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New from Ruger: SR45 and SR1911CMD

Ruger’s expanding their SR line of plastic fantastics, adding a .45 to go along with their parabellum and fo-tay guns. Pretty much the same as the earlier two, the SR45 big boy is striker-fired with night sights and a length of rail for suspending your favorite accessories. MSRP: $529. They’re also dropping a commander-sized 1911, the SR1911CMD. Think full-size SR1911 that was left in the dryer a little longer. MSRP: same as the un-shrunk SR1911, $829. And our not-so-benevolent wanna-be overlords will be pleased to hear that the SR45 is a 10+1 configuration while the SR1911CMD holds 7+1. Not that they wouldn’t love to outlaw both of these, too. Just sayin’.


  1. avatar C. Walther says:

    Best news I’ve heard all year!

    1. avatar C. Walther says:

      Now to wait for the inevitable SR45c announcement…

  2. avatar SCS says:

    I like the look of the 1911, but I have a thing for them.

  3. avatar DrewR55 says:

    I’m excited about the SR1911CMD but I wish it had come out six months ago. I’m in the market for a commander sized 1911 now and I don’t feel like waiting till next summer to see one of these in a store. Plus, much like a car you never buy the first year of a new model.

    Guess I’ll have to buy a Colt… darn.

    1. avatar Anonymous says:

      Generally Ruger doesn’t announce a product until it’s ready to send it out, so you may not have to wait too long.

      1. avatar DrewR55 says:

        That would be nice. I do like the Colt XSE Commander but if I can get a Ruger for two hundred less I’ll be a happy camper.

    2. avatar Marty says:

      I got my 1911 CMD Friday at Cabela’s. I can verify that they do exist. I can also verify that they are without a doubt worth tracking down.

      It is absolutely a fantastic pistol. I would not trade it for a Kimber that costs twice as much.
      I can’t take my eyes off of this beauty.

    3. avatar strapvm says:

      The Ruger SR1911CMD is available at Wholesale Sports. I bought one two weeks ago to go along with my SR1911.

  4. avatar DrewN says:

    It looks like the axis might be a little high, but I approve of that grip contour on the SR45.

  5. avatar Nine says:

    That 1911 sounds nice

  6. avatar Bryan P says:

    Im really excited about the SR45. I EDC an SR9c and have been wanting a .45 for my tiny hands.

  7. avatar JTPhilly says:

    The SR9 and SR40 shoot amazingly well for their price point. I’m sure the .45 won’t be any different!

    1. avatar Jeff O. says:

      True that! I shoot my used SR9 I picked up for a steal just as well as my Sig 226, if not a tad better.

  8. avatar Saul Feldstein says:

    Ruger falls way short of XD45 and Glock 21 with that thing, not just in mag capacity but their stupid mag disconnect.

    1. avatar Jon says:

      The target market is likely different. The SR45 will attract buyers who find the Glock 21 grip too large, hence the difference in magazine capacity.

      I agree with you on the magazine disconnect, but to each his own.

      1. avatar C. Walther says:


        The nice part about the SR pistols is that if you want the disconnect gone, it takes almost no effort. Just field strip it, pop out the striker block, and poof!—no more mag disco!

        I guess my point is they made the process easy (whether they meant to or not) so it really could be to each their own.

        1. avatar Jon says:

          Does this affect the drop safety for the striker?

        2. avatar C. Walther says:

          It shouldn’t. The striker block only drops when the magazine is out of it. Unlike most other disconnects that disable the connection between the trigger and striker, this one actually stops the striker from connecting with the primer. In other words, when the magazine is in the striker block is pushed out of the way and doing nothing.

          From what I’ve read (and people in the know, correct me if I’m wrong), the drop safety is actually the blade in the trigger which prevents the trigger from moving backwards if it drops.

      2. avatar Saul Feldstein says:

        Seriously doubt the grip on the Ruger SR45 will be smaller than the grip on a XD45. Rugers are blocky, including the SR models.

        XD45 also offers a thumb saftey model, for those inclined.

        Not knocking Rugers but this model seems to fill no particular niche that isnt better served by existing models, including the M&Ps.

        1. avatar TRUTHY says:

          I just got an M&P45, using the small backstrap feels exactly like my M&P 9mms. My Glock 20SF (same as the 21) feels like a 2×4 in comparison.

  9. avatar Chris Dumm says:

    The SR45 is such a no-brainer, I’ve been wondering when they’d announce one. With a 10-rd magazine and a (yuck) manual safety, it ought to be AWB-proof except in NY and IL and CA and other shitholes.

    1. avatar Brad_in_MA says:


      Kinda makes me wonder if the 1911CMD or the SR45 will be “Massachusetts compliant” and also pass the Attorney General’s consumer safety testing. Ruger’s pretty good about recognizing the MA market . . . one can hope.


  10. avatar Sanchanim says:

    I honestly haven’t shot a Ruger in forever. I might need to just check this one out!

  11. avatar brian.z says:

    The SR45 is going to be a tough one not to pick up. I just hope it makes it through Mass’ getting quickly.

  12. avatar Jeff O. says:

    Gaah! The chiclet safety.

    The only thing I don’t like about my SR9 is the tiny manual safety. Either make it bigger or give me a way to remove it.

    1. avatar brian.z says:

      I just ensure the safety is on before I put it in the holster and the thumb it off. The trigger is fully covered with my holster so it’s not a safety issue in my opinion.

      1. avatar Accur81 says:

        Who need a safety on a handgun anyways?

  13. avatar I_Like_Pie says:

    Holy cow…that is not all they introduced.

    There is a guide gun
    a LC9, but chambered in 380
    Compact american rifles…


    1. avatar I_Like_Pie says:

      Add a target version of the SR-556 also

    2. avatar I_Like_Pie says:

      And the LCR in 22 magnum….

      They are on fire

  14. avatar William says:

    Two of the most dreaded words in my gun vocabulary: “striker fired”. If it doesn’t have a hammer, can I use one of mine?

  15. avatar Rob Drummond says:

    I really like my SR9 & SR9c especially the grip angle and width. I also own a LC9 which is great for summer carry. The .45 is one of my favorite pistol rounds, reload & shoot a couple thousand and you will get good with it. I liked Ruger’s P series pistols and own a P345 which is a nice pistol but I think I may have to add an SR45 when they are out since I really like the SR series.
    Rob Drummond
    Hillsboro, NH

  16. avatar Tom Hobbs says:

    Wow. I went shooting this morning with a friend, We were talking about just this subject, when would there be the SR45. She has the SR9C. She would be first in line for the new 45. Looking forward to seeing this new model.

  17. avatar MisterTurbo says:

    I love my SR9. I’ve had it for about 4 months, and so far so good. Only one misfeed and over 600 rounds at the range w/ 17 round magazines.

    I really appreciate the amount of safety built into the gun – the safety on the trigger, the loaded indicator flag, the fact that it wont fire without a magazine. I feel it is a very safe personal defense weapon.

  18. avatar Jay Dunn says:

    “just like the other two”
    I love my SR9 but somebody forgot the night sights on mine.

  19. avatar Fujinkai says:

    Oh my!! I just died and went to Heaven!

  20. avatar Cameron S. says:

    I’ve been looking more and more into getting a commander size 1911 for carry. My birthday is in September. If the SR1911CMD hits shelves by fall, that WILL be my bday present to myself.

  21. avatar Brian says:

    Looks like the SR45 is next on my list as that is what I reload. The price is right too. Ruger is on fire the past few years!

  22. avatar Nick says:

    Got super lucky and stumbled on a SR1911CMD today! $729- Can’t wait to shoot it!!!

  23. avatar Nick says:

    Got lucky and stumbled on a SR1911CMD today! $729- Can’t wait to shoot it!!!

  24. avatar TRP says:

    A Ruger is no H&K, but they are well made and very reliable. My 30 year old Mini 14 still operate as good as it did when it was new. I cannot remember even one FTF in several thousand rounds. With the right ammo (min. of 69 grain bullet), it is plently accurate for the type of work it was built to do (ask any prison guard). My SR9c ($380) has a great trigger and shoots like a dream. On top of that, they are made in America.

  25. avatar Norm says:

    I picked up a SR1911 a few weeks ago. Great pistol right out of the box. Now I will wait until I can get the SR45. It will look good next to my SR9, Bisley 45LC, SR 1911, Ruger 22/45, and Mini 14. Ruger builds quality and made in the USA, what more can you want.
    Can you tell I like Ruger firearms.

  26. avatar Larry Williams says:

    I’ve grown to appreciate the Ruger line of pistols, including my LCR, LC9, and the SR9c (and, of course, my vintage Ruger Mark II). I’m particularly fond of the SR9c–with the choice between a 10 or 17 round clip, a near perfect trigger pull, minimal recoil due to the not inconsiderable weight of the gun, excellent accuracy for a not-so-excellent shooter, reasonable price and superb reliability, it is my preferred concealed carry gun. So I guess it’s not too surprising that I find myself almost irresistibly drawn to purchase a SR45, and, yes (sorry pocketbook) the SR1911.

  27. avatar Joseph V. Loconsole says:

    Just came back fron the range after shooting my new Ruger SR45. I’m a little dissappointed ! 150 rounds thru it and it failed to eject 4 times. Had to pull the mag after the mag release became stuck. Had to then use a small screwdriver to pry the empty casing fron the throat of the barrel 4 times. Happened using CCI Blazer and Tulammo 230gr. fmj rounds. Front of barrel outside looks like it takes a beating and had to polish scratches off. Ruger is getting this one back for sure and they can figure it out ! All the great reviews and when I finally got it turns out to be a little less refined than it isadvertised to be. I like the gun and the fit with the back strap turned to the flat side feels great. Once I adjusted the rear elevation, ( was shooting high over 12 o’clock) , it shot very tight (2″groups @ 25yrds.) Guess Ruger will have to fine tune it and get it back to me.

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