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In biology, “mimicry” is “the similarity of one species to another which protects one or both.” Wikipedia also reminds us that “Mimicry is in most cases advantageous to the mimic and harmful to the receiver, but may increase, reduce or have no effect on the fitness of the model depending on the situation.” When it come to the fight for gun rights, gun grabbers who pretend to be Second Amendment supporters hurt actual Second Amendment supporters by opening the door to civilian disarmament. To wit: Dog The Bounty Hunter. Nicki Gostin’s canned Q&A session with Duane Chapman at reveals the “reality star” as a gun rights mimic. To wit . . .

Dog: . . . I’m a gun advocate and I believe everyone can have one to protect themselves, but guns are rampant, it’s like a disease being spread though out the U.S.

FOX411: So how can you be pro-gun?

Dog: I’m not against the gun. I’m against the bullet, the lead bullet, because I’ve used non-lethal weapons for 30 years. I have had to shoot many fugitives and never killed anyone. You have the right to bear arms, which means you can protect yourself, but you don’t have the right to kill people for no reason. The lead, the bullet itself, is ridiculous.

We have made weapons that can drop an elephant in one second. I’m showing cops, homeowners, good people, you don’t have to kill anyone to get them down so you can control them. You can use a non lethal bullet, a rubber bullet and drop anybody. They’re going down, call 911, tell them if they move you’ll shoot them again, so that’s what I’m against.

FOX411: So you’re against automatic weapons that fire off dozens of bullets in a minute?

Dog: Absolutely. I’m for protecting your house. There’s a difference between protecting and sniping. Even hunters can’t use automatic weapons to kill game.

Populists. You can’t live with ’em. You can’t listen to them. They’ll do whatever it takes to appeal to as many people as possible while offending as few as possible. But we, The People of the Gun, are deeply offended, Dog.

Advising all people to counter every violent attack with less (not non) lethal ammo could lead to their grievous bodily harm and death. What’s more, the “no one needs a lead bullet” meme gives aid and comfort to the enemies of Americans’ natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms. Of which you are one.

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  1. Was he ever taken seriously? Besides by the low information morons? *EDIT* I take that back..Wrong guy. I have not seen this guys show.
    But his comments, well..moron.

    • “T” is for TRASPARENCY, kiddies. You just gotcha some of that.. I approve.

      AAAWWWHOOO! The Dog is in my doghouse. For SHAME!

  2. Considering the stories we hear about bounty hunters and even cops going after the wrong person, it’s no surprise that this guy doesn’t want armed citizens. Perhaps he should spend time with the decent among us before he decides what we should be allowed to have.

  3. I want what they got. BGs have lead bullets, I want lead bullets. BGs have APCs and the state’s blessing, I want an APC and the state’s blessing.

  4. Isn’t it a felony that keeps him from possessing and using firearms rather than his “choice” of less lethal?

  5. His stance is understandable, but not for the reasons he gave. The more citizens that are dropping bad guys with lead, the fewer bad guys there are for him to track down when they skip bail.

    • Laugh. But really the guy can just move to Philly. There’s a surplus of bail-jumpers that will not soon be depleted.

  6. 1. Dog is the hunter, not the hunted.
    2. Dog travels in a pack with other equally tact out dogs.
    3. Dog is built. If I looked like Dog, all I’d need is a stick.
    4. I can’t think of many SD situations where I’d get payed for keeping the BG alive.

  7. Why you dissin so hard on bullets, Dog? Bullets don’t kill people. It’s massive tissue and arterial disruption that results in oxygen starvation of the muscles and brain–that’s what kills people. And a knife, Dog, can do that too. Come to think of it, so can a rope. Or a plastic bag.

  8. The only reason I can think of for posting about Chapman is to highlight that the Fox411 person let Chapman’s opinions about guns (and, laugh, fully-auto guns) get on the air. Proscribed from gun ownership after being convicted on a charge of felony murder (served 5 years), married four times with twelve kids, the fact that the guy has an audience is astounding. The fact that he was interviewed on the subject is just another MSM fail.

  9. Not knowing what “automatic” weapons are is your dead giveaway. That is if the glory mullet wasn’t enough.

  10. Beginning with his first appearance, Dog the Bounty Hunter = big crock of shit. Popularity? Tom Bodett said it best: “Addle-brained people hold a special place in our hearts.”

  11. “You have the right to bear arms, which means you can protect yourself, but you don’t have the right to kill people for no reason.”

    What does RKBA have to do with killing people? Last I checked, we have laws against murder. That “killing people for no reason” garbage is standard gun-grabber fallaciousness. Can anyone show me where gun rights advocates are protecting the right to kill for no reason? Does the 2nd Amendment say anything about wanton killing? No? Ok, so f!ck of, Dawg.

  12. This guy’s against guns because he’s gonna bust into the wrong house one day with his taser or ruber bullet gun and have his head taken off buy a homeowner with an 870.

    Just sayin’

  13. I bet he was for guns before he was against them. Seriously, did you expect him to actually say some thing intelligent?

  14. I’m wondering if Pvssy the Bail Bondsman was manhandled one time too many when he was a guest at the Graybar Hotel. That would certainly explain the long, flowing hair, no?

  15. Can we please have Michael Vick pay this “DOG” a visit?

    *I know… sorry. I love canines not assclowns.*

  16. What a KlowN <(:+}
    A regular asshat.
    As others have said.
    Whos cares what he says or does???
    Let alone thinks.
    A waste of time.

  17. He’s a felon. He can’t own a gun legally and therefore doesn’t want anyone else to own one…….. It’s envy! I use to work with some losers who’d served hard time. One guy was a car thief, another a former gang member. One of the guys actually attacked his girlfriend with a baseball bat. But when the subject of gun control arose they were suddenly Mother Theresa….”Guns kill”, they’d babble. “Why would you carry a gun?”, they’d yammer….. etc. It was clearly envy. They had lost their right to be trusted by society with a legal gun and didn’t want anyone else to have the right either. This “Dawg” is worse than a liberal gun-grabber because he hides behind a facade of being pro-2A. What a disgusting man.

  18. Dog can say this because he is normally the hunter. He gets to choose when, where, and how the confrontations happen. He also has a crew to assist him. If he were the hunted, all alone and possibly facing his own death, im sure he would want something more effective than a pepperball gun.

  19. Please send Dog to my house to use the tactics he employs in his show… with his “non-lethal” weapons, or not.

    Pretty please.

    With sugar on top?

    C’mon. I’ll even provide written directions, too.

    Ditto for the rest of his crew.


  21. “I’ve used non-lethal weapons for 30 years.”

    Ya, because he was convicted of murder in the late 70s because he acted as a getaway driver in the gang killing of a drug dealer. This is all coming from a felon who isn’t even allowed to own guns.

  22. Dog the bounty hunter is a convicted felon, that is why that fat retarded trailer trash family carries tactical pepper spray in leg holsters.

    • That’s why he is now a millionaire to, sounds real retarded to me.

      And it’s not a felony that prevents him from owning a gun, felons can own and possess firearms if they get their felony expunged, it’s the fact that his felony was from a 1st degree murder charge. It would take the governor or president to give him his rights back.

  23. Dog is a man who has put himself in very dangerous situations many many times over the years without firearms, he has a right to say his piece and I support his 1st amendment right. But most of us do not have the balls, or the backup and money Dog has so IMO a firearms is thee best self-defense weapon for anyone. Even Steven Seagal who can kick Dog’s and all of our arses at once believes in the right to firearms for self-defense. I think Dog is just a unique individual who has a good heart and is a brave SOB but he is not realistic to today’s dangers even though he faces them on a near daily basis. In truth Dog has just be lucky he hasn’t been shot and killed, I don’t play the luck game.

  24. I, like most Americans, do not care what Dog the Bounty Hunter thinks. I suspect his dislike of firearms is rooted in jealousy because he knows he can never legally own one, as well as it would make his life easier if he knew that the people he intends to assault are not more heavily armed than him and his gang.

  25. Everyone that says “automatic” when talking about proposed gun legislation deserves a giant kick to the nards. I get so sick of trying to explain to people the difference between semi-auto and auto, and that even a bolt action rifle can be fired fast enough to make most anti-gun types drop a deuce in their drawers.

  26. I don’t know whats dumber, the fact this guy says he supports owning guns but not bullets, or the fact that later in the interview he claims his legendary trailer-park biker meth-head aesthetics are carefully contrived to instantly strike fear in the hearts of evil-doers. Of course, this is coming from a guy who thinks “Dog” is a really cool name for a human being.

    And “Dog,” if you’re reading this, thanks for pissing on the Constitution I gave four years of my life and permanently destroyed my body to uphold. Too bad the guys who went beyond that and died for it don’t get to let you know what a stupid asshole you are.


  27. Dog the Publicity Hunter is a convicted felon. From Wiki:

    “Murder conviction
    In 1976, Chapman and another gang member were buying cannabis in Texas, and Chapman was waiting in the car while the other gang member shot and killed the drug dealer. Chapman was convicted of first degree murder[19] and sentenced to five years in prison. He served eighteen months at Texas State Penitentiary in Huntsville, TX. While Duane was in prison, Duane’s wife LaFonda divorced him and married his best friend. Duane did field work and served as the warden’s barber. A prison guard inspired him to become a bounty hunter during an incident where Chapman tackled an inmate about to be shot for attempting to escape.[20] Because of this felony conviction, Chapman is not allowed to own a firearm.”

  28. Bounty Hunters in AZ won’t have anything to do with him. Most of the video is a set-up so the AZ Bounty Hunters declined to participate. What a sham.


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