Chris Murphy AR-15 assault weapons ban
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Maybe Senator Chris Murphy of Connecticut has never heard of the shootings at Virginia Tech, Fort Hood, Charleston, the Washington Navy Yard or Santa Fe High School, just to name a few. Or maybe Senator Murphy is just an ignorant gas bag whose only real goal is to disarm Americans, one type of gun at at time.

Sen. Chris Murphy wondered, for instance, why Americans needed “semi-automatic rifles,” at all. “Nobody needs an AR-15 to hunt,” the Connecticut senator tweeted. “Nobody needs a semi-automatic rifle to defend their home. But mass shooters NEED these weapons in order to murder as many people as efficiently as possible. And so nobody will miss them when they are illegal – except for the killers.”

One of the nice things about having individual rights codified in a Constitution is that Americans don’t (or shouldn’t) have to explain to government officials why they choose to practice them. I’m certain nothing in the Second Amendment mentions hunting, because the right of self-defense—an individual concern, as well as a collective one—wasn’t about shooting deer, it was about protecting Americans from the state.

While Murphy’s reductionist take is obviously wrong on several counts, it’s exceptionally wrong in claiming that killers would miss these rifles. Killers will always have weapons. And they don’t need AR-15s, even though there are probably between 10 and 15 million of them in circulation in the US. And unless Murphy believes federal agents should be tasked with going house to house and confiscating every “semi-automatic rifle”—an unlikely scenario—they will be with us a very long time.

– David Harsanyi in The Gun Control Campaign Against The AR-15 Is Full Of Lies


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  1. Hey Murphy! Hey Stupid-Looking! How can we miss you if you won’t go away? Oh and BTW – Drop dead.

        • Yup, no Senator is a boss of us, we are the boss of them.

          Now if only we could get them to remember who employs who!!!!!!!!

        • May I suggest that we start changing the conversation with all of these mini-dictators wannabe? From now on when someone suggests that “you don’t need x or y” I will ask them to clarify their position. So my question to Mr. Murphy is this: Ok, so what would you “allow” us to have to hunt? And what would you “allow” us to have to defend our homes? What is your position senator? They will come out an utter the most fantaastic bulsheeeet you have ever seen and their true intentions of disarming us but for muskets will be exposed.

      • Senators are just politicians, not Gods, clueless. Connecticut citizens do a poor job of choosing senators….this one’s not very smart and their other senator (Blumenthal) is an admitted liar and coward.

        • This Connecticut citizen realizes Murphy and Blumenthal are just symptoms of a disease that is rotting this state like a tumor.
          I’m not sure how much longer the patient can go on like this…

      • I don’t care who he is…that’s a moronic statement from someone who is totally clueless..which doesn’t speak well for those that elected him…

      • The Senator works for the Citizen. You need to go back to school, because you really don’t know how to America.a


      • Nobody needs an AR-15? Well nobody needs a whining little beatch either. But here are 2 sniveling little Pussified Buttwipes !!!

    • Well, I’d miss mine and I’ve never killed anyone so right there his claim is incorrect.

      P.S. It isn’t about “hunting” it is about defense against a tyrannical government.

    • Studies and shooter after shooter have said they are playing up the media coverage and politicians like Murphy. They kill people for the infamy, the AR is the tool that Murphy and the media tell these shooters will garner them maximum coverage..and that is all they want.

      So please Mr. Murphy, stop giving these killers what they seek.

    • Hey Murphy! Wake up, grow up, wise up. Stop being ignorant, childish, foolish, and intellectually lame.
      Apparently you know nothing about the criminal mind even though you yourself are a criminal of the highest degree, a traitor to the US Constitution and this great country where we have the freedom, knowledge, and BALLS to understand everything. Why? Because we dont have the “Privileges and opportunities” to live a guarded and protected life.
      You dont have to looked over your shoulder when you walk out of your home. We do! So get with reality Mr. Perfect and all knowing. HE who’s only reason to believe in God is because you believe you are GOD.
      Dont fool yourself, because we are not so easily fooled!

  2. Or maybe Senator Murphy is just an ignorant gas bag a sadistic scumbag whose only real goal is to disarm Americans, one type of gun at at time dictate what other people can and cannot do for his own, sick, twisted satisfaction.

    There, fixed that.

  3. Civilians need AR type rifles to deal with the consequences of mass government agent cowardice, as occurred during the Rodney King Riots and many other civil disturbances. Law enforcement officers were the “First To Flee” the action during the Rodney King Riots and citizens were told they were “on their own”. Many under armed and unarmed citizens were murdered during that event.
    AR type rifles are also good for rebellion against a tyrannical government.

    • can come in handy after a natural disaster, as well…when you’re also likely to be “on your own”…for a time, at least…looters in Florida were reported to be armed…

    • AR-15s could help in a rebellion against the government, but the government has full auto with no capacity restrictions. I would think that would be the rebels being out gunned. AR-15s are more manageable and would be much better for self defense in an extreme riot situation(or zombie coyotes).

      • They wouldn’t be “outgunned” for very long. Weapons change hands rapidly during a war. And not just small arms.

      • Way more of us than them, and many of them would side with us. The War Between the States would look like a picnic in comparison.

      • The basic principle of guerrilla warfare. Don’t take on the enemy in a stand up fight because they can use their advantage of numbers and firepower to wipe you out.

        Instead you only engage in force if you have overwhelming local advantage at very close range to make air and artillery support impossible. Otherwise you shoot-and-scoot. Fire a few shots at a patrol and get out. Or snipe from a distance. Even the odd angry shot at their base can be a test of nerves.

        • That doesn’t even begin to engage the psychology aspect. If those soldiers are your sisters and brothers, and they know an order against their own country men and women is illegal, there exists a procedure to identify and secure officers who are in violation. You would likely see alot of “grunts” assuming acting command.

      • When I was in the military, 8 years, I maybe shot my M4 on full Auto 2-3 times? We were actually told NOT to and there are only a few cases where it was thought to be a good idea. In fact our platoon NCO’s would be up in your business if you did fire full auto.

  4. Senator Murphy ; No one needs a politician that feels the need to dictate to the rest of us ” what we need.” What we really need is for politicians that feel that they can ignore the oaths that they have taken to be removed from office when they perjure themselves in this manner. Criminals abuse the rights they have just as politicians abuse their rights. Our founding fathers declared our unalienable right to own/ bear arms because they just finished fighting a war against a tyrannical government that was made up of people such as yourself. Like the government we now have.

  5. Only an ignorant gasbag. A perfect description by the way needs to use their mouth instead of their ass to tell me what I need. While true I dont need an AR15. I fired 5 rounds. It works, put it away in the safe. When and if I go postal someday. Ill have to best tool for thst job according to this gasbag of an ignorant being.

  6. “Nobody needs a semi-automatic rifle to defend their home. But mass shooters NEED these weapons in order to murder as many people as efficiently as possible.” — Senator Chris Murphy

    Notice how Senator Murphy explicitly acknowledged that semi-automatic firearms enable the operator of said firearms to deliver bullets “efficiently”. Since Senator Murphy does NOT want people to have such firearms for home defense, Senator Murphy therefore OPPOSES people being able to defend their homes efficiently, and therefore effectively.

    Executive summary:
    (1) Senator Murphy opposes efficient and effective home defense.
    (2) Senator Murphy is pro-rapist.
    (3) Senator Murphy is pro-murderer.

  7. Murphy is a politician and therefore full of the type of political speech that he figures will most endear him to his constituents (who for the most part are left-wing liberal/progressive democrats). So his tweet is nothing new for him. He’s just following the party line of the Democratic Party’s left wing. The big question is, how to counter what he and his ilk have to say, since they are getting their message out to the Great Unwashed and we are….mostly preaching to the choir.

    • Ogre,

      How do we counter the “political speech” of politicians like Senator Chris Murphy who have repeatedly stated their support for government to violate our rights? Clearly, reminding such politicians of our rights and demanding that government leave our rights alone does not work because we have been doing that for decades.

      Suppose a group of people hold a political rally and explain how legalized rape will benefit society. How should we counter that “political speech”? Should we debate the alleged “advantages” and disadvantages of legalized rape? Or, should we simply state that the legality of rape is never subject to arguments of social utility and that we WILL use any force necessary, up to and including lethal force, to stop anyone who attempts to rape another human being?

  8. Nobody needs a Mercedes or a caddy or a BMW either. So lets get everyone to drop all their cars until we are left with a Ford Fiesta.

    • Don’t be silly. ALL cars are designed for racing so the Fiesta is not needed. That’s what public transportation is for. If you need to move about the government can provide you a bus or train to get as close as you need to be.

      • This is precisely correct. The gun banners today are/were the same people who have been shoving “mass transit” down our throats for decades, along with massive subsides to keep afloat something that is not needed in smaller cities and is a filthy, crime ridden, non-maintained mess in the larger ones. This type of politician does not want you to own a car, whether Ferrari or Ford – but he or she drives around in a chauffeur driven Mercedes or Cadillac complete with armed bodyguards in their…Suburbans.

  9. “Maybe Senator Chris Murphy of Connecticut has never heard of the shootings at Virginia Tech, Fort Hood, Charleston, the Baltimore Navy Yard or Santa Fe High School, just to name a few.”

    Actually, Baltimore doesn’t have a Navy Yard. The incident you’re referring to occurred at the Washington DC Navy Yard, where I used to work. Correction requested.

  10. It is truly ironic that this drivel is coming from Connecticut, where the American firearms industry began.

    Murphy misses that during the last “assault weapons ban” books were available on how to build an AR from the ground up with available tools and materials, not just finish an 80% receiver.

  11. Something like .0001% of AR15’s in the US were used in Mass shootings. Seems to me that 99.9999% of them WOULD be missed by the MASSIVELY OVERWHELMING majority of owners who DIDN’T use theirs to commit a heinous act of violence.

    Senator gasbag, however, could drop off the Earth and wouldn’t be missed at all.

    • It is not the insignificant percentage of ARs that are used in mass killings that worry politicians. The carnage is only dog whistles for their Stupid Useful Idiot constituents. It is the overwhelmingly large percentage of ARs in the hands of patriots that will implement the Second Amendment someday that scares the shit out of them. That is the bottom line for every attempt at gun control including confiscation and abolition of the Second Amendment.
      Fortunately, reticle black contrasts nicely with UN blue.

      • I think some of the anti rights crowd actually believe their own rhetoric, which makes them both ignorant and delusional. The overwhelming majority at the leadership level though are likely using the rhetoric to accomplish some other goal (reelection).

        I’d imagine the number who actively seek civilian disarmament with the conscious though of easing and unlawful takeover is very small. The problem is that regardless of their motive, they are all part of the problem. I don’t think we fundamentally disagree, it’s just that come to a patriotic uprising, I suspect the great majority of the anti rights leadership types would be just shocked by what was happening.

        The only apparent ‘other way’ would be that they know what they are temping, and keep at it anyway, and that takes us right back to ignorant and delusional.

        Hmm, it’s almost as if the anti rights types are all either ignorant, delusional, or evil….

    • he’s just a blue state bufoon…who, in his own way…is Preaching to the choir”….the AR15…and similar weapons…are the right place to draw the line and make a stand…

  12. You know what no one needs? Keys to start their car: a hand crank is just fine. You know what no one needs? A dishwasher: wash those dishes by hand. You know what no one needs? Electricity: candles provide plenty of light.

    Being socialists, I suppose they’re at least being consistent. Automation and modern convenience will be some of the first things to go if they ever get their way, in firearms and in all other things…

    • he’s just going after what he perceives to be low-hanging fruit…but in time their goal is to strip the whole tree!…

  13. This is just one of countless examples where we let the other side frame the debate, to our detriment.

    We should NOT debate how firearms function and how useful those firearms may or may not be. Rather, we should debate self-defense. And at that point, there can be no debate because government has no righteous authority to interfere with self-defense.

    Our government’s prohibition on interfering with self-defense is codified in our laws: inflicting injuries or causing death to another human is NOT a crime if the person who inflicted the injuries acted in righteous self-defense. Notice how the defender inflicted the injuries or caused the death is irrelevant (e.g. whether the defender used his/her fists, a knife, a melee weapon, or a firearm doesn’t matter as long as their level of force was justified).

    So, we must turn the discussion to self-defense. Make the other person explain how anyone has any righteous authority to interfere with self-defense. If you can get them to acknowledge that, then you can tell them that they cannot ban semi-automatic firearms because that interferes with self-defense. If you cannot get them to acknowledge that no one has any righteous/legitimate authority to interfere with self-defense, then you simply tell them that you will do whatever is necessary to defend yourself from any attack, whether that attack comes from a street-thug or government thugs.

  14. Just democrats democrating it up. They are the party of force and bigotry. They can’t tolerate that american’s have their own responsibilities and their own freedoms. So they are trying to take that away. They can’t tolerate gun owners. They can’t tolerate the AR15. They can’t tolerate responsible gun ownership. They can’t tolerate that freedom entails risk. So all those have to go. And how are they going to do it? With force. Iron curtain style, and this is the kind of guy Chris Murphy is. He’s the, “I have an opinion, you don’t need it, and I’m here to take it” guy. He has a worldview, and you are the canvas that he is going to paint on.

    There is nothing magical about the AR15. If they banned it, everyone would buy a mini14, or just make an AR15 from a 2×4 block of wood:

    Or 3d print one. But what Murphy really wants, is all semi-automatics banned. All handguns banned. Only breakover rifles and shotguns for super rich people who have the connections and who can afford all the red tape. Meanwhile, Murphy will still have his armed security when needed. And they will have semiautomatics.

    • A ban of all semiautomatics would likely force a bunch of firearms manufacturers out of business. Only the large companies that make revolvers (or have the capacity) and bolt action rifles, single shot rifles and shotguns, and pump shotguns would survive.

  15. Let’s see, there are thousands of varmint hunters, thousands of 3-gun competitors, competition Service Rifle shooters, and small game hunters, probably well over a million people not counting those used by plinkers and those of home defense. Is he totally ignorant or just can’t count?

  16. Here’s how this is gonna go eventually.
    You will be asked to turn in, destroy or sell your AR. Basically like a bump stock. I have a feeling it’ll be like New York and not many people will comply. Some will but not what’s expected.
    What you are now is a criminal, you’re breaking the law. You won’t be able to shoot your AR because you can’t take it out of your house or cache that you have somewhere. Hell, your neighbor might turn you in.
    The government does not have the resources to go house to house and we have read about some LE that refuse to obey the unconstitutional laws passed by states.
    I hope it doesn’t come to this but eventually there will be democrats in charge and this will #1 on their agenda.

    • People who live in the country don’t have that problem. Not to mention there are communities of hundreds of thousands of people concerning just about every “illegal” topic under the sun. Nothing will change.

      • People are getting herded, squeezed back into the cities. How many younger people are getting established and reproducing where you live? I can answer the question for you. Very few, if any.

    • No this is not how it will go because you can’t ban a class of weapons in common use. Murphy knows this. He’s just rallying his morons.

  17. From Public Servant Murphy, “And so nobody will miss them when they are illegal – except for the killers.”

    From TTAG writer Zimmerman, “I’m certain nothing in the Second Amendment mentions hunting, because the right of self-defense—an individual concern, as well as a collective one—wasn’t about shooting deer, it was about protecting Americans from the state.”

    Maybe Murphy’s quote is correct based on Zimmerman’s observation as a Judio-Christian imperative.

    A little research reveals that thou shalt not “murder” is a more accurate translation than “kill” and also only applies outside the context of war with a weapon.

    Therefore, if Murphy knows the difference between killing and murdering, his statement is very telling indeed.

  18. Murphy should keep his mouth shut regarding guns. He only shows his ignorance of firearms when he speaks.

    If 5 thugs invade my home at 3 AM, a good semi-automatic firearm is a must unless I’m very lucky and have Jerry Miculek’s skills with a revolver.

  19. Well I NEED an AR15 for home defense…somewhat frangible ammo beats a shotgun for overpenatration. I don’t have hired goons with gunz to protect me & mine either.

  20. I really appreciate all the comments to this article.. and there should be equally as many emails sent to Senator Murphy’s office, by angry gun owners.. telling him what a dirtbag he is.. and how offended you are by his stereotyping.. give him something to take to heart.. give him a piece of your mind..

  21. By that logic, Americans don’t need cars either, since people like Murphy can accommodate us with very nice cattle cars for our journey to the”re-education” camps that the left will set up for us.

    • “Nobody needs an AR-15 to hunt.”

      “Nobody needs a semi-automatic rifle to defend their home.”

      Would be petty tyrants should take note,it’s titled the Bill Of Rights,not the bill of needs. No one in America is in need of would be petty tyrants,who are our employees,as the president was often heard to say,You’re Fired.

  22. And nobody would miss a few senators either,,, let’s get rid of the democrat & R I N O senators & the world will be a much better place….see I can talk crap too…!!! Idiots,.

  23. “Nobody needs a semi-automatic rifle to defend their home. ”

    I can think of a few Korean shopkeepers that would disagree….

    • Even if I don’t need an AR-15 (I have plenty of ways to make any home invader very sorry), I still want one. Which is why I have one…and I’m working on more. My son wants one, too.

      And that’s the beauty of living in the good ol’ US of A: I don’t have to prove to anyone that I “need” any given thing. If the dishonorable Senator wants to set himself up as the arbiter of others’ needs, I’m sure he’d feel right at home in China, North Korea, or Venezuela.

  24. The honorable bonehead isn’t smart enough to know that every time one of them says something about banning AR’s, suddenly 50,000 people who wouldn’t have bought one run out and buy one.

    • Funny you mention this. I have another on the way right now and will probably buy another in a couple weeks. If I told you how many I already owned, your jaw would drop. It is my favorite platform hands down.

  25. Sen Murphy is a morally repugnant man. He is a liar. An opportunist and a deceiver. And as far as I’m concerned he is guilty of Stolen Valor. Amazing how this guy got over %50 of the vote in his state??? We have fallen morally as a country. And morality has very little to do with a sex act.
    This guy is and always will be surrounded by armed guards with semi automatic long guns.

        • That’s right, you’ll do anything to avoid answering the question. You’re either a troll or an idiot. Maybe both. And gunowners wonder why the public falls for spurious gun control arguments when fools like yourself use the the same ones here on other issues.

        • Pg2
          You do provide me with mental exercise and I appreciate that. But your time is past expired. Go back to your Glory Hole. There is nothing wrong with have sex with 20 or 30 men in one day. After all its all concentual sex.

        • Pg2
          It not projection. Its trolling you. I know the words to use you get you to swallow.

  26. What is it about people like Murphy who imagine themselves our rulers once elected to office? Murphy makes a pronouncement and he expects us to bow and scrape and tug on our forelocks and do as we’re told?

    These people don’t get that their legitimacy as officeholders derives from “the consent of the governed” and a lot of people are damned fed up with being scapegoated and blamed for things they haven’t done, nor would they ever do.

    Liberals are staging an all out assault on the very fabric of our Constitution: getting rid of the Electoral College for the mob rule of direct voting, lowering the voting age to 16, packing the Supreme Court to remake it into an even more political institution than it already is, Medicare for all and banning private health insurance, open borders and unrestricted immigration, reparations for slavery, gutting the right to free speech – the list goes on and on. It’s not going to end.


    Alan Korwin has the moral high ground on this issue: “Why Does Anyone Want An AR-15?” (Link is above). I get so damned tired and totally turned off by the treasonous socialist anti-gun elite in Washington, D.C. including my own State of Oregon (Bolshevik legislators in Salem) who continue to perpetrated this odious damnable “LBJ/KGB” style class warfare/people control agenda against innocent American gun owners! Too, and I have stated this previously, there are five words which historically define and describe anti-gun politicians: deceitful crooked immoral treasonous and socialist! And this has
    been so now for over 50 years since then Lyndon B. Johnson (LBJ): the worst president
    in American history ,signed the oppressive 1968 Federal Gun Control Act into federal
    legislation! The framer of GCA ’68 was Johnson’s lieutenant then in the U.S. Senate:
    Thomas Dodd (D) of Connecticut. Why do the voters of Connecticut keep re-electing
    these “repeat offenders” back into high office so then can continue to perpetrate high
    treason against our constitutional republic? Why? Also, why if even given half the
    chance these deceitfully deluded ignorant voters would willfully vote their asses into
    slavery? I don’t really know why. Is it possibly voter fraud? Fortunately there exists a
    bulwark against the journalistic deceit of major newspapers and their deceitful editors
    which counter this: The Roseburg Beacon in Roseburg, Oregon. Access: info@roseburg Also, News With Views at

    James A. “Jim” Farmer
    Merrill, Oregon (Klamath County)
    Long live the proverbial State of Jefferson!

    • Curious to note it is the Democrats who scream unfair loudest when there is the call for voters to show ID or an audit on registered voters.

      Vote Democrat. You can even vote from beyond the grave.

    • I believe you’ve answered your own question on why the voters vote the Senators. In assuming the Senators do what they do , Because they Can.

  28. We eternally elect the exactly wrong kind of people to Congress (the ones who want to be there, usually lawyers), and then expect that they will do what we expect instead of what they want…

    Only a few ever run for office and those few are usually backed by some money interest with nefarious intent, though sometimes the money and intent are all their own…

    After a few generations of this, you get Chris Murphy…

    It’s really all our own fault for letting this shit go on for far too long…

  29. I’ve hunted with AR’s.
    I’ve never killed anyone.
    I target practice quite a bit with AR’s and I’d miss them.
    What do you hunt with Chris?
    Yeah, I didn’t think so.

  30. lol more like “only non-killers will miss the AR-15 if its banned.” “Killers will still have unrestricted access to them.”

  31. . And here we are again, it’s not the gunm, knife, ball bat, screwdriver, icepick or whatever, it’s the killer behind the implement. So in the genius minds of fix it’s they ban what law abiding citizens can use to protect themselves from killers. I would certainly like to take some of these genius’s for a week long adventure in the streets of reality.

  32. more people were killed by knives and bare hands in 2017 than all rifles combined
    fuck off

  33. dagnabit? How old is this guy?

    Just as many people agree with Murphy as disagree. I want a bazooka to protect my home. Although I’ll be missing a wall or two including my neighbor’s car if I were to use my favorite weapon. But, why can’t I have a bazooka?? Is 2A the reason that should allow me to have a bazooka?

  34. I wouldnt miss any of my AR’s if they were banned, because I wouldnt be getting rid of any of them.

  35. now what is really funny these people don’t even know what the second amendment is even for so til they do i believe they should stay out of weapons control unless they want to make themselves more of a target then there mouths already are

  36. LOL!!! A Typical LIBERAL NEUROTIC. Ok ban the AR15 Killers will just improvise, overcome and adapt. leaving the American Citzen unarmed when the killer marches into a church, McDOnalds, Mall with a FLAMETHROWER……HOW ABOUT A FEW GRENADES, SODIUM CYANIDE IN A SMALL TOWN DRINKWATER SUPPLY?……ALL EASTERN LIBERAL STATES ARE a&^HOLES

  37. Senator Murphy you ignorant ass, what makes you think criminals won’t be able to get their hands on a AR-15 if they are band? You ever heard of the black market you should have your gun laws have created it.

  38. “Mark N. says:
    March 20, 2019 at 16:27
    A ban of all semiautomatics would likely force a bunch of firearms manufacturers out of business. Only the large companies that make revolvers (or have the capacity) and bolt action rifles, single shot rifles and shotguns, and pump shotguns would survive.”

    Now, if we can first eliminate all or the majority of criminal street violence that we have now have, maybe the above can be applied. Could this be possible? Maybe through a change in Constitutional Law?

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