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CA State Senator Tom Berryhill courtesy

The California senate has approved a bill that requires background checks and a $50 fee to purchase ammo. Senator Tom Berryhill objected:  “SB 53 will do nothing to stop criminals from purchasing ammunition… These restrictions – like most of the gun legislation we are seeing here today – won’t do a thing to stop crime. They will only hurt the law abiding citizens like hunters and sportsmen who, for the record, contribute millions to the state’s economy.” But none of that matters in The People’s Republic of California as they continue to jockey for position with New York to be the state that  tramples the Second Amendment into oblivion first. And speaking of New York . . .

Leopold McLean, one of Mayor Michael “My Guards Have a Gun and You Don’t” Bloomberg’s bodyguards, has been jailed for seven years for shooting his girlfriend’s ex-boyfriend back in 2010. McLean was convicted of attempted murder just two months short of being eligible to collect his pension from the Big Apple Army NYPD. Maybe Mayor McHubris should start his gun grabbing with his own staff before he thinks about taking everyone else’s.

Meanwhile at the White House, they’re bragging on a report released today that “Although a minority of the Senate voted down common-sense legislation to reduce gun violence, President Obama is continuing to make progress…the Administration has completed or made significant progress on 21 of 23 executive actions.” It goes on (and on) like this, but you get the idea. What’s interesting is that they waited to release it until the Prez was in Northern Ireland (and then on to Africa). They had to have something for the press to divert the sound-bite-loving public from the real issues and various scandals while he wasn’t around to defend himself. If you have the stomach to read the entire report, you can download it here. reports that crime in Clackamas County, Oregon has gotten so bad that residents are taking actions to protect themselves instead of waiting for the authorities to respond. Coy Tolonen, who lives in an unincorporated area of the county stated “We’re starting a new group…We don’t feel neighborhood watch is sufficient, and we don’t feel the Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office is sufficient.” They’re posting fliers that read “This is a Glock block. We don’t call 911.” Of course, the authorities “have cautioned against vigilantism.”

In Danby, Vermont, Aaron Allen entered the home of Michael White and stabbed “a 22-year-old female multiple times in the chest and back.” White shot Allen with a “high-powered rifle.” The female victim, Allen’s ex-girlfriend who has a child with him and a restraining order against him, is in the hospital; Allen is in the morgue. And White? “Police say they are unsure if and what charges Michael White Jr. Will face. They are in contact with the state’s attorney.”  WTF? He saved the woman’s (and possibly her child’s) life. If anything he should get a medal.

Some school officials are finally coming to their senses about their zero-tolerance gun policies. A Suffolk, Virginia, school board voted unanimously to change their policy after a brouhaha for suspending two seven-year-old boys for pretending their pencils were guns and making “gun noises.” ABC 10News reports “Under the revised policy, school administrators can look at factors such as intentions of harm and whether the object is listed as a weapon to determine the punishment. Ordinary objects will not be considered weapons.” Hopefully this rare display of common sense will catch hold and spread to other school districts.

What is it with Florida gun owners? First there was Cobra .380-caliber semiautomatic pistol found on a ride at Disney World. Now a nine-year-old boy finds a loaded Glock 26 9mm in a restroom at a movie theater in Ybor City, Florida. Someone left it on top of the toilet paper dispenser in one of the stalls. Fortunately the boy knew what to do and told his father instead of picking it up and playing with it. His father, a former Marine, secured the weapon and called the police, who are now looking for the gun’s owner. So if you know someone in the Tampa area who is looking for his Glock, you can let them know the Tampa PD is holding it for them.

And finally, this from the NEMO Arms Facebook page (H/T to MikeK):

Courtesy NEMO Arms

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  1. I’m not upset that Obama is going to Africa, but I’ll be disappointed if he comes back.

  2. The “funny” thing about California is that this is not the worst bill that will pass there this year.

    • It does not matter. Criminals are exempt. This is just to hurt the good guys. That ammo fee will got to the schools, you know…. For the children.

    • Unclear, however, if the fee covers the cost of the background check, or whether that will be extra. No word on how the Legislature expects the DOJ to set up a system for issuing permits for ammo and tracking every single ammo purchase in the state, or pay for it for that matter. I guess the idea is we get to keep our guns but we can’t shoot them.

  3. We, Californians, truly need some court cases to break our way and soon. Oh well, I suppose life would be boring if I didn’t have some asshole constantly trying to mess with my rights.

      • That’s right. I can uproot 3 generations of my family and become refugees in my own country. That’s a real solution to the problem.

        • Or u can stay there and eventually be stripped of your rights. The courts are not going to save you, and the majority of voters in your state will never change course. My 2 cents.

        • You have to get involved in the politics. I previous post here on TTAG it discussed how the 53 district in CT just turned Red. It was not Red for 20+ years. The grass roots gun org in CT pounded the pavement and worked the phone banks to get a gun guy elected. Unless you do the same, nothing will change.

        • After 21 years in LA, I escaped to AZ and things are great. You might be right about the CA creeping in though.

      • Giving up and running, guaranteeing he can’t vote anymore in California, is probably what gun-grabbing politicians want.

  4. This just in… In Danby Vermont you are not allowed to defend yourself or your girlfriend in your own home, and I thought the California ammo thing sucked.

    • I found this part interesting as well: “Allen was a New York State correctional officer and worked for a prison in Comstock beginning in 2007. Prison officials say he resigned in May of this year.” And the NY legislature wants to exempt these guys from the SAFE Act?

  5. California politicians are so gay… OOPS… the GBLT community, who hijacked the term when it meant “messed up” which in turn was a hijack from meaning “happy” will have fits if I don’t change that… So… California politicians are so messed up. (Let’s go with that one.)

    That VT story is messed up too. The guy killed, in his home, an unauthorized intruder who was actively using deadly force in an attempt to commit murder against someone authorized to be in his home and under his protection. Maybe she was his new GF, that may have also made him a target for this now deceased killer.

    It doesn’t surprise me that the MSM would try to change the subject on America’s minds (at least of those who woke up for a moment, and those who were already paying attention) while Hussein was not in a position to do it himself. He’s still gotta calm down all the foreign governments as he tries to convince them they were not being spied upon.

    • “California politicians are so messed up.” That goes without saying, seeing as how CA still has a BS “assault weapons” ban going on, and there was a measure that passed to get rid of the bullet-button loophole that was one of the only ways to get an AR or the like.

  6. I am beyond disgusted. You warned us, RF, but I clicked the link regarding the executive stance/future hopes of action/orders (maybe? I’m no lawyer.). The rhetoric- I’m just speachless. As a vet, as someone who has given up SO MUCH, it makes me sick. As a black man, I cannot begin to describe how saddened I am by the fact that out first black president has turned out to be… Well, Obama. I literally felt sick to my stomach when I let it all sink in. SICK. God help us… Maybe it is time for our decline & downfall, as China takes the reigns as THE world superpower. Far too many Americans want something for nothing, and for that reason alone, we are doomed (I hope not, but am a realist). Really wish that I could be proud of the direction the nation is headed. I wish that what I did made a damned bit of difference… Wish so many men haven’t died for nothing. Thank God Iraq is a free and safe democratic nation now. NSA, think about what you are doing, as you are surely reading this message in one way or another. I’m literally sick to my stomach writing this. Can’t muster any more.

    • Mitch,

      Thank you for your service and please do not give up hope. It is because of people like you that we can still fight this nonsense.

    • Don’t worry, most people in America are still good guys, and I think they will start to wake up after these scandals. Just think about your friends, family, and neighbors, there are still people like them all across the country. Those are the real americans, not some senator in an air conditioned room, we out-number them and we’re starting to wake up. They won’t get America without a fight.

  7. The Democratic Republic of Kalifornia,or the Socialist Republic of Kalifornia,whichever comes close.They are trying to impress the leftist socialist president with enacting the gun control measures that he wants,and of course Jerry Brown,proven to be a leftist socialist last time he was governor.I will never go to Kalifornia,for a visit,don’t want to be in the crap or give them any of my money,and I will probably boycott any business there also,will not order or buy anything from anyone there,cause if they keep putting idiots in office that screws over them they deserve it,”you can’t fix stupid”.Be prepared and ready.Keep your powder dry.

  8. I’m thinking seriously of opening a gun store just inside the Arizona side of the AZ/CA border. Specializing in ammo sales to Cali residents… and a free map of all the cross-border roads/trails/jeep tracks with every purchase.

    • So when are you moving to Needles? And would you consider someplace near Reno, Nevada instead?

  9. I regards to the last story, “How to handle that awkward restroom stall”. If your state requires a mandatory class for a CCW… THAT is something that needs to be included in the day’s curriculum. I had to figure it out for myself.

  10. A buddy of mine found a loaded Ruger LCP in its carry bag in the road at a major intersection last week, here in an east coast Florida town. Turned it in at the local sheriff…

    Film at 11.

    • My wife found a full Sherriff’s Deputy gun belt, with gun, in a ladies room in the city jail and courthouse. She had a friend who was the wife of a duputy take it to their office and lock it up. A major “Oh, shit!” moment for the female LT, but no consequences.

  11. I looked at the link above, and the last paragraph jumped out at me:

    “Before learning that the gun belonged to a law enforcement officer, Tampa police spokeswoman Laura McElroy said they were looking at the possibility of criminal charges, such as reckless endangerment or culpable negligence. On Tuesday afternoon, police said they would turn the weapon over to the sheriff’s office for it to handle the incident administratively.”

    So it was only negligence if the gun was left by non-police?!?!

    • Don’t question their authority, serf. Just accept that all police are demi-gods, and that politicians are the only other deities you may worship in the land of the (formerly) “Free”.

      I weep for our country

    • This illustrates the double standard that exists between law enforcement and other civilians. It applies to traffic rules, weapons handling, use of force, domestic violence and almost any other situation that would get any of us regular “civilians” in deep trouble.
      I get how their job is dangerous. I get how discretion may need to be applied from time to time in enforcing insignificant technicalities. This is not an insignificant technicality. If it is subject to what could be a felony if done by a CWL holder, then it should be treated as such by the Police. It should be investigated in an unbiased manner by the Tampa Police Department, whose jurisdiction it occurred in, and the Hillsborough County Sheriff, who employs the irresponsible detective, should step aside and let it be investigated. In this case, it really is for the children, as there were several kids in that restroom at the time.

      • Let’s see, ARMED check, BODY ARMOR check, ON CALL BACKUP check, IMMUNITY check.
        What exactly is so Dangerous about being a cop in 99% of the country? There are many jobs that are a great deal more dangerous, taxi driver, pizza delivery, convenience store clerk almost any job requiring exposure to the general public handling any amount of cash money.
        The biggest danger to most cops is their own driving or other cops.

  12. Once California’s economy is buried and the social services break down then we might see that the average Californian will understand the need for protection… or they will move East forgetting the lessons they saw unfold before their own eyes.

  13. If you look at California’s government they have money problems. I honestly believe that this permit to buy ammo is a nothing more than a ploy to get more money, however they will probably exempt the film industry. The Californian government most likely doesn’t care that this permit wont reduce or prevent crime. They would much rather suck their citizens dry than tax the movie studios.
    Bloomberg, why is this guy still in office? His ridiculous legislations go past just guns, how can the government honestly get away with regulating the size of a drink? Of course look at all the scandals the federal government is getting away with, so why shouldn’t state government abuse their power too, they are getting away with it. I can say without a doubt in my mind that if the current president had a lighter complexion, he would have been impeached already.
    Kinda skip the middle of the story, it’s a great thing that schools are finding that the zero tolerance rules caused more heartache than they’re worth.
    As far as somebody leaving a pistol in a bathroom that is more common than people think. A holster with a loaded firearm in it is heavy and will twist your pants when sitting so lots of people unholster their firearm to cop a squat. The easiest way to avoid leaving the firearm behind is, instead of setting it on the toilet paper dispenser. Set it inside your trousers between your ankles while sitting, it creates a perfect little shelf and it’s hard to forget it’s there when you pull your pants back up.

  14. TO: All
    RE: California Imposes More Rigid Regulations on It’s Citizens….

    …..Single mothers, the poor and minorities to suffer the most.

    Face it. Democrats/Liberals/Progressives HATE ‘little people’.


    [The Truth will out…..Democrats/Liberals/Progressives are EVIL!]

  15. Also in that article about the gun left in the bathroom
    the gun was “disarmed” those evil guns 🙂 i just unload mine 🙂

  16. Vermont is one of the good states, so they’ll most likely give the good guy a medal for saving her life. Now if he lived in RI or MA he’d be doing life for killing the poor bad guy.

  17. Louisiana State Senator Elbert Guillory (R) [He LEFT the Democratic Party and became Republican when he had the epiphany expressed in the following quote!] made an enlightening comment that possibly describes Progressive Socialist Liberal Democrats best:
    “The Left is interested in only one thing…control…and they disguise it as Charity.”

    As a California Gun Owner, I see a load of woe headed our way, with little we can do to stop most of it from destroying our Rights. There are more gun prohibition laws in the works than ever before, per California Rifle & Pistol Association and NRA. A significant number of these laws will get passed and signed by Governor Moonbeam, The fact is if even one-half of them get signed into law, we will eclipse NY as the most gun rights restrictive State, which will up the ante to other Second Amendment hating States.

    • While California (my home state) and other states continue to enact restrictions punishing responsible, law-abiding gun owners, I receive yet another email from the NRA imploring me to take a survey so as to rebut Obama, Bloomberg, Feinstein, et al. And, oh by the way, SEND A DONATION! Despite what the NRA would have you believe, the fight isn’t at the Federal level but in the various States that are empowered by a Democratic legislative majority bent on deconstructing the Second Amendment while it’s a hot button issue. So I will not renew my $35 annual NRA membership because it will now be used to partially pay for my $50 annual ammo permit. I will shoot at public ranges rather than gun clubs that require NRA membership as a requisite for utilization of their facilities. Wondering how many others in similar circumstances will do the same?

      • Yep. Right now I am supporting CRPA more than NRA with my few extra dollars. I may also drop my NRA membership to pay for the Ammunition Purchase ID. In fact, that sounds like a good idea. I have used Public Ranges for awhile now and eschewed the NRA Mandatory places. Just didn’t feel right. Public places do bring in the less Safety Conscious types though, so you have to be hyper-aware of what’s going on around you and not think too much about “Just how did THAT person get that gun?”

      • Not a whole lot different than the NAGR in that aspect. Urge you to get involved, sign their petition, sign up for their contests, etc. Followed up with a thanks and an oh, by the way… we would like your contribution and/or your membership.

      • If you need to focus your giving at the state level then do what you feel is best in your emergency out there in Cali. At my end I will stand united with national level organizations such as NRA, NAGR, and SAF. I get requests for funding all the time every day from all of them because it takes big money to fight the big money on the other side. I even get funding requests from USCCA all the time and I’m not even a member.

        I suppose it’s easier being anti-gun because nobody is really asking for donations on that side, plenty of rich folks have it covered You don’t have to contribute anything to be anti-gun… except, your gun.

  18. “The Left is interested in only one thing…control…and they disguise it as Charity.”
    Louisiana State Senator Elbert Guillory (R) Note: he left the Democratic Party and became a Republican when he had the epiphany expressed above. This best describes the Socialist Progressive Democrats running the Country and stripping our Rights today.

  19. Congratulations, California! You just created a lucrative black market for ammunition and ammunition smuggling. Nice one!

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