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If The New, Shiny Still Not Happy Black Panthers want to teach their adherents’ children how to kill white people armed self-defense, sorry, the First Amendment comes first. Oh sure, there’s probably some Patriot Act-related law/regulation/super secret caveat that makes this instruction a crime against national security punishable by internment in Cuba without the right to legal redress. That doesn’t apply to minorities. (If a white instructor told white kids “Now, it’s your choice, you may finish off your load or you may go about your business” [4:22], the legacy media would be apoplectic.) Quite apart from all that, what do you think of the Field Marshall’s tactics? [Click here for his machete-based self-defense instruction.]

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  1. Trigger discipline aside, not too bad. And he’s obviously not worried about lawyers and liability; most instructors would insert a few qualifying statements into those instructions. Still better than the Congressional Black Caucus party line of ‘Guns are icky, rely on the government for protection and all other needs’. Transitions were nice to see, too many instructors teach either hand to hand only or shooting only and stay away from where they intersect. No holding the pistol back at retention was kinda odd though. I really hope those weren’t live rounds at the end. And finally, there’s something odd about a gun safety lecture without any of the four rules.

  2. The following was presented by King Samir Shabazz aka FIELD NIGGA, who just happens to have a new album out, with hot bangas bound to make you wanna say “WUCUSU”

    Here is the King training children how to properly slap a british police officer

    To go along with the training and the music, he sells Panther Weapons, including a Roman Battle Mace, Japanese Chrome Sai and a Egyptian Cleopatra Dagger.

    Although the King is outspoken against black slavery, he has no problem having his followers work his fields

    At least when the race riots come, i’ll feel confident that i’m on the winning team.

    • first off, this is ridiculous that you are giving these dummies coverage.
      “New, Shiny Still Not Happy Black Panthers.” TTAG, how about a little background research, the fact that they have the same name means nothing, the original leaders of the bpp have COMPLETELY distanced themselves from these muslim ideologues. the “new” bpp are a bunch of islamofascist nutjobs, while the bpp from the 70’s were Marxist and community service oriented. They got screwed by the MSM at the behests of good old closeted J.E. Hoover.

      what are these “race riots” you are referring to matt, is this a fantasy of yours?

        • True enough, but that is hardly a race riot. It was a truly horrible incident, but a bunch of idiotic, and no doubt racsist, youths does not make a race riot.

          • Let’s break this down; First, a riot is defined by Merriam-Webster thus:

            “b : a violent public disorder; specifically : a tumultuous disturbance of the public peace by three or more persons assembled together and acting with a common intent”

            The news accounts of the violence at the Wisconsin State Fair cite anywhere from a few dozen, to a thousand people. I’d say that’s more than three. The local reporting also documents SPECIFICALLY that the peace was broken exclusively by blacks systematically attacking whites; There’s your common intent. By all means it was a riot, and there are PLENTY of other examples, and the frequency with which they occur is increasing rapidly.

            The above are cold, hard facts; You are entitled to your OPINION, but not your own facts.

            • Cold hard facts? “anywhere from a few dozen, to a thousand.” No offense, but that is not much of a fact.

              Yes, these were black youths, and there was violence, but go the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and note that this year there was a rise of 35,0000 attendees at the fair, even after the ugliness of the first night’s events. Had these truly been riots, people would have wisely chosen to stay away. Perhaps I am jaded because of the true race riots I remember from the 1960s.

              The definition you cite states that three or more people causing a tumultuous disturbance of the peace is a riot . . . if that is true, I have been in numerous riots.

  3. If by “legacy media” you mean FoxNews, that’s where the New Black Panther Party gets 99.9 percent of its exposure.

  4. “…Black Panthers want to teach their adherents’ children how to kill white people.”

    There, fixed that for you 🙂

  5. The Black Panthers can all go to hell. Violent racism makes you scum, even if you have political and moral immunity due to rampant political correctness. The only thing wrong with this video is that no one was accidentally shot.

  6. silver, i agree these guys are worthless peices of ****.They don’t speak for or represent ANYONE else, except themselves.

  7. Did he say kill whitey anywhere in this clip? Really did he? I didn’t watch the whole clip. Every African American knows the NBP is talking about it but not being about. Maybe this should have qualified for the can safety post or whatever it is on here. Please tell me you’re not the guy who said he felt he needed a gun because he saw to people (where they African Americans) loitering outside the gas station. Like Faux News I think you’re a Faux Blogger.

    • FoxNews has been promoting them for years. If these clowns didn’t exist, Roger Ailes would have to invent them. This stuff glues the rubes to their tubes. Pure gold.

  8. Thank you for providing this instructional video. It is really good to know what is being taught to the children. Is this part of the official curriculum in various schools?

    Is this also part of the Democrat Party’s “new civility” in political discourse?

      • Either you’re being sarcastic, or you’re entirely ignorant of history.

        The KKK is a Democrat hate-group, and has ALWAYS been such. They have a long record of violently attacking Republicans, both black and white.

        • You do understand that the Democratic party of the south was at one time the conservative party, right? It was in the 1960s that the southern conservatives started switching to the Republican party because of the Democratic efforts to bring about racial equity in the south. So, yes, the KKK members were Democrats, and in the past it was guilt of attacking Republicans, but that has long since stopped being true. The KKK worked to drive out the freedom riders who worked to register black voters in the early 1960s. It has been nearly 60 years since the KKK was associated with the Democratic party.

          And yes, I was being sarcastic since it is as foolish to see the Klan as leaders of the Republican party as to see the New Black Panthers as leaders of the Democratic party.

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