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The city of Chicago has done everything it legally can (not to mention some that have been found illegal) to avoid having a shooting range built within city limits. But judging by general state of marksmanship there, the Windy City fathers would do well to make sure a range or six is erected soon. Some practice would almost surely save a lot of lives. Case in point…

A minor dust up started in a watering hole when a DJ, who’d had enough of a bar patron repeatedly requesting the same song, hauled off and popped the demanding drinker in the schnozz.

Outside the bar, the son of the patron who was punched allegedly tried to shoot the DJ, but instead accidentally hit another man, who was standing next to the DJ, according to the lieutenant.

The man who was shot was with a friend who happened to be an off-duty Chicago Police officer. The officer returned fire at the gunman, but did not strike anyone, police said.

The off-duty officer [not pictured above] did manage to capture the shooter and another suspect who was with him after a foot chase. So there’s that. Since the shooting took place at 2:30 a.m., there weren’t many people on the street, so the officer fortunately didn’t strike any innocent bystanders.

The Independent Police Review Authority was notified and confirmed no one was shot by the officer, spokesman Eric Muellenbach said.

As a public service and in the interest of minimizing the number of stray bullets flying up and down Wabash, the City Council really should loosen the ridiculously restrictive zoning laws they’ve put in place to make building shooting ranges in the city – and therefore qualifying for a gun permit – almost impossible. There seems to be a severe lack of marksmanship skills in Chicagoland. And for the safety of all Chicagoans, the first four hours of each business day should be reserved exclusively for CPD officer training.

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  1. Sara Ahren from Top Shot was on the SWAT team in IL, and she sucked. She was distracted by the person shooting beside her.

    • She’s from Rockford. Not close to Chicago at all. Very different lifestyle out there.

      On a side not, it’s embarrassing that she ADMITTED to being distracted by a gun being fired next too her. She must NEVER have been to a crowded gun range or participated in her PD’s training.

      • PRAY she’s never on an entry team. All for supporting Police Officers, but know when you are out of your element. If someone shooting besides you throws you off your game, your “element” has gone bye-bye. I saw that episode also and shot my drink out of my nose when she said it…They must all use suppressors 🙂

  2. Police have available resources that you and I don’t — they just choose not to use them.

    Amazingly, the “hit probability” for police shooters increases exponentially when the “perp” is either a cat or an African-American wielding a cell phone rather than a pistol. Go figure.

  3. Wasn’t there also an incident in Los Angeles some years ago when the LAPD fired more than 400 rounds at someone in an SUV and did not hit him? Windbag City (in whose suburbs I live) of course is a gun-free paradise (posted with tongue firmly ensconced in cheek) where, last Saturday, five people got shot in one evening. I wonder what tomorrow’s sad toll will be . . .

  4. i’m not sure why you say that people can’t hit anything with a round here in Chi-town. I can take you into the Pediatric ICU and show you the DOZENS of children accidentally hit by…. oh wait did you mean they have to hit the actual person they are aiming at? Or if they hit anyone does it count?

    /end sarcasm

    I routinely transport “trauma” patients from one spot to another that have multiple no where near fatal wounds. its amazing how poor the actual aim is for these guys. I’ve heard cops say that they are safer by not moving away or moving towards cover during a shoot out. Mostly because the perps are aiming for them and never EVER hit what they aim for.

  5. Back when we lived in KC I decided if I was ever in/near a shoot out with the police the safest place to be would be in front of the police. There was an incident where a 79+ year old man accused of being a guard at a concentration camp was supposed to be arrested. There were a dozen police in the street in front of his house with arms braced on their vehicles. He was on his porch waving a small revolver. The police claim he fired first but there was no flash or smoke from the barrel or front of the cylinder while they were showing it live. After the police started shooting he tried to get into the house moving with all the speed and agility of an old man. Of the 80 some shots fired, from less than 2o yards, only three hit him as he was heading to the house.

    I also watched an officer try to dispatch a deer that had been hit by a car. He fired 6 shots from less than three feet and still couldn’t put one where it would kill the deer quickly. I ended up pulling a knife and slitting the throat to get it done quick and clean.

    I’ve known several police over the years and good marksmanship seems to be the exception.

  6. As for me, I am thankful that cops can’t accurately shoot. Sort of like wishing for an efficient gov’t – can you imagine the havoc an efficient gov’t or accurate police would cause???

  7. “The Independent Police Review Authority was notified and confirmed no one was shot by the officer, spokesman Eric Muellenbach said.”

    That is SO comforting on so many levels.

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