Beto Biden
Democratic presidential candidate former Vice President Joe Biden speaks after former Texas Rep. Beto O'Rourke endorsed him at a campaign rally Monday, March 2, 2020 in Dallas. (AP Photo/Richard W. Rodriguez)
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By Larry Keane

Joe Biden’s the last man standing, and millions of gun owners are watching.

U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) said so long to the presidential race and now it’s a Biden vs. Trump bout coming up in November. Progressive Sen. Sanders has undoubtedly pushed Democrats to the left, but it’s former Vice President Biden who has made gun control a rallying cry.

For left-leaning voters, it’s a “dance with the one who brought you” situation and the #GUNVOTE will matter.

During the coronavirus pandemic, hundreds of thousands of new gun owners hopped off the fence, made a purchase and exercised their Second Amendment right to protect themselves, their families and their homes and property. They’re now going to be confronted with a presidential candidate who made a career and a campaign of doing everything to blunt their ability to lawfully own and possess firearms. There’s no shortage of gaffes, distortions and misstatements. 

Keeping Communities Safe

Local firearm retailers, manufacturers and businesses by now should know the deal. Biden has repeatedly proclaimed, “I’m coming after you. Period.” That would be a big mistake.

The firearm industry makes the free exercise of Second Amendment rights possible. It’s also the industry that supplies the U.S. military with the small arms and ammunition needed to defend the nation.

Joe Biden
(AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

On top of that, the firearm industry provides law enforcement with their firearm and ammunition needs, including those agents in darks suits and sunglasses that surrounded the former vice president for eight years. Top that off with the fact the industry buoys thousands of communities across the country through jobs and economic support.

That is more than 332,000 jobs, and an economic impact of $60 billion in 2019 to be specific. In fact, the industry grew 213 percent since Biden was sworn in as President Barack Obama’s vice president in 2008. Sinking an industry to score political points isn’t winning strategy.

A Record to Lose Votes

More than 100 million law-abiding Americans own firearms, hundreds of thousands of them recent first-time owners. As they tune in and learn more about the candidates’ records, Biden’s words might surprise them.

He repeats the false claim that gun manufactures are immune to lawsuits. He’s pledged to appoint failed presidential candidate and former U.S. Rep. Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke (D-Texas) who vowed to forcibly confiscate lawfully-owned firearms as his gun grabbing sheriff.

Biden angry second amendment
Courtesy NBC News and Twitter

He was dressed down by a gun-supporting worker at a Detroit auto factory who correctly pointed out Biden’s own erroneous gun claims.

The former “Veep” gladly takes assistance from gun control groups like the billionaire Bloomberg-funded Everytown for Gun Safety and Brady Campaign, all while touting his “courageous” support for the 1994 Assault Weapons Ban.

That legislation did not reduce criminal misuse of firearms. He calls for banning “semiautomatic assault weapons,” but pillorizes a rifle for cosmetic features that have nothing to do with how the gun operates. He purposely conflates semiautomatic firearms with the military’s automatic firearms to scare those who don’t know the difference.

That’s why NSSF has its #GUNVOTE voter education campaign. It provides the candidate’s real words on where they stand on issues surrounding lawful firearm owners. It also helps voters to register to vote, to get educated on the candidates’ position on guns, and to not risk their rights on election day by going to the polls to  #GUNVOTE.

The election is seven months away, but voters are tuning in to how candidates will affect their lives and livelihood. When it comes to guns, gun owners and the industry that supports them, it’s best to take Biden at his word.


Larry Keane is SVP for Government and Public Affairs, Assistant Secretary and General Counsel of the National Shooting Sports Foundation.

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      • And do you need to be reminded that current elections aren’t automatically exact replicas of the last election, or did you never understand that in the first place?

        • spy vs. spy is still the funniest thing you’ve ever seen.
          the broad from pork ribs would be getting off easy were she to be sexually asaulted by deranged hellhounds with barbed penises. repeatedly.
          biden is a train wreck. i like him. entertaining as hell. his victory would shift the house and senate and lame duck his ass.
          it was close last time. scary, scarier in hindsight. this country needs an orangutang landslide.

        • You tell em’ cgray! Biden’s going to win 500 electionary collage votes in Septober!! We’re going to take back the White House and burn this place to the ground!

          Eric Swalwell 2020

    • He’s literally polling worse than Hillary amongst the demographic that he supposedly is supposed to appeal to. If you are going to ignore that, that’s on you.

      • You obviously don’t understand the leftist “mind” – Biden may poll poorly, but they will still vote for him if he is the only thing they got. And don’t count out Texas. The majority of Texans are too oblivious to the fact that their vote could go blue this year because of the huge numbers of commiefornia and new england leftists who have migrated to Texas in the last 5 years. ALL of Texas’ major cities are already under leftist mayors and it is possible that the leftist voters in these cities alone could give Texas’ 38 electoral votes to the left, if not this election it will happen in 2024.

    • I will say that if by some satanic miracle, Biden the Brain Dead got elected the scum bag dims deserve him.

    • What’s hilarious is all you idiots who still think polls are worth a shit 🤣

      It’s was blatantly expressed after last election pollsters/news orgs ALL, I repeat ALL, create polls to try to drive public opinion, not represent it. This was openly admitted. The info is out there for you to go read yourself.

      There’s not a single poll done anywhere, by anyone, that is in anyway relevant or accurate. All polls are essentially an advertisement to try and sway you. You have the power to not be fooled by them.

      • Ron:
        Absolutely correct. And THAT is why I refuse to respond to opinion polls. And for some reason I get queried by a lot of them.

    • Win or lose, that is one thing Joe may really accomplish. Although, as Donald has started pointing out, it is the Democrat Party, there is nothing democratic about it.

  1. Liberals have GREAT imaginations!

    They have to pretend Biden is competent.

    They have to pretend that Hilderbeast is not a criminal.

    They have to pretend Obamination was a good president.

    They have the pretend that dementia and stupidity can beat Trump.

    • They are not liberals, they are progressives, just like nearly every other politician for the past 120 years. War is a progressive policy, it always leads to a bigger more intrusive government. War on Drugs, War on Poverty, War on C19, War on Terrorism. All are failures at everything except giving us bigger government. All were progressive programs.

      The nation was founded by liberals, the conservatives fought for the King and then ran awy to Canada.

  2. He has a more pressing problem that that,his mental competency or lack there of, he is on the verge of a dementia ward not the presidency.

    • For those old enough to remember. When the MSM attacked President Reagan about his mental State during his reelection. Which later had some sense of truth. How now they completely ignore the obvious. Simply because Biden is a democrat. I still don’t believe Biden will be the nominee. Regardless of his mental state. He can’t stand up to the rigors of a all out campaign. Along with the assault he will get from Trump. For all her faults Hilda Beast was a better can’t I date than Sleepy Joe will ever be. Just try watching one of his pod casts. It is truly sad to see someone loosing their ability to articulate simple ideas. Worse still when the people who should be protecting him from himself. Stand aside for the sake of a political Ideology. Be Safe Out There…

      • “It is truly sad to see someone loosing their ability to articulate simple ideas.”

        Again, not in his case. I like seeing people who want to rob me of my civil liberties dying. If I had the power to make it painful, I would do so, as a lesson to the others who would do the same.

        Just because he’s old and friendly, that doesn’t make him any different than Stalin, Hitler, Mao, 9/11 Hijackers, The Rosenbergs, The Empire of Japan in 1941, or anyone else who wishes to harm the American way of life as guaranteed in the Constitution of the United States.

        Fuck him.

  3. In my state the write-in candidates have to register with the Secretary of State’s office, and a list is published. Cannot just write in “Mickey Mouse” or “None of the Above”.

    So I’ll pick some actual conservative write in and walk away with no filth on my voting record. Don’t know who yet, will wait to see who steps forward.

    The rest of this circus, this every four year Presidential Silly Season, is entirely besides the point to me. I expect Biden to lose and Trump to win and me to play no role in this insanity.

      • One of us had better vote twice to make up for people are really too hard headed to help themselves.

        • We’d better vote more than that to balance out the illegals and dead people voting democrat.

    • Our 2 parties system makes it impossible to any underdog to even have a chance in a presidential election. Trump is not a good example has a became the GOP nominee and had a ton of money to finance his campaign. That’s one of the issue, the media don’t have to cover al candidates equally and with impartiality, and if you don’t have millions of $ for your campaign it’s pointless. In some states a third party candidate will not even be able to get his/her name on the ballot, how is that for democracy. I am not seeing it would be much better if it was organized differently, but at least it would probably force the favorites to work harder instead of engaging in name calling and promises they won’t be able to keep if elected. I voted more against Hillary that I voted for Trump, and I will follow the same logic in November.

      • Some small problems with your post, Trump was an apolitical nobody when he announced, several primary opponents spent a bunch more $$ than he did and got their asses handed to them, notably Jeb Bush but he was not alone, and Hillary spent near 4x as much in the general and was STOMPED. IOW, WTF do you think you are saying?

      • TERM LIMITS, sign the petition, demand a “convention of states” from your state politicians. It isn’t the two party system at fault, it is the fact that you have these career politicians in office for 20,30, 40 and even more years. NO ONE CAN BEAT them, because no with a brain will waste their time and money on an extreme long shot. No one wants to donate to someone without a chance of winning and the odds of a challenger beating one of those career politicians in Congress, without having at least a million dollars is less than 4%. You have lots of old time Democrats voting for the same POS over and over, without a clue, just because that is who they have always voted for or “identity politics” where people get elected because of their race or sex. TERM LIMITS would guarantee a change every few years and give a lot more people the opportunity to serve and eliminate much of the corruption from career politicians.

        • there’s enough thoroughly progressive states to undermine any possible convention of the states, and possibly pass some thing you *don’t* want

  4. If Biden ( Walter ) gets the nomination, wonder who the V P running mate will be. The running mate will probably be the one running things while ole sleepy goes around groping and smelling hair.

    • well asking around I hear a lot of “I voted for trump the last time….but I dunno'”….not hearing much support for Joe if he picks a female, though…think a lot of folks will make up their minds at the last minute…if they vote at all…

    • well asking around I hear a lot of “I voted for trump the last time….but I dunno'”….not hearing much support for Joe if he picks a female, though…think a lot of folks will makeup their minds at the last minute…if they vote at all…

    • I don’t see a possibility that Biden will be elected, but in the event he is I doubt he will live until inauguration, and I would bet he would be gone by this time next year.

  5. The down ballot is just as important as the Presidency. Look at how the Democrats in Congress have been peddling the very Russian disinformation the Clinton Campaign bought, attempting to use it to cripple the President by accusing him of what Clinton did – colluding with the Russians. Today’s Democrat Party would have used similar tactics regardless of the winner and cowed most. If Democrats win the majority in either house they will double down and the circus that most people dislike about Trump will continue. A Democrat Senate will stop the constant approval of Conservative Judges too.

    At the same time Democrats have demonstrated that if they are in the majority in either house they will attempt to slip anti-gun legislation into every funding bill that is considered critical and eventually succeed.

    • Don’t forget about the DEms wanting to seed the Country with every illegal that will vote for them!
      You think the whole Obamaphone/care for everyone was bad, wait until you see the DEms open the purse strings for votes…

  6. Hey Barry Soetoro is “endorsing” S L O W Joe…I don’t think B. Hussein’s nod will help. And Donnie had TEN times the campaign donations lately. Gun vote?!? Nah competence vs incompetence…

  7. One just need to look at Virginia to see that the so called “gunvote” isn’t a threat. Too many lefty gun owners will vote against Trump to get back to “normalcy” with a milquetoast candidate like Biden.

  8. I dunno if Joe will be the Dems nominee,
    At the moment he’s the face of the Dem party , but I don’t think they really want him,,, looks to me like their prepping another turd… like the clown that’s getting all the air time from N Y… or maybe even that guy Obummer is married to.

  9. I am a Liberal born and raised in San Francisco, California. And I am 100% pro-2A.

    The “fix” is clearly in for “Shotgun Joe” Biden the same way it was for Hillary Clinton in 2016. That’s why Bernie dropped out this time; he saw it happening to him yet again in 2020. Given that he’s from Constitutional Carry Vermont, I’d have had some hope that he wouldn’t be as drastic on the 2A front as either Hillary or Shotgun Joe would be.

    There’s no way I can vote for Shotgun Joe any more than I could get behind Mrs. Clinton in 2016. As a Liberal, either one of those two would be terrible for the nation, because they’re establishment figures who will do the big donors’ bidding. They will do whatever Michael Bloom-boy tells them to do just like our Democrat politicians here in Virginia are now doing (they took Bloom-boy’s money, too).

    LAWFUL GUN OWNERS AREN’T THE PROBLEM! Politicians who want do *disarm* lawful gun owners are the problem. Just look at California as an example.

    Vote, folks; no excuses. Vote for the Constitution, and that includes the 2A. If you think that’s Trump, then that’s your conscience. If you think that’s someone else, then that’s your conscience. But however you vote, VOTE 2A.

    – T

    • Are you a liberal or a leftist? That’s a crucial distinction that is too often overlooked. Most of us here in the TTAG community are liberals, but today’s leftists are as fundamentally illiberal as you can get. Using the word “liberal” to describe leftists is remarkably similar to using the made up phrase “assault weapon” to describe an AR-15. We cede tremendous ground to the enemy when we allow them to dictate the terminology of the discourse

  10. Biden hasn’t lost the hard core gun vote. He never had it any more than Hillary did. Despite that, she came very close to winning. The Electoral College made the difference (which is why the Democrats are whining about it.) I don’t know whether it was a happy accident or Trump’s advisors planned it that way.

    In my opinion, the critical question is whether the Bermie bros will stay home. Will he campaign hard for Biden, essentially telling his supporters, “Hold your nose and vote for Joe?”

    • ” the critical question is whether the Bermie bros will stay home ”

      All my experience gleaned from 50+ years of politics addiction says YES they will stay home.

      Some of them will go out and vote, simply because they always go out and vote. And they will likely vote for Biden. (I was about to say they will vote for the corrupt, racist, fascist, bat-shit crazy pervert — but that could be either Biden or Trump.) The one’s who will stay home are the new converts who were in it for Bernie and Bernie alone. And there are a lot of them. They will either sit out the election, vote Green, or vote Trump just to spite the Democrats. But they won’t vote Biden.

  11. Wonder if any of the families that lost loved ones in the (joe gun free zones) will vote for the #1mass murderer this country has ever had? Aka lobotomy joe, china joe!

  12. For left-leaning voters, it’s a “dance with the one who brought you” situation and the #GUNVOTE will matter.

    Yes it will. Unfortunately for Trump it will be his downfall. What was once Trump territory is now Biden’s. Beto has made sure of that. Texas and the south are in the Beto/Biden camp. Beto is the key in this election. By pushing gun violence and confiscation he has greatly increased the gun control movement and convinced them to rally against Trump. All of the southern states will follow his lead. This leaves only the midwest for Trump. Biden has already proven his strength there. So to all 2A gun owners I leave you with these words, the fat lady has cleared her throat and is starting to sing. Please welcome president Joe Biden and gun czar Beto O’Rourke. Your guns are now forfeit.

    • ‘Gun control’ will die in a few weeks, ‘kimber’.

      When SCOTUS drops the hammer, you are gonna *cry*… 😉

    • Commissar Kimber, will you lead your valiant forces in saving America from recalcitrant deplorables, or will you be behind your troops administering people’s justice to those who appear to be shirking their duty?

    • ” Texas and the south are in the Beto/Biden camp. Beto is the key in this election. ”

      I don’t know what you’ve been smoking, but if you’re not going to share it, get a patent on it.

      • Yet, another reason Biden won’t get elected. When the inevitable happens and his brain has its last impulse that would leave skateboard retard Beto in the oval office. That won’t happen.

  13. On gun control alone, I would have preferred Bernie. He didn’t pander like Creepy Joe does. Joe just keeps going further left just to show how far left he can be. I may disagree with Bernie, but you know where he stands and I didn’t question his motives.

  14. I have to imagine there are plans in place to replace Biden.

    That said, guns are not going to be the deciding factor this election. While people on this blog may be one-issue voters (although I doubt it, in reality), most people aren’t. And at the moment there’s a lot of shit going on.

      • Does it even matter? Between the current, incredible CGI technology and a compliant media, I find it hard to believe a Democrat president couldn’t continue to rule from beyond the grave

  15. Joe Biden has committed that his VP mate will be a woman…of color. At first I was thinking of Stacy Abrams of Georgia but then went back to my original prediction for the democratic nominee Kamela Harris.

  16. I’m with Trump all the way…but watch out because the snake in the hat that can easily put this
    fool Biden into the White House is about to emerge…that’s right, Hillary Clinton. I have lefty friends
    who are frothing at the mouth waiting for him to pick her. With the press, his pathetic and sorrowful
    demeanor, and her…its liable to be a runaway for the Demonrats…A VERY SCARY SITUATION!


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