delivered to us? Speaking with people in the gun industry that absolutely no and are familiar, I could tell you Ted has his hand(s) out open looking for free stuff. All the time. And Regularly.

      We as gun owners are in a bad place and are in a bad time right now. It is not getting any better, it has nowhere to go but get worse. We need our national organization to be absolutely on top and mission focused to do everything they can to protect our second amendment rights without fail.

      In as much as I am interested in competitive shooting, that stuff needs to take a backseat, I’m sorry. Let the CMP run that for a while. And while they’re at it they should take over the law enforcement division as well. our organization needs to be laser focused on defending our rights and nothing else.

      And this whole Wayne LaPierre thing. I am sad to tell you it’s not a matter of if but when he gets sent to prison. There is way way too much smoke coming out from that Barn indicating criminal malfeasance.

      And I’m not even so much focused on his clothing. I could give a damn less whether or not the NRA purchases his suits and shoes for him. He’s a public facing figure that could be seen on television and viewed by all and he needs to look the best. Wardrobe and expensive lobbyist meals are part of the cost of doing business and I will gladly pay for it.

      However the kickbacks from his father-in-law’s law firm; and the apartment for his girlfriend, and some of the other over the top expenses are the smoke coming out of the barn.

      I sit here and I absolutely promise to my organization that as soon as Wayne LaPierre and a bunch of the deep State NRA are gone? My checkbook opens. Bigly. I absolutely want to donate to my organization but I refuse to pay for criminal waste.

      • Why don’t you actually come out and name all of the NRA Board members you think are freeloading, getting rich off membership or not contributing to the cause of maintaining and even improving the 2A rights. I see you named 2 but there are 74 more. Remember- WLP is no Board member.

        And along with naming them, tell us all why they should be tossed.

        • Look at the attendance records for NRA board meetings. Anyone who has attended less than 40% of the meetings needs to go — and that’s almost all of them.

          You have Kim Rhode, for instance, who seems like the kind of person you’d want on the board, but last I checked (a couple years ago) hadn’t attended a single, solitary meeting in her tenure. Not one. Karl Malone, who is a standup guy and one of my favorite basketball players from back in the day, likewise; he’s been to about five total board meetings in 15 years. He could be a great asset…if he could be bothered to participate.

          Too many stunt memberships, not enough participation. This bankruptcy and reincorporation plan should’ve gone before the board before it went anywhere else, but the NRA is doing it only as a rubber-stamped afterthought. I’m no expert, but I don’t think any above-board nonprofit operates that way.

      • “How on God’s green earth do they ever get anything done? and then you have to fly, feed, and house all of these board members portal to portal for all these meetings. Just a coffee and sweetrolls for a simple meeting alone is a significant expense.”

        Coffee and bagels is just fine for morning meetings, and Subway will do fine for lunch.

        Supper? Applebees or similar is just fine. No more multi-thousand dollar 5-star restaurant bullsh!t…

        • I get it, Geoff.

          But unfortunately in Washington DC the food prices in and around the Capitol and Senate Office Buildings are sky high. A lobbyist taking a senator to lunch is NOT going to Subway. They are going to the Capitol Grille, Mastro’s Steakhouse, Marcels, etc.

          Our 70 plus heroes from Fairfax? Yeah, a box lunch should suffice.

      • ” tell me one organization that has this many people running it.” The U.S. government, it even pays a paige to turn a page.
        Your tax dollars at work.

  6. LaPierre is bad for the NRA. He and the current board must go. I am a life member but will not contribute another cent until this happens.

  7. Prefer to burn it down and start over, myself. Voting membership means nothing with the current board and executive structure the way it is. Maybe my life membership might mean something to the next iteration of the NRA. It doesn’t mean anything now.

  8. Wayne and his co conspirators are the ones to blame for funneling money out of the NRA into their own pockets and their friends pockets while also giving their members some gun control that would not pass otherwise.

  9. The NRA is run by very old people, for very old people. And all of them are going to die. Soon. They will turn to dust and blow away. And there will be no one to replace them. There is no younger leadership at the NRA. And the “old folks” don’t want the younger ones around. I had a great time at my first NRA meet up in Nashville in 2015. The NRA is dying now. The very old board memebrs and their very large gun collections will soon be gone.

    I was told the best way to communicate with the board members was writing a hand written letter. And send it using the US post office. So that is how it’s done in the 21st century. Snail mail for the NRA???

    The NRA does not have “the machinery” to recruit fresh off the street, new members. They are not focused on recruiting children, teenagers, or even young adults.

    Right now Black Guns Matter is on a 30 city national tour. Funded by the GOA and Pete Brownell. The NRA was not interested in helping out.
    Besides learning about gun rights and responsibilities. These new gun owners are learning about the GOA. They are not learning about the NRA.

  10. What I would like to see is the NRA executives pushed down a rung for a court ordered trustee to analyze the books and fire those who have pillaged the accounts. Removing the thieves in charge could save the NRA and be an important step in continuing the NRAs mission.

    As it stands now the venality of Wayne La PayMe! and his cronies has the clear sound of a hammer pounding down coffin nails.

    • I agree…. the way to deal with a cancerous tumor like Wayne(ker) is to cut it out and treat the affected area to keep it from spreading. The way NOT to treat it is to feed it very expensive steak while everyone else starves, while the rancher supplying the meat gets fatter than his herd.

  11. One would hope that as part of the bankruptcy settlement, all Pepe Lepew’s and his fellow kleptocrats’ assets will be seized to repay his victims – namely the rank and file.

    • Mercutio: You must pierce the corporate veil to obtain personal assets. Any seized assets from whatever source will go to the creditors of the corporation. But what I worry about are the guns in the museum. Hopefully, most are on loan.

      • Hopefully the Chapter 11 payback plan will be successful, and will not have to be converted into a Chapter 7 liquidation.

  12. Man there a lot of first-time posters in here talking up their love of the NRA and how awesome it is with Wayne at the helm.

    I wonder how much of my last membership renewal went to paying the agency that employees those shill posters…

  13. Corporate bankruptcy is a very technical operation. There are many lawyers who specialize in it, and the NRA could have hired one of the best. Instead, Wayne picks Saul Goodman, who coincidentally happens to be inlaws with AMcQ execs. For his non-existent specialization in corporate bankruptcy, Brewer was paid $17.5M in the 90 days before filing, which is more than they spend on Trump in 2020, and more than 1/2 their record breaking spend on Trump 2016. I wonder how much of that finds it’s way back into Wayne’s pockets (gotta “pay the big guy”).

  14. When I was young and idealistic I used to donate. I wasn’t making much money, but could scrape together a few bucks for them.
    Then I found out they were using the money that I could have been spending on my family to drink better booze than I ever did. They bought better clothes than I ever wore and stayed at hotels so expensive I couldn’t afford a parking spot there. They piss away more donation money than I will earn in a lifetime. I’m a life member (it was a gift) but never send them a nickel. They are just another corrupt DC crap hole.

  15. This NRA Group reminds me of a bunch of liberal democRats that says do as I say not as I do! They get rich off the backs of working Americans & as the democRats lie right to your face! I’d like to see Wayne is the same cell as Hillary!

  16. Patrin Life Member, but I don’t donate but a few dollars a year. A little more goes to GOA, FPC, NAGR and 2AF. As a retiree on a fixed income, there’s just not enough income to do more than that.
    I understand why the chapter 11 is necessary, and in business terms it is the logical way to get out of New York by the limitations it places against NY State civil repercussions. I applaud the move, and really wish the Leadership had seen the writing on the wall in NY, 40+ years ago. It always seemed strange to me, that the NRA would headquarter in a State that has some of the worst Anti-Gun laws in the nation.
    As for LaPierre, he did a lot of good back in his early days, but now, I question his leadership, based solely on the appearance of questionable actions.
    Leaders, in any non-profit, need at least the appearance of propriety and circumspection. They are, the public face of the organization. When allegations and accusation of impropriety arise, whether valid or not, the public’s opinion is tainted. Favorability drops among members and non-members alike, regardless of facts and/or circumstance. It’s human nature that we’ll remember the accusations and allegations, and subconsciously forget the acquittals and dismissals. Facts and explanations go out the window as we all remember only the allegations. The Media is a textbook example of this behavior.
    In short, I’ve no inside information about the Leadership of the NRA’s morally, ethically and possibly criminal questionable decisions and actions. I, like others have concerns and questions that haven’t been answered. Whether these questions will be answered or not, I simply doubt they’ll be addressed.
    In today’s political/social climate, anything less than full transparency from any organization, will be vilified and exploited by those in opposition to the organization’s mission and goals. Now is not the time for leadership to be coy and diversionary. If leadership is incapable of pursuing transparency, then they’re more a hindrance than a help.
    Wayne LaPierre started as a Lobbyist, and he still acts like a Lobbyist, which is not in my opinion, how a CEO should act. Lobbying costs a lot of money, and often looks frivolous as money is spent on questionable expenditures in the eyes of most people. Without spending that money, support and promotion of key NRA concerns among those the NRA lobbies would quickly dissipate. It’s a sad commentary on what our government has declined to the point, that money and perks are the only way legislation gets passed.
    I believe it would be in the NRA’s best interest for LaPierre to retire along with a number of long term Board members, and they should be thanked for their commitment and service. I also believe that the board should be limited to no more than 50 members (one representing the membership in each of the States) not including the President, Secretary, and CEO. Some positions need the office of the area of interest, ILA, Youth/Family Outreach and others, but those should not hold a position on the Board. They only report to the Board.
    I doubt the changes will occur in my lifetime, but changes are needed, and the sooner the better.

  17. Big salaries for executives always hurt the organizations that are trying to help. Just like politicians fill my pockets first! If anything left it will go to the cause. That’s why their always asking for money. I too use to give, but now I need to know how it use and where it goes! cb

  18. The Now Relinquish Arms NRA is a joke!!! Even the ILA is nothing but a propaganda machine with no real results. How many of the crooks they expose have gone to jail-0! They beg for money for their job security. The GOA, and the 2A foundation get my money!!! Life membership is 1/5 of the nra! And they support the 2A! Sad but when the nra supported red flag laws with the wicked witch of the west Feinstein it was over. And then Wayne money laundering to buy mansions and 2k suits, how do you spell corruption?

  19. I am still a member of the NRA because my local shooting range requires it. But I send donations to the Second Amendment Foundation and Citizens Committee For The Right To Keep And Bear Arms.

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