1. this song may be called GUN BUSTIN' FLUSHING, and the irony of that is in what the song represents to us out here in Flushing aka Flu-shang aka Flushtown….u see, this song consist's of 12 mc's total…in order Nutso, Grand Larce, Aleon, Large Pro, Shogunna, Jiggz, Eyezlow, Pop-off Balla, Mic Geronimo and on the hook Big Ran, Modoe Man & GUARDIAN LEEP . Not only are most of the 12 MC's from different neighborhoods in Flushing, they're also from different ethnic backgrounds . Keep in mind that Flushing, Queens is one of the most multicultural towns in the world . With nothing more than territory and ethnicity seperating us from one another GUN BUSTIN' FLUSHING celebrates the end of that seperation and proves that we are stronger together than divided . The video is done with artistic taste along with fun positive energy . Make of GUN BUSTIN' FLUSHING what u will………u just can't deny how hott it is! This is a great project with a great cause done with alot of patience and hard work . If you can appreciate this project and what we've done won't you show that gratitude by purchasing GUN BUSTIN' FLUSHING for 99cents on i-tunes, napster or amazon . Each sale means so much more than just a dollar to us, all support is appreciated! THANK YOU!


  2. Def feelin the video, shit is fiya. Cant front, its not what i expected…..dont really hear about flushing mc's besides mic geronimo from back in the day…plus a part of me is from flushing so i gotta represent for these dudes tryna do something big….i moved from flushing a while ago (137-20 auburn baby) but flushing still run through my veins

  3. Flushing runs through your veins? I'd see a doctor about that. Doctor . . . Detroit! Sorry, WAY before your time.

  4. @ MR FARAGO….Detroit? Name one MC thats even making noise Right Now!!! Oh yeah, you can only name one…Sorry…

    @GL….thats whats up, prolly know eachother n shit…


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