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Firearms trainer Rob Pincus was on Armed American Radio with Mark Walters recently and talked about what he sees as the need to re-start America via what he’s calling a responsible rebellion.

Pincus is advocating that Americans defy shut-down orders, but to do it in a responsible way…wearing a mask and maintaining social distancing, not packing into meetings or sports arenas.

People have long asked me where “the line” will be… when will it be time to openly defy Unfair and Unconstitutional Government Restrictions? I’ve always said that we’ll know when it gets here. Well, here it is.

We should start responsibly living our lives with all reasonable considerations for reducing the likelihood of disease transmission: gloves, masks, disinfectants, social distancing… all the practical things that can be done WHILE we interact with our friends & families and WHILE we conduct business as best we can.

This is a complex situation and I’m not calling for rebellion for rebellion’s sake. Please watch all 20 minutes and THINK about what I’m saying, the underlying premise, your own principles and then act responsibly.

Rob Pincus

We talked with Rob some more about this and he thinks that . . .

-Small businesses need to know that they should risk the penalties for trying to re-open. Post on their social media pages and let them know you’d support them if they opened in a socially responsible way.

-It’s not about a group rally or parade… in fact, that would be foolish at this point. Gathering when it isn’t part of honestly essential activities to survive, earn a living or keep a business aren’t what I’m calling for.

-If you are truly worried: stay home. It might be the best thing anyway. There really is a health issue to be dealt with. The point of a #responsiblerebellion is that we should be free to choose, while acknowledging that Freedom Isn’t Safe.

-The Unites States is a vast country with incredible diversity. You have to factor the current situation in regard to your area’s medical infrastructure and what you know about the disease in your area into any decisions you make. Does it make sense to try to reopen a small business in a confined space in Manhattan this week? Probably not. But, in a strip mall in Northern Michigan? Yes, I think it could be done responsibly.



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  1. Good call. The county I live in has 26 confirmed cases and only 6 deaths so far.
    Aside from wearing a mask and using a good disinfectant often, We’ve been able to have a pretty normal life.
    SHTF hasn’t happened. Yet.

    • That’s a high death rate to confirmed cases ratio. I’m guessing many more people there have it without it being confirmed. We have over 40 confirmed here and zero deaths. Hopefully we’ll have 100s of millions of test kits available soon.

      It’s basically deadly when you have serious underlying health issues. This should be talked about more so people can make responsible decisions. It’s beyond stupid to treat the entire country like NYC. That’s why we have local governments. Too bad the people in charge are so incompetent.

      • The most recent research and analysis of the Weatern world’s data suggest that the current numbers represent about 6% of the total people who have or have had this. As of yesterday that meant 9.6 million people had or have had it United States.

        We can’t know for sure at this point but because of what is known about how transmissible it is, it’s almost a certainty that undetected cases number in the millions.

        It’s also worth noting that of those who’ve been hospitalized in NYC 90% had a known underlying cardiopulmonary conditioning intake and most of the rest had one diagnosed soon after.

        • The mortality rates reported can only include those that have serious enough symptoms (or another reason) to be tested. All the people with minor symptoms that never get tested aren’t factored in, aka the “denominator problem”. Also, depending on the country, C-19 becomes the presumed cause of death since autopsies aren’t allowed to determine actual cause of death on suspected C-19 patients to reduce the number of people that come in post mortem contact with the body, the ‘of or with’ problem. Regardless, it will be interesting to see what the anti-body tests and some careful statistical analysis show.

        • There are a bunch of other issues no one wants to talk about. Like the three week backlog on testing.

          For instance, at this point for a lot of the country, if a place doesn’t have a Abbott rapid rest unit they are handing folks an inhaler just in case and sending them home. The person will be dead, hospitalized or recovered before the test comes back because the average time for a “non priority” test is 22 days.

        • They’re also testing anyone who dies of any cause and if they have the virus in their system it’s basically labeled as a covid death.

        • “Your claims aren’t even close.”

          OK bud, well, I’m not contradicting your little video there (I watched about five minutes of idiotic generalizations dumbed down for those who’ve never had a math or science class). I’m saying that the death rate is overblown and the infection rate is being undercounted which… is what they’re saying.

          I’m just using actual data to say it.

      • In Nashville over 5400 cases only 16 deaths, yet the Mayor says nobody reopens till all workers at all businesses have gloves, masks and face shields… 🤦🏼‍♂️. Also deaths are way over inflated, I heard first hand account from a doctor of a man in Alabama who had a stroke and died 24hrs later in the ICU being recorded as a Covid death.

    • County I am in has had 3 positives and no deaths. Our local gun shop has closed although no official order to close. I am very disappointed in them and let them know via text. During this lock-down I have purchased 4 new guns and had to travel to a different store to purchase. I did this just to “feel normal” and exercise my rights. Pissed that the ones I supported caved in so easily.

    • The marxist media is politicizing the pandemic to get Trump. They played the race card when Trump shut down travel to and from China. Little nancy pelosi went for a stroll through Chinatown to show she is no racist. Of course she has made no further ventures since it was proven the POTUS decision was correct and her decision was ignorant like all her decisions are.
      Nonetheless the marxist media keeps cranking out politically inept history illiterate useful idiots who run to vote for deranged democRats. The majority of registered democrats are unaware of their party history, many are so fooled they think democRats won the civil war and freed the slaves. The bottom line is the democRat Party owns the legacy of slavery, segregation, Jim Crow, lynching, the KKK, Eugenics, Gun Control, etc. Resonsible Rebellion? Rebel With Truth.

    • “SHTF hasn’t happened. Yet.”
      It’s already hitting the fan as far as I’m concerned. Lead primarily by the far left and media, we’re being taught that actually shutting down the nation can easily be accomplished with relatively little reason. Certainly to date COVID 19 has not proven more deadly than the various strains of flu that annually help speed the deaths of something like 60,000 Americans, the vast majority of whom already have serious health or just plain “age” issues. We haven’t reached the 1/3 rate of a normal flu year yet.

      There also seems (to me) an attempt to keep the issue clouded. I came down with all of the symptoms right after Thanksgiving and actually went to the doctor when I couldn’t shake the dry cough. No nasal congestion, low fever and nothing being expelled as a result of the coughing. Without even a culture, the Dr chick put me on Amoxy which did nothing for 5 days. I went back and they changed it to Doxycyclene, which did a tremendous job of killing the necessary bacteria in my digestive tract but no affect on the cough, which had become quite bothersome. 8 days on it and I went back, was put on Cefdinir. All are antibiotics, BTW.

      From the start I asked if I had a virus and was assured it was bacterial, also that I was not contagious… I finally got over the cough but I believe the meds had nothing to do with it.

      Fast forward- I’ve been trying to find out a way to be tested for the antibodies and none of the state or CDC numbers I’ve called have a clue as to how to go about this, even though I’ve heard of a desire for plasma from those who have built up immunities. I’ve never had a lot of faith in either the medical profession or politicians, my hope is that Trump will continue to chip away at this BS. The only thing I’m concerned about is that he (Trump) is reputed to be something of a “germaphobe”.

      • If the government stealing our livelihoods and restricting our movements is not enough to revolt, I don’t know what is

        • Who exactly do you plan to hold this rebellion against? Storm the places that are closed? A revolution of any form isn’t going to suddenly cause businesses to open again. Places will open or close based upon the realities of the market. Same reason why they close during hurricanes or floods. Businesses closing during a pandemic isn’t tyranny.

    • A good friend of mine has been an RN for 19 years and is Director of Clinical Outcomes or something at a major hospital nearby. She is telling me that the consensus among the doctors and nurses is that 90% of us are going to get COVID19 at some point. She is a no bullshit just-the-facts kind of gal, so I tend to believe her.

      The measures we are are supposed to be taking with masks, etc are worth doing just to slow that eventual result down, so the hospitals can keep up with the serious cases and keep death rates lower.

      Many of us will never even realize we have it.

    • Ok… I’m going to go against y’all again on this one. I do not think this is good advice. Wether you love it or hate it, there is a real pandemic occurring right now, and mingling with people is not what what you want to be doing right now.

      Look, I get people are pissed they are out of work. But outside of the work issue, which we can’t control, what is it exactly y’all want to go out and do? Just walk around? Mingle with people? Why? I mean, maybe I’m just anti social and hate groups of people anyway, but I have zero desire to go walk around and mingle with strangers on a good day, none the less during a pandemic. Or are many of you just pissed you can’t go to the bar?

      Honestly I think everyone’s missing a rare and golden opportunity to be left alone and not work. This isn’t going to last forever and before you know it you’ll be back at work wishing for some time off. I‘ll point out that I fully accept that my position is probably skewed, because I’m not at all a people person, and I also hate my job, so I’m not really bothered by all this.

    • Emily T. Watson, Looking for hook up with a stranger! ?? Ready for any experiments! ?? –==>>>

  2. I’m all for re-opening, and believe it should be done soon.

    I must admit, though, I’m enjoying the foiling of all the facial recognition cameras that Walmart, Home Depot, Kroger, Walgreens, and scores of other chains were forced to admit they’ve been using on us for several years now. Walk in with a shemaugh and cap, and pay with cash. Privacy once more.

  3. Same here, brother. Might need to harvest another turkey or two. My industry, live entertainment, has been hammered, though. Tough to see all those parked tour buses.

    • That’s NOT and “industry”. A industry creates material goods.

      If you’re actually talking about a band/theater/similar you’re in the same gadfly category as a barista pushing her overpriced crapachino. NOT essential to the economy/world.

      Find a career that PRODUCES something. A lot of opportunities coming back from chicomland doing things we did for ourselves 25yr ago. Might have to use your brain or get hands dirty.

      • Entertainment is a rather large service industry that does a lot more that music acts.

        Your statement is as ignorant as possible.

        Trust me if there were magical jobs that produce things and pay remotely close to what live production does, lots of workers like myself would rather do those things instead.

        But also it’s not the 70s anymore.

        Your assertion that stage workers don’t use their brains or get their hands dirty is wildly off base.

        I’d love to see you do my job for me.
        In conclusion, GFY

        • Yeah, Neiowa is one stupid window licker. The live business generates more than $30 billion a year worldwide and had never been stronger when the virus hit. To say the live INDUSTRY doesn’t build anything is ludicrous. They build a SHOW every night, pack it up and tear it down and move to the next town. Hard working, smart people. Festival producers build a literal city in a week and gross $20 million in ticket sales over a weekend and employ hundreds of people. Millions of people pay to see shows in venues of all sizes, buy good quality merch, and it makes them happy for a few hours, and they come back. Those tour buses bring the magic, and we can’t wait to get it back on the road again. Those who can’t do anything special criticize those who can. Go ahead with your boring existence, shithead. Live thrived when the record business tanked, recorded content is just a blip on the radar screen of how humans have enjoyed entertainment over the course of civilization. I’ve made a damn good living in and around live music for over 30 years and I am fine now, still work to be done. Live will never die.

      • Also your assertion that jobs are coming back from china is a myth for the time being…

        And thinking stage workers don’t use their brains or get their hands dirty is absurd.

        Walk a mile in my shoes before you cast stones. Nobody asked for your crap career advice in the first place.

        • Here’s a guy who can’t construct a proper sentence giving career advice. I’m with you, Road Guy!

      • Dude, its America. Any man can make his honest way however he chooses, and if he works hard enough at it, I will call him industrious.

      • “That’s NOT and “industry”. A industry creates material goods.”
        That’s not an industry. An industry creates material goods.

        Wasn’t just an incorrect statement but painfully written as well.

      • The solution to that is twofold. First, we need inexpensive, widely available test kits. Secondly, everyone can do their part not contract or spread it; i.e. frequent hand washing, keeping hands away from your face, distancing, etc. If you have serious underlying health conditions or you’re elderly (which basically means you have underlying health conditions), then you venture into crowds, etc. at your own risk. The wannabe tyrants in government need to quit treating everyone like children. Put the data out there, and let people make informed decisions.

        • In the areas without “lockdown” the children have NOT gotten a fing clue and still out drinking/eating/party time.

        • neiowa, You can temporarily ban large gatherings and implement social distancing. In other words, there are ways to continue to due business, all while following the guidelines.

          Do you think the entire country should be punished because of a few fools? Doesn’t that sound familiar to you? Like, say, gun control?

        • I love the pissing contest about who gets to decide whether we can leave our homes again, the Governor or the President. What a joke! Neither one can prohibit me from leaving my home, that decision is MINE!! Unless you are under 18, you also have that responsibility, unless you are in prison. This country is Free, and that does not mean an employee of ours can automatically and arbitrarily order us around, even if Congress voted to give him that power, which they have definitely NOT done.

        • Yes, it’s getting ridiculous. People will be studying this point in time for decades, for multiple reasons.

      • How is that any different than any other contagious disease? There are always asymptomatic carriers. Hell having sex is a roll of the dice. Nobody, until now, has ever said I’m not going to visit my friend because I might have a cold I don’t know about. We live in a world of knowns. If you start to delve into the unknowns that is the path to paranoia, obsessive compulsion and hypochondria. Life has always been risky. Stay safe and well wishes of course.

        • Yes sir. Well said. It’s called managing the risk. It’s what we do everyday of our lives. The only difference with this virus is the lack of data, which is getting a little better everyday, thank God.

        • Boom! Have a brain, use caution, protect yourself and wash your damn hands. Personal responsibility. The left LOVES to think the Nanny will protect them, wake up, we’re all on our own, be smart, prepare, hunt and gather, take care of your own.

  4. I am socially distancing for society’s mutual benefit but soon we will have to tell our “rulers” their games of “mother may I?” and “Simon says” have to end and their Chicom covid totalitarian party is over.

    • I do not understand comments like these. Emergency powers are being used at the State (not Federal, at least not yet) level, and are within the scope of the powers that are assigned to the individual states and their Governors. No one batted an eye at the complete lockdown of Boston for days immediately following the Boston Marathon bombing. If you have a problem with this, I have good news – your representative in your state legislative body is answerable DIRECTLY to you, as is your Governor. Whinging about the onset of an Orwellian dystopia just makes you look clueless. The Dystopia has been here for >15 years. That horse has already bolted, sired a family on another farm, and died of old age.

      • Agreed on most of your comment, except that many people DID certain “bat an eye” at Boston’s unconstitutional overreach in its response to the Marathon bombing. You know that. The Interwebz was filled with images of S.W.A.T. stacks going door to door and pulling people out of their homes in their search for the bomber. Remember the granny forced to exit her home with her hands above her head, and the young mother holding her infant in her doorway while the S.W.A.T. team had their muzzles trained on them?

        You somehow wish to claim nobody remembers, or batted an eye, or howled at how unconstitutional that was?

        • I’ll amend my statement then. There was no meaningful response of any kind to make Government think that it had overstepped it’s bounds. The nation as a whole did, NOTHING. No one was voted out of office. No one was sued. There was lots of grumbling from people like you (and me) but there were no consequences and no legislative changes to prevent it from occurring again.

        • Unfortunately, true. I just performed some searches and have not found anything related to lawsuits or actions against the Boston Mayor or Police Chief for their actions against the citizens of their city. Nothing.

        • Whinging about the onset of an Orwellian dystopia just makes you look clueless. The Dystopia has been here for >15 years.

          De Facto is right. Most people don’t notice because it hasn’t yet disrupted their lives.

          An example: When I worked at a center-left news service during the 2016 election, I asked editors and writers if they believed the federal government records all phone calls (not metadata, but the calls themselves). The question arose because a former FBI counter-terrorism expert strongly implied this was the case in two CNN interviews following the Boston bombing. The consensus among journalists I surveyed: “yes, that’s probably true.” Also, “who gives a sh*t.”

          As someone on Twitter said, “America is a corpse being consumed by maggots. Liberals are rooting for the maggots. Conservatives are rooting for the corpse.”

        • “Remember the granny forced to exit her home with her hands above her head, and the young mother holding her infant in her doorway while the S.W.A.T. team had their muzzles trained on them?”

          When you say it like that, you make it sound like there’s something wrong with it. I would remind you that the iron fist of Government is velvet lined and wears a yellow-smiley-face mask.

          Eric Swalwell 2020

        • @Swalwell,

          You’ve been trying to establish yourself as a new troll for a few weeks now, but you’re not that good at it. You need more practice. The only one who was really entertaining was ‘ol Vlad.

        • *People actually take Vlad serious. If you take Eric Swalwell serious, then the joke is going over your head.*

          Eric Swalwell 2020

        • “You’ve been trying to establish yourself as a new troll for a few weeks now, but you’re not that good at it.”

          Haz, I’m thinking he’s actually one of us, going incognito for the lolz…

  5. This video is an EXCELLENT example of why you should stay in your own lane of expertise. We can’t have responsible civil disobedience for unconstitutional gun control, but we’ll do it over quarantine? You’re not going to be able to “responsibly live your life” without the PPE to do so. I’m just curious, where will you be getting these masks, gloves and hand sanitizer? If hospitals are reusing masks and short on everything how do you think sudden demand from the entire country will affect their availability? Talk about misplaced priorities. If you think the Trump administration wanted to tank the economy in an election year to piss off it’s own voter base you’re nuts.

      • I didn’t (and will not) panic buy. The supply chain can’t keep up with demand, and there aren’t enough masks/gloves/sanitizer to go around. If you have enough for yourself that means you are one of the panic buyers making healthcare workers reuse their masks for days. But hey, you’ll be fine, that’s what counts.

        • Two sides to that coin, if you’re honest. The family that has bought enough, helpst to ensure that they don’t become a burden on those over worked health care workers. It’s the family that has bought fifty times more than enough that you should be eyeballing. And, then, there are those who are profiteering from the system. Big health scare, so they purchase all of the stock in a warehouse, and mark it up 1000% – those people should be dragged behind the barn, and given a lead vitamin through the ear.

          Just don’t hate on the family that is prudently watching out for their own.

        • Paul, if you are following Pincus suggestions though, you are USING what you do have. Which means if you are following his unsafe suggestions as safely as you can, you are using a consumable resource. Which means you are part of the problem. Either you bought a very large amount and caused part of the issue (maybe think of donating what you bought to local hospitals or charities like food banks who’s workers need it), or you are working to get what you can to the detriment of those who need it.

          The people who need it are those who NEED to work to keep things from completely falling apart. Medical workers. First responders. Food supply and delivery. Not people who want to stick it to the man.

          Prudently watching out for their own takes a mask or two for the adults in the household and maybe a box of disposable gloves. A 1-2oz spray bottle with some 62%+ isopropyl rubbing alcohol for the 2-4 times a month they need to go to the grocery store, food bank, etc. You can let the masks decontaminate by just sitting on a shelf for a week or two until needed again with the virus surviving perhaps 72hrs on a surface. Pincus suggestion means you likely need at least half a dozen masks per adult, a huge number of gloves, possibly multiple face shields, etc. And a much larger chance of getting infected.

        • @defacto All you self righteous pricks coming out of the woodwork. Guess what, I’ve got masks, gloves, hand sanitizer, etc. Because as soon as this shit started, in china not the US. I bought a few items here and there. By the time it blew up here in the US, I was fully stocked. Because I had the foresight to want to protect my family. You think I’m gonna “donate” my supplies? HAHAHAHAHA Ya ok! It’s assholes like yourself that failed to prepare and now you want to justify it by telling those who did prepare to donate their supplies or they’re just selfish. If the country descends into chaos, people like yourself won’t make it 10 steps down my driveway.

        • @Paul,

          So who determines how much is “enough”? I have two households near me on my street that have elderly or infirmed occupants, and I’ve recently done my part to check up on them and donate as necessary from my yuuuuge personal stockpile. Same thing with ammo…I stocked up tons of it over the years so that I could be in a position to help out two separate individuals who were never pro-gun before, but pulled out their one single handgun they had sitting in their closet and realized they didn’t have any ammo. So I provided them with a couple of boxes.

          Supplies can be parsed out as goodwill gestures, to form bonds of trust that will outlast the current crisis.

          That being said, I can never have “enough” toilet paper, ammo, or whatever I choose to stockpile. If I make the decision to spend my own money on something while it’s available, I will not be shamed by someone else who didn’t plan ahead, and now suddenly wants what’s mine.

        • @Paul,

          So who determines how much is “enough”? I have two households near me on my street that have elderly or infirmed occupants, and I’ve recently done my part to check up on them and donate as necessary from my yuuuuge personal stockpile. Same thing with ammo…I stocked up tons of it over the years so that I could be in a position to help out two separate individuals who were never pro-gun before, but pulled out their one single handgun they had sitting in their closet and realized they didn’t have any ammo. So I provided them with a couple of boxes.

          Supplies can be parsed out as goodwill gestures, to form bonds of trust that will outlast the current crisis.

          That being said, I can never have “enough” toilet paper, ammo, or whatever I choose to stockpile. If I made the decision to spend my own money on something while it’s available, and you didn’t, don’t be trying to shame me when I tell you I’ll part with some of mine and you don’t like the price I’m asking. If I’ll part with any of it at all.

        • I had a pair of high end N95s in my kit for a couple years now. In mid January, it seemed, very likely they were going to be useful so I bought 20 more and increased my nitrile glove supply from 20 to 120. All these governments and institutions had people who are paid to know more than I and predict need, they also had more resources and they chose to ignore it. This situation has been foreseen for years, decades even. Just because they ignored the danger for such a long time in no way obligates me to not acquire the stuff in case they should finally realize they would in fact need it. Is every person here that had significant ammo stores, usually purchased over years, also a panic buyer and bad person? The ants didn’t steal from the grasshoppers the grasshoppers failed their due diligence.

        • @matthew,
          Apparently we have more than enough supplies or Remington would be allowed to open and make more masks, like they offered to do. Or maybe the dims are just putting politics over people?

        • @Warwolf: Insults and strawman arguments don’t speak well of your intelligence. You claim “A few items here and there” – that’s not going to be enough for a month and a half of lockdown. That implies a large quantity purchased. I also didn’t ask you to donate your supplies. I pointed out that there are not enough supplies to go around. If you truly are “fully stocked” then yes, you are part of the problem. You and your fellow room temperature IQ housemates are of less importance than Healthcare providers and infrastructure workers. I am glad to see various industries retooling to provide PPE and hopefully that will address the market demand. Meanwhile panic buyers (like you) are creating artificial shortages in food, PPE, TP, Cleaning supplies, and ammunition. This is precisely the type of behavior that led to a pointless 22lr shortage that lasted for years, so yes I do hold your greed and selfishness in contempt. For the record, “people like me” won’t be walking down your driveway. We have no reason to. I certainly wouldn’t do anything to help you when your house gets firebombed though.

          The ones in your kit for years I have no objections to. The 20 more N95’s and 100 more gloves make you a panic buyer in a time of need. You are not the ant, you are the grasshopper at the head of the line.

        • De Facto – There was no panic in mid-January, in fact our glorious leaders, shining beacons that they are, were saying there was no problem at all. They failed to prepare for an event that was pretty much a certainty, timing and severity were the only unknowns. Not buying something because others had not and pretty much refused to prepare is not in the slightest an ethical obligation. The institutions flat out failed to prepare. I couldn’t do anything about that. You failed too if you choose to leave yourself reliant on them.

        • Ah yes January. What was everyone concerned with in January? Impeachment! How we forget! When people look back on history, they will see how the Dims endangered our country with their fake charges, and drawn out impeachment hearings.

        • @Vic,

          “The institutions flat out failed to prepare. I couldn’t do anything about that. You failed too if you choose to leave yourself reliant on them.”

          Perfect reply.

        • Mathew, like Harry Potter I have a closet under the stairs. Not good for much, so mine is filled with dried foods, water, guns and ammo, along with a few years supply of gold. These are preparations for currently unforeseen circumstances, but if a situation arises for which they are needed, I certainly do not intend to give it all away to those who have not prepared and “need” help. Those who stocked up on masks, gloves, sanitizer, gowns, and so forth (perhaps a better choice in cities) have earned the right to use their own supplies as they choose, without criticism or complaint.

        • BTW – I have not worn the masks (but one once at Walmart weeks ago) as I have and continue to thoroughly isolate. They have been worn by my pharmacist wife (at work) who just got off an immunomodulator for Crohn’s and one of her coworkers with an immunocompromised daughter. Because of my purchase we have enough to rotate them. My wife did read up on how to use them.

        • @Vic
          I hate to be the one to tell you this, but according to Overlord Fantasy doc, Templar, you’re just too dumb to figure out how to use that specialized equipment. Oh, and even if you figure out how to use it, it wouldn’t do you any good anyway. Weird how that works, huh? You and your family should just sit at home. Only smart people like Templar should be allowed out during this desperate time.

        • @Vic Nighthorse
          @I Haz a Question
          The supply chain is set up to support a standard load. The regular consumers of PPE are healthcare and jobs that deal with airborne contaminants. Were it not for people “preparing” (panic buying) in January it is doubtful we would be having shortages in the first place. We’ve seen the exact same shortages occur with TP (we didn’t all catch explosive diarrhea at the same time) and we saw it with 22lr for almost 5 years. Assuming you’re telling the truth Nighthorse (after all who would lie on the internet?) you’re one of the few people who had reason to purchase – but if your wife has a chronic long term autoimmune disorder you should have stocked up on all of the above well before January.
          Stocking up and preparing is fine. Panic buying and creating shortages is not. Anyone who went out and mass purchased anything from January-Present was not “stocking up” – you just panicked earlier than most and helped created the shortages. Grasshoppers at the front of the line. Nothing more. Good job everyone for giving Government more reason to regulate the market going forward though.

        • “If you have enough for yourself that means you are one of the panic buyers making healthcare workers reuse their masks for days.”

          Of you had a job where they shoved this stuff at you by the caseload. Or you ran your own business using it. Maybe both.

          I’d been trying to give away 3M 6300 and 6503 repirators along with 2096 filters for years. This crisis finally emptied those boxes in my garage.

          No health workers were affected and they couldn’t use them anyway under the guidelines. But my neighbors all look styling as fuck these days when they grocery shop with magenta cheeks.

        • I don’t know where to put this “reply” or where it will show up so here goes: Now the new curse from SJWs seems to be “panic buyer or grasshopper”. This one guy is calling out every regular as if he has been just a lurker for some time around this board. COOL IT .At this point no one knows if this is a real pandemic or a manufactured political tool only time will tell but get off of your high horse and go to the back of the class.

    • Trump decided to close down the economy when the only “challenger” left was Biden. Are you crazy enough to believe that Trump could lose to a man with a brain that is melting in real time? I forecasted Biden in the comment section weeks ago.

      Trump can do whatever he wants and people will still vote for him. He said that years ago. He can never do anything wrong as long as the media picks on him. The American people are too stupid to understand reverse psychology, they’re intellect is on the level of small children.

      • Chief give it a rest Trump is in and i not only voted for him i will again 2020.the democrats are the party of DEATH and everyone who sides with it is part of the party of DEATH.why don’t you use brains instead of EMOTIONS

      • I have to agree.

        Although, the PD10 would probably sell…metal frame and all.

        There is a segment that would like an all-metal pistol.

        The Remimgton R51 had a lot of people excited, but they dropped the ball – twice.

        I’m fine with the 48.

  6. Looks like what is brewing right now is a showdown between Trump and States’ Governors over who decides when to end shutdowns in each State. Meanwhile I get a sense that many Americans across the entire country are getting very frustrated and angry with the entire situation. So, Rob Pincus’ concept of a “responsible rebellion” possibly has a good chance of gaining strong traction among the American People.

    Gavin Newsom in California has spoken about plans to co-ordinate with Oregon and State of Washington to re-open the West Coast when those States see fit to do so, and Mario Cuomo has said New York will re-open in co-ordination with “neighboring States” when they see fit to do so. Both have said Trump has no say in their eventual decisions.

    Here’s a worthwhile read on the subject: {may not be definitive, as the situation seems very fluid just now}

    Just heard Newsom is announcing the CA, OR, WA plan later today. Might get really interesting in the next few days.

    • And it was mostly Republican governors who moved first for shut downs, like DeWine. They are also taking a science based approach rather than using the feels and “their instincts” like Trump is. Hogan as another example. Since this is a pandemic that impacts every corner of the US to some degree, yes it makes sense that the governors are coordinating. The Federal government isn’t doing any coordinating. All Trump is doing is acting like a Mafia Don. If the Federal government WERE coordinating, the states wouldn’t need to with each other. Feds have left a vacuum, so the states are stepping in.

        • He’s talking about the overlapping domains of state and federal government. That’s about three orders of magnitude removed from personal responsibility. Sometimes those entities will reach way over the line and directly effect people at the local and personal level, but in practical terms individuals are mostly effected indirectly or directly by local ordinances and enforcement.

      • So I agree the Trump administration failed miserably. I say it that way because the professionals did nto fail. Our intelligence agencies gave early warning, our public health people did too. It is only at the White House that the Stupid and the Crazy got in the way.

        The State Governors did indeed act far more swiftly.

        But all that is still a failure of leadership. Both State and Federal. The Governors should have done what Trump failed to do, lead by stating the facts of the threat, of how to fight it, and inspiring The People into the needed actions. Not decrees, not executive orders, not orders or commands.


        Missing at every level.

        • “Our intelligence agencies gave early warning, our public health people did too”

          Fausi himself said there was nothing to worry about and go about your daily lives on Feb 29th.

          Or is he not one of the experts?

      • “And it was mostly Republican governors who moved first for shut downs, like DeWine”

        Like the R governors of NJ, RI, NY, VA, DE, PA, CA, etc.

        Those Replublicans.

        The rest of us have TV you know/

  7. Masks don’t work as the virus is much smaller that the most effective masks and can easily penetrate them.

    Viruses are not living organisms, but are RNA strands that need a “host” in order to multiply. Viruses die out when their “hosts” are overwhelmed with illnesses unrelated to the virus.

    Quarantining the healthy 99% to “protect” the vulnerable 1% is the epitome of insanity.

    There is a much larger agenda in play with this “virus”. The (unelected) “powers that be” want to see how far they can get populations to comply with their evil, unconstitutional plans.

    The (unelected) “powers that be” (Gates, Fauci, many democRATS) want to tank the economy in order to get rid of Trump.

    Gates wants to “microchip” everyone (but himself and his minions), turning us into compliant “cattle” for his “global one-world” aspirations.

  8. So similar to anti-vaxxers. My freedom is worth more than your life. Because it is directly provable that those individual actions are highly likely to result in someone else’s injury or death. And no, I am not anti-2A. I am pro-2A. You can show a large benefit to have a right to own and bear arms except for those handful of individuals who have proven they don’t deserve that right.

    There is no way to show any benefit other than in someone’s head for an individual to refuse vaccination unless there is a medically necessary reason they cannot be vaccinated. There is zero societal benefits and all detriments to society by not vaccinating.

    Refusing to follow stay at home orders pretty much shows individual and societal detriments on a long enough time scale (of weeks, not decades) and doesn’t even have any upsides like economic improvement on any scale other than maybe for a few weeks. There isn’t any going back to the way things were and when people drop dead even more because of doing everything we can to stop the spread, that’s going to hurt everyone way more than bringing our economy to a screeching halt will for a few months.

  9. well if the pissing contest gets bad enough that Trumpf turns off the money, those governors are fucked if they want to remain closed. Ole Donny holds the keys to the coffers and therefore ultimately its his call.

    • Only if he wants to continue breaking the law. The bailout law has certainly requirements in there on how the fiscal aid is given out. Trump’s already killing people by withholding medical supplies to states who’s governors don’t kiss his butt well enough.

      So I am sure he WILL do that. But it doesn’t mean he isn’t breaking more laws in doing it. Just like he isn’t the ultimate authority with constitutional power to do whatever he wants. Despite what he claims.

      Or is it that you do hope for a real authoritarian who can do whatever he wants? Rather than has to follow the constitution. Because right now, the governors have the constitutional power to do exactly what they are doing and Trump has no power to order them to open back up. He also has no legal authority to withhold financial aid if a governor doesn’t do what he wants.

      • I’ll go one step further. While I’m a Trump supporter, I’ll frame my comment with respect to the Federal Government as a whole. One of the major problems with having a Federal income tax is the tendency of the Fed Gov to take money from the States, then dangle that same money in the form of “programs” to entice them to toe the line and behave as the Fed wants them to. Most of the taxes we pay should be going to our respective States, not the Fed.

        • Haz,

          Yup. There are over 430 Federal Agencies. We could save a lot of money by eliminating all that do not have a strong tie to interstate commerce and defense.

          I recall, back in the 70’s, one of my high-school teachers making a case for a Department of Education to even out the education funding between poor states and rich states. We had just finished a study of the constitution, so, I questioned how education is related to interstate commerce and defense. His answer was something like: equal opportunities in commerce requires equal opportunities in education.

          I recall thinking “…but, but, but…” but not having the confidence to challenge him.

          I do not see a basis for the DOE or BLM (not referring to Black Lives Matter). Not sure why the Federal government owns any land outside of DC. But, that is just me; the further government gets from being local the more bloated, expensive, intrusive, and controlling it becomes.

        • You live in California you’d be fine. If the tax base of California, New York, Texas and a few others weren’t redistributed by the fed at least half the states would essentially be fucked. Infrastructure, health care, public services would be even worse then they already are. The saving grace of this whole situation is that it really hasn’t impacted the fly over states, at least not yet; because they literally are fly over without much international travel like coastal cities.

        • Until the (iirc) 17th Amendment in 1913, that’s the way it worked. The feds couldn’t tax anyone at all; they could only ask the states for money. But that was deemed inefficient, so a new amendment was ratified by the required supermajority of states to make centralized nationwide tax collection possible…and here we are.

          Don’t let anyone tell you the Constitution isn’t a “living document.” It is, and except for the Bill of Rights, we’re mostly the worse for it.

      • Trumps delays have absolutely gotten Americans killed. His weeks of failing to act, the vast holes in his late to the game ban on travelers from China, his failure to establish large scale testing as he promised, his multiple task forces tripping over each other and fucking up both manufacturing and distribution of medical supplies, all of it is a massive disaster.

        But the True Believers don’t care. They adore his Reality TV persona, and soak up his every damned lie like it’s free beer.

        • As president he takes advice from experts, isn’t that what everyone wants him to do? Or is he supposed to act on his own?
          They say hindsight is 20/20. Fortunately we have video of all the critics from January and February. They all criticized his decisions for closing down the borders etc.
          Can’t have it both ways.

        • We all know you suffer from chronic TDS, but maybe it might help a little to stop watching CNN. 😉

          On Feb. 28, Nancy Messonnier, director of the CDC’s National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases: “The immediate risk to the general American public remained low.”

          Feb. 29, health official from Washington state: “Should we start to see more spread in Washington, we might consider recommending measures like cancelling large public events,”

          Feb. 29 Dr. Fauci on the Today show: Right now, at this moment, there’s no need to change anything that you’re doing on a day by day basis. Right now the risk is still low, but this could change. I’ve said that many times even on this program. You’ve got to watch out because although the risk is low now, you don’t need to change anything you’re doing. I mean, this could be a major outbreak. I hope not. Or it could be something that’s reasonably well controlled. At the end of the day, this will ultimately go down. The lack of widespread, confirmed community spread meant that it was not yet time for radical responses like shutting down large gatherings and businesses.”

        • Enuf,

          “But the True Believers don’t care. They adore his Reality TV persona, and soak up his every damned lie like it’s free beer.”

          Really? So, if any of us disagree with you on any of your points about Trump, we are relegated to the insult pile?


        • Trump’s favorite line, “Your fired!” He indirectly fired millions of Americans. He literally took credit during a press conference for artificially causing a depression. He isn’t the sharpest tool. But he said once he chooses to allow the free market to function the economy will be better than ever before. In the meantime, he will send you your universal basic income check so you can pay your bills while he makes sure only essential workers get the privilege of making a living for themselves.

          Don’t worry, the tax payers will get tax dollars to pay corporate businesses the money they require of you while they also get a bailout via the tax payers.

          Isn’t it nice to live in capitalist society with a free market?

      • “Just like he isn’t the ultimate authority with constitutional power to do whatever he wants. Despite what he claims.”
        Read history books about what past presidents have done in emergencies, including Abe and FDR. And a few others.

  10. Masks don’t work against viruses as viruses are much smaller than the filtration qualities of most masks.

    Viruses are non-living RNA strands that depend on a “host” for survival and replication. Only killing the “host” kills the virus. Viruses depend on their “hosts” NOT dying, in order to multiply.

    Vaccines do not work on viruses, as they mutate with regularity. The “common cold” is composed of viruses that are constantly mutating.

    Quarantining 100% of the population in order to “save” the 1% who are compromised by their own poor health and medical issues is the epitome of insanity.

    “Herd immunity” works because it exposes the maximum number of healthy individuals, conferring a certain amount of “immunity” on most healthy individuals.

    There is a larger agenda here. The (unelected) “powers that be” desire to see how much they can “get away with” by imposing “stay home” orders and closing viable businesses.

    The agenda that the (unelected) “powers that be” have (for the rest of us) is “microchipping” like cattle and restrictions on travel, movement, the ability to live where you want, and even the ability to start up and establish businesses without their permission.

      • It is anarchyst. The only thing missing is a rant against the ‘evil jooz’. He is a proud holocaust denier.

        Makes your TDS look almost normal.

        • Some of what he says is factual.

          You should learn to stop using your feels over facts and evidence. Aren’t you a man? Your not PMSing are you? Use your logical part of your brain over your emotional part. If you are a teenager then I would understand, but if you are over 25 you have no excuses.

    • Anarchyst,

      Lots of folk on this blog hate conspiracy theories. They do not believe that when there are billions, tens of billions, or even trillions of dollars at stake that powerful groups collude and conspire. Right here, in Allentown, PA, we have a program called “My City 2030”. I bumped it up against the UN’s Agenda 2030. Same plan. But if I say the UN is infiltrating my city with its globalist agenda, I am a conspiracy theorist.

      So, I didn’t say that. Or did I?


  11. I never imagined that going over to my neighbor’s house so our dogs could play would be a political act, but thanks to Gouverneurin Whitmer and her desire to be fondled by Sleepy Joe, I’m a rebel.

    It’s not as exciting as I imagined.

    • It would be more fun teaching the dogs to wear masks and safety goggles.

      Knew a guy once who trained his dog to sit perfectly still wearing a fedora, dark sunglasses and holding a cigar in his mouth. This dog was cool, he be sitting outside like that as tourists walked by the owner’s shop for an hour. Just now and then turning his head this way or that.

      Amazing pooch, funny as hell watching people try to figure out if that was a real dog or some kind of statue.

      Yeah, put the dogs in PPE (fake PPE, I mean), make a video of them romping about the yard and put it up on YouTube.

      Now that’s be funny!

  12. I’ve already started: I’ve been riding my motorcycle, for pleasure, regularly all through the so-called stay at home order in my state. Just Saturday I covered 300+ miles and crossed a state line. When the weather has cooperated, the riding has been great– light traffic, fewer cops than normal, and cheap fuel. Tough to beat that.

    On Sunday, the family piled in the car and drove 60 miles one way, found an open drive-through and had a parking lot lunch. It was actually a good time for all of us.

    90% of the cases in my state are in one metro area. Less than 40 in my whole county and no KIA. The metro area will drag the rest of the state down (as usual) with an extended lockdown. The average Joe has to practice Irish democracy or we’ll be stuck at home indefinitely.

    • I’ve taken my bikes out too because of cheap gas and it’s a solo activity not requiring entry to a building full of potentially sick people.

    • ^^^___ An idiotic remark ___^^^

      When it comes to Hoplophobia all these anti-gun politicians are wrong headed and deserve to be voted out, sued in court for violating our rights, all that.

      Not one of them come anywhere near a fraction of a percent as evil as the Fascist leaders we fought against in World War 2.

      It is deeply offensive to all those who died in that war fighting against Fascist scum to equate some puny little shit of a politician to any WW2 mass murdering animal.

      • Interesting. Sometimes you spout off like a high school troll, and sometimes you post good comments like this one. Almost as if you’re not a single individual, but rather a consortium of opinionated people all sharing the same keyboard and taking turns.

        Now where have we seen this before?…

  13. Icu physician here. Stay in your lanes. Most people here who claim to have PPE have no idea how to use it properly or make sure it fits properly. If you’re going to defy a quarantine please go ahead and sign DNR/DNI paperwork so I don’t have to make a hard decision who I need to intubate. The Dunning-Kruger effect is real. No one is asking you to charge a machine gun nest. We’re asking you to stay home and sit on your ass. Don’t endanger me or my pregnant wife anymore than this pandemic has already.

    • “Dr” tell us about the astounding hospital caused infection rate BEFORE chicom flu arrived. Because the Med “professionals” couldn’t/wouldn’t use PPE. And why the same ijits didn’t have stocks on hand.

      Why STILL see Dr with hipster 5day scraggly ass beards sticking out of the silly N95 resp. Why you’re screwing around with those silly yellow open back “gowns” and “faceshields rather than Tyvek and nonvented goggles. Why seldom see a PAPR in use or even a P100 resp that will actually do something.. WHY your biz didn’t know the chicom flu was coming in mid Jan like some of us that PAY ATTENTION.

      Med biz knows diddly squat.

      • ESL typing detected. In my best understanding of what you’re saying, yes some staff have very poor infection control skills. Which is why part of my job is to train up the staff and avoid that. We actually do use papr’s and other various PPE. I’ve been wearing a p100 since the beginning of March. Even at the onset of this not a lot was understood and there is still a lot to understand. Yes, we weren’t totally prepared. Could we have been more prepared? Absolutely. On the other hand I don’t think you can fully prepared for a pandemic on a scale not seen in over a century. And yes, I saw this coming in December. Medicine is not some monolith. My partner and I started stocking up on PPE back then and so far we’ve been squeaking by. Not everyone was as prepared and not everyone wanted to listen to the uncomfortable truths I was telling them. They’re coming around now and some of my colleagues did listen and they’re sitting much better. Btw, face shields and open back gowns are fine. You don’t even need an n95 if you’re not in the room during aerosol producing procedures

        • “You don’t even need an n95 if you’re not in the room during aerosol producing procedures”

          You sure about that? Not everyone credible agrees with you. In fact I would venture better than 50/50 that in a couple months if not sooner the consensus will be that that statement is incorrect.

    • “Icu physician here. Stay in your lanes. Most people here who claim to have PPE have no idea how to use it properly or make sure it fits properly.”

      Translation: You’re too dumb to figure out how to properly use this advanced equipment. Shut up and listen to me because I’m an expert.

      Gee, this sounds just like the tyrants in government who think you’re too stupid to own a firearm. Naturally, chronic TDS sufferer and fake news enthusiast, enuf, wholeheartedly agrees.

      • Most people don’t know how to use PPE properly, much less don and doff properly. If you actually knew how to do this it would be readily obvious. Most have also not performed fitment tests that I have. It’s not being a tyrant to say you can’t emulate behavior that takes years of education and training. It’s also not realistic to wear full PPE in Kroger. Ignorance and arrogance is a deadly combination. Your right to be a moron ends at my lungs.

        • “Ignorance and arrogance is a deadly combination. Your right to be a moron ends at my lungs.”

          Attack the messenger, and not the message. You sound like Vlad. You’re the moron if you can’t figure out what I was saying. Let me make it a little more clear for the slower among us, like Templar here.

          We are communicating on a blog dedicated to firearms. One of the recurring themes here is education and training in the proper use of firearms. Most people here agree that training is vital in order to properly use firearms. Now, let’s use our imagination, and see if we can translate that to the proper use of personal protective equipment. Maybe the real experts could teach us how to properly use this equipment, instead of ARROGANTLY claiming that we shouldn’t even try because we’ll just do it wrong. Was that clear enough for you moron?

        • @Dude since this forum software won’t let me reply directly

          You’re clearly missing the point. The amount of PPE you’re going to need to stroll about day to day will not be practical for you. These supplies are vitally needed by healthcare professionals. Many of whom I am already dealing with having to train properly to use. The vast majority of the American population will be hopeless to train in how to use it properly, will not comply with the amount of PPE they would actually need to use, and would be diverting vital supplies away from healthcare professionals who desperately need it to fight off the pandemic. This is technically too difficult for people. Would I be a tyrant for saying most people can’t reverse engineer a nuclear reactor? I bet you would be complaining there isn’t enough range ammo during WWII. You’re making yourself part of the problem instead of the solution. This is difficult enough for medical professionals without people actively trying to kill themselves and their families

        • “You’re making yourself part of the problem instead of the solution. This is difficult enough for medical professionals without people actively trying to kill themselves and their families”

          WTF are you talking about “doc”?
          1. Exactly how am I part of any problem, and how do you know I’m not part of any solution?
          2. How exactly am I actively trying to kill myself and my family?

          You’ve outed yourself as a complete quack if you were actually a doctor. Although, since this is an anonymous forum, you’re most likely a troll.

        • Fantasy doc Templar said:
          “The amount of PPE you’re going to need to stroll about day to day will not be practical for you.”
          “Most people here who claim to have PPE have no idea how to use it properly or make sure it fits properly.”
          “We’re asking you to stay home and sit on your ass.”

          So, which is it genius? It won’t work anyway, or people will never know how to properly use it?
          Your last quote there speaks for itself, and makes my point for me. Maybe you are a doc. You sure are an arrogant, condescending azzhole.

        • Knowing how and actually having the discipline to apply proper technique as second nature with high percentage especially under stress and exhaustion are two very different things. I guarantee it’s not happening in those NYC E.R.’s and ICU’s. By your logic they shouldn’t have PPE either. Proper “Fitment” of a disposable n95 is an abstract concept, a unicorn, no one’s ever actually seen one.

    • ICU physician-

      Bingo, there it is.

      Sometimes, even the government is right. Stay the heck home, or at least stay away from other people. This is not something to be screwing around with.

  14. This is not a virus to play games with.

    It is true that Federal and State leadership failed so very badly to lead, to inspire. It is bad news those elected leaders chose to issue decrees and orders in place of showing us wartime leadership. That’s on them and we should all remember it at election time. Or right away, as in the lawsuits against shutting down gun shops and gun factories, halting processing of concealed carry licenses, etc.

    But even with all those failures, the virus is real, it has no feelings or philosophy. It is just a self replicating package of destructive genetic material that needs your body to feed on. By pure random chance, it goes undetected in the body for days, replicating and becoming infectious to others around the victim, before the victim feels sick. Much more so than the flu. Unlike the flu, all that with no proven treatment, no vaccine, no anti-viral drugs proven to work against it.

    That’s a shit ton of bad news and high risk.

    So hell yes our leaders have failed us and we should punish them for it.

    No we should not use their failure as an excuse to relax defenses against the virus.

      • The Chi-Coms are evil scum, no argument there. Hell, they continue trying to re-write their own history. Medical papers have been vanishing from hospital and university websites in China. Anything the commie leadership thinks will stain their record of a perfect, swift response and low death rate, they delete.

        But we knew they were lying. We detected it in mid-November. By the time it was announced by China on December 31, 2019, it was already there in greater detail in the President’s Daily Briefing Book.

        The one he does not read or believe.

        • I swear, if the government issued a statement to the effect that “breathing is good for you” an incredible percentage of the population would scream from their rooftops about government overreach. This crap is resistance for the sake of being contrarian, IMO.

          I’ve got older family that fought commies when they were my age, so I could enjoy the freedoms (and associated responsibilities) I have today. Ironically, those same people now depend on me to stay the hell home. I want to have more range days with my grandfather, god dammit, and the time frame for that is dwindling every second we don’t take this seriously.

  15. Trump wants to save Americas economy. Right now its a crap shoot as to when it should be reopened. He and his team have some hard decisions make. The demoncrats have stated if they have to destroy our economy to gain back power they will try it. Demoncrats are the party of DEATH and all who push their agenda are agreeing with thier wicked evil mindset plans. Remember its not about common sense,its about feelings

  16. This coming from the same Pincus who supports complying with unconstitutional gun laws simply because they are the law. Slavery and segregation were at one point the law, but by every means unconstitutional and immoral. I’m glad the Rob is finally coming around the individual liberty side of the community. Maybe this will be a turning point for him on how he interprets restrictions on freedom.

  17. Maybe Rob Pincus will cheer people on who are fined and arrested for violating orders in MI and CA, maybe he will not. Doesn’t really matter to someone who’s arrested and booked then slapped with a nice big fine. They might even make it a denial for a CCW application going forward.

    DC is offering a 6 month stay in their jail and charging you 5000 dollars for the privilege.

  18. If people want to stay home to reduce the risk of getting sick then they can choose for themselves to do so. The governments in this country should not be deciding who can leave their homes, what businesses they think are essential and what or how much of something individuals can buy or sell for. I think price gouging is a dirtbag thing to do but i dont want the government have the power to steal price gougers lawfully purchased property or arrest someone based on how much of something they have. People need to drop their slave/herd mentality and stop trying to send the government after everyone.

    • You, and 98% of Americans, didn’t know squat was going on until CNN discovered this 6wk ago. But can recite the history of the kardashians, know NBA/NFL/baseball scores going back years, and where to get a great nonfat soyboy crappachino. Have 2days of food and 3 rolls of TP in your entire house. In other words clueless.

      WHEN were you going to stay home?

    • There are already laws in nearly 40 states about that type of price gouging. So, if it’s illegal, the property can be taken from you, and you could potentially end up in jail.

      • But the entire topic of “price gouging” is subjective, and charges are based upon opinion. If you find yourself in dire need of an item that normally costs $10, and I have a supply, would you balk if I offered it to you at $11, or would you buy it without thinking twice because it doesn’t affect your wallet?

        What if that item were $100, and I raised it to $200? If you’re wealthy, you probably will pay without hesitation and won’t care. But if you don’t have $200, you’ll scream “gouging!” and complain to someone in authority in an attempt to have me strong-armed to reduce the price to something you approve.

        The topic is about ethics. But the actual point of where it’s considered “gouging” is entirely subjective, and I have a real aversion to people being cited for violation of a buyer’s opinion.

        • All true, but there are some existing laws that define this. I’m not saying it’s 100% right or wrong. Break the law at your peril.

  19. In my state the Governor didn’t issue a stay at home order. Although business were allowed to stay open as long as they maintained social distancing guidelines. Most industries remained open. Some have now closed temporarily because of cases of Chinese Virus in their workforce. Some of the bigger chain businesses closed due to being forced to close in other states. My county has 5 cases and no deaths. State has 1700+ cases and 43 deaths. For the most part We are doing okay. Fortunately for my household We were prepared. Not because We are Preppers but, because We live the lifestyle of being prepared for hard times. I don’t agree with many governments ordering things to be shut down. Unfortunately it is necessary in many places because people are to STUPID to follow simple guidelines. Such is a society that has long ago Ceded it’s Liberty for Security and Comfort. Be Safe Out There Maintain OP SEC and as always Keep Your Powder Dry.

  20. Outside of Michigan and a few isolated cities that is the is how we are proceeding in the most of the country. If you notice the NYC subway is pretty crowded.

    People think Japan and South Korea are open for business. Well, they are wrong. Japan was open business and they have real problems now. South Korea has Draconian enforcement policies for those who violate social distancing and quarentine restrictions.

    • “South Korea has Draconian enforcement policies for those who violate social distancing and quarentine restrictions.”

      Have you noticed how the media has lauded them for that? Does anyone find that a bit disturbing? It’s probably just because they’re having some success, and the media always wants to make Trump look bad.

      • Stand in an NYC ER if you want disturbing. South Korea did an incredible job. They were flattening their curve within 10 days

        • Yes they did but their actions have been misrepresented as they did business as usual. Far from it.

        • I don’t mind anyone making an argument for what works. Everything is a balancing act. It’s very important to point out the pros and cons of everything. I’m referring to the one-sided argument, that “we should be doing this, and there is no down side.” I’m no fan of the Patriot Act, or anything like it. I’m not personally willing to give up privacy and freedom. I wouldn’t want to live in NYC either. If you think everyone in the country should give up their freedom and privacy in order to save a small percentage of elderly people with underlying conditions, mostly in large urban areas, then you should try and articulate that argument.

        • #Dude, you have just made an argument for an NHS approach to healthcare. Bring on the death panels!

          I have a better idea though. Abolish Medicare and allow people who are working past 65 to keep insurance. If you are retired then you can pay in cash but not have insurance. Once you reach the age of 75 no more access to the healthcare system working or not. Oh. And maybe we should stop treating most cancer patients. Half aren’t going to make it 5 years anyway. Sure save a lot of money.

        • tdiinva,

          That isn’t what I’m saying at all. What I’m saying is that there is a finite amount of care and resources to go around, and that there are pros and cons to everything. Knowing this, we pick and choose our battles so to speak. We concentrate resources where we think they are most needed. At the same time, we acknowledge that everyone in a free society isn’t required to give up their freedom and privacy to save a few.

          Our country has been ravaged by drug addiction and overdoses. Where was the outcry? We didn’t hear much from the federal government until just the past couple of years. Where were the draconian measures to stop it? Sure, MAYBE you don’t use drugs, but we need to monitor EVERYONE so that no one dies from a fentanyl overdose. See how this works?

      • That is exactly what you are saying and just said it again. “Concentrating resources” is what socialized medicine does. You accepted the basic premise of single payer. Why should we expend any resource on the 80+ demographic since any cause of death other an accident or homicide is a natural cause. Probably true for most people older than 75.

        • I did not, at any point, advocate for letting old, sick people die without help. There are finite resources. It’s a fact of life. It doesn’t only apply to socialized medicine.

        • Hmm…

          Sounds like you’re advocating for the startup of something akin to Logan’s Run. Once the populace accepts the premise, the Death Date simply resides on a sliding scale that can be moved downward based upon the opinion of the younger majority. Doesn’t have to be 21 (as in the original book) or 30 (as in the 1976 movie adaptation). I once read the comments on a forum discussing this very topic, and the majority of posters were in agreement that such an age would be best set at 50. Scary.

    • Hmm… That’s not what I am seeing in the streets of Japan. Not as many people, lots of masks, a few businesses closed willfully. People are walking their dogs, hanging out in the park, a lot of stores are doing business… Schools are still closed though.

      Korea uses a phone application for those who tested positive for the virus and are asked to stay home for two weeks. If those people choose to leave their homes, the application will alert people where that person is so they could avoid them if they want. This is an alternative to forced quarantining people who test positive for the virus. This stops a fascist police state from hunting down people with the virus like they are doing in the United States.

      If you want to find an Asian country that is behaving like the Americans look to a Muslim one or one with a king.

  21. Sure start a revolt for no good reason. Lead it. Take a boo-lit for us old guy’s. I’ll join in when they try to confiscate my gats. I’m over 65 and have a few health problems. Not out partying or making $…

  22. I am an endocrinologist and long-time hunter and shooter. My EDC is a SigP365.

    This is NOT “just the flu”. Stay home. I am now treating “recovered” patients who make 1/10 their normal Testosterone. Surprised this is not being covered in the media, but seriously- do not get this virus. Either it came from a disgusting Chinese wet market, escaped a Chinese lab, or something worse. There are mass graves in NYC.

    Yes – people who tested positive and had minimal symptoms are coming to me because they can’t get it up.

    If people start to conflate libertarianism with a public safety risk, goodbye guns.

    And if you do wear an N95, please wear it correctly.

    • Public health is what economists call a public good. The sole responsibility of government is to provide public goods. The preamble of the Constitution clearly states that. It applies no less to State and local government. Faux Libertarians don’t recognize the existence of public goods which is why they seek the abolition of all levels of government.

      It’s more than not getting it up. If you make it to the ICU there is good chance that you will end up with some level of permanent lung or heart damage. You will move into the “pre-existing condition” category for future flu seasons.

    • “escaped a Chinese lab”

      The entire world needs to come down on China immediately. This should be investigated ASAP. No doubt the Chinese government has already covered their tracks. There is reporting that the bat that carries this virus was NOT available at those markets. However, the virus WAS being studied at nearby labs.

      • Whatever the origin of this error thing-

        1. Stay home. Please do not get this. I treated a “recovered COVID-19 patient” last week. 45 yo male. Otherwise healthy. Test was 60 ng/dL.

        2. Masks work. N95s work. Wear them correctly. I’m glad our diversity-hire Surgeon General changed course.

        3. We have a pandemic and now a economic depression. It’s time to stop immigration.

        4. Rethink AIWB. Treated a patient 5 years ago who ND’ed into his testicle. Claims his stock G26 just went off in the holster by itself. Unless I’m carrying in a Safariland ALS holster, I carry my striker fired pistols condition 3. Call me a FUDD.

        • “Otherwise healthy. Test was 60 ng/dL.”

          This is the first I’ve heard about this. This is something else we need more data on: What happens to you when you recover from this?

          “Masks work. N95s work. Wear them correctly. I’m glad our diversity-hire Surgeon General changed course.”

          You sound very different from our other doc commenting here.

        • @GLOCKDOC,

          Yes, I’ve been reading medical reports of permanent organ and/or systemic damage exhibited in “recovered” patients. So far, I’ve read that this alleged damage is more likely to occur in individuals whose bodies incur more serious reactions to COVID-19, and not the 80% majority who get only flu-like symptoms, develop a natural immunity, and fully recover. But it’s sobering nonetheless.

      • Guess who funded that bio weapons lab… The United States. Guess who planned the response the so called West is taking? The U…

        China is the fall guy. They are the test dummies. All the modern totalitarian methods are tested there first before they are implemented in the West. Don’t forget the Asians didn’t invent communism.

    • Yes, there have been reports saying the virus damages the testicles and the lungs. So far more males are testing positive.

      This new SARS is not like the other viruses, but we have not determined if it was a naturally occurring or man altered virus from a lab. The governments around the world rather you not know that a United States funded China bio weapons lab released a virus into the wild as Event 201 was rehearsing such an event weeks prior. Sure, the CDC of China and United States was there planning a money/power grab, but that was all just make-believe.

  23. Bill Bennet, former Sec of Ed, noted, “After 9/11, America said, “Let’s roll”. After Covid-19, America said, “Let’s roll up into a ball.”

    Bring on the internal passports, virus-free-for-a-day certificates of permission to travel outside the home. Prove to the world we are card-carrying frankfurters. !!

    • What are you some kind of sovereign citizen? Didn’t you know you don’t have a human right to travel? You didn’t know you don’t have a right to use the sidewalks and roads?

      When the government orders you into house arrest you must comply or die. Learn your place. It’s the new normal. Just because you don’t have an ankle bracelet (with a GPS unit for tracking) doesn’t mean you can do what you want and not get put in a cage like every other animal.

      So what about “papers, please”? You didn’t get your essential workers permit slip from your employer? How about you become an essential member of this society? We don’t need useless eaters. Learn to make me some food and deliver it to my door. Otherwise you are not useful in Trump’s economy.

      • “What are you some kind of sovereign citizen? Didn’t you know you don’t have a human right to travel? You didn’t know you don’t have a right to use the sidewalks and roads?”


        No, really. I didn’t know being government permitted was some sort of political issue. I just thought that the opportunity to get a cool government travel permit would be a way to get a better picture on an ID document. The pic on my driver’s license is just terrible. How can getting a government permit be a bad thing (unless I have to pay for it)? Guess I’ll just stay home and watch “Bronco”.

  24. The problem with defying lockdown orders is that the G will sic the Crushers on you, which is government’s only answer to everything. Sooner or later, the cops will kill someone that they shouldn’t, because they have a bad habit of doing exactly that.

    Meanwhile, the sheep will defame, despise and injure or kill people who don’t conform to their panicked demands, because they have a bad habit of doing exactly that. Then what?

    The whole damn country stinks of fear.

  25. My dad was on a ventilator for 18 hours. He probably has permanent lung damage.

    Please stay home. It’s bizarre that the prepper community is rejecting a time to actually bug out and stay away from the rest of the world.

    • This virus is a gift from God to the right.

      -forced homeschooling
      -Gay pride parades shut down
      -preppers vindicated
      -nobody cares about preferred pronouns
      -no case for open borders with 50m out of work
      -Au and Ag are unobtanium
      -Hollywood shut down
      -border finally closed
      -people have to be with their families

      • You call yourself a boog? Bitch please. I want gay people to defend their marijuana with guns. People like you are not boojahideen. You are a phony. A wannabe. You are so far right you basically are the left.

    • I agree with your statement 100%. I have no desire to be out around the infected. Y’all go out and party all you want. I’m going to stay bugged out and say I Told You So… again. Just like I’m laughing at the liberals now who said “it’ll never happen.”

      • A secret for the Americans: you can’t defeat a virus like it’s an actual person. The virus is here to stay. You will be exposed to it someday. Your body has to defeat the virus itself, the government can’t help you with that.

      • I don’t mind being bugged out. I do mind be told what to do and the economy being damaged nationwide unnecessarily. I do not trust the state, federal or local government to make the right call.

      • Okay, boomer.

        As you hide in your safe space the older you get, thereby increasing your risk to the virus in the future. The sooner you create antibodies the better for your ability to survive longer.

        Don’t be the typical American by saying it’s one or the other. Just because I said it’s unrealistic to hide from a virus doesn’t mean you should go lick the mouth of an infected person. Stop being dramatic.

        There is no external cure for viruses. Your body must create the defense against the virus on its own. The idea of vaccines is to expose you to a weak/modified version of the virus so your body can more easily fight it off, but it doesn’t work out well for older people and young people can fight off the virus on their own.

  26. Pincus is a few weeks late to the party. I’ve been doing the same thing now I was doing before except I cant get a draft beer or a haircut. The shame of all this is that its bankrupting small businesses and low wage workers. 0.05 % of my state has tested positive over the last 6 weeks. 60,000 people have tested negative who probably should not have been tested in the first place since you are supposed to have symptoms. No way they had symptoms. 60,000 hypochondriacs and nervous nellies. Of course lord cheeto said if you want a test you get a test. I’m still waiting on those 4 million tests they said they were shipping 6 weeks ago. So is the rest of the country. What about tests for the other 324 million people in this country? I salute any state that has not closed down and I will salute the first state to re-open without the presidents permission.

  27. Remember 🖕🇨🇳, boycott everything made in 🖕🇨🇳!

  28. I remember hearing Rob a little while ago about complying with the law and doing what the government orders of the tax payers. Now he has seen the results of such a mentality. Maybe…

    Unfortunately, modern Americans are more cowardly than the Europeans and they’re nothing like the Asians. Taiwan, Singapore, Korea and Japan all appear to be way less strict than the U.S. yet have better control of the virus.

    Japan can’t legally take away people’s rights to travel and be outside. It’s in their constitution. They can only recommend and beg their people to respect the opinions of their government. There is no police state to lord over them and shoot/taser them when they don’t comply. People follow the instruction because they want to. Those that choose to continue about their lives respect the health of others by wearing a proper mask and being vigilant about cleanliness because that is the moral way to be towards your fellow humans.

    Cleanliness is next to godliness.

    It’s not hard to be free and do the right thing, but in the minds of Americans that is not possible because it’s one or the other. There is nothing in between (just like an American’s cranium).

    • “Japan can’t legally take away people’s rights to travel and be outside. It’s in their constitution.”

      Well, ours can’t either, technically speaking. Or even actually speaking — if people didn’t want it to be taken.

      That’s the real problem. 99% of this country could be going about our business freely, while taking reasonable precautions, but somebody in an expensive suit stood in front of a camera and told us to just go home and go out of business.

      People in this country don’t know what freedom or servitude or hardship look like anymore. We may be about to get a lesson in the latter two.

  29. Responsible rebellion. LOL!

    The 2nd exists to protect domestic terrorism. At least that’s how the government see’s it and will portray it. That’s why they are scared.

    The only responsible thing to do is zero tolerance non compliance. Stop registering, stop asking for permission to carry self defense. Start training and organizing. Plenty of groups that focus on this kind of stuff. Find one.

    History is not boring, but maybe you are.

  30. If you’re not sick there’s no reason to stay home. If you haven’t been exposed there’s no reason for you to stay home. This is just an attempt by The Establishment Democrats to take over the means of production in the United States.


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