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Emergency personnel wait with stretchers at the emergency entrance to Orlando Regional Medical Center hospital for the arrival of patients from the scene of a fatal shooting at Pulse Orlando nightclub in Orlando, Fla., Sunday, June 12, 2016. (AP Photo/Phelan M. Ebenhack)

In the aftermath of the Pulse nightclub massacre in Orlando homophobia will hit the spotlight. There will be some on the fringe who feel the killing was justified. It was not. More the point, it doesn’t matter. This attack is proof — if proof is needed — that the LGBT community is a target for homicidal fury. And proof isn’t needed.

The gay community has been subjected to homophobic violence since…forever. If you’ve got a target on your back, the best thing to do is have a firearm on your person.

Will the gay community finally wake up to this simple fact and arm themselves in their own defense? Or will it cling to its liberal anti-gun bias and continue to suffer the consequences?

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DeSantis Gunhide Question of the Day: Move Towards A Threat?">Previous Post
DeSantis Gunhide Question of the Day: What's Your Barbecue Gun?">Next Post


    • In my neighborhood, about half the houses—gay and straight—are armed. My next door neighbors spoke candidly about defending themselves with a firearm against a robber who mistakenly thought they’d be easy prey. They weren’t and aren’t. But, then, this is Texas.

      It’s become almost trite to say this, but if only there had been had been one armed person who knew how to shoot in that club, lives would have been saved. It’s only a matter of time before a terrorist attacks the wrong group of people . . . It takes time to kill 50 people. Where were the cops?

    • What I support is the FBI doing their job with these Muslim radicals. The Pink Pistols are just fine without my “support”, whatever that is.

  1. I should hope so.

    Gays around the world aren’t allowed to arm themselves; let alone identify as LGBT for fear of death. LGBT people in the US can both arm themselves and be openly gay. I hope they appreciate those facts and arm up.

  2. Maybe a few but most will not. Frankly, they treat anti-gay violence the same way they treat AIDS — just part of the lifestyle.

  3. Not only arm, but go into the gun business, from my experience. Two friends now own a gun range. One, that I have seen, well, he’s a fantastic shot.

  4. Well, the Jews have a much longer exposure to oppression and very few of them (Reform and Conservative anyway) have gotten a clue, so I don’t have high hopes for this group.

    Dan Bongino talks about a “facts vaccine” and I think that he has something there.

    How anyone (not just an anti-rights person) can say that having a gun can’t possible help and then follow that “statement” with something about calling the police (you know, the people with guns) and waiting to be rescued is beyond my comprehension.

    • ^ This!!!

      A person who says “guns just make the situation worse” — and then call on police to use their guns to make the situation better — are operating on pure emotion. If their emotion says, “Guns are icky!”, they won’t arm up no matter how many of them die at the hands of mass murderers.

  5. Why support the Pink Pistols specifically? I support each individual adult American taking responsibility for their own protection. I don’t give a damm which sex, race, religious following or sexual orientation. I don’t care that it was a gay club.

    • You could support them in the sense of backing them on social media. They’re a single-issue 2A group and they’re friendlies on the battlefield. It’s all about victim politics anyway. The counter to Demunists exploiting violence against gays for gun bans can be exploiting violence against gays to fight gun bans.

      Conservatives/patriots tend to stand on principal, but that only slows down the vandals. Better to use their own strategy against them.

  6. It takes guts to fight. Some gays have guts in abundance. Some don’t. Gays who reach enlightenment, like the Pink Pistols, will tool up. Most won’t.

  7. Beats me-if they vote D I don’t care. BTW if it’s a GFZ “what difference does it make-at this time?”

  8. I’m cis-gendered, but I did join the local chapter of the Pink Pistols on Fbook after reading about what happened. Lame show of support, I know. I wanted to maybe donate to their cause, haven’t found out how yet.
    Thinkin about upgrading my CCW from a 380 to a 9. Might actually get a pink one. Real men aren’t uncomfortable wearing pink. ?

    • Stu, I respect your choices, but I’m not really sure what “support” is, means or accomplishes. I perfectly understand what upgrading from .380 to 9 mm accomplishes. And rock on with your future pink pistol.

        • 10mm?
          Not within a crowd.
          Firing a 10mm within a crowd be default violates the 4th Rule of Gun Safety.

          Always be sure of the people behind your target.

          A 10mm could easily go through two people.

        • 100 people got shot. Over-penetrating a terrorist isn’t my biggest concern.

  9. Some of us didn’t need this to happen to start carrying long before now. Just wish someone there had been carrying, illegal or not. Hell, the reason I started carrying was not because I was primarily concerned about a terrorist attack, or a violent robbery, but worried about a gay bashing attack, something generally done by white republican males. So there’s that. But this, as a gay American with a valid carry permit, does stir up something in me.

    • ” worried about a gay bashing attack, something generally done by white republican males.”

      Citation please.

      Seriously. Today is a good day to examine cognitive dissonance.

      I’m glad you made the choice to carry for your own personal protection…to be ready against any attacker.

      But you really need to see that in contemporary America, white Republican males are not your enemy as a group. White R males here on this site have been OPENLY supportive of ALL groups of Americans tooling up for personal responsibility for YEARS. Some of us could even be classified as ‘redneck.’

      The D’s and SJW’s are your enemy…they are the ones lying to you every time they open their mouths. They are the ones using you and your life to further their own personal, selfish causes. This incident proves what we have been saying for a very, very long time. They will sell you out as soon as your cause/rights come in conflict with another they are more aligned with.

      Suggested Reading:

  10. NO! The question is, when is the gay crowd going to stop voting for democrats who are trying to disarm everybody? Arming ones self is a personal choice. But voting is a societal choice. The people the gay crowd routinely vote for, are the same people/politicians who are letting gay hating/gay killing Muslims into this country in record numbers. Dumb.

  11. What does being queer have anything to do with being a pacifist? Might as well replace LGBT with Zionists, Blacks, or any other group of discriminated people. It’s just too bad that the majority of the LGBT community subscribes to the Progressive/Communist policy of civilian disarmament and obedience.

  12. It wouldn’t matter if they do arm themselves. Last I checked you can’t carry and drink. I don’t know anyone who goes to a club a doesn’t drink. So they’d be unarmed anyway!

    • “I don’t know anyone who goes to a club a doesn’t drink. “

      (1) Depends on the State. Some States have a BAC one has to stay below to remain ‘legal.’

      (2) You have never heard of a Designated Driver?

      (3) Next attack on gays by a Muslim might not be at a “club” where drinking is the main activity (cf California incident where dude was apparently staking out a parade on a city street).

      Your comment is ridiculous as an argument against homosexuals arming themselves.

  13. No, they will try to disarm everyone else.

    It’s easier to believe an impossible thing than actually do anything.

  14. Jews and gays share a history of persucution and violence against them. I’m always amazed when a jew is anti gun. After this I will be equally amazed when gay folks are.

    • Very interesting book about how most of the well to do and highly liberal Jewish were thee first ones to evacuate to the USA and other places, while the less fortunate jewish citizens were often the ones who suffered during the holocaust.

      This would truly play into the idea that thise who fled early were/are the precessors to weinstein / feinstein / and many if our ACLU lawyers. (GENERALIZATION) They did not suffer like all the others and never had to grow thick skin as compared to the rest of Europe’s jews and minorities.

    • Assassinated San Francisco city council member Harvey Milk was a gay gun owner. He outed the gay hero who saved President Ford from a crazy woman shooter in San Francisco in the middle 1970s.
      Milk said ever gay person should have a gun for self defense. I watched him say this to a SF TV station reporter. She was so surprised to hear him say this. I have been looking for this video to post it. So far I have not found it.
      Unfortunately after his death the homosexual political movement became anti gun, anti liberty.

  15. As someone who the category of “gay / transgender” and owns a good number of firearms…

    It’s more of a question to me whether urban areas will see a larger number of legal firearm owners. Not just homosexuals, it’s largely urban areas which see disarmament.

  16. Being anti-gun has next to nothing with being gay, at least around here. I know an openly gay guy who also leads an ACW reenactment group and is one of the most heavily tooled up people I’ve ever met.

  17. Shooter obviously attacked a soft target. Clubs are usually gun free zones, even equipped with metal detectors, and CC not permitted where alcohol is served. Apparently the only resistance he met was the off-duty cop working security. Gun free zones are great idea if you can absolutely guarantee compliance.

  18. Will they arm themselves? No. Probably not. As a group, they’re far too brainwashed in the progressive/left cult ideology.

    I do know at least one that WILL be armed: my daughter.

    When she’s old enough to legally own and carry a gun, I’ll make sure she has one…if she doesn’t get herself one first. She’s no hoplophobe. I taught her to shoot, and she’ll get me in gear if she thinks it’s been too long since she’s been to the range. Although it’s hard for her to see out of the progressive thought bubble sometimes (since literally everyone her age and orientation is in it), she knows that her right to protect her own life is more important than any high-sounding rhetoric.

    I’ve thought about trying to re-establish our area’s long-defunct chapter of the Pink Pistols, but I don’t think it’d get any real traction. On the other hand, you don’t know if you don’t try. Maybe now is the time.

  19. Paraphrasing the BlogFather:
    I look forward to the day when gay people keep their guns in the closet, not themselves.

    Paraphrasing myself on TTAG:
    I look forward to the day when the gay, Wiccan couple with a chapel in the woods, and the hetero Christian couple they just refused to marry can have a raucous, friendly caliber wars argument while open-carrying in Starbucks … and nobody notices or cares.

    On this event:
    I look forward to the day when the folks who want to keep gay people unarmed, so their only choice of protection is patronage, get the scorn they deserve. Extortion is reprehensible, doubly-so when orchestrated by government policy.

  20. “There will be some on the fringe who feel the killing was justified.”

    This may be true in the West, but it’s not true of the Muslim world.

    Looking at polling data out of the Muslim world suggests that this targeted killing is likely supported by more than half of the Muslim population who believe in Sharia and that homosexuals should be killed. Averaging the data from Pew we find that ~56% of Muslims think this way. It’s also useful to note that we don’t have data on this sort of thing from Saudi Arabia, Oman, Iran, Yemen, the UAE, Bahrain or Qatar meaning that the number is probably even higher since these are the homes of less tolerant types of Islam.

    Sorry, that’s not flaming, that’s a fact backed by polling data.

  21. I have had many gay friends and colleagues throughout the years, but have not attended solely gay events. I see the problem of vulnerability to attack as being not so much a gay problem, more an urban liberal problem, gays being the “shock troops” and litmus test of the liberal mindset. Unfortunately, we do not live in a liberal utopia, and homophobes have and will continue to see gays as the most offensive aspect of modern liberal life, and also the easiest targets to attack. The presence of fundamentalist extremists of all persuasions is a fact of life. Armed self protection is even more necessary than ever before, and this should be acknowledged and accepted by all liberals, gays especially. The events of last night paint this in unmistakable colors. This simple realization will be resisted by Democrat liberals to the utmost, as it conflicts with their stated agenda of civilian disarmament. Such is the logical disconnect in modern life. It would be a tragedy if this event should propel Hillary Clinton to an insurmountable lead in the Presidential race. It is up to the gay community to decide what they need to do for their own self preservation, and all armed Americans should offer them as much help and support as possible. This was an evil act committed by a fanatic sponsored by Saudi Arabian fundamentalism, and this should not be forgotten nor forgiven. America should disentangle itself from dependence on Saudi oil, and their leaders prosecuted for financing ISIL and other terrorists.

  22. The answer, unfortunately, is a resounding no. Over the past thirty years, the gay community has stopped calling for the destruction of the oppressive state and has instead begun seeking to have that same state protect them. Having finally achieved much of the acceptance they have been demanding, they have a vested interest in keeping the state strong. Which includes ensuring that its monopoly on violence remains unchallenged, because now it’s on their side. Arming themselves would undermine that argument. More to the point, it would remind them of their ongoing vulnerability and responsibilities. And most of all, it would be an acknowledgment that the fight for equality and even existence never ends.

    A previous commentor mentioned that Harvey Milk was a gun owner, even if that fact is not widely discussed. At least many LGBT people today know who Milk was. The very first gay rights activist in the United States, however, is a completely forgotten figure within the gay community. Her name was Emma Goldman, and as an anarchist, she completely rejected the idea that the state could or should protect gays. Because government was not itself good, she said, it could not be used to make people good. She spent her life defying the state, which she regarded as the enemy of gays and lesbians. And yet in her day she was the only person in the country to speak up for them. If today’s gay community can conveniently forget her existence because her radicalism does not fit in with their goals of acceptance and conformity, how can they be expected to acknowledge Milk’s self-reliance? That is the ironic sacrifice they now have to make: attacked because of their identity, they must cut themselves off from their history, which is part of their identity, in order to plead for protection from people that their predecessors at Stonewall would have spit on. Terrifying.

    • You forgot to mention that Emma Goldman called for people to be killed that she disagreed with, and called for their private property to be taken. Just as Muslim imam leaders call for gays to be killed, she made speeches motivating people to kill as well.
      As a foreigner she was kicked out of america along with other aliens who hated america just as they hated the home country they came from.
      She was a fan of Margaret Sander and eugenics.
      Are you saying a broken clock is right twice a day?

      “On September 6, 1901, Leon Czolgosz, an unemployed factory worker and registered Republican with a history of mental illness, shot US President William McKinley twice during a public speaking event in Buffalo, New York. McKinley was hit in the breastbone and stomach, and died eight days later.[62] Czolgosz was arrested, and interrogated around the clock. During interrogation he claimed to be an Anarchist and said he had been inspired to act after attending a speech held by Goldman”.

  23. Remember when we used to get all worked up about radical fringe Christians holding up signs that said ‘God hates gays’? Ah yes, the Bush years…

  24. The Pink Pistols is a LGBT pro NRA group from, I believe, the San Francisco Bay Area.

    The came out against LtGov Newsom’s, and others, attempts to initiate harsher gun controls. They were subsequently slammed by Newsom and others as dupes of the NRA. Apparently, Newsom and the rest of the Dems are OK with LGBT as long as they tow the party line and vote Dem.

  25. The question and some comments telegraph a serious misconception. The “gay community” is not a monolith. It’s become much more diverse as we LGBTs have become accepted into mainstream society. Herd protection was the norm decades ago, but no longer. LGBT organizations have dwindled as a result. Some still tout the “oppressed minority” theme to justify their existence despite opinion polls showing a sea change in public attitudes. And of course, self-appointed, self-important LGBT “leaders” desperately cling to LGBT apartheid.

    I’m a lifetime NRA member and have multiple instructor certifications. Ditto for at least a dozen other LGBTs I’ve met at various area events. Top Shot champion Chris Cheng is a superb marksman who incidentally happens to be gay.

    San Jose (CA) Pink Pistols (SJPP) celebrated it’s 10 year anniversary this year. I shoot with SJPP because I enjoy the men and women at the events. Attendees are very safety conscious and friendly. Probably about half are straight, but tough to tell. Nobody cares about sexual orientation. We’re there to shoot – not hookup.

    LGBTs are roughly 7% of the population; I worry about the other 93%. Fostering a welcoming environment for everyone is essential to increasing participation in our sport and dispelling misconceptions. That’s what keeps me engaged and attracts others – regardless of sexual orientation.

    • While growing up in Sacramento in the 1970s, before there were the pink pistols, I watched the Log Cabin Republicans support the second amendment and also said welfare was damaging to people.
      They gave money to Ronald Reagan and he was glad to get it. Reagan said they supported his ideas.
      Reagan also had his and Nancy gay male Hollywood couple friends, sleep over at the white house in the Lincoln Bedroom, I think in 1985.
      He said they were “married” longer than any couple they knew. His announcement and their appearance together on the white house lawn made quite a stir in the press.
      I don’t remember their names.


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