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A new breed of prosecutors has been elected in urban centers all over the country in the last four or five years, virtually all of them heavily supported by billionaire George Soros. They have politicized their offices and the criminal justice system, picking and choosing — based on “social justice” considerations — which laws they want to uphold and which to let slide.

The latest of these prosecutors to make headlines (other than St. Louis’s Kim Gardner getting tossed off of the McCloskey case) is new Los Angeles D.A., George Gascón. After being sworn in, he promptly announced that he’ll ask for no bail for most offenders and listed a raft of crimes he’ll no longer bother to prosecute at all.

These prosecutors, combined with the defund-the-police movement and activist city councils, mean the crime surge that most American cities have seen since the start of the pandemic and that accelerated with the George Floyd protests, isn’t going to get better any time soon. And some people wonder why many gun stores are still selling out as soon as each new shipment arrives.

Former New York mayor Ed Koch, on the occasion of his defeat in the 1989 Democratic primary by the late David Dinkins, was asked if he would again seek public office. “No,” he said. “The people have spoken . . . and they must be punished.”

Well and properly punished they were, as things turned out. During Dinkins’s single term as mayor, crime and disorder in New York City reached their horrifying zenith. In 1990, 2,245 people were murdered in the city, one factor among many that earned Dinkins the reputation as the most feckless man ever to occupy City Hall. (Only recently has a challenger emerged.)

Now stepping up to be similarly punished are the voters of Los Angeles County, who in their wisdom have installed George Gascón as district attorney. Gascón is the latest of the so-called social justice prosecutors to win election in some of America’s major cities, following in the path of Kim Foxx in Chicago, Larry Krasner in Philadelphia, and Chesa Boudin in San Francisco. …

The cumulative effect of these policies will be threefold: fewer criminals will be sent to jail or prison; those who are imprisoned will serve shorter sentences; and many already convicted and behind bars will be released years before they might have been. Even some inmates now serving life without parole for murder will be allowed to petition for resentencing and even release under Gascón’s new guidelines.

— Jack Dunphy in Social ‘Justice’ Comes to Los Angeles

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  1. Career criminals should have their careers ended by their intended victims. Thus removing prosecutors from the process.

    • Except that these prosecutors WILL still be involved in the process . . . they’ll be going after the crime victim who had the temerity to defend themselves, especially if the deceased criminal falls into a PC demographic. Kim Gardener is the template here.

      • Crime & What it is…You have marching drama queens going ballistic over a few cops who seem to have been in a competition to see which one is more stupid than the other. Racism in the matters is more in the heads of the marching drama queens than in the motives of the cops who astonished America with their stupidity. I.E…Cop with his knee on the neck of a man for waaaaay too long and a crowd yelling at the cop to stop after the man tapped out a dozen times spells stupid cop. Most everyone sees that.

        Nonetheless and what is the 8th Wonder of The World are these marching drama queens going bananas over a few cops when the political party which they are members of owns the legacy of slavery, segregation, Jim Crow, lynching, the KKK, Eugenics, Gun Control and other race based atrocities. And where’s the marching history illiterate drama queen outrage and demands for their very own democRat Party to make Monetary Reparations? NOWHERE…Simply because the marching drama queens are still on the plantation not picking cotton but harvesting votes for their democRat Party slave masters. As Mr. T would say…I pity the fools.

  2. No way in hell Biden or Harris are going to deter criminal activity. And states and cities run by the left are out of control. People learn and they have learned what they can get away with. Now it’s a matter of escalation and response testing.

    • “Now it’s a matter of escalation and response testing.”

      As in the exact same thing kids do with their parents. They quickly figure out what they can get away with.

    • “No way in hell Biden or Harris are going to deter criminal activity.”

      Yeah, this one is going to be interesting to watch :

      “”Reformed” Criminal Hired To Curb Violence In DC Charged With Murder”

      “In a curious twist, a “reformed” criminal hired by the District of Columbia’s chief legal officer to help curb violence has been arrested and charged with murder.”


      • To be fair, these programs have worked in the past. Most gang murders are committed by a few people, and the police generally know who they are, even if they can’t prove it to make an arrest. The goal is to stop youths from turning into the killers. Parolees (usually after a couple decades in prison) are hired kind of as social worker/parole officer/father figure to mentor at-risk youth (gang involvement, violent misdemeanors, etc) to get their lives together. Their “don’t ruin your life, like I did” message resonates better than an outsider who hasn’t lived a similar life telling them what to do. The problem is that the mentors need to be reformed and committed to having left “The Life.”

        • “To be fair, these programs have worked in the past.”

          I have zero problems with the concept…

  3. i was unawares and can’t verify; when i changed the mousetrap bait at ma’s (wrap sewing thread into the nutbutter, snaggletooth) she was goin’ on about trunk carrying out a large number of death sentences recently.
    some folks, as they say.

  4. “Crime surge” will get soooo much worse with the belief that the China connection is gonna be in the White House!

  5. Crime is now an act of virtue signaling excused and lauded by politicians, billionaires and academia. Crime being bad is no longer a truth and you’re several flavors of -ist and -phobic if you think so.
    There is no way the trend will reverse without a very painful sociological reset.

  6. The Commiecrats intend to weaponize the criminal justice system to further their agenda against the American people.

    • Winner Winner Chicken Dinner.

      you hit the nail on the head that time.

      You are correct Sir.

      • That’s the ultimate plan. Things will get so bad that the proles will beg for the communist police state.

    • Some would argue that the weaponization of the criminal justice system occurred long ago.

      And they would not lack at least a few valid points when advancing that argument.

  7. You get what you put up with. This is true of raising puppies, bringing up children, and of societies in general.

  8. It’s not just about virus B.S., the left has been embolden by leftist in positions of authority like governors, mayors, city council, sheriffs, and police chiefs. The Obama crime syndicate now has a new figurehead in the form of Wizard of Oz smoke and mirrors pedophile hide’n Biden and the ones pulling the levers from behind the curtain, Obama, Soros, and the puppet head Ho Harris. Wish America luck, because we are going to need it. Wouldn’t be surprised if our enemies like China makes a military move at her neighbors or even American bases in Asia knowing they have the support of Biden.

    • “The Obama crime syndicate“

      I thought it was the Clinton crime family?

      But Trump said it was Ted Cruz‘s father who assassinated JFK, how does he fit in?

      So if Q&Anon is JFK, Junior, how does he feel about Ted Cruz these days?

      I just cannot keep these conspiracy theories straight, it’s like they’re internally inconsistent or something…

    • Ha Ha! You funny! CCP not stupid! No need provoke American military. We’re taking over from the inside without rocket being fired!

  9. I live in Cook CO. ILL…it ain’t getting better. SEE: ILL leads the nation in gats sold-that we know of!

  10. First, what makes anyone think there will be an “after Covid”? Second, the simple fact that the ‘VAX’ is being rationed out by priority means that millions of people will not want to wait their turn for the needle, and there will be others who will be happy to accommodate them for a price. And they won’t care about refrigeration. That means the VAX is a huge money making target of opportunity for various sorts of bad guys – including the ones who wear white collars.

  11. Left-wing prosecutors and the left-wing in general can enjoy being in charge of dying and dead cities. Detroit is a dead City. And Minneapolis is dying. Seattle is dying. Portland is dying.

    People with money are leaving these cities by the thousands.

    • These cities were built because there were jobs nearby. The reason these cities are dying is because there are no jobs for the masses. We exported our manufacturing base and have very few jobs to replace it. We can’t all open dog walking and washing services or sell each other life insurance.

      • Most of those were never strongholds of manufacturing, other than Detroit. West coast cities are dying because tech companies and other large tax bases are leaving. Increased taxes and increased “social justice” (i.e. homelessness, $#!+ on the streets, free drugs, riots and other generally “peaceful protesting”, etc) have made business flee.

  12. You vote for the government you want. And if you don’t go out of your way to learn about the candidates first. Before you vote. Then you get the government you deserve.

    It’s always been about personal individual responsibility for the voter.

      • “And then they hunt them down and put them in jail or re education camps.”

        Oh, hell no.

        They will be far more valuable as ‘brown shirts’ for Leftist scum…

    • In Marxian dialecticism criminals are considered “ideologically close” while the proles are considered “ideologically apart”. In the Soviet gulag system criminals were the top ranking and even used as enforcers. The bottom rank were the “politicals”.

  13. These prosecutors will turn the words “crime”, “evil” and “wrong” on their heads and use them against peaceable citizens. Thus furthering the agenda of chaos and disheartening and disenfranchisement of the people who make the country run.

    This agenda is traitorous as far as I am concerned.

  14. The “crime surge” has little if nothing to do with covid, it has to do with societal breakdown and the lefts continual call for and tolerance of violence…

  15. The policies that are being enacted by these people are more and more insane. They are going to eventually cause a system of extrajudicial actions to happen and it will not be good. I like having laws, prosecutions etc. happen. The truth is some people need to go to jail.

    Also, wait till they see the “food deserts” this causes. In Chicago Crimesha said she won’t prosecute shoplifting at all basically. Would you put ANY sort of a store in a neighborhood you’d know you’d wind up picked blind in? Forget that.

    • The logic of the left. Looting is redistributing necessities. Expensive sneakers and TVs are not that essential.

      And businesses will either close or relocate when facing loss from theft. Insurance will only cover so much before the premiums increase and pre-cover costs rise.

    • There is a very simple fix to prevent shoplifting.
      I’ve seen it in Central American countries. The clerk is behind bulletproof glass and all the stock is locked in a store room. Out in the aisles, there are only empty containers. When you shop you place the empty containers in your cart and bring them to the clerk behind the bullet proof glass.
      He scans these items and the people in the store room give them to you after you have paid the clerk. If you shoplift in a store like that you will only get empty containers.
      The storeroom has steel doors and barred windows and it’s protected by guards with a shotguns.

  16. The hilarious part of this is that given a few years the problem is self-correcting.

    It’s not a correction many will like. But the problem does contain the seeds of its own solution.

    • “It’s not a correction many will like. But the problem does contain the seeds of its own solution.”

      My brain is fuzzier than normal today.

      A clarification please?

      • If the government isn’t going to bother trying to do the right thing why would anyone listen to the government any longer? About anything? It’s not like it’s hard to find countries where this has happened in the last 25 years. If we’ve been paying attention we know where that road goes. Very few “law enforcement” and those that remain are both corrupt and not long for this world.

        Then your question becomes “What is the life expectancy for a prosecutor in such circumstances?” and the answer, amusingly enough, came from Zack de la Rocha; “How long? Not long.” If the criminals don’t get them the “criminals” will.

        These people work to tear down the system that, ironically, protects them. Which is exactly why BLM had a presser yesterday bitching that the cops they’ve gotten defunded don’t do enough to protect… BLM! LULZ!

        • Fully agree, Strych9. Tie this comment back to the “Are You Suffering From Post-Constitutional Syndrome?” op ed that just posted. If even the courts aren’t upholding the constitution, what’s left? A population of disillusioned citizens that no longer have faith in the systems and institutions that are in place because they’re being subverted, etc.. So, everyone does what they want or has to do and damn the law.

  17. In Seattle they’re afraid the crime wave might subside, so they’re considering jump starting it by making ‘I’m poor’ a legal defense for being accused of property crimes. I guess it’s a form of self-help reparations. You’ve got more than me, so the City is allowing encouraging me to take what you earned.

  18. Who elected these prosecutors? If it was naive people, they will change their minds after becoming victims. (A conservative is a liberal who has been mugged.) If it was criminals plus their friends, families and accomplices, we’re in for a long, rough ride.

  19. Did You Think the Crime Surge Would End After Covid?

    I thought it might end while hoping I was wrong. Seattle, Portland, Chicago, NYC, all the rest of the Soros sh!th0les need to burn to the ground, and the dirt sown with salt.

  20. This is all terrible, terrible policy. You can talk about alternatives to policing as much as you want but that’s not what’s happening here. Anyone honest about that would place those alternatives into effect first. No, this is just depolicing.

    Which, from a certain point of view, should be an interesting experiment anyway. I have a feeling that while certain aspects of gun control will still be touted (“universal background checks” and the like) we will see a continued increase in homes buying guns as violent crime soars in cities. The more people making that decision, the less powerful anti-2nd groups will be. It’s not a full win, because they’re still going to be in favor of laws they don’t think will effect them (“I want my revolver but I don’t care about those assault clip guns!”) but it’ll starve some of the oxygen from gun control.

    In the meantime, don’t live in blue cities. Even more so.

  21. No riots, no looting, no arson where I am. Heard about it, seen it in the news. Apparently a localized thing, with 99% or more of the country not involved in any way, only seeing it on TV.

    Around here local cops even shut down a mall and some surrounding businesses on account of anti-social media chatter claiming a mall looting and burning was being planned by agitators. Turned out to be a hoax.

    But hey, our police and fire and EMS got paid over time rates for being staged and deployed.

    So somebody benefitted from it, I guess.

  22. Want to see vigilante justice rears its ugly head? This is how you do it.

    Then again, the pretty obvious strategy here is to drive up the level of violence on all levels and scales so the populace will grow weary and “beg” for draconian gun laws. Of course, the Progressive mindset always gets that wrong, but that doesn’t stop them from trying.

  23. These 🖕💩👜🦨🐀s have emptied the jails! And want and have defunded the police! With over 32,000,000 nics checks so far this year with over 5,000,000 new gun owners and very limited and ridiculous priced ammo self protection is the best shot! Hahahahahahaha hahahahahahaha

  24. My town has the lowest crime rate in Massachusetts. It does not have riots, murders, arson, or street crime. Guess what else it doesn’t have.

  25. Nope. The fools that believe that defunding the police will help with heal the nation.
    You can’t cake and pie at the same time. The stark realization has started.

  26. MOst entries her ar not as a result of any kind of logical thinking just the minor ravings of people who have never had anoriginal thought in their entire lives and what thoughts they do have are ruled by some kind of conspiracy theory. Words like ‘Commiecrats’ belong strictly in the school playground. Strange ain’t it just that over here in the UK it’s those on the LEFT that use this kind of schoolboyish language when they describe their political opponents. The one thing they DO have in common though is that both are thoughourly nasty and malicious people. The voters in the UK have utterly rejected them. But then again we in the UK are exceedingly mistrustful of ANY political extremism from whatver direction and have been since the FAR RIGHT WING King Charles lost his head to the FAR LEFT WING Oliver Cromwell who proved to be even worse than Charlie Number One had to be executed and we had to recall Charlie Number Two. Back. Talk about the ‘Biter being Bit’.

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