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Chicago Officially Surpasses 2015’s Homicides and Shootings Totals

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As of Wednesday, September 7, Chicago’s homicide and shooting numbers surpassed the entirety of a very violent 2015. And 2014, 2013, 2012…all the way back to the late-1990s. And we’ve got nearly four months left in the year. Here in Illinois, we don’t call Chicago “Murder City USA” for nothing.

Hey Jackass reports the 2016-to-date numbers:

Shot & Killed: 465
Shot & Wounded: 2532
Total Shot: 2997
Total Homicides: 516

And for the past three years?

Final 2015 Totals
Shot & Killed: 447
Shot & Wounded: 2559
Total Shot: 2996
Total Homicides: 509

Final 2014 Totals
Shot & Killed: 390
Shot & Wounded: 2229
Total Shot: 2619
Total Homicides: 461

Final 2013 Totals
Shot & Killed: 375
Shot & Wounded: 1810
Total Shot: 2185
Total Homicides: 455

Notice a trend? Chicago’s police chief calls it a “society issue” and not a police issue. Actually, it’s a multifaceted issue. A long sad history of stringent gun control certainly plays a role. How much of a difference does Chicago-style gun control make?

In 2012, Chicago – with its strict gun control laws – had 514 homicides.

Illinois’ second-largest city, Aurora, sits about an hour west of the Windy City. In 2012, Aurora – without Chicago-style gun control – had exactly zero homicides. Not a single one. Go figure.



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  1. Gun control has pretty much nothing to do with it, considering:

    1. The vast majority of the killings are gang on gang violence.
    2. The killings have gone up since the FCCA was passed in mid-2013 which, for the most part, removed Chicago’s gun control.

    • Correct. Given that the CDC study of 2010 and 2011 gun homicides in the US determined that 80% were gang-related and most gang members use illegally-obtained and owned guns, gun control has absolutely nothing to do with it.
      Which is why California despite its draconian gun regulation but with it’s substantial gang problems, has a higher per capita murder rate than…WA, OR, ID, MT, UT, TX, WY, ND, and SD and it tied with AZ.

    • “The killings have gone up since the FCCA was passed in mid-2013 which, for the most part, removed Chicago’s gun control.”

      You don’t really expect the result of decades of societal/legal efforts demonizing guns and gun owners to simply flip like a light switch do you? Think of it more like your oven. If you’ve had it on 475 degrees for two days, you wouldn’t expect the internal temperature to be 70 degrees 5 minutes after you’ve turned it off would you? Chicago will take years to overcome the effects of their policies. That’s why it’s important to chose well on election day.

      • That’s my point, though… what is there to overcome from past policies?

        When there was strict gun control, gang members were killing gang members will illegal guns.

        Now that most of that gun control is gone and private citizens can legally conceal and carry, gang members are still killing gang members with illegal guns.

        • They won’t be taken seriously, since those factoids only apply to the real shit-holes of the country, specifically Chicago. Everywhere else, crime goes DOWN when more guns arrive.

      • “chose well on election day” Like that is going to do anything, Do you have any idea how politics work in Chicago. The only way has a chance to change is to get Madigan out of power. And how are you going to do that exactly. How are you going to convince the 22nd District to elect someone else? Blagojevich did not go to jail over Obama’s Senate seat, he went to jail because he pissed off Mike. Why would anyone vote for a local republican representative? They are not going to be able to do anything. That is like having a green party Congressman, good luck getting stuff done for you district. In Chicago, if you had a Republican alderman, goo luck getting you streets plowed in winter. The only Republican alderman is from the Ward that includes O’Hare and is a freshman. They can’t withhold city services there, but I am still wondering if he will be reelected.

        • Well, it’s pretty obvious your from Illinois-istan. Howdy neighbor! I wish they’d cut this state in half!

    • So why it the world TAG so obsessed with Chicago, if anything the average person will only see that removing gun control is not a good idea.

  2. Meh. Google murder/shootings in Chicago in the 70’s through the 90’s. Nearly 1000murdered in a couple years. The good folks need to arm up and protect themselves…

  3. “Chicago’s police chief calls it a ‘society issue’ and not a police issue.”

    Yet another fine example of politics: when events are going poorly, politicians blame others. When events are going well, politicians take the credit.

    Having said all that, the police chief is actually pretty much correct in his statement. An ugly society rears human predators who have no regard for human life. An ugly society breeds politicians who are scumbags and rife with corruption. An ugly society produces a pathetic excuse for a criminal justice system. And an ugly society keeps voting for scumbag, corrupt politicians and the members of the pathetic excuse for a criminal justice system.

  4. Claiming the gun laws between Chicago and Aurora are a reason for more or less gun violence seems misleading.

    The Chicago gangs aren’t in Aurora, that is the homicide rate deciding factor….

  5. And it would have officially surpassed it earlier except chicago kept ‘finding’ homicides from last year to move the goalposts (hey, remember that death investigation we opened regarding the guy that got shot and burned up in his car? Well, now that no one is paying attention we’ll add it to the murder stat for last year)

    Remember, though, there is no evidence for the Ferguson effect, according to the media since 2015… although I think there’s a bit of disquiet growing.

    • Team Roman Gladiator Games amongst the gangs would be much more entertaining and revenue would be enhanced from spectator admissions.

  6. More “We’re F’d up, we need to fix YOU” from the land of cr_p, in 3, 2, 1 . . .

    Bulldoze that thing into the lake, bulldoze the lake into Canada.


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