I don’t really have a “barbecue gun” – a fancy schmancy pistol that you open carry at a barbecue to show friends and family that you’re a man of wealth and taste. I wear my Wilson Combat X-TAC Commander-sized 1911 same as always. But you know what? I’m thinking of swapping that out for the Texas edition SIG SAUER gifted to me by a good friend. Only I haven’t shot it yet. Safe queen on the hip? Not hip. That’s my take (to the barbecue). What’s yours? Oh and don’t drink to excess and carry, even in your own backyard.

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  1. My future plan is a brushed silver 1911 or P229 in 9mm, in a brown leather holster of reputable quality. 1911 can be bought that way, or I’ll Cerakote the 229

  2. So much fail here, a block of smouldering wood on a gas grill? Internal temperature of about 225* (only needs to be about 190*)? Plus, everybody knows you never BBQ a plastic gun, you should always go with a cheaper gun with more fat (something like a Mosin)if you don’t want a dry, stringy gun at the end of the cook. And don’t even get me started on the choice of beer, something from “murica not good enough?

  3. At our family reunion you have to bring your whole arsenal. I don’t care how fancy it is no one is going to be impressed with just one.

  4. I don’t have one, but if I did it would be a ridiculous revolver like a .460 or .500 S&W in a chest rig over my “kiss the cook” apron.

  5. Don’t have one. Thanks to the lovely economic factors of recent years, my best weapons are a Kalashnikov clone, a Cz 75 clone, and H&R’s Chinese ripoff of the 870.
    That, a few mil-surps, and a few other odds and ends.
    Nothing to write home about.

  6. Before I read what Peter W said above, “it would be a ridiculous revolver like a .460 or .500 S&W,” I was thinking my stainless PT-92 with faux pearl grips (AKA my “Pimp Gun”) or stainless 1911 with purple Hogue grips. His thinking reminded me of my “Yosemite Sam Gun”… a Taurus Judge with 6” barrel!

  7. I don’t barbeque any more, but if I did, it’d be an 1861 Colt .36 cap and ball or an 1873 Colt SAA in .357 (both are clones) in a hand carved Purdy Gear Sacramento Rose Slim Jim holster and belt that I should be getting right in time for my birthday next month.


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