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 Image courtesy Vancouver, WA Police Dept.

What would you do if you saw a man at a gas station wearing a motorcycle helmet and jacket, attacking a motorist with this forester’s axe? Assuming that you had the cojones (and the appropriate hardware on your hip) to intervene and order him to stop, what would you do if he charged you with the axe?

Hold that thought for a minute…and jump over to The Truth About Knives for the rest of the story.

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  1. How do people seriously think that this would be ok? swinging an axe at ANY random person as they try to intervene on your epicly stupid stunt, smfh.

  2. Had I been standing nearby and noticed a man with an axe attacking another person, my actions would depend on one simple question: do I know with absolute certainty that the “attacker” is really an attacker? After all the “victim” could actually be the attacker and the man with the axe could be defending himself. The fact that the man with axe has a visible weapon does not necessarily mean that he is the attacker. The other person could have a knife, handgun, or who knows what else and could have started the whole thing.

    If I was absolutely certain that the man with the axe was a criminal attacker, I would have shot him until he was no longer a threat.

    If I was standing nearby and the man with the axe charged me, I would shoot him until he was no longer a threat.

    The man with the axe in this story is lucky to be alive. He will be in prison for a while even though he was acting out a “prank” with a friend.

  3. If a prankster ran towards me with an axe after he saw that I had a pistol trained on him? I just hope he doesn’t expect any of us to write songs about his dumb ass after I’ve put him six feet under.

  4. People do some seriously dumb sh1t around the time of Halloween. Fortunately for these two numbnuts, they didn’t get popped and will be able to do some other seriously dumb sh1t around the time of some future Halloween.

    It wouldn’t have worked out that way if Officer Erick Gelhaus was around when they were swinging their toy hatchet.

  5. Not a glowing recommendation for eighteen year olds and making informed a mature decisions; especially in a state that has shall issue CC.
    If a man came charging at me with an ax; depending on if they are outside of 20 ft.+ or – , I would either issue a challenge or immediately start shooting until the threat is neutralized.

    • No, shoot to stop. That’s what you say at the deposition after you’ve been advised by your attorney.

  6. I would definitely draw and shoot. In my eyes, he is attacking random motorists, so I would most likely figure this guy is on a suicide-murder mission. I wouldn’t risk drawing, not firing, and giving a madman in this situation a chance to stop.

    Its not wise to do stupid stunts like that in this country, especially in public.

  7. Glad these idiots are getting a second chance to outgrow their stupidity. If he had charged at me with (something that looked like) an axe, he would have a couple bullet holes in him, probably fatal.

    If I were the judge sentencing them, I would go lenient on them. Although their actions were assaultive, their motives were just a stupid prank, underline on stupid. I think they have learned not to be so stupid again. Sending them to prison will not help at all.


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