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Gun amnesties are, of course, a farce. No criminal is his right mind—and what gun-wielding criminal is?—would walk up to a cop and turn in a perfectly good gun. Unless, of course, there was big money in it. Which, of course, there isn’t. ‘Cause an amnesty isn’t a buy-back program. Which is an even more ridiculous idea. A “successful” buy-back program (i.e. one that pays almost as much as the street for a gun) creates a black market for stolen guns, increasing the number of guns on the street. Bottom line: gun amnesties and buy-backs are dumb and dumberer. But well-meaning, intellectually-challenged non-gun owners love ’em. So the media loves ’em. So pols love ’em. But the media most of all. “Better Turnout Than Expected For Gun Amnesty Day,” proclaims. Oh FFS . . .

Piles of guns, shotguns, handguns, even air assault rifles were handed over to police for Gun Amnesty Day. “Yes I’m surprised. We’ve got more than what I anticipated,” said Omaha Police Sergeant Eric Nordby.

Saturday, anyone can hand over a gun, no questions asked. It’s something Omaha police say they’ve never done before. Now, it’s another way to fight the war against crime. “This has the potential to stop multiple crimes from this point forward,” said Nordby.

In four hours, police collected a total of 30 guns and boxes full of ammunition all given to police by area residents. “OPD is not going to investigate who that individual is but secondly they’re not going to be prosecuted for any crime associated with bringing these guns here today. So it’s truly a freebie,” said Nordby.

What free guns? Look at those things. No thanks.

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  1. I think you're too hard on them.

    In fact, just to show solidarity with Omaha, anyone that wants to get rid of their scary guns and ammunition can feel free to drop them off at the house, and I'll take them off their hands, no questions asked. Really.


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