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 Gun used by LAX shooter

“The 23-year-old man who allegedly killed a TSA official at Los Angeles International Airport yesterday was carrying a one-page ‘manifesto’ that included references to the ‘New World Order,’ the Federal Reserve and ‘fiat currency,’ according to a knowledgeable source with ranking law enforcement contacts.” That’s the 411 from the “Hatewatch Exclusive” from the Southern Poverty Law Center, an organization that has a particular fondness for focusing on far-right causes, and never misses an opportunity to bash gun clingers . . .

“Paul Anthony Ciancia, who allegedly wounded three other TSA workers before being shot and critically wounded himself, also expressed antagonism toward the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and its chief until she resigned in August, Janet Napolitano, the source said. Ciancia’s note called former Secretary Napolitano a ‘bull dyke’ and contained the phrase ‘FU Janet Napolitano,’ the source said.”

Right so the gun thing . . .

Ciancia’s language and references seemed to put him squarely in the conspiracy-minded world of the antigovernment “Patriot” movement . . .

So-called Patriots . . . see the DHS, which produces intelligence assessments of extremists that are distributed to other law enforcement agencies, as an enemy and even a collaborator in the New World Order conspiracy. Many believe DHS has targeted their movement and is somehow connected to the alleged construction of concentration camps by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). The purported camps are thought to be meant for those Americans who resist a coming national seizure of all weapons from U.S. citizens.

Sure, Ciancia believed all that because . . .. he believed some of it. Maybe. Still, brace yourself boys. The American gun owner as proto-domestic terrorist meme is coming to an MSNBC near you soon. If it’s not already there.

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    • Maybe a Bear Dyke…many terms/assumptions of her sexuality are obscure and relative theories have been proposed. In the end, she’s just a filthy pig in my opinion.

      • After her appointment she was profiled in a Lesbian Magazine
        Her former Assistant from AZ moved to DHS and was terminated for making determined sexual advances upon her underling female employees
        But NO; Napalitano aint no bull dike, ever

    • I don’t know and I don’t care. It’s none of my business who she sleeps with, so long as isn’t me. In fact, in my opinion, all any talk of her – or anyone’s – race, sexual orientation, weight, height, eye color or ice cream preference does, is detract from the real issue. Which is …

      What I care about in my public officials is how well they do their jobs.

      That’s all we’re paying them to do, the rest is their own business so long as it doesn’t get in the way.

    • I think we can all agree that she’s the biggest unmanned drone this country has produced.

  1. Oh yay… I’m back to being a domestic terrorist for owning guns… wait I’m already on that list for being a veteran, a member of the NRA, and a civil war re enactor.

      • I mean for awhile all gun owners were baby killing methed up rapist cop wanna bes with a God complex… now we’re back up the ladder to domestic terrorists maybe soon we’ll be people again.

    • Well at least you aren’t alone brother!!! I’m a combat vet, oathkeeper, tea party, etc and I am proud to say on Obamas Most Hated Americans List!!
      Oh and don’t tell anyone but…..I’m also an American Patriot!!!
      Oh and before I forget….I’m a member of the NRA!!! Holy Shit!!
      Hi Mr NSA Agent!! Can you hear me now??

  2. There were an awful lot of people that were damn sure that was a Mini-14 or similar. I find that sorta funny.

    • It was the angle of the photo. It didn’t look right. Now I see why, flip up sights. I guess some of us expect to see a carrying handle.

  3. Call me cynical, but something tells me even if this guy had drove
    up to LAX in a Hybrid Prius with a Sierra Club bumper sticker
    while wearing peace signs and a Che Guevara t-shirt, DHS, TSA,
    and the media would still be linking him to any and every
    conservative movement. I think I’ll wait a few weeks until DHS and
    the media quietly release which groups he was a part of before
    quickly burying the lede.

    • There was nothing “liberal” or “progressive” about Che Guevara. He wasn’t a revolutionary, he was a sociopath who killed people for being Black, gay, and more. I completely and utterly fail to see how he’s touted as a hero by those who view him as a symbol of freedom and resistance to oppression.

      • Because somewhere out there some girl liked his ideas and some boy wanted to get in her pants… It spread from there kinda like Neo Nazis and the Klan.

      • You know that and I know that (along with pretty much anyone who
        actually paid attention to the news growing up or didn’t sleep through
        history class). It does seem that a great many of the “Liberal”
        persuasion seem to idolize him. Which, to me anyway, confirms that
        liberals couldn’t care less about humanity and are only after power.

  4. Hey, isn’t that firearm and/or high capacity magazine illegal in California? How could this be? Didn’t the progressives tell Californians that their laws would keep these things out of the hands of bad guys, that the citizenry would be safe, that everything would be lollipops and unicorns.

    • The DNC sock puppets on the news (sic) blogs are already saying that “this proves we need national gun control laws”.

      • Of course, because all evil high capacity 30 round magazines will magically disappear from existence with a national ban! Of course metal mags can last many decades and polymer lasts, well forever?

  5. is the SPLC even relevant anymore? ive only heard of it once, and that was WAAAAY back.
    Even so, this isnt the tragedy the grabbers are looking for (unless they live in CA.) i still believe their momentum is about gone.

    • Yeah, I tend to agree that this incident doesn’t have “legs”. Happened on a Friday, so by Monday nobody will even care. The targeted victims were TSA employees – probably the only group less sympathetic would be racist pedophile used car salesmen with law degrees who work for the IRS… A lone nutjob with a low body count, it will hard to get people too worked up over this one.

    • The SPLC works with the ADL in “training” various LE groups in what a danger traditional Americans are. So, yeah they are still relevant.

  6. Well, they finally appear to have a nut with right wing tendencies, as opposed to all the left wing nuts. Been a long dry spell since Tim McVeigh.

  7. “The so called Southern Poverty Law Center see constitutionally conservative Americans, who berate and mock them openly amongst each other and on the internet, as an enemy and even a collaborator in the inner city street violence that plagues our nation. Many believe the NRA has targeted their movement and is somehow connected to the alleged bribery of elected officials to support the “gun lobby” and oppose “common sense” rights reforms. The purported goal is to eventually launch a second civil war, which will invariably involve the genocide of some conglomeration of jews, blacks, and lesbian slam poets.”

    Remember, guys, WE’RE the paranoid ones…

  8. Hey guys, remember when “patriot” was a positive word? One that evoked a sense of independence and freedom from tyrrany? And the willingness to fight for those things? That’s how I was taught growing up…

    These folks are trying to turn it into a dirty word. G.W.’s administration attempted to make it a synonym for nationalism, now it’s an “extremist” and “hate” word, according to these authoritarians at this “Law Center”.

      • Actually, you can thank the people who disliked the tea party, and wanted to turn “tea partier,” and patriot, and every other word associated with their movement into dirty words, for turning it into a pejorative. Just as the civilian disarmament movement turned assault rifle into a pejorative, when really it’s just the proper name for a specific tool, like hammer, or wrench.

        Hey, here’s a thought! You think maybe it’s the same people?

      • You can thank the DNC and its media lackeys for desperately smearing the Tea Party before and after the 2010 election for partisan political purposes. They even sicced the IRS on tea party groups after the 2010 wipeout election.

  9. “Many believe DHS has targeted their movement and is somehow connected to the alleged construction of concentration camps by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).”

    I like the word “alleged” in their statement.

    If these camps do not exist, then perhaps the Southern Poverty Law Center can explain why the United States Army is recruiting “Internment and Resettlement Specialists” to work in Internment and Resettlement Camps. Here is a link:

    Look, I don’t condone what the guy did in LAX Airport. Nevertheless, people in the United States have to wake up to what is happening around us. The very fact that so many people think that Internment and Resettlement Camps are “impossible” is exactly what makes them possible. Just look at the Southern Poverty Law Center … they dismiss such camps. And yet scores of people have actually seen them and the U.S. Army is recruiting people to work them.

      • And have all of you smart alecs read the U.S. Army’s umpteen hundred page FM 3-39.40 INTERNMENT AND RESETTLEMENT OPERATIONS document … the document that describes how the U.S. Army will operate such camps?

        The document details security of the camps, including where and how to install chain link fencing with barbed wire as well as considerations for armed guards and when they are authorized to use deadly force. You will also find the document indicates how to use guest’s social security numbers. But don’t take my word for it. Read the damn document. If you read it, you will understand that the U.S. Army clearly intends to operate such camps within the U.S. and that these camps will be used for prisoners, not victims of a flood or earthquake.

        And for you naysayers who reject the leaked document as bogus, you can find a previous version of the document which the American Civil Liberties Union obtained via a Freedom of Information Act request. The previous version that the ACLU obtained contains plenty of highly disturbing content which is in the most current non-official leaked version. Read both. I guarantee you will be shocked and dismayed.

        Again, the fact that everyone says such camps (holding massive numbers of prisoners in the U.S.) are impossible is what makes them possible. Our U.S. government interred hundreds of thousands of U.S. citizens (citizens of Japanese descent) in World War II … they can do it again if all of us do nothing.

        • Interring 100,000 japanese americans during ww2 is a far cry from Nationwide FEMA death camps. Ain’t a real or realistic threat. Something for cheesy hollywood doomsday movies.

          And don’t put a lot of stock in military training manuals. The military trains for events that never happen on a regular basis. Those of us that were around during the Duck and Cover days in school and served during the cold war can tell you that the big nuclear armageddon between us and the soviets never happened. Oh wait. Did it happen and the government just conspired to keep it a secret?

        • We STILL train for that JWM. Now onto that field manual, you do realize we have a manual for damn near everything and that internment camp thing is also used to refer to P.O.W. camps, but I’m sure you did your research and figured that out before going full retard saying the military wants to kill all civilians in internment camps. I’m also sure that you have at least read the oath of enlistment we all take and thus you know that first and foremost we serve the people of the US as well as support and defend the constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic and that if the preztard gives an unlawful order we are obliged to tell him to go forth and fornicate with himself and expire right uncommon sense?? If not I implore you and everyone else that calls all the military paid killers and maniacs to fucking read something about it then sack up and fucking join I’m sick of being called names because of my former profression and having my family members that died in WWII being insulted by your saying the the military wants to lock all civilians up and kill them because Obummer will tell us too.

        • jwm,

          I don’t know anyone who is claiming that the U.S. has plans to operate death camps or ovens. What I hear people claiming is that the U.S. has plans to operate internment camps for 100s of thousands to millions of political prisoners. And those plans are detailed in the leaked document titled FM 3-39.40 Internment and Resettlement Operations.

          The leaked document (FM 3-39.40) makes it all very clear. Is it possible that some crazy person with intricate knowledge of the U.S. military invested hundreds of hours to create FM 3-39.40 patterned on the previous version FM 3-19.40? Sure. Is it possible that our military actually created FM 3-39.40 to operate internment and resettlement camps for huge numbers of U.S. citizens/political prisoners? Sure. This possibility is much more believable given that the Department of Homeland Security has publicly stated that they suspect these groups to be possible domestic terrorists:
          – Libertarians
          – 2nd Amendment advocates
          – Survivalists
          – Christians who believe in the Bible
          – People who support the U.S. Constitution

          Do the research before you categorically dismiss the notion. For reference you can find the previous internment and resettlement operations document FM 3-19.40 here at the American Civil Liberties Union website. They obtained it via a Freedom Of Information Act request.

        • Seriously DHS has NOTHING to do with DOD also internment camps in army jargon also means P.O.W. camps more likely than not that is what the fm actually covers. You also make it obvious you have never read the actual FM or the oath of enlistment or served for that matter so please go back to the basement and wrap some more tinfoil.

        • Jay1987,

          I have read the documents. Have you? The documents explicitly discuss operations within the continental United States.

          As for oaths, law enforcement officers break their oath to support the U.S. Constitution every time they arrest a citizen — with no criminal record who was not involved in any criminal activity — for the “crime” of possessing a firearm. And you are convinced that members of the U.S. military are somehow going to act differently from U.S. law enforcement officers?

          Finally, please explain how law enforcement officers and/or military personnel were not in violation of their oaths when they interned 100s of thousands of U.S. citizens in camps in the continental United States during World War II.

          The U.S. government interned an entire class of U.S. citizens in the 1940s and no one stopped them. It can happen again.

        • Uncommon sense. Look at the list you say the dhs is preparing to intern. They’ll need to lock away at least half the nation. Does that make any real sense to you?

        • jwm,

          I agree that the pool of people that DHS called potential domestic terrorists is huge — on the order of half of the population and an impossibly large number of people to imprison as you stated.

          I am not claiming that Big Brother is going to operate death camps or imprison half of the U.S. population. What do I think is a plausible plan? Big Brother identifies the key “activists” and targets them. That could easily be several hundred thousand citizens — just like the internment of citizens of Japanese descent in World War II. Look throughout history: oppressive governments never attempt to imprison everyone. They unleash their fury on something like 1% or so of the population to intimidate everyone else into compliance. Given that 1% or so of the U.S. population means about 3.1 million people and our prisons are already overcrowded, “Internment and Resettlement” camps are the only option.

          See my comment at the very bottom of this entire discussion for a nice summary. Heck, just ponder the name of these camps for crying out loud. If they are nothing more than camps for enemy prisoners of war, why the name “Internment and Resettlement”? We sure as hell don’t resettle enemy prisoners of war. And if they are supposed to be emergency shelter camps for victims of a massive domestic flood or earthquake, why will the United States Army Military Police be operating them? Why will they have chain link fences and barbed wire? Let’s be totally honest. There should be no mention of operating such camps for domestic natural disasters at all, period. Such an emergency shelter camp would be a project for FEMA, not the U.S. Military.

        • I have seen that FM its the one we use for POW training. Like I said earlier (I do apologize for the double post) we have an FM for every possible situation it don’t mean we train for it or plan on that situation coming to be. We also have FMs for Biological attacks in the US and as for the WWII interment camps that was due to J.Edgar gettin paranoid about spies. Also there were Japanese Americans in the army as well.

    • I have been at several of the alleged concentration camp sights. I had a duty station in one of them. They don’t exist.

    • Maybe the Army is hiring Internment and Relocation Specialists for the people they interned and resettled in the sandbox. You been living on the moon, or listening to Alex “NWO” Jones again?

      BTW, one of the FEMA camps is right up the road from me. Currently the NSA is interned there.

    • This MOS is for working with internally displaced persons. Think of a humanitarian mission to some country with a large natural disaster. There will need to be a shelter and eventual resettlement of those displaced persons to their original home or a new location more suitable for them to live. It is not some conspiracy theory MOS.

    • Do you know who FEMA is? I do. I was activated into FEMA during the flooding in WV in the early 80’s. All state, county, city and federal workers can be activated into FEMA and comprise most of it’s manpower.

      The high school janitor(I was one of those myself) the sanitation workers, the clerks and paper shufflers at all those government jobs. Parks and recreation people. Anybody with a civil service job.

      Yep, those jackbooted thugs that sweep your streets are just aching for a chance to feed you into the ovens.

      We have no history of totalaterian government in this country. We prove that every time we go on line and we comment on sites like this. My wife works at the school district. Who’s she going to feed into the ovens. Our kids? Grandkids? The members of her church?

      If 1/10th of what alex jones spouted on his show were true he would already have a bullet in the back of his head.

      I asked one of our regular nutters to supply me with the address or coordinates of just one of those camps so that I could check it out myself. I’m still waiting. Why? They don’t exist.

      • We have no history of totalaterian government in this country.

        There’s some people on these pieces of ground in my area of the country called “reservations” who would dispute your assertion.

        • Only 2 ways to rectify that situation. All us non natives return to the country of our origin or pay reparations. Which do you prefer?

    • Uncommon: The Jesse Ventura show on FEMA “death camps” has been disproven. The only part on the show that turned out to be accurate was the part about government agencies spying on us. That part was added to keep the rest of it from smelling up the place.

      Try to keep up. If you are too far out in conspiracy theory-land for TTAG, then you are too far out.

  10. The emergence of a rightwing crazy was bound to happen. I am not surprised. Instead of going into a clinch over this we need be up front and say “yep, it was bound to happen we have a few and you have many.” If you look at all the crazies who have engaged in violence over the last decade this is the second one out of how many? And by the way, a good guy with a gun stopped a bad guy with a gun before he could kill many. This still a win for our side if we choose to write our meme instead of making excuses and letting our enemies write it for us.

    • We don’t yet know he was ‘right wing’. He could be an OWS’er or perhaps an acolyte of Lyndon LaRouche. Had incriminating docs indicating Tea Party been found, I’m pretty sure it would be been leaked all over the news by now.

      • I’m STILL on the lookout for a story that tells just what happened, without a ton of speculation. Maybe Monday, when the next crisis rears its ugly head.

      • OWS is not strictly speaking left or right wing. Most of its adherents are communists but there is subset of what people would call right wing anti-government types who jointed the movement as well. From the beginning I have been saying we need to stop playing defense. The shooter got off 10 rounds before a good guy shot him. Airports have a heavy police presence that makes for fast armed response times. Every other place where people congregate and guns are banned is an open invitation for a mass shooting unless you let people to carry their self defense weapons with them.

  11. Misplaced anger was to blame. I can understand how the shooter might be totally pissed, but somebody should have explained to young Mr. Ciancia that the TSA was not responsible for switching him to a middle seat on his cross-country flight.

    The new transportation policy called “Obamafare” was to blame. Under Obamafare, you can’t reserve a ticket online because the system doesn’t work, the price of your flight gets jacked up by 72% and if you like your seat, you lose it.

    • The airline industry is losing money. As the travel industry is so important to the US economy the obvious solution is to build a giant government website to list all available airline flights, build a giant easily hackable database of everyone’s credit card and personal info, require all tickets to meet a minimum amenity standard with baggage fees and extras most people don’t use, set it up where you can only buy tickets for airlines that operate within your state, and require everyone to buy a minimum of 4 airline tickets a year or pay a penalty/tax.

    • Dude, you’re slacking. There’s been at least four posts on this incident, and you’ve only left that same comment in two of them (maybe three). Get to work!

    • No he was mad because, unlike the asian massage joint 2 blocks over, after they touched his junk they didn’t even offer to give him a happy ending.

  12. The act of one is a movement?

    By the same logic two guns and fifty rounds of ammo is an arsenal.

  13. The SPLC and their chief scam-meister Morris Dees have been scamming 10’s of millions of dollars out of dazzling urbanites for decades.

    How? By running what is known as an “affinity scam” on people who, due to their insular urban liberal upbringing, are easily convinced by Dees that if they drive outside the suburbs of major urban areas, there’s going to be hundreds of thousands of white males with shaved heads dragging them out of their cars and shooting them in ditches by the side of the road.

    Whenever someone shoves a SPLC packet of “facts” under my nose, I inquire how much these people know about the scam artist Dees. Too many people think that as long as the cause is good, and the guy perpetrating the scam has noble intentions, then the people hawking these positions must be honest.

    Wrong, wrong, wrong. There was a reason why Bernie Madoff preyed on his fellow Jews: Affinity scams are hugely successful. Madoff’s victims thought: “A nice Jewish boy would never hurt a fellow Jew, right?” And one of the reasons why affinity scams are so successful is that the victims are really reluctant to flip on “one of their own.” Madoff was found out only when he confessed. Anyone who had been getting statements from Madoff over the years could have litigated against Madoff, because what he was sending out on statements didn’t match what was happening in the market.

    Dees preys on hard-core liberals because he’s running the same sort of affinity scam. A guy who worked on the campaign of Teddy Kennedy in 1980 and Jimmy Carter’s campaign in ’76 can’t be a bad guy, right? And he’s litigated against the KKK. That makes him a good guy, right? Never mind he worked on George Wallace’s campaign before 1960. Nah. Never mind his dubious claims. Never mind his claims of ever-increasing KKK membership, when in fact, if you pulled all the FBI informants out of a KKK meeting, you’d be left with perhaps two guys and a coffee pot in the room. Never mind that the real history of the KKK shows that the state where the KKK held the most sway was never in the south or west, it was Indiana, where they held perhaps about 30% of the seats in the state legislature in the 1920’s.

    Nah. Pay no attention to the actual facts. Morris Dees will have soft-shoe liberals scared out of their wits, writing checks to help fight the white supremacist menace that lays just outside their town, with all sorts of scary guns and explosives.

    By knowing how to speak the lingo of the dazzling urbanite liberals, by knowing what scares them, by knowing how to position himself as the most earnest liberal of all, he knows how to scare the dollars out of their pockets.

    When confronted by people with SPLC claims, I pull out my file on Dees and his organization to show people. I try to do this privately, because their reaction sometimes is to feel very hurt and foolish that they’ve sent this clown so much as one dollar, never mind the hundreds or thousands of dollars they’ve sent over the years.

  14. This story will fizzle for the following reasons:

    1. It’s LA. Weird sh!t happens in LA, so it does not shock.

    2. The dead guy is Law Enforcement, so most people see it as a law enforcement problem.

    3. No politician who is not already a rabid anti-gunner wants to take this on before primaries.

    4. The gunman isn’t dead, so the story becomes bogged down with details about arraignment and trials and the like.

    So, in spite of the facts that they finally have the perp they want and the gun they want, this story is not going to have any legs.

  15. That looks like an AR to me. Shit. Well, folks, it’s been fun. Prepare to hear about more talks for another AWB, this guy ruined it for us.

  16. Okay people,

    Here is a brief summary of why it is reasonable to conclude that some elements of our government have plans to operate detention centers (not death camps!) in the continental U.S. for huge numbers of political prisoners.

    Historical Precedent:
    Police and military personnel rounded up tens/hundreds of thousands of U.S. citizens of Japanese ancestry and forced them into internment camps during World War II. Yes, our government deprived an entire class of citizens of liberty and property without due process. Yes, hundreds/thousands of police and military personnel violated their oaths to support the U.S. Constitution. And they violated their oaths without hesitation because they thought this entire class of people were “dangerous” and it was necessary for “public safety”.

    Documentation Evidence:
    The American Civil Liberties Union obtained a copy of the U.S. Army’s Internment and Resettlement Operations document (FM 3-19.40). The document describes how to handle “enemy prisoners of war” as well as “civilian internees”. While the document focuses primarily on operations in foreign countries, it also discusses operations within the continental United States. Sources are reporting a leaked copy of the latest revision (FM 3-39-40). This document is an expanded version obviously based on the previous version.
    FM 3-19.40 is available here:
    FM 3-39.40 is available here:

    DHS Procurement:
    We all know about the DHS acquiring “surplus” military equipment such as MRAP armored personnel carriers, fully automatic rifles, etc. and keeping them for its own use as well as redistributing them to various police departments. We also know about DHS issuing purchase orders for something like 1.6 billion rounds of ammunition to be delivered over the next five years. While DHS purchases ammunition for all federal law enforcement agencies, their total number is something like 70,000 personnel. That equates to something like 4,500 rounds of ammunition per year per officer. I have a hard time believing that all 70,000 personnel are going to shoot that much ammunition during training every year. Is it possible? Yes. Is it likely? Not from what I know. And what about all the equipment? Mine resistant vehicles in the United States? Really?

    Agency Attitudes:
    The Department of Homeland Security considers several people as potential domestic terrorists. Some of these people include:
    – veterans returning from active duty in Iraq and Afghanistan
    – people who support the U.S. Constitution
    – Christians who believe in the Bible
    – people who support the 2nd Amendment
    (Here is the actual report:
    We also see the changing attitude of DHS and other law enforcement agencies in a series of “No More Hesitation” paper targets that depict armed pregnant women, armed teenagers, armed 7 year olds, armed elderly women, etc. While they are no longer available, someone thought they were a good idea in the first place. This link explains the targets and has pictures:
    This link shows the company’s apology on Facebook:
    And we all know that the Internal Revenue Service was caught targeting conservative groups.
    Need I even mention the Justice Department’s attitude about the rule of law? Do I have to remind everyone about Operation Fast and Furious and how attorney General Eric Holder has been guilty of Contempt of Congress for two years now for not supplying documents … and yet nothing has or will ever happen?

    Progressive Attitudes:
    We have all heard Progressives express the notion that armed citizens are seething cauldrons of rage ready to explode at the slightest provocation … that armed citizens are a dangerous cancer that threatens our very way of life in the U.S. And we have all heard the Progressive elitists tell us that they know what is best for us … that they have an intense desire to force us to do what they know is best for us through force of law. We also know that Progressives have been increasing their reach, influence, and legislation throughout our nation.

    Do all of these facts prove that people in government are planning to imprison huge numbers of political prisoners in the United States? No. Based on these facts, is it reasonable to conclude that people in government are planning to imprison huge numbers of political prisoners in the United States? Yes. Remember when Adam Kokesh’s organized an armed march/demonstration into Washington D.C. this year? He supposedly had over 10,000 participants who confirmed that they were going to go with him. What option would the feds have had if he had not cancelled it at the last moment?

    • It’s true that about 100,000 Japanese Americans, the majority of whom were citizens, were interred during the war. This was a direct response to the sneak attack on Pearl harbor and the racists attitude of the Dems who were running the country at the time.

      Fast forward to the sneak attack on 9-11 and we see a fundamental change has occurred in the US. With a GOP admin in charge we did not round up all the muslims living in the US and inter them. Quite the opposite. We’ve gone out of our way to be PC concerning muslims and attempt all sorts of contortions to avoid profiling.

      I cannot reconcile the current atmosphere in this country with an Admin that would attempt to round up and imprison hundreds of thousands if not millions of it’s citizens for doing nothing but having faith or wishing to exercise their 1a and 2a rights amongst others.

      During the bad time that was the end of the Nixon presidency I served in a shaken and battered military that was reeling from drug abuse, gang members in the barracks and hatred from our own citizens from the Viet Nam war. When things got shaky and there were rumors that Nixon was going to stay in power by military coup we openly talked in the barracks of deserting with our weapons and refusing to take part in this madness.

      I haven’t given my mind over to such a level of paranoia that I would believe that our modern, all volunteer force with deep family roots on mainstreet America would do any differently from what we would have done.

      • jwm,

        To what extent our police or military would participate in such a scenario is somewhat of a wildcard. I can only offer the following three questions:

        Thousands of police officers in the likes of California, Illinois, New Jersey, New York, Maryland, Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Hawaii violate their oaths to the U.S. Constitution and arrest citizens for the “crime” of possessing a firearm. Keep in mind that those citizens have no criminal record and no intent to harm anyone. Why wouldn’t these types of police (or military counterparts) operate prison camps which house thousands/millions of “dangerous domestic terrorists”?

        You stated in your experience that you and many other servicemen would have deserted with your weapons if Nixon had taken over by military coup. But how many of you and your fellow servicemen who deserted would have marched on Washington D.C. against “loyal” military servicemen and engaged them in hostilities to oust Nixon and install his legal successor?

        Similarly, how many police officers or military personnel would take up arms today and engage internment camps with force?

        • We’re in the territory of pure speculation at this point. I don’t think internment camps are anywhere near as real a threat as 4 more years, beginning in 2016, of the gun grabbing dems being in the white house. Internment is only needed if you can’t control the legislative process. Remember, the 2a and all amendments can be legally changed or erased. There’s a process built into our system that allows this.

      • What most people miss is that FDR was pressured into the internment by the mainstream media at the time — and so followed the example of Canada, which had already set up their Japanese internment camps:
        The most recent post there is an attempt to show the distinction between the Sovereign Citizen movement and the Tea Party, a distinction the left is trying to erase.

        ===|==============/ Keith DeHavelle

  17. Geez, like I needed another thing (other than guns) to put me on a watch list…. I collect private mint and private currencies including the infamous Liberty Dollar and Bitcoin.

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