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From the CCRKBA . . .

Wednesday’s announcement by the Biden Justice Department that it has “reached a $144 million agreement in principle” to settle civil lawsuits stemming from the 2017 mass shooting at a Texas church is one more black mark in Joe Biden’s long record of failed gun control policies, the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms said today.

The killer, Devin Patrick Kelley, pleaded guilty to domestic violence and was subsequently dismissed from the U.S. Air Force in 2014 with a bad conduct discharge. Yet, in April 2016, he bought the rifle used in the shooting at the First Baptist Church of Sutherland Springs, Texas after lying on the federal background check Form 4473 about his conviction while in the Air Force in 2012.

An investigation revealed the Air Force failed to notify the National Instant Check System of Kelley’s guilty plea, which would have disqualified him from buying or owning firearms.

“All of this occurred during the Obama-Biden administration, ironically when Biden was in charge of a task force which was supposed to provide proposals to reform gun laws,” noted CCRKBA Chairman Alan Gottlieb. “It was Biden’s responsibility as Barack Obama’s ‘gun czar’ to prevent this sort of thing. Now, more than ten years later, we’re learning that Joe Biden couldn’t even do that job right, and the taxpayers will ultimately be paying $144 million for this.

Biden Obama
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“Although the crime occurred after Obama and Biden left office,” he continued, “they have to own this tragedy because the Kelley case, the Air Force foul-up and the subsequent gun purchases all happened on their watch.

“Americans are suffering from Biden’s incompetence as president,” Gottlieb stated, “and gun owners have become whipping boys because the Texas killer was repeatedly able to slip through the system like the president slips up repeatedly during speeches, and even while climbing the steps to Air Force One.

“The blood in Texas is on the hands of Joe Biden and Barack Obama, just as sure as the settlement will be at the expense of the taxpayers,” Gottlieb added. “Now we’re supposed to admonish Congress for not moving ahead on Biden’s gun prohibition agenda. We’re tired of paying the price for his failures, and we should not be expected to sacrifice our rights just so he can claim some make-believe victory against crime.”

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  1. NICS is Kabuki theater, just like TSA airport security. It accomplishes nothing, but makes people feel good. Whenever something bad happens, government sets up another useless and expensive agency that accomplishes nothing, just to make women voters feel better.

    The better solution is just to not let women vote.

    • johnny…Who else do you have a problem with? Blacks, Jews, disabled people, old people, kids, Real Men? Not to worry you can always rely on Rosie Palm being there for you.

    • @Johnny LeBlanc NICS is not a real solution, but it helps. NICS can be bypassed in many states by people who have CCW/LTC licenses. Many states don’t have a “waiting period” to take the weapon they purchased. I feel waiting periods are determent to people who need protection like victims of domestic abuse, for them tomorrow may be too late. And most of those victims are women who physically can not defend themselves against a larger more powerful male aggressor. The firearm is the great equalizer.

  2. More Far Right bullshit and propaganda

    Although the demented Far Right are laughing and dancing in the blood of the victims reality and sanity simply shows that our current gun laws are woefully inadequate and need to be vastly strengthened. If the weapon used had been on the NFA list that has vastly more draconian background checks the nut case would never have been able to purchase the murder weapon of mass destruction.

    The NFA background checks are lengthy and thorough and can last for up to a year before permission is granted to purchase a weapon. It is in some ways they more draconian than many foreign gun laws but in other ways less invasive into one’s personal history.

    Japan who has the best and most professional gun laws that require the following to purchase a rifle or shotgun (handguns are totally outlawed for obvious reasons)

    1. There are 3 police interviews of the prospective gun buyer

    2. There is a background check to see if he buyer has any criminal history and it is not done overnight either but allows the pollice plenty of time to dig deep into a buyers personal history.

    3. The police conduct interviews with the buyers neighbors as to his behavior towards them.

    4. The police conduct interviews with the buyers co-workers in regards to his behavior at work.

    5. The buyer is required to take a mental test to determine his mental stability.

    6. The buyer’s mental health records are reviewed in depth.

    7. The buyer is required to pass a test of the current gun laws.

    8. The buyer is required to pass a test in regards to safe gun handling and storage.

    9. The buyer is required to keep all weapons locked in an approved safe and its location in the home is to be provided to police.

    10. The buyer is required to submit to surprise inspections of his weapons in regards to their safe storage.

    11. You must join a hunting or shooting club

    12. You must store your ammunition in an approved locker

    13. The buyer is required to take a drug test.

    The proof is in the pudding. Last year Japan had 1 firearms homicide while the lawless ,, uncivilized lunatic asylum of the U.S. has on average 42,000 gun deaths a year. It is a horrific statistic even the paranoid luntatics of the Far Right cannot lie their way out of.

    • But, but, but….they don”t have “….shall not be infringed.”

      Those little Slopes just aren’t trying hard enough. Probably too busy taking selfies.

      “The consensus is that no more than five to ten people in a hundred who die by gunfire in
      Los Angeles are any loss to society. These people fight small wars amongst themselves. It would seem a valid social service to keep them well-supplied with ammunition.” – the late CO Jeff Cooper. This applies to every other major chit leading the street death statistics. Suicides, a significant portion of the annual deaths by gun, will occur by other means were guns not in the equation.

      “Killing is a matter of will, not means. You cannot control the intent by passing laws about the means.” – Col Cooper.

    • If those “weapons of war” are good enough to protect the likes of Licker’n’Sniffer-in-Chief Slo Joey and Cori “Guns2ProtectMeNotThee – GradeABeefOnTheHoof” Bush, then they are good enough to protect myself, my family and loved ones….and our America.

  3. The Air Force failed to send the feds thousands of cases. Obama and biden hold some responsibility in this but not all.

    • Considering the jurisdiction over the Air Force falls under the Executive branch of the Federal government i.e. the Department of Defense. Any and all failures to follow establish rules, regulations and laws are directly attributable to the Commander in Chief. Remember President Biden has been quoted as saying the Buck stops with him.

  4. I believe a bad conduct discharge isn’t sufficient to put a serviceman on the prohibited persons list. It takes a dishonorable discharge. However, the crimes committed by Devin Kelley while in the air force should have been prosecuted as felonies that would have resulted in time in a military prison followed by a dishonorable discharge. The air force wanted to get rid of him and was willing to make whatever deal necessary to make him someone else’s problem. The Kelley scandal should have destroyed the careers of senior officers in the air force’s JAG corps but I’m not hopeful.

  5. Now, if we could only get rid of the idiotic ideas of “sovereign immunity” and “qualified immunity” (which is not, in fact qualified in any meaningful way), and make the INDIVIDUALS who commit these acts responsible for their f***tardery, maybe we can reduce the number of such incidents.

  6. Joe Bidens failures, LMAO, theres not enough hours in a day to list Joe Bidens failures.
    To list his success would only take a couple minutes but days to try and think of any.
    “How To Turn America Into The Laughing Stock Of The World”:
    By Joseph Robinett Biden


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