New Zealand's Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern (AP Photo/Vincent Thian)
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Giving the mosque shooter exactly what he said he wanted, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern solves a non-existent problem by outlawing commonly-owned firearms that law-abiding Kiwis have owned for generations.

“Every semi-automatic weapon used in the terrorist attack on Friday will be banned,” she said.

The ban includes any semi-automatic guns or shotguns that are capable of being used with a detachable magazine that holds more than five rounds. It also extends to accessories used to convert guns into what the government called “military-style” weapons.

It does not include semi-automatic .22 caliber or smaller guns that hold up to 10 rounds or semi-automatic and pump-action shotguns with non-detachable magazines that hold up to five rounds. The guns not banned are commonly used by farmers and hunters.

The government said the police and military would be exempt as would businesses carrying out professional pest control. Access for international shooting competitions would also be considered.

There are nearly 250,000 licensed gun owners in New Zealand, which has a population of 5 million people. Officials estimate there are 1.5 million guns in the country.

– Juliet Williams and Nick Perry in New Zealand bans ‘military-style’ guns after mosque attacks

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  1. Way to go NZ. Prevent Mass Murder by prohibiting the masses from defending themselves.

    • Right! Legislating away rights and freedoms based on emotions in a quick manner, without rational thought or debate is the best way to govern. Only pass laws based on instant emotion with little consideration to its implications and impact is wise and prudent. The Kiwis are so enlightened!!

    • @Bob – Let’s make sure I understand you here. Let’s start with this number: 262 million. That’s the number of unarmed people murdered in mass killings by governments during the 20th century. It’s a democide that’s murdered at least 6 times more people than died in combat in all the foreign and internal wars of the century. Read it again: 262 million. Do you trust your government now, and forever in the future, to protect you, keep you safe, and never commit theft or violence against you? If you have complete faith and trust in them, then by all means, let them run your life as you pledge fealty to the all powerful state. If you have the tiniest shred of doubt, then there is nothing to debate on gun control, and all your arguments otherwise are fallacious and intellectually slothful.

    • My son knew about the Christchurch from the news. He is on the 11-ish side of 10 years old.

      I asked him should his dad be punished for what happened in New Zealand? He said no because you had nothing to do with it. I told him there are people who think I should.

      If a child can see individual actions have individual consequences, why can’t adults, and especially those in power?

      Government’s greatest fear is to appear to be not in control, and these events show how little control they really have. So they lash out and overreact punishing not only the guilty, if available, but also the innocent.

    • You know who else can make things happen quickly, bob? Pol Pot, stalin, mao, hitler. Tyrants make things happen virtually overnight.

      Good to know who you side with.

  2. Like sheep to the slaughter, Muslim brotherhood is salivating. Paying attention America?

    • If they actually ever got a total ban/confiscation of privately owned firearms here in the US, I would not be surprised at ALL if they just stored them in a big warehouse somewhere waiting for the right time. Then “they” hand them out to the muslims, illegal aliens, etc in this country to use against us. Boy, wouldn’t that shit just some major irony? Yup, but I would not be surprised at ALL…

      • You mean like Venezuela’s socialist government arming the hood gangstas to be their official militia to neutralize the middle class ??? Coming to the US if the democrats get their way.

        • Remember when Barack Obama said “We’re going to reward our friends, and punish our enemies.”?

  3. Isnt life grand when your a subject. Not a citizen. Way to go there NZ. Hide your heads in the sand. Criminals will still have theirs. Subjects zero.

  4. Diversity + Proximity = War as it has always been.

    Unfortunately that NZ government believes that punishing its own citizens rather than throwing out the foreign invaders will avert the inevitable.

  5. pa·ter·nal·ism
    Learn to pronounce
    noun: paternalism
    the policy or practice on the part of people in positions of authority of restricting the freedom and responsibilities of those subordinate to them in the subordinates’ supposed best interest.
    “the arrogance and paternalism that underlies cradle-to-grave employment contracts”

  6. I worked for an old boy. He was a mortar man and a combat survivor of NZs’ contribution to the 2nd S.E. Asia wars. If only 3% of Kiwis are as tough as him…this may not go down according to the narrative…-30-

    • There’s many a tough kiwi bloke. But they cower when the sheillas come in. That’s why so many recent PMs have been women (if you can call Helen Clark a woman – she had no feminine graces).

    • Woah there guy NY has a registration rate of compliance around 4%. Now if we are talking pistol permits/registration ok yes that is likely way higher but don’t go putting us in the same category as Australia. We still have some rights ……somewhere

  7. Making good people helpless does not make bad people harmless…

    “Just as planned.” – Brenton Tarrant (probably)

  8. First mass shooting in over 20 years, and now the system is broken.

    Well I guess when it happens again a decade from now, they can go for all the bolt action rifles.

    And another decade after that, they can ban all firearms.

    Then they can start on knives, ….

  9. The military and police always get exemptions. Would any of this shit ever pass if they didnt? I doubt it.

    • That’s understandable, otherwise you would be sacrificing the entire country’s safety that was purposefully put in place and paid for.

      What really tickles your noodle is how a pass is given to all retired police officers in New Jersey.

      Citizens have no rights but someone who no longer works at a job gets full rights and free passes.

      Drop 20 years behind a desk, firearms for all!!

      • “That’s understandable, otherwise you would be sacrificing the entire country’s safety that was purposefully put in place and paid for.”

        But I thought banning these evil guns was supposed to make us more safe? Why does the government need the ability to mow down dozens of kids? Something in these arguments doesn’t line up.

  10. Just to juggle some numbers.

    NZ has nearly the same population as the state of North Carolina.

    This needs to be kept in mind when comparing the US to NZ, it is a lot easier to enact this kind of law when there are a lot fewer people and a lot fewer firearms.
    They estimate 50% of the population of North Carolina live in a residence with more than 1 firearm. So even at 1, that puts 2.5 million firearms whereas NZ has 1.5 mil in the entire country.

    Another example, Ohio has about 12 million people.

    Ohio has enough firearms to rearm NZ and not make a dent in the surplus.

    What I am driving at…

    This isn’t a huge win for anti gunners nor is it a major global shift.

    • If it happens, it is a huge win. A whole country was neutered, while it is a small country, they speak English and did enjoy many of the freedoms we do. It is sad that they seem to be going the same way as Australia I hope and pray that cooler heads will prevail and if it comes to confiscation, that most will not comply.

      • They are claiming a win in game in which they are not a player. Both sides are acting we are a part of this. We aren’t. The anti-Second Amendment side would be saying and doing the same things whether this happened or not.

  11. Again, without a registry there is no way to insure compliance. It will be like Australia where at best 20-25% of the guns were turned in or NY where few people registered their guns.

  12. Surrender monkeys are gonna surrender. Truly sad. A terror attack succeeds in disarming the law abiding. Terror wins. Freedom surrendered.

    Oh well, there’s a reason New Zealand is a non-player on the world stage. And why 99% of people world-wide wouldn’t have a clue where to find them on a map.

    • It’s in Middle Earth… right?

      What is their Modor rate?

      Do you think they support Hobbetnesian politics?

      That’s all I have today

    • One of the reasons we’re in the state we are is because a disturbingly large percentage of Americans are uneducated retards. Many can’t find the states in their own country if you give them a blank map so their inability to find a foreign country wouldn’t be terribly surprising.

      Back in 2006 only half the people surveyed by National Geographic could find NY on a map and less than that, 43%, could find Ohio.

      When I went to college in Ohio (amusingly enough) I found exactly no one, professors included, that knew that New Mexico was a state.

      I had full PhD professors in everything from math and chemistry to political science and even, get this, GEOGRAPHY, greet me as a fucking foreign exchange student and compliment my English skills only to have their heads explode when they learned I was born in Michigan.

      Look at the surveys on this stuff by NatGeo or a bunch of other groups and it’s frightening.

      The level of ignorance in this country is astounding and it has been for a lot longer than many people would like to admit. Even boomers are, to a really disturbing extent, ignorant morons who didn’t get an education worth having.

      And we wonder how some of these politicians get elected.

      • No, it’s not a mystery, by a long shot! How many times did they elect Obummer.? Remember the three tenets of socialism; keep people dumb, dependent, and unarmed!

        • There’s a forth tenent to that: Keep them dumb but make sure they think they’re all educated and shit.

          That’s exactly how you get all these liberals who say “You’d think differently if you got out of your red-state trailer park shithole and traveled”. They think they’re all smart and worldly but they go on vacation to the nice part of Paris or Montecarlo. They don’t take a trip to Harare and see how their ideas really work.

          They might travel but they never learn because their leftist cocktail circuit bubble travels with them.

  13. New Zealand does have a very low crime rate. But not anymore. It will go up.

    To anyone. Was there a good guy with a gun at the second mosque attack? I’m finding conflicting stories.

    • Crime reported; crime stats released. Most of the world knows nothing of NZ and so NZ wants the world to know, to give the perception, this is a “safe place” and “we got this”.

    • The only consistent story I’ve seen was by a hero who picked up one of the attacker’s empty rifles and led him on a chase. The attacker chased until the police showed up, and then he fled. He was captured when the police ran him off the road,

    • All peoples have the natural right, just not all had the foresight to include it into their most important documents…

      • It may be more than that. During the convention that adopted the first ten amendments, one argument against adoption was that the government created by the Constitution was of limited powers, and thus it had no power to regulate guns. The side that prevailed argued that governments had a nasty habit of forgetting their promises and exceeding their powers, so it was better to put it all don on parchment so there was no mistaking the founder’s intent. (But as we see now, the governments are forgetful of the scope of the right and are taking every opportunity to limit the rights reserved to the People.)

  14. Small number of gun owners relative to the population with a fraction of the number of guns in OZ. This should be an easy cleanup for them. Small island nation and all that.

    Try that shit in this country and face 100 million people with 300+ million firearms across 4 time zones.

  15. Oh well…at least the fudd’s will be happy with their 5 shell pump shotties😏

  16. This kind of action is why we have the Constitution that we have. and should bow down to people who insisted there be a convention to construct and debate a bill of rights.

  17. “The government said the police and military would be exempt as would businesses carrying out professional pest control!”

    What sort of Pests does NZ have requiring guns?

  18. The US will be facing the same thing, just a matter of time and events.

    A couple more wacko attacks, especially big ones like Las Vegas, and it’s going to hit the fan.

    just sayin…I can see it coming.

  19. Any neutering of the people, no matter where in the world, is bad. History proves it.

    The Bernies are running fast and hard with it. Wether or not NZ was a player in the world stage, it just became one on THIS issue. Any momentum of disarming a populace helps support the socialists embedded in the U.S.

    Other countries like NZ will follow suit. More global momentum to apply pressure on the U.S. It’s part of a global agenda. And since the U.S. is the big kid on the block, they’ll never stop. Ever. See where this is going?

    These touchy-feely countries are weak on immigration, and are being inundated with extremists. They’ll be getting their asses kicked every which way ’till Sunday, and LE will be overwhelmed and impotent. Self reliance will be difficult without tools and an opposing ideology.

    It’s been happening for years throughout Europe. The global change started years ago. It’s the devil’s playbook. Divide and conquer, EVERYTHING. NZ screwed itself, and in the process, allows evil to spread.

    We need to get our heads in the game and keep our poop in a group. Tighten up your chinstrap America, and tuck your head into the wind. It’s comin’.

    • Of course it all of the devil’s work? What else couldna splain it? Science? Hot damnit

  20. All else aside, how does everyone other than the US manage have include an exception for .22LR when gun grabbing?

  21. The government said the police and military would be exempt as would businesses carrying out professional pest control. Access for international shooting competitions would also be considered.

    In other words, everyone gets them except the common people of New Zealand.

    • Yup. Commoners. Just like here, 250 years ago under the British. Until they got their asses kicked. Who’s got a can of whoop-ass?

  22. “Every semi-automatic weapon used in the terrorist attack on Friday will be banned,” she said.

    Every weapon used in that attack is banned … unless they decided not to charge terrorist-guy? They seized his guns, right?

    Now, they’ve just announced banning weapons that were nowhere near that attack, from people who had nothing to do with it. And demonstrated that they know it isn’t the guns, or the people — look at all the “exceptions.”

  23. Look at Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern: she looks like a clone of Alexander Occasional-Cortex. I guess Ardern is the New Zealand rep of Cortex’s moronic franchise.

  24. Dad burn it, I wanted some details on grabbing gunms. So I would have an idea how to counter it. Do they just kick in the door or do they Sneaky Pete you at a stop light? We need a primer

  25. “The government said the police and military would be exempt as would businesses carrying out professional pest control.”

    So when the government wants to send the police after its own people, it can slaughter them unimpeded. That’s all these “assault weapons” are good for, right?

  26. Yeah NZ! Thanks for taking a problem straight on. Good thing those 50 people didn’t die in vain. WoooooPiiiieee! Y’all seein’ thangs straight.

  27. You are all sheep! Stand up against this kind of dictator ship. You are letting theses fools make slaves out of you.

  28. If the New Zealand numbskulls who enact such foolish laws did any resesrch, they would realize that there are no such things as deadly weapons; only deadly men. It is the bullet that kills. The firearm is merely a launch platform for the round. Charles Whitman and Lee Harvey Oswald proved conclusively what one determined and well-trained man can do with even a simple bolt-action rifle.

  29. A Link to the Past should not be #1, in my opinion. The concept of the Zelda games is not suitable for everyone. I had to use walkthroughs for Ocarina of Time, and now I’m wondering why it’s suddenly regarded as one of the greatest games ever, especially with all the hullabaloo about the Water Temple. Super Mario World on the other hand, has a easy to use/understand concept of just making it to the end of a level, with no frustrating no-hints given puzzles that you can learn from and not get frustrated with from getting lost, and again, was a pack-in game. Arguably the best of all games packaged with systems.

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