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Meopta began in 1933 as a Czechoslovakian-based company that, since 1960, manufactures its products in the US as well. Producing everything from precision medical and scientific instrumentation to military weapon systems, and even digital cinematic projectors, Meopta’s diversification is impressive. Of interest to me are their optical products for shooting and hunting, including riflescopes, binoculars, and spotting scopes.

The ‘RD’ in the Meopta MeoSport R 3-15×50 RD SFP name indicates its illuminated red dot on its simple 4C reticle and ‘SFP’ is, of course second focal plane.

The affordably priced MeoSport scope has a 30mm aluminum tube with an overall length of approximately 13¼ inches, with a maximum eye relief of around four inches. It’s nitrogen purged and has hydrophobic lens coating for clear, water-shedding performance in virtually any weather conditions.

The MeoSport R was a perfect pairing for the Mauser M18 rifle I’m reviewing.

I knew I’d use this combination on targets from 100 to about 400 yards, from both the bench and one of my shooting rests used for hunting (in this case the 4StableSticks Ultimate Carbon, standing shooting position model), which is why I wanted a scope with larger magnification range.

The MeoSports 5X range was just what I needed. I have older eyes and find it much easier to see distant targets with riflescopes at full 15x magnification.

The 5X zoom power ring has a low profile and is easily adjustable, even while wearing gloves.

The MeoSport R 3-15×50 RD SFP has a 50mm objective. That means more light gathering ability and a brighter image, again helping my aging eyes, especially when, on the morning of my range work, the fog had moved in. That’s also important when hunting either right after dawn or just before dusk.

The data presented below demonstrate the effectiveness of that brightness and magnification for accurate shooting under less-than-ideal conditions.

The zero-set turrets are lockable. That can be important when stomping through heavy brush, preventing accidental changes. The MeoSport dials give you windage and elevation adjustments in .1 Mil increments.

The combination illumination brightness and parallax adjustment dial

The battery for the illuminated 4c reticle lies under the parallax and lighting adjustment turret.

The MeoSport uses a standard 2032 battery for its illuminated reticle.

Adjustments are crisp and tactile, a nice feature in a scope at this price point.

The range work took two forms; an accuracy test and a box test. The accuracy results was as much a function of the Mauser rifle is used, but simply put, the accuracy, from both the bench and field rest was excellent. This reflects well on the rifle and indicates how reproducible the shots were through the affordably-priced Meopta scope.

The distances fired were from 100 to 300 yards off the Ultimate Carbon and 100 to 400 yards from the bench. These are distances 95+% of hunters will be shooting at game in North America.

As an aside, I sometimes take shots off the 4StableSticks rest at 400+ yards when hunting. However, I was running low on the Hornady, American Whitetail ammunition, and limited the fieldrest to 300 yards. In fact, the smallest group by far came from two shots made off the Ultimate Carbon at the 200-yard target.

The box test determines the reproducibility (or lack thereof) of the mechanics of the MeoSport windage and elevation adjustments. Each shot was taken from a bench rest and with the crosshairs of the riflescope centered on the lower left bullseye (indicated by the black circle). With the turrets unlocked, and except for shot number ‘4’, I adjusted windage or elevation with the goal of making the best ‘box’ possible. Shot 4 reflects a second attempt because I felt I jerked shot ‘3’ high. Apparently, I was correct.

Though the box is not as square as I would have liked, the success of placing shots ‘1’ and ‘6’touching one another indicates how well the riflescope is calibrated. On other words, it returned to a near-perfect original setting. Again, in a $499 (MSRP) hunting scope, that’s a very good thing.

The MeoSport R 3-15×50 RD SFP riflescope produces bright, clear and performs at all the distances most hunters will need. Zooming revealed the SFP characteristics I prefer with the crosshairs remaining the same size across magnifications.

The scope’s price doesn’t shock the user into worrying about accidental, rough treatment when out hunting. Overall, it’s a great riflescope for mounting on a rifle that is going to see lots of use, especially in situations where its weight won’t be a burden to those of us past our physical prime.

Specifications: Meopta MeoSport R 3-15×50 RD SFP

Tube size: 30mm
Field of view: 37.5-7.5 feet at 100 yards
Eye relief: 3.94 inches
Focal plane: 2nd
Length (OAL): 13.29 inches
Weight: 23.1 ounces
Reticle: 4C illuminated
Illumination: Red dot
MSRP: $499.99

Rating (out of five stars):

Overall * * * * *
This an excellent choice in a hunting riflescope. With 50mm objective and a sub-$500 price tag, it’s even better. The sharpness at all magnifications, and in the less-than-ideal conditions in my testing, performance was was outstanding. I really appreciate its light weight for lugging up and down challenging terrain through the rough country I often encounter. Its price/performance ration is darn near ideal.


Mike Arnold writes for several outlets; you can find links to other articles here.

Mike Arnold is also a Professor of Genetics at the University of Georgia and author of the 2022 book, BRINGING BACK THE LIONS: International Hunters, Local Tribespeople, and the Miraculous Rescue of a Doomed Ecosystem in Mozambique. Mike’s book is available for purchase at, Amazon and local bookstores.

[All photos courtesy of Mike Arnold.]

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  1. Why does TTAF have a problem with asking for/disclosing the Country of Origin of items reviewed? Those from Chicomland/PLA (determined to destroy the US) being a NOGO for many Americans.

    Any weapons/outdoors products made there are going to be coming from PLA factories. Buying such is declaring your support for our destruction.

  2. Oh I’ve got a 50mm objective bell on one of my scopes, I dont much care for it except for the fact the mounts and rings have to be so tall it makes a handle.
    The closer you can get that scope to the barrel the more accuracy you can achieve with that gunm.
    One thing is nice about it though besides being a handle. Is I can shute shit after dark easier with it.
    Glow in the dark recticles are nice, but thems on a different scope.
    I’ve found though that for dragging it’s best just to leave the scopes off. Single shots drag about the best. The hammer fired are the easiest to drag but more dangerous then a bolt action. Ahhh haaaa that’s why they invented butter knife handle bolts on riffles, the drag ability.
    I’ve gotta take the torch and hammer to the bolt handle, a one of a kind Savage Steven’s.

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