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There’s been a lot of talk about patriotism lately, what with San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick refusing to stand during the National Anthem. Last night, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton accused her Republican rival of being unpatriotic for asserting the Russian President Vladimir Putin was a better leader than President Obama.

desantis blue logo no back 4 smallWikipedia says patriotism is “an emotional attachment to a nation which an individual recognizes as their homeland.” Too broad. I consider anyone who supports and defends the U.S. Constitution to be an American patriot. A document that includes the Second Amendment.

So, can gun control advocates — people who constantly bleat “I support the Second Amendment but–” — be patriotic? Nope. Not in my eyes. Civilian disarmament is unpatriotic. It leads to the destruction of all the liberties that make this country worth loving and defending. Kneeling during the National Anthem? A disgrace but not a disqualification. Agree on either count?

DeSantis Gunhide Question of the Day: Is "Gun Violence" A "Sign of Cultural and Spiritual Unraveling?"">Previous Post
DeSantis Gunhide Question of the Day: What Gun(s) Would You Buy With Unlimited Money?">Next Post


  1. For the average American who thinks they support gun control, I consider them uninformed more than unpatriotic, so long as they’re willing to have a reasonable discourse about their stance. If not, then yes, unpatriotic. Politicians who should know better, but want to undermine the Second anyway? Hell yes they’re unpatriotic.

    • I think your distinction between the two groups is a good one. Many of the supporters of gun control are clueless followers. They buy into the “reasonable gun measures are necessary to stop the violence” rhetoric that the politicians and media feed them. The leaders of the movement, on the other hand, are fully aware that they are attempting to undermine the Constitution and personal liberty. They deserve our scorn and contempt.

    • “For the average American who thinks they support gun control, I consider them uninformed more than unpatriotic”

      I respectfully disagree. And having been one of the uninformed masses now converted, and having served in the military for 13 years, I now consider such people as traitors.

      traitor – a person who betrays a friend, country, principle, etc.:

      It is each citizens RESPONSIBILITY to be informed and involved. Those who abdicate those responsibilities are traitors. Those who are elected and CHOOSE to ignore those responsibilities should be shot. Imagine what our government would be like if we actually held those whom we elect accountable to their oath of office.

      • Which is why I qualified it further about a willingness to have a discussion about their stance. If they won’t have a discussion, then it’s willful ignorance and not becoming of an American citizen, and thus by extension unpatriotic. I have known individuals who were initially so-called supports of gun control, but changed their positions after educating themselves. I wouldn’t suggest someone who doesn’t know any better, is unpatriotic. They just haven’t had an opportunity to become a patriot.

      • Gman and Warren both have good points.

        Consider one extreme:
        A child growing up in the ghetto with no father and a teen mother would realistically have no exposure to the concept of a citizen’s duty to be informed and involved. And they would most likely be consumed with simple survival, quite often wondering when there will be food in the cupboards again.

        Now consider the other extreme:
        A child growing up in a nice middle or upper class neighborhood with reasonably attentive father and mother — especially in decent schools — most definitely has exposure to the concept of a citizen’s duty to be informed and involved. And they would have no reason to be concerned about food in the cupboards.

        • Well that is where idealy the schools would come to educate them on the need for civics, but sadly they have been infected by marxism and have to replaced by school choice/vouchers.

          As for the poverty, end “free trade”, as to bring back great jobs and end mass immigration as to protect wages and decrees cost of living.

    • We are in a fight for nothing less than the soul of our nation. Gun control is a symbolic reference point (there are others) for the cultural divide that defines the conflict. That “other side” seeks to redefine the meaning of both the US Constitution and the Bill Of Rights. So, yes, gun controllers are unpatriotic.

  2. “Kneeling during the National Anthem? A disgrace but not a disqualification.”

    Disagree. There are respectful avenues of civil disobedience that do not insult others. Promoting such divisions and derision unnecessarily is a the mark of an anarchist, not a patriot. A true patriot conducts their protests and makes their point without denigrating others like Kaepernick did by wearing socks that depict pigs as police. that action was dissent over the rule of law which no true patriot would do. You might disdain those in power, but you cannot throw out the rule of law.

    • The government is not the country. The general populace makes up a country, and if government decides to have a set of rules for us plebs and a looser set of rules for themselves then the “rule of law” does not reflect morality or respect civil rights, as it is in every country where the normies are disarmed, and soon will be here under Queen Hillary. Have fun with your “thin blue line” bumper stickers when the Dems’ fat blue line busts down your door, shoots your dog and your family, and hauls you off for being a white, Christian, middle-class, registered-Republican, cishet male gun-owner or whatever reason they decide to make up. Urban cops and federal cops do not like the idea of plebs defending themselves, and will do exactly as their masters tell them.

      • You are confusing the “rule of law” with “law enforcement”: not the same thing. I get your point and it has some validity especially in anti-gun large metro areas such as in California, but I think you are arguing absolutes when the issue is shades of nuanced gray. The LEOs were I live support the right to carry and are among my neighbors. Sounds like you live in a different crowded hostile world. Sorry mate.

      • RESPECT MY AUTHORITAH! How dare you take care of and think for yourself. Obey serve grovel worship
        I am your new god…:-P

    • Have you never heard of the first amendment? To call someone a traitor for expressing an opinion you don’t like is the epitome of someone who doesn’t care about the Constitution, which brings you perilously colose to being the traitor you despise so much. How dare you express an opinion contrary to the Constitution!

      • There’s an important distinction to make here. Americans who publish culturally masochistic articles in the paper, burn the flag, paint pictures glorifying historical Com Bloc personalities, etc are engaging in free speech. In fact, Penn and Teller’s live flag burning gig spoke volumes to the importance of the 1st Amendment, as they intended.

        Look at Bill Ayers, Gov Moonbeam in Cali, those in the Obama admin, and the SJW insurgency forming mobs on college campuses. These people actively take steps to undermine and destoy the Bill of Rights by threatening those who wish to exercise them with legislative punishment and mob intimidation. Such behavior is treason, full stop, and those responsible should be arrested and/or expelled from their respective political and academic institutions.

        • If it does not celebrate and Support Societal Agreement, then it ain’t sh_t. When do consequences kick-in? F the 1st if it means anything goes, AND IT DOES NOT. At what un-refracted thin slice of spectrum of light does your stupid free speech spill over into someone else’s need to F U Up? How many slices do you get? [like you got a choice].

          Burning the flag is up to you, but it should be treated for what it is, and that is, an Act of War. Have all the free speech you want, someone might have to kill you for it, but go-ahead.

          Plus, freedom of speech is (like all other ‘rights’ recited [not guaranteed] in the Bill of Rights) only FREEDOM FROM GOVERNMENT. Try to exercise some crazy “free speech” crap in front of my kid, and I’ll likely down-you.

          We can play this stupid game together until either of us chooses to stop. There may or may-not be indications of when that happens. Never expect just “tough love”, hell, don’t even just expect “Daddy’s home and he’s been drinking”. Expect the last straw to have already broken the camel’s back, on the 3rd strike, under a blue moon, over a frozen hell. You’ll be safer.

  3. Of course gun control advocates are patriotic. I’m sure they absolutely love their country (I’m assuming their country is not America.)

    • You make a really good point. Perhaps Hillary really is patriotic after all and since she likes Australia and their form of gun control, perhaps that should be her country. Maybe she should take that big new jet and go there, this country would be much better off!

    • ” I’m sure they absolutely love their country (I’m assuming their country is not America.)”

      They love their country the same way O.J. Simpson loved Nicole Brown.

      (Shamelessly stolen from Ann Coulter)

  4. They are people who feel that resistance to tyranical forces is useless. They aren’t just unpatriotic, they’re cowards too.

  5. Without guns, there would be no America. If you can’t support the actions of the patriots who made this country – and the weapons that allowed them to act – then you are not a patriot yourself.

  6. It’s my opinion that we we gun owners should embrace a strong push on the offensive and not just a strong defense, on a personal level that is.
    It doesn’t happen very often to me, but if someone makes anti-gun comments to me, my attitude is quite strong now in the defense of our rights. I think in the future if someone makes idiotic anti comments directed at myself, I may say something like….that’s some pretty unpatriotic crap you’re spewing.

  7. Just because they hate guns, gun owners and the Constitution doesn’t make them unpatriotic.

    Just because they won’t secure the nation’s borders doesn’t make them unpatriotic.

    Just because they place the interests of illegal aliens above the interests of citizens doesn’t make them unpatriotic.

    Just because they consider Americans to be lazy and stupid doesn’t make them unpatriotic.

    Does it?

  8. Related thing: Like a lot of people I have taken an oath to uphold the Constitution, all of it. It doesn’t violate the oath to try to change the constitution, but violates it to undermine it. If Hillary wins, I don’t know how she can legitimately take the oath of office.

  9. Patriotism, like religion, is a tool used by the few to manipulate the many.
    Add it to the long list of threatening words used to command soft minds: racist, homophobic, sexist, unpatriotic.

    Don’t get me wrong, if some soft minds can be manipulated away from trying to disarm me by being called “unpatriotic” I’m all for it. The parameters of our lives are dictated by fools with soft with minds for they are numerous.

  10. The question is question begging. Who defines what patriotism is? It is determined by one’s values so lets just get straight to those instead of trying to invoke tribal loyalty.

    BTW am I the only one that thinks an M1A is a better accompaniment to the stars & stripes? I guess the DoD and mall ninjas dumped enough money into the AR platform that it “deserves” to be up there – Murica.

    • Well, the AR-15, while not perfect, is an excellent platform, and America’s favorite semi-automatic rifle for a reason. More importantly, no other gun strikes as much fear into the hearts of the antis (who seek to undermine America). So, as a display of patriotism, yes. Though I do agree that the M1A is the quintessential American battle rifle.

  11. jwtaylor nailed it: Of course gun control advocates are patriotic. I’m sure they absolutely love their country (I’m assuming their country is not America.)

    Noting that there are two countries squares the contradiction with this from the article: Wikipedia says patriotism is “an emotional attachment to a nation which an individual recognizes as their homeland.”

    The US is a covenental exercise in republican self government. One of the foundational records of that covenant is the US Constitution: it’s a partnership agreement in republican self-government, among the citizens. (The argument that: “I never signed on.” is specious, and juvenile.)

    By constantly taking a run at other citizens, the defining charters of this nation, and the way to amend the charter found in the charter itself, the “No guns for you!” folks demonstrate they are not so emotionally attached to this charter, the notion of republican self-government, or the rest of us. A republican nation is its people, and the no-gunners don’t like most of us very much. Yet, clearly they are attached to something else, and some other bunch(es) of people.

    The “No guns for you!” crowd may have any degree of attachment to grand notions of human progress, to North America’s fields and mountains, or to a nearby shrubbery. (A nice one.) Or they may be very attached to their care-taking of the herd of hapless others that make up “the nation” of their lessers.

    None of his is republican self-government. They’re not in love with that notion, or us. They’re in love with something else.

    From Bertold Brecht’s Die Losung (Trans: “The Solution”)

    Would it not be easier
    In that case for the government
    To dissolve the people
    And elect another?

  12. Professional civilian disarmers, like politicians and full time activists, are worse than unpatriotic. They’re treasonous.

    The clueless coworkers, idiot in-laws, or overwrought others whom we’ve all encountered, all clamoring for common sense this or that, are fools, but not necessarily unpatriotic.

    With their uncritical support of unprincipled leaders, they’ll end up doing more damage to America than our overt enemies. That probably says more about the overrating of patriotism, though, than anybody’s lack of it.

    Jackwagons disrespecting the anthem and flag with their casual, no-cost protests are just posers, self-loathers, and ingrates. Patriotism doesn’t even enter into it. They’re incredibly selfish and angry people lashing out at whatever is convenient. To call them unpatriotic would be to elevate their asinine antics to something based on an actual principle, albeit a misguided one. They don’t deserve that much credit.

    • +1. That Käpernick clown refused to stand for the national anthem because:
      1. He sucks at football
      2. He de$perately want$ more attention$.

      • I agree that it is inflammatory slactivism at its finest, but I wonder: if he didn’t suck at football and was actively involved in trying to address or otherwise aide his cause (financially, or with volunteering), would his actions have been more justified?

  13. I feel like I covered this yesterday in my rant.

    Looks, everyone is free to have thier own opinion based on morals, ethics or whatever. However when it comes to public policy your opinions and preferences don’t mean anything. The question is what the best public policy is. History shows disarmament isn’t good public policy.

    I’m sure some grabbers don’t like this country. I’m sure others do and are simply misguided.

    You can be patriotic in your own mind, loving the country, and still be uninformed or just a general fuckwit.

  14. I agree with a lot of what y’all are saying. Specifically that your average Joe who is uninformed on the issue as a whole and doesn’t bother to look into things more deeply on their own. These people are not necessarily unpatriotic. They’ve just been conditioned to believe that the 2A and gun control can co-exist; just like they’ve been conditioned to believe that the govt cares about them, they can do anything they want blah blah blah. If you were to spend 10 mins speaking with them about the importance of the 2A they would agree with you, but then totally reverse themselves after speaking with a gun-control nut. They can’t/won’t make up their own mind. Some simply have fundamentally different views on the world, government, human nature than we do. Of course being anti-gun shows a profound misinterpretation, ignorance or dismissal of recorded human history and behavior. That being said, the professional politicians, SJW and all the others are treasonous/unpatriotic.

    Nobody should be 100% loyal to their gov’t. Gov’t is different from your country. How many of us can say we’ve felt 100% loyalty to any administration the country has had? Most of us on this site are loyal to the Constitution and DOI, not the regime. These days it seems like the controllers are loyal to the regime, progressivism and the Democrats- the ones that are are most certainly unpatriotic.

  15. To the people that hate gun and gun owners it is not that they are unpatriotic. But to them the government is the country. Even though they are separate entities so they view anyone that doesn’t fully support the government in every way shape and form as unpatriotic. In fact they view people that oppose the government as traitors that need to be executed as such.

    So to them the extermination of gunowners is OK as they view us as traitors on top of sub human animals that need to be controlled. To them government is country and they feel that the evisceration of our rights by the government is OK because to them the government is the country. We just live in it and should be controlled by the government as subjects.

  16. Unpatriotic POS’ that should be deported to 3rd World Shits Holes where they would fit in a lot better

  17. All these so called Americans should be stripped of their citizenship and issued temporary green cards then deported to Afghanistan upon expiration!
    Boycott the NFL, these assholes are the most un-American MF’ers and as far as dick wad, he’s wasted air on this planet, he has a right supposedly to do this, I have a right not to watch him or buy any of his sponsored products ! I also have the right to protest and the right to call him an ass***e and call him out for degrading my country and casting aspersions of wrong doing on all the Veterans, I fought for this prick’s right, but protesting the way he did he’s stating he in not of this country, for this country or will by this Country ; My dead black brothers in arms are turning over in their graves, Brothers died their not only white ones! show respect for the Dead you Muslim Goat chaser

  18. The United States’ Constitution was designed to be the antithesis of tyranny. Anyone who opposes, perverts or seeks to overthrow the U. S. Constitution and the principles embodied in it is not a Patriot.
    Insofar as that POS quarterback is concerned, the singing of the National Anthem is not an act of approval or disapproval. It is an act of Commitment, Gratitude and Unity to the ideals of America. Disrespecting the Anthem sends a message of rejection of the very principles that dimwit claims to be “protesting” on behalf of. He’s no Patriot. either.

  19. Too broad. I consider anyone who supports and defends the U.S. Constitution to be an American patriot. A document that includes the Second Amendment.
    I think Patrick Henry was correct about the US Constitution to eventually leading to tyranny by collusion; so I may not be very patriotic.
    On the other hand I do support the Constitution much more than the Bolshevik Gun Control Advocates whose goal is a Soviet Socialist State such as Venezuela or North Korea..

  20. That image of an AR laying on the US Flag that is laying on a table is more offensive than what anyone says. It’s not a table cloth it’s OUR flag, it should be treated as such.

    And yes I have handed it to a friend’s mother at his grave side, I understand what it means, the hardest task I have ever done.

    Robert maybe change the image out for something less offensive.

  21. Yes, they’re friggin commies that want to turn is into a socialized police state, how is that NOT unpatriotic?

  22. I agree that a patriot is anyone who supports and defends the U.S. Constitution. Government actors, agents, and representatives that act in accord with the Constitution are legitimate government. Government actors, agents, or representatives who violate the Constitution are guilty of treason, a capital crime. Properly speaking the government is the Constitution. If you seek to overthrow the Constitution you seek to overthrow the government. The government is not the actors, agents, and representatives. The government is the Constitution. It is wrong to call those who seeks to destroy the Constitution “gun control advocates”. There is considerable evidence from these traitor’s own mouths and pens that their goal is the destruction of the Constitution. Everyone knows that the Second Amendment protects the entire Constitution, and no one gets a pass by claiming ignorance. Citizens have a duty to be informed, and choosing to neglect that duty and participate in seditious activities does not exonerate them from their obligations. Ignorance is not a valid defense for any crime, and it is a crime to seek to overthrow the Constitution.
    I’d like to define a few terms:
    Treason: is the offense of acting to overthrow the government, which in the US is the Constitution. Treason in the US is any treachery, disloyalty, or betrayal of the Constitution. According to the US Constitution itself, treason is the crime of levying war against the US or giving aid and comfort to its enemies. The Constitution has many enemies, some of whom are rich and currently attempting to use their riches to wage war on the Constitution. These individuals should be called what they are, tyrants. The well informed will be able to name several of these tyrants. Any citizen who gives aid and comfort, or does the bidding of a tyrant attempting to overthrow the Constitution is a traitor and guilty of treason.
    Traitor: a person who commits treason.
    Sedition: any act, writing, or speech directed against the Constitution, or calculated to bring it into contempt, or incite others to hostility or disaffection.
    No free passes for ignorance
    Patriots need to stop allowing these tyrants to define the terms of their war on the Constitution. These are not gun control advocates. These are traitors who are actively engaged in the overthrow of the Constitution. There is nothing reasonable or common sense about the overthrow of the Constitution. This is all out war against everything a patriot holds dear.

  23. Yeah they suck-as does CK. 19million a year after wonderful white folks adopt your dumbazz. SJW idiot…and anti-gun azzwholes are much worse.

  24. It is his right to remaing seated during the National Anthem, it is my right to refuse to give any of my money to his business. He can wear all the stupid socks he wants, I will keep not giving any support of any kind to him and the NFL.

    It is not illegal to be an asshole. It is also not illegal to call someone being an asshole an asshole. (pardon my french)

  25. No way in hell are gun control supporters patriotic. Not only do they show contempt for the Second, they also disrespect the First, Fourth, Fifth, Seventh, Tenth and Fourteenth Amendments. And they want star chamber proceedings in their proposed no fly no buy laws, When gun control supporters advocate the use of state sponsored violence against gun owners, that is absolutely un-American. People like that should move to a totalitarian state like North Korea or Belarus.

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