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Senator Dianne Feinstein—she of the impending assault weapons ban bill—had a nice little carve-out for hunters on Fox News Sunday. “I don’t know of any hunter worth his salt who uses an assault weapon,” DiFi opined. Not that she knows any hunters. Or anything about guns. But she sure knows how to divide and conquer. I predict she’ll appeal to hunters with “Responsible American gun owners see these bills as common sense regulation.” Yes, well, heads-up hunters: you’re next. After the UK banned firearms for civilians self-defense the anti-hunting crowd got the wind under their sails (e.g., hunting with dogs was banned in 2004). Firearms regulations for hunters are onerous, to say the least. It couldn’t happen here? I wouldn’t bet on it. Imagine how non-hunters would feel about :57 in this video played on an endless loop. Point taken?

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  1. They have already banned hunting with dogs in California..
    Come on people this is already in the play book!!!
    Let’s get past the idea there is any sense on the side of DiFi or any of the other folks in Washington.
    The fact remains she wants registration, all magazines over ten rounds, this includes your standard 9mm folks. Yup all that gone!
    She even stated she wanted it all back during her first AWB legislation. I don’t think she has ever changed that mind set. EVER!

  2. I came upon that in my research as well. Feinstein doesn’t give a sh!t about hunting. She would only make such comments because she is not worth her salt as a Senator. Once they get rid of the semi-autos, the pumps and lever guns are not far behind. Then, the bolt guns, doubles, and singles.

    Ever wonder why Europe is so into airguns? It’s one of the only things they can still have.

  3. Gentlemen, no doubt about it, we are in for the fight of our lives. Maybe the biggest fight in 236 years.

  4. “If I could have gotten 51 votes to ban guns entirely, Mr & Mrs. America, turn ’em in”
    Not an exact quote, but the essence of her intentions.

    I wish she’d go after the crooked bankers and money men that robbed us blind with this much conviction of spirit. She looks more diabolical every time I see her.

    • That’s why I supported Elizabeth Warren’s election to the Senate.

      Anybody who can draw unanimous opposition from the banking industry AND Wall Street during her confirmation to head the oversight agency she designed is the exact person I want riding herd on those bastards.

      I’m pretty sure they’re realizing they made a big mistake by not letting her through as a political appointee, because now she’s a Senator with a WAY bigger stick to use on them.

      • Elizabeth Warren is the scariest looking beyotch I’ve ever seen. But I didn’t vote for Scott Brown because he exposed himself as a total traitor by abandoning his base.

      • Isn’t Elizabeth Warren a fake indian? That didn’t work out too well for Ward Churchill.

        I guess it’s OK to be a fake indian if it advances her career. lol


        • Yep. Fauxcahauntas was her undesired nom de plume during her senate race.

          Every other word out of her mouth during her campaign was ‘hammered’. She is breathtakingly incompetent.

  5. Don’t bother, Robert. Most hunters don’t give a sh it about the right to bear arms. Many think you have a a right to bear arms, but those arms only include hunting guns, they “don’t want” a military style gun, and they think “you don’t need” one either. They’re good Germans who have never done anything wrong.

    • Some folks start off as Olde School hunters and plinkers taught by Dad and Grandad. Then they join the USMC, introduce a bunch of enthusiastic kids to shooting in the Boy Scouts, join 5-0, and do their best to promote gun rights form the inside and the outside.

      Even thoughts on the War on Drugs can change.

  6. This divide and conquer the gun owners is the same as the temperance movement during the 1880’s through the turn of the 20th century. Initially beer drinkers and makers were ignored by the movement. Beer was touted as nutritional and a potential solution to the evils of distilled spirits. Then the saloon was the target. Where the sober went in and the drunks came out. Beer and wine was added to the evils list. Once prohibition was passed it included all forms of intoxicants.

    If hunters don’t support the modern sporting rifle aspect of the 2A, they are next for sure. Crime will not be reduced by any new legislation.

  7. Anyone who uses the word “hunting” in reference to the 2A has a serious misunderstanding of what the 2A is really about.

  8. Whens that old hag Feinstein going to croak? This is why we need term limits for congress. Shes 79 and has dementia and is 100% cluelss.

    • Whatever happened to Biden leading the charge on this anyways? Did finally melt down and Obama realize his warranty was expired?

      • Dude, it’s only January 4th. The way DC works is that this week has been spent on conference calls & email, working out scheduling for the next couple of weeks. And, of course, negotiating with all of the participants regarding who gets to talk to the media and when.

        Source: I learned an awful lot about how DC works growing up in northern VA before heading off to university…

        EDIT: Oh, and I forgot to mention, then there’s the conference calls among the real power brokers setting strategy for how to keep Feinstein on-message and covering the useful-extremist position.

        • True Alpha. I guess a small part of me was excited when Biden got the big anti-gun leader job. Excited because under his “leadership” theres a good chance the AWB will just become scrap paper. DiFi I feel, has a chance at passing maybe some of her proposed stuff, shes had practice over the years. Whats Biden good for besides running his mouth and dangling from his strings. I hate to say it but Biden vs DiFi, Im rooting for the obnoxious loudmouthed puppet. To lose of course.

  9. Far too many hunters who use bolt-action rifles and mock the “assault weapon” crowd.

    They forget the other definition of their guns — “Sniper Rifles”

    • If you can get in only one short argument with an old-school hunter who isn’t concerned by the talk of a ban, I think this is the one to use.

    • Yeah, and the AR-15 crowd doesn’t mock bolt action hunters, huh? I suggest you think back how many times those hunters have been called Fudds on this very site. Don’t talk about sticking together when you divide.

      If you would truly like to know why some hunter mock anyone that would hunt with an AR-15 I will tell you. It is a matter of ethics. The temptation is too great to keep spraying lead instead of taking one careful shot. I have seen it happen. The truth is, I have never seen a person that grew up hunting using such a rifle for hunting. They all tend to be people that got into hunting late, by late meaning as adults and want an excuse to shoot something. Their interest in guns tends comes from video games and movies. That has been my observation. I am sure there are exceptions, but not many. I don’t think any of the publishers or writers on this site hunted or even shot a gun as a juvenile and that is typical of a person that would hunt deer with an AR-15. Am I wrong? I don’t think so unless I missed one biography in the “About Us” section. They seem rather typical of the AR-15 hunting crowd. Chubby 20 somethings with no hunting experience (except shooting penned animals on Texas game ranches) and no military experience but experts nonetheless. They can’t understand the disgust and hostility directed towards them by longtime hunters when they show up with an AR-15 for a deer hunt. It is beyond their understanding. Their background is in gaming, not hunting.

      There is also a matter of esthetics which if you came into hunting through guns instead of guns as a tool for hunting, you simply would not understand. Most hunters don’t want to make war on the animals they hunt and that is exactly what it seems those that would hunt with an AR-15 are doing. However, I know you don’t get it. You just want to kill something with you toy and say how it is a useful hunting rifle.

      Anyway don’t expect respect when you don’t give it.

      I hunt big game with a bolt action and never would use a semi-auto of any kind. I own an AR-15 and it has nothing to do with hunting. It is my right to own it and don’t have to excuse it as being a hunting rifle, which it isn’t. The Second Amendment never mentions hunting. It isn’t about hunting at all. I don’t know why some people insist on calling an AR-15 a hunting rifle which it is not. It was never designed as such and it wasn’t until very recently people started insisting on using them for hunting although they have been available to the public since 1962. It seems by using an AR-15 for hunting one is making an excuse to the antis for owning it, falling into their trap that a gun must be useful for hunting to be OK to own.

  10. “common sense gun control” it’s the new mantra of the gun-grabbers; they’re all using it. Disagree with the gun-grabbers and you, at the very least, lack common-sense (and probably much more). Yawn: they’re all about using labeling, shaming tactics, personal attacks, appeals to egos and insecurity, etc. to steam-roll their way over the majority of Americans. We need to come up with a simple and catchy united slogan or message of our own. Ironically, the same people who are mostly responsible for many or most of society’s problems are preaching common-sense and the promise of a solution to the problems they have burdened the common subject with.

    • “We need to come up with a simple and catchy united slogan or message of our own”

      I agree. Why don’t we rename “assault weapons” as “Defense Rifles” or National Defense Rifles”?

      That would make it harder to argue that we don’t need them for hunting or that with such a weapon, you don’t need high cap mags.

  11. Feinstein totally respects hunters ’cause it says right in the Second Amendment that the right to hunt shall not be infringed. Right? But it’s a collective right, so hunters need to hunt in groups and share a rifle. And pay hundreds in license fees. And get arrested if they shoot the King’s deer.

  12. Been using a modern sporting rifle for deer since 1984. Love ’em! Haven’t carried a piece of furniture into the woods since.

    I started off with an HK-91, but swapped to AR-10 in 2010 due to its superior accuracy. The 10 has a nice trigger too (the HK-91 trigger purely sucks!).

    So, “You’re wrong, Mam”. Thippppppttttt!


  13. The hunters sure put a scare into the grabbers. I’d like to see a reward for someone who stops a mall/school killer, then we can all sit back & listen to s brady bemoaning taking an innocent life. Brainwashing 101, break down the self, offer a possibility of salvation, rebuild the self. Go get those guns bradys, lol, Randy

  14. Yeah, the 2nd Amendment is about bearing arms to protect yourself, your freedom, and the state, and has absolutely nothing to do with hunting. If they take away proper defensive weapons, your hunting rifles will be next, as hunting is not a constitutionally protected right. You hunters better get on our side, because if you don’t, I promise you that people like me will offer you absolutely no support after our rights are stripped and the Liberal gestapo mob starts looking at you.

  15. Hunters, whether intentionally or not, are the worst enemy of the 2A. They provide an irrelevant definition of the right to bear arms that fools the general stupid public into thinking that’s what it’s all about. Any discussion with your average mouth breather on the streets inevitably leads to how you don’t “need” assault weapons to hunt. Thus, it’s near impossible to actually discuss the 2A because no one actually knows what the damn thing truly means.

  16. My wife shot a 600 lb pig with her brothers AR, She liked it so much I got her one very close to it, but I like to hunt and shoot. Can’t understand how people do not want to look at the facts, we have the right to bear arms. 2A was written at a time when “the people” were shooting the same brown bess as the red coats… why cant we be shooting the same HK M27 the USMC is being issued or be driving a tank???

  17. Like the bumper sticker says, “They won’t come for your hunting rifles, first they’ll call them Sniper Rifles”.

  18. SHE DOESN’T KNOW ANY HUNTERS, PERIOD. If it weren’t for lies, the ugly bitch might just as well have her mouth sewed shut.


  19. Divide and conquer explains what happened in Australia. The rhetoric was they were taking away the military style self-loading rifles and this wouldn’t restrict any other firearm owners. Various groups within the shooting organizations saw this as a way of removing an apparent public relations issue. Those who participated in competitions using those types of rifles saw it as a sell-out in the name of political expediency. And as for hunting, a SKK (SKS that could use AK-47 magazines) was a good combination when you had a mob of feral pigs in front of you. But in the sweep to ban self-loading rifles (and self-loading and pump-action shotguns), many sporting rifles were also collected and destroyed.

    But after the new laws were applied, then came a campaign to ban lever-action rifles from the anti-gun campaigners as they thought they could be fired very rapidly (probably from watching too many westerns). Ironically, a bolt-action rifle can be cycled and fired faster. Then came a campaign to ban straight-pull bolt-actions because they could be fired rapidly. But because of the design of the bolt and the location of the handle, they were significantly slower than a conventional turn-pull bolt-action. Then came the predicable effort to ban “sniper rifles”. Again knocked down as too impractical. And finally, and only recently, a call to ban any repeating action rifle (bolt, lever, pump) to, … wait for it …, prevent suicides(!).

    Even today the service shooters are facing negative opinions and actions from the “knob-twirlers” (full-bore target shooters), the bench-resters, and the plinkers, who all think if the service shooters are sacrificed their little activity will be left alone. They need to wake up that my Lee-Enfield, Mosin-Nagant, Springfield, Enfield, Mauser, Ross, Schmidt-Reubin, etc is no different to their Remchesterby. Once one group has been eliminated, the anti-gun groups will turn their attention to others.

    Down-under, we are constantly on the back foot. The only good news of late has been news that firearm ownership is back to pre-Port Arthur levels with more people taking up the sport. Of course, this has upset the anti-gun groups and the Greens because people are obeying the law but not doing what they want them to do.

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