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And you thought the Tom and Katie split was rough. DoubleTap’s main man, Ray Kohout, isn’t taking Heizer’s inability to produce their .45 double Derringers with equanimity. Kohout’s new entity, DoubleTap Defense sued Heizer Defense yesterday for $6 million in damages. DoubleTap’s also seeking to put the kibosh on Heizer’s efforts to stay in the gun business using DoubleTap’s IP. TTAG has a meet-up scheduled with Kohout at SHOT and we’ll have a full report on his progress toward getting this thing to market. Press release after the jump . . .

ST. LOUIS, MO (January 2013) – On January 3, 2013,  DoubleTap Defense, LLC, owner of the DoubleTap™ Tactical Pocket Pistol filed a six million dollar lawsuit against Heizer Defense, LLC  of St. Louis, Missouri, and others. In the lawsuit, DoubleTap™ Defense is seeking, in addition to monetary damages, an injunction to stop any further action on the part of Heizer Defense, LLC and others to manufacture or market a product based on the intellectual property of DoubleTap™ inventor Ray Kohout.

In the fall of 2012, DoubleTap™ Defense, LLC’s relationship with the Heizers was terminated due, in part, to Heizer’s inability to fulfill its manufacturing obligations.  DoubleTap™ Defense, LLC has since engaged Azimuth Technologies, LLC, a Naples, Florida based company, to manufacture its new and improved  DoubleTap™ Tactical Pocket Pistol.  Production has begun on the smallest and safest conceal carry pistol on the market, with anticipated shipping to distributors to begin in the 1st quarter of 2013.

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  1. Does this mean we dont get the honor of paying 500.00 for a derringer? Will we have to suffer on with $89.00 Davis derringers? Oh the horror.

    • “Does this mean we dont get the honor of paying 500.00 for a -PLASTIC- derringer?”

      Fixed that for ya.

      Nothing against polymer though. Just that if its going to be plastic and $500 it better say Glock somewhere.

      • I’m neither for nor against this pistol, but I’m pretty sure it says titanium on the side of it. You know, above and to the right where it’s labeled that it is made on Earth.

        • It does say Titanium, I didnt notice that. I swore it was marketed as polymer though?

          The jury is still out on the “Earth” thing but it is hillarious.

        • Yeah they stole that from Spyderco I have a Manic 2 that says on the blade made in Golden CO. USA Earth.

  2. Not only did Heizer not meet their commitments… it is very likely that the original design would’ve left a lot to be desired. Luckily, the DoubleTap pistol being produced with the help of Azimuth will be much improved.

  3. $6M in damages? Really?

    That design is $50k in development. Anything more, and a rich guy with an idea got suckered by freelance engineers and a manufacturing partner.

  4. I just want this thing to get on the market, so we can get some ground truth reviews of the thing.

    If you don’t like it, don’t buy it. But I think Ray Kohout has got a winner here.

    • I’m a fan of pocket pistols, and more broadly anything new in firearms development is a good thing. Besides, it’s very sexy.

  5. With that porting, after the first shot you beg not to have to shoot again. The muzzle blast will set a record.

  6. This gun double fired the first time I shot it and the recoil split my hand causing an emergency room visit, multiple stitches, brushing and pain. The company will not answer my emails so the warranty is useless. Check other sites multiple double fires often.

    • Joe the DT has 2 separate strikers on a retched. Impossible to shoot both barrels with the pull of the trigger
      Like the Bull Crap said about the COP derringer.


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