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“A ‘reap what you sow’ tweet from Texas Lt. Governor Dan Patrick that went out hours after approximately 50 people were killed at a Florida LGBT nightclub has been deleted amid backlash,” Houston’s reports. “At precisely 7 a.m. Sunday Dan Patrick tweeted a photo with the words of Galatians 6:7. The verse reads, ‘Do not be deceived: God cannot be mocked. A man reaps what he sows.'”

Allen Blakemore with Patrick’s office told the Dallas Morning News that the tweet was prescheduled and not a reaction to the shooting, noting, “This was certainly not done with any fore knowledge of the events of the day.”

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    • I think he’s stating a universal truth, whether he had knowledge of the shooting or not. Apparently you’re only allowed to speak ill of women, christians, the LGBT community, etc… if you’re muslim. Fear the future.

      • I’m perfectly willing to grant that it was pre-scheduled. And however one feels about the sentiment under normal circumstances, the way the timing worked out gives the impression that it’s in response to the attack. If it were, it would be repugnant. As I said, I’ll accept the explanation, but this is the kind of thing that gives me pause about religion generally.

        Christianity and Islam aren’t that different in the texts. What’s different is there are almost no Christians who do not accept Enlightenment values such as individual rights, equality, rule of law, while huge numbers of Muslims do not. That’s why while there’s some crazy stuff in the Bible, you don’t see any Christians acting it on it.

        • They are quite apposed in fact. The most important difference can be summed up in one short phrase. “Jesus loves me, this I know. For the Bible tells me so”

    • Somehow, I doubt the Lt. Gov. has that label of Intel on future events. That said, not an inappropriate passage when applied to the killer, as I’m sure you’d agree.

      • Considering that everyone of these Sunday bible tweets have a different background and is relevant to the content of the tweet I am willing to believe it was pre-scheduled. This doesn’t appear to be something that he or his staff put together last minute early in the morning after he heard about the attack.

    • Appears to be a verse from an ancient book of children’s stories, which did not translate well. As such, it does not mean anything, the result is gibberish, some man will use it to tell you what he wants you to do (for him).

      I am ashamed to say he is an elected official in my state. I will donate in the attempt to relieve him of his office so that he can spend full time alone with his delusions.

        • Dear M. Woodcock,
          A simple, straight forward, two paragraph post. Each, easy to understand on its own.
          EVERY religion has those that would use “god’s word” to grift or accomplish some other larceny and self indulgent goal. That is historically and factually correct.

  1. You let crazy Muslims run around unchecked and you get terror attacks. Funny how that works.

    Once again. Trump was right.

    • Liberals don’t believe in cause and effect or actions and consequences. That’s why their theories never pan out in the real world.

      • Actually, they do believe in cause and effect, for they believe if they say a lie often enough, eventually, people will believe them. They believe if they confiscate guns from the people, eventually, the people must capitulate to their rule.

  2. Instead of healing our country in a prayer, I recall the late fat ass Jerry Farwell, leader of the moral majority, said of 9/11, God was punishing the gays, feminist and America.

  3. This “incident”certainly illustrates a couple truths

    “stupid people in stupid places doing stupid things”.
    “nothing good happens after midnight”

    A coven of queers in their bar at 2am and a mohammadan wackjob shows up.

    • In Israel the terrorists also target cafes during lunch time in Tel Aviv. Is that a stupid place?

      This time it was a gay and lesbian club. Next time it might be a mall on Black Friday, or your popular lunch spot in New York City.

    • And no one has yet seemed to notice, 300 adults present and not one armed? THAT is the problem! The police ran away, then were ordered to stay away and hide behind their vehicles, while no one inside was armed except the whackjob. Yet talking heads say his successful shooting of over 100 unarmed innocents proves he was “trained”. BS, I could have accomplished his feat when I was 12, with absolute zero training.

    • When we all ask ourselves why there isn’t more support for gun ownership in America we should all take a moment to look back at this guy’s comment. Then imagine we are a gay person looking into self defense after this tragedy and think of what our reaction would be.

  4. I generally post a Bible verse or a quote from an ancient Church father on most Sundays. That doesn’t mean I’m reacting to the latest news event. Many times I post the verse or quote before I check other news. This may have been the same scenario.

  5. If it was unitentional should have apologized I think it was just politician being an idiot hope he loses his job. All Americans have right to feel safe .

    • All Americans have a right to…. Carry for self defense and maintain there own safety. “Feels” are for Obama and his friends.

    • Freedom is the Right to offend. 1st Amendment, U.S. Constitution.

      He doesn’t need to apologize. Enough of the PC crap.

      If you need an apology here’s your number: 1-800-CRY-BABY.

  6. First I was hoping the shooting wasn’t the work of a fanatic anti-gay Christian. Then, I was hoping that someone in the Christian community would not make a statement like that.
    Consider the attack Christians have been under by the LGBT community it’s easy to get frustrated but we can’t sink to that level.

  7. There’s no mention of homosexuality in Galatians. That verse, Galatians 6:7, is routinely quoted as an inspirational verse. I’ve seen it dozens of times. There’s nothing “anti-gay” about it.

    • The sermon at my church Sunday morning was on galatians 6:7. It was a recorded video from the pastor at an affiliate church out of state.

      I’m an atheist and I never connected the sermon with the current events. Unlike most in the media, even bloggers, real people aren’t news junkies that frame their thoughts and actions on current events from the time they awaken each morning.

  8. Do homosexual politicians who support civilian disarmament and their voters who support them have any responsibility?

  9. Have you no sense of decency, sir!? Have you no heart, no empathy, no sense of compassion or decorum? Have you!? Are you not a human being!?


    Perhaps the Lt Governor is also remembering the government orders of a nazi/communist homosexual mayor of Houston Texas, Annise Parker who demanded the papers of pastors who made speeches in private buildings called churches. She had city government lawyers subpoena their sermons for her review.
    The homosexual political leadership has a problem in general with the US constitution and specifically with the 1st amendment.


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