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Some TTAG commentators are mortally offended anytime we announce or review firearms that cost a grand or [a lot] more. Guns that do what cheaper guns do. While Dyspeptic Gunsmith has defended high-priced firearms as high-quality firearms, I reckon some part of the big sticker animus has to do with limited funds. Just sayin’ . . .

desantis blue logo no back 4 smallSo what gun(s) would you buy if you won a $500 million lottery? And this is important: what gun experiences would you buy? African hunt? NSSF Shooting Sports Fantasy Camp? Dream big.

DeSantis Gunhide Question of the Day: Are Gun Control Advocates Unpatriotic?">Previous Post
DeSantis Gunhide Question of the Day: Should the U.S. Army Ditch the M14?">Next Post


  1. I think I’d skip the gun and start a foundation. It’s what all the rich & powerful do to stay rich & powerful. But I’d try to make it a firearms education foundation;)

  2. I would buy all the civilian transferable select fire weapons on the market. Further, with that much cash I might just start a defense business and get the right SOT tax designation to buy new make select fire weapons. I would also host a full auto shoot at my newly acquired massive estate and invite everyone at TTAG….except those that bitch about high priced firearms ?

    • We Ruger fans are a strange breed I guess.Even with “unlimited” funds we still want what is, honestly, a mid-priced gun. Kinda brings a tear to my eye…
      As for me? Open a HUGE gun shop/range/shooting academy and teach all my students using Ruger firearms.
      Oh, okay, I’ll use a few other brands. Sometimes. If the lesson requires it. On Tuesdays. Time permitting.

      • I am the number 1 Ruger fan because I do own nearly every Ruger firearm design ever made , probably over 75 if I counted , not so much the newer Carbines but the pistols , revolvers , long guns and shotguns , mark me in .
        My preferred ( limited resources ) purchase would be the Noreen BN 338 Lapua Magnum and the BN 408 . I own the BN 36 in 308 and 30.06 and love them both . Fine bank for the buck .

    • Oh, so yes. Do the research, find a really tight, very high-end manufacturer, then buy the *manufacturer*, no such thing as spare time, when you’re not working for a customer’s order, you’re working on my never-ending list of toys.

    • John Wayne Taylor for the win!

      I would purchase appropriate CNC machines and whatever the machine is that rifles barrels.

      On the other hand, since the lower receiver is the only component that is the “firearm”, I would just need a CNC and maybe a lathe and drill press to make my own lower receivers. Then I would purchase barrels from barrel experts!

      • I own nine Kel-Tec firearms and four of them are in the ‘ never consistent ‘ , never trust , 22 WMR , with flawless performance . I am generally a lucky person , unless I’m gambling , so maybe I’m not the one to say , but I have had no mechanical issues with any Kel-Tec firearm I own .

  3. 1: Probably a Barrett .50 first
    2: Custom .338 lapua I assembled myself. Done! just ordered the parts!!
    3: parts for a custom .308 at-10 build
    4: custom 1911
    5: 300 blackout for an sbr build
    6: pay to be a class 3 dealer, so I can replace my hk lower with a 416 lower
    7: bolt 308 custom, probably in a McMillan stock

  4. I would start an educational effort at creating and accrediting a four-year+ degree in arms making, possibly with an additional fifth+ year necessary to make the degree a BS in Mechanical Engineering. With a half-billion, I reckon I could turn out hundreds to thousands of young people in 10 years who would be unstoppable at making weapons of all sorts – because I would bring together not only those who can teach the book-smarts of things like metallurgy, material sciences, FEA, CFD modeling, I’d also bring on board a bunch of highly experienced blacksmiths, machinists, mechanics, gunsmiths, welders, etc. No one would be able to graduate from my idea of a school without getting oily and covered with chips. No one could graduate without knowing how to chamber a barrel, fit a 1911 together, and diagnose problems in a gun, and knowing how to solder, braze and TIG weld parts together, and no one would be able to graduate without having passed three semesters of calculus, a semester each of probability and stats, three semesters of physics and know how to drive modern engineering software packages.

    My goal would be to have my intellectual spawn take over the US arms industry with intellect, craftsmanship and attention to detail, and have the US re-take the lead in arms manufacturing by US-based, US-started, US-domiciled companies, with the dual goal of hurling FNH, H&K et al off our shores and becoming self-sufficient at making our own military arms, as well taking our civilian arms-making capacity out of the hands of the mendacious, conniving and duplicitous thimbleriggers of Wall Street equity firms (I’m talking about you, Cerebus…)

    • You should throw a unit or two of business administration in there as well. Think of the missteps of the domestic gun industry: Colt tying itself exclusively to the government, Ruger and S&W rolling over for the antis. These are people who didn’t understand markets.

      If your dreams are to come to fruition, these companies have to grow from startup on up. That means these engineer/gunsmith hybrids you’re training also have to be businessmen as well,at least good enough to launch the business and grow it past the embryo stages. Past that, they could bring in dedicated management, but at the start, they’ll need to do it themselves.

      • You’re absolutely correct, and now we’re up to at least six years (12 semesters, if we’re going to have summer breaks) to get through all this material.

        More people in both trades and engineering need business schooling, because the basics of personal economics are no longer taught in high schools.

        • I’m kinda afraid you’re going to be hurting for students. The world is a bit short on renaissance men, and god knows our state-sponsored indoctrination camps, err, schools aren’t encouraging well-rounded thinkers and doers. .

          I do love the essential idea, I would offer that the students who are qualified and attracted to the institute, are not the kind of people who generally thrive in a highly structured environment. Perhaps a bit more self-directed study, skipping those things they can demonstrate a proficiency in.

          Just so you’ve thought this through when your Powerball check comes…

        • The students are out there, and many of the young men I’d have in mind have already graduated from Uncle Sam’s various finishing schools in the military.

          Of the dozens and dozens of young men I’ve met who are getting into gunsmithing, machining, welding, etc who are also vets since 2001, I’ve met only a couple who were deadbeats and low-accomplishment types. I’ve met dozens of young men who haven’t served who are go-getters.

          I’m firmly of the belief that the students are out there.

      • While William F. and Smith’s British overlords certainly committed faux pas when they buckled to the antis, when you consider their market share then and now I don’t think those slips were any more serious than farting at the dinner table.

    • Can I attend that school? It sounds awesome! I am trying to sort of do that. I am a mechanical engineering student, first year. My school has a machine shop that We all have to take a class in and I want to maybe save up and get my own manual mill and lathe at some point so I can become even better at using them and can do my own gun smithing. I also have been a little but in the coming years plan to study gun designs and hopefully one day start coming up with my own. Are there any good books talking about firearms design? I know there are many manuals and guides discussing certain guns and I already have one on the 1911 but are there any that talk more general about firearms designs?

      • As a fellow engineering student (AE), my best advice is to build your own AR and do *complete* disassemblies of any other firearms you own. For me, nothing quite gives me insight or ideas like seeing how everything fits together and what role each part plays. Learn how stuff works and why, then you can figure out how to improve it.

        Also, it has been my experience that most manufacturers of firearms and parts are ridiculously tight-lipped on specs. Even things you can measure yourself like gas-port diameters. Reading up on wildcat cartridge info is also a great resource as it involves reworks of nearly every major part sometimes.

  5. The price of guns have never really bothered me, it’s the cost of shooting what I want, when I want, and how much I want that holds me back from ballistic bliss. That said I would probably buy a beautiful double rifle, shoot and hunt the hell out of it and not care if it gets scratched. I would also track down Hemingway’s lost springfield.

    • and his “gott mit uns” belt buckle? (mom always asked us that when we went outside in the snow. we didn’t get it…).

  6. I’d buy a machine shop and skunk works my own stuff out of my rabid mind.

    Pre made wise I’d have something with a happy switch, a tank of some kind and perhaps a piece of field artillery. More importantly I’d end up with land to put all this on.

    • OK, if you wanted an absurdly well equipped machine shop, on a high-dollar piece of land (plus a building), you’re up to $2 million, with $498 mil left to go out of Robert’s budget.

      The thing that’s expensive about machine shops isn’t the cost of the machines. It’s the tooling. You bleed only once when you write the big check for the machines.

      The tooling? That’s an arterial bleed for the rest of your days…

  7. I’ll just take a Dillon Mini mounted on the back of an armored triceratops (unlimited cash and some mengele level mad science on a herd of elephants should make it work) and be on my way.

    Nobody said it needed to be practical.

  8. I would start with a McMillan TAC 338. Then a Nemesis Vanquish in 308 and their full backpack case. Next a Ruger Redhawk in 41 mag. Finally, a SBR suppressed 458 SOCOM. That should be enough to keep me busy for awhile.

  9. 1. More ammo
    2. More barrels, bolts, springs and things

    I figure why buy more guns if I can’t even run one AR into the ground. In seriousness though do AR15 lowers ever wear out from being shot? Because I would probably try that if possible.

    • I’m thinking not, nothing in the lower to wear out! Unless you wear out the upper and pay no attention, generally it will take the lower with it when it lets go.

  10. $500 million isn’t “unlimited”.

    With unlimited funds I wouldn’t but guns, ar least not right off the bat.

    Instead I’d buy politicians and get the NFA, GOPA, GCA repealed.

    • This was my thought too.

      With 500 million you could buy the entire (re)election campaign of half of the house (assuming the 2.5 million of my scumbag is average).

  11. With unlimited money, I would hire signature gatherers, campaign staff, and run ballot measures to protect gun rights. For every dollar Bloomberg and his cronies spent, I’d spend a thousand.

    As for guns, and possessions in general, my tastes are simple. Maybe a nice precision rifle, maybe a full auto P90 (for the Stargate experience). A smattering of suppressors would be great. I’d have to get some laws changed in Washington state or move first on the P90 first though.

    In any case, most of my shooting related expenditures would probably be ammo and training.

    • Buying politicians would be faster, more effective and guarantee the outcome you want.

      With unlimited funds, that’s the way I would go.

      • I don’t know about that. I’ve seen initiatives push through a lot of crap that would never have seen the light of day in a legislature. If a politician you bought decides not to stay bought, what are you going to do, ask for a refund? You have to get them voted out and start over. Much easier to just get your laws voted in directly.

        • With unlimited money they’ll stay bought or they’ll take a trip down to Fort Marcy Park.

          You just gotta remind them of that.

  12. I’d probably start up my own gun and ammo company. Then once that was going strong I’d probably get into other important markets like distilling whiskey.

    • “I’d probably start up my own gun and ammo company.”

      Careful, remember the old line in ‘Scarface’:

      “Don’t get high on your own supply…”

  13. I’d buy:
    1) Cheyenne Tactical M200 Intervention with Leupold Mk. 4 and all the materials needed to hand load
    2) M82A1 with all the fixings AND all Mk. 211 Raufoss rounds available to civilians
    3) An armored Suburban with an M134 mounted in it and 50,000 tracer rounds on tap
    4) An (actual) AAC Honeybadger PDW, select fire of course
    5) A Sphinx 3000 with gold inlays in the grip, a diamond hammer, and a platinum-plated frame

  14. With unlimited funds, I would buy two of every gun ever made. One for a personal museum, one for the range and enough ammo to last a life time or two for all of them.

  15. I’d get myself the best gun ever made, the A-10 Warthog. And an Apache to go with it. And one of the turrets from the USS WISCONSIN. And then I’d have one hell of a range day, anyone know where I can shoot something 26 miles?

  16. To the tune of the “Justified” theme song:

    “In the bitter-clinger hills of Eastern PA-tucky
    There’s a thing they call Paper Sho-op

    I’d buy every gun, face to face, for just cold cash
    At a year, maybe, I’d stop.”

    Sorry about that. It’s the meds. (I feel good today. Nothing hurts … much.)

    Paper Shop is a regional, pay only when you sell, classified. Guns & etc. listed there are from estates and shed-cleanings; folks who got a new gun; tried something and didn’t like it; moving, divorce or just got kicked out – either party. Occasionally there’s gussied-up stuff from the city folk who come out hunting n trade the gear they decide isn’t their thing in lieu of a payment they owe, or ask the locals to get rid of it for them (as there’s no market back home.)

    I’d have to build that homestead set into a side-hill to house it all. Maybe buy the parcel overlooking that abandoned 18th century mill creek that so struck me. I saw the one a few years back. There would be plenty of $ left for that.

  17. A large tract of land in Southern Utah, upon which I could build my own house and shoot guns wherever and however I wanted. The ability to shoot guns off my back porch while drinking my morning coffee — that’s what I’d buy.

    I’m not into getting expensive things just because they’re expensive. If I buy art, it’ll be because I like it for art’s sake. If I buy or build a house, it’ll be well-proportioned and easy to live in. If I buy a gun, it’ll be because it works well for its intended purpose (and the purpose of guns is *not* to sit unused in a safe or a sealed glass case). The one exception — I wantwantwant an original 1860 Henry rifle. If I had the $$, I’d move heaven and earth to get one.

  18. Go to England or Italy and have a custom pair made. A double barrel 16 bore and a double .375.

    Then to Argentina for dove. Africa for Cecil’s cousin. Australia for buff.

    I know. I know. I can do all that in one place. But by spreading it worldwide I get to spend more time on my yacht crewed by the Swedish Bikini Team.

  19. As has been said before, land to use the guns I have now.

    Had a friend in TN that was sitting in the kitchen opening day of deer season having coffee when this stupid deer decided to walk into the back hard. Dude opened the window very quietly and filled his tag without leaving the house.

    That’s what I would spend the money on.

    • Someday I hope to leave land somewhere on this Earth worth inheriting to my kids. That would be awesome. That is definitely on my to-do-whether-I-win-the-lottery-or-not list.

      • Marlin is part of Remington, and all Marlin guns are made in the Remington factories in Ilion, NY and Mayfield, KY. The former Marlin plants in New Haven, CT and Gardner, MA are shuttered.

        BTW, the label “Made in New Haven” on older guns is a sign of quality. The best guns were once made in CT and MA along or near the Connecticut River (which supplied the power back in the old days). That area was called “Gun Valley.”

    • *Unlimited* money? That would mean you don’t care about making a profit, either, after turning it around til it makes the finest guns on the planet, sell them for less than $100 each, until everybody has at least one.

    • Don’t forget to revive the H&R handi-rifle. Inexpensive, accurate, and durable single shot rifle. Love mine and want more.

  20. I don’t know.

    But I wouldn’t waste a dime on Cabot bullshit (illustrated) that doesn’t function.

    My complaints with Cabot have NEVER been about their cost, but about the fact that they don’t work.

  21. KAC SR 25
    Accuracy International AXMC 338 Lapua
    HK P7
    Heirloom Precision Custom 1911
    6″ Korth National Standard .357
    Sig MPX

    Suppressors for everything ever!!!

  22. Something belt fed. Hell, everything belt fed.

    Then build an ammo manufacturing company and have it run 24 hours a day and make my NEXT 500 million.

    Spent 4 hours driving around locally looking for .22 mag,22 mag shot shells nada,zip I did snag a 1000 rd box of .22 for $50 though so not a total loss.

    Cape Buffallo trip with a 12ga.

  23. Man. Well first a scar 17. And definitely a wilson combat. A real Colt SAA. And one of cz customs super slick jobs. There’s probably a few more, but those are the big ones that spring to mind. My ‘spensive gun skepticism is definitely born of, let’s say frugality. No animus, though. If I had the funds I totally get the pricy guns. They are cool if nothing else.

    Experience? There’s a school here in NC for cops that does shooting and driving courses. I’d want all of that. Learning to do crazy car maneuvers would be fun, though about as practical as owning a scar 17 and never shooting it. 🙂 I’d love to go hunting in Africa, too. Nothing fancy, just some antelope. I am not even sure I have the skills to do that, so yeah… But it’s not for the kill, it’s the experience I’d want, so it’d be worth it.

  24. Beats me… but I’d buy some serious security dudes. Look at the ultra rich azzwholes like Bloomberg or Soros. They sure as he!! don’t get their way despite having gazillions…

  25. With a huge lottery win, it would be difficult on what gun not to buy, I would certainly leave here [UK] so I could own guns we cannot here,

  26. Every possible milsurp rifle from 1890 to 1980. And an ammo company plus a range 7-1500 metres. That would do it!?

  27. I’d buy a large factory to make cheap guns. And when I say cheap – I mean non-luxurious but high quality in a utilitarian way. That means no meteorites, bones of dead presidents, pharaohs, gold inlay, mirror shiny stocks, or any other nonsense.

  28. Would make my cad designs reality as an fn p90 art bullup suppresed shotgun white an 2 stage 30 round mag ore an mateba / nagant hybrid suppressed semi revolver white 6 rounds in 510 whisper.

    Nothing 0815 only exclusive “shit” 🙂

  29. If funds were unlimited, I’d also contemplate buying an obamacare individual plan on the market at 12 times the cost of the tax penalty for not having one all for a plan that would require me to pay out of pocket anyways.

    Since funds were unlimited, I could say I had one – you know – if someone asked me – I could say I had one.

  30. Immorality,eternal youth, genetic enchantments, a cloning machine and DNA from the following Actresses

    Kate Beckinsale
    Taylor Swift
    Rosie Huntington Whitey
    Emily Browning
    Christina Hendricks
    January Jones
    Emma Stone
    Dianne Kruger
    Tricia Helfer

    Clone them.

    An army of T-800s as my servants

    A large mansion on the outskirts of Vegas. Maybe on the valley rim, or the mountains around it, have a cut off sytle pool and have the polymer bent as to have it act like like a magnifying glass so the image of the strip looks close when you view it from under water (see link for ideal of pool, (Think 10 bedroom 5 bathroom, large pool, fire pit, 6 car garage, naughty house frue maids, large wall around the house.)

    Black 1969 Charger,
    Red GTO
    Blue Chevelle SS
    Ford 350 with a longbed
    Mirror Lamborghini Gallardo

    A penthouse just off the strip.

    G-5 Jet at Mccarran

    A large ranch in Texas

    Large Bison ranch in Glacier National Park in Montana

    Barring any violation of the laws of physics some kind of Starship with FTL, go out explore the Universe, maybe beam some leftist into space.

    As for firearms?

    3D Metal Printers that create anything I want.

    1911s in .500 magnum
    AA12 with Thompson style mag well/magazines that make it possible for large magazines (think the Thompson style drums.
    MG42s with Kriss recoil tech
    Glocks in a 5.7x28mm
    Suppressors that have sponges in the baffles so they cool down/soak up gases
    Universal belt fed kit that will turn any belt fed into a sentry gun (just in case they mostly come at night…mostly)
    Belt fed 40mm in a LGM format
    Suppressed Mortars
    Rail guns powered by a micro thorium reactor units

  31. T. Boss .470 NE Double rifle
    Pair of 1930’s T.Boss 12 bore SxS shotguns
    The best (fanciest) 1911 Bill Wilson can build
    Rigby bolt action 7mm.
    Single shot stalking rifle by Dickson or other top-end Scots maker.
    David McKay-Brown o/u 20 bore….for those light days 🙂

  32. A section of land in West Texas with the mineral rights
    More silencers
    A couple chargemasters
    A concrete building with an overspec’d air conditioning system
    An enclosed building roughly 300 yards long
    A couple hundred pounds of powder, several thousand cases, and a lot of Berger, Hornady, and Sierra bullets
    A Cessna P210 with a Turboprop conversion

    I’d retreat to my retreat regularly with friends and acquaintances far away from anything of value and practice whatever shooting discipline I damn well felt like doing that day. I’d test various things and write them up for TTAG. Anyone who wanted to shoot a proper F-class rifle or practice their PRS shooting could come out. I’d pick up Palma shooting. I’d drink coffee and grill steaks, hunt muleys and birds, and sleep inside a concrete bunker chilled to 65 degrees.

    Then I’d fly back to my other ranch in the hill country in my plane.

  33. I’d SBR a Highpoint C9 (add a stock), add a silencer, and have it hydro-dipped in a custom $1 bill skin…. Seriously.

  34. A Korth revolver, just because.

    After that, some high end 1911 that actually runs well. Then I get to embark on my project. Which assault rifle is best? Try them all and come to a conclusion. Battle rifle? Pump shotgun? The machine shop comes later, after figuring out what works best and why. There’s got to be room for improvement somewhere.

  35. – Browning M2; with a couple spare barrels, tripod, a few extra headspace/timing gauges
    – StG-44
    – MG34; also with spare barrels and tripod
    – Bren Gun
    – FG-42
    – Webley-Fosbery semiauto revolver
    – SVT40
    – M3 Halftrack

    And a shop completely filled with everything I need to feed them & keep them running

  36. Browning 1919. Riesing subgun. Cz 805. SCAR 17. Every cz75 custom shop gun, and a CGW CZ97. Perazzi over and under. SIG P210-6. Steyr Pro Hunter. Couple Freedom Arms.

    • So would I, but a genuinely smart gun, or perhaps a smart bullet, one that hits what I’m looking at, not where the barrel happens to be pointed when the trigger is pulled, and that follows the target until it hits it. Also, won’t shoot when you’re not aiming (not same as “smart” gun now). Since that hasn’t been invented yet, I expect that it would take years and millions of dollars in R&D to develop. And, of course, it must be military grade, i.e. would make it into the final selection round for the next infantry weapon. Even if it doesn’t actually get selected.

  37. A Civil War era Gatling Gun and a Dillon M134D Gatling Gun. The rest of the funds would be for enough ammo for an outing to the range

  38. well, I always wanted a BAR. And a Big ole Sharps buffalo gun.

    And a replica of the Bizmark or Tirpitz. I have always enjoyed varmint hunting, so a big old WW2 era Battle Wagon would be the ideal arm for hunting Somali pirates. And if I miss with the BAR or Sharps, then I can just go inside and tell them to open up with the main and secondary batteries.

    And whenever I dock, I am sure there will be massive loads of protesters screaming thier heads off in a liberal media induced craze. Also, I think I would have to paint the forward turret in gay pride colors, just because its the biggest guns still afloat and it amuses me.

  39. Two full size Coonan 357s with vintage ivory grips (the kind that has a yellowish-orange tint) with ornate engraving with “Longbaugh” carved on one and “Parker” carved on the other.

  40. I know it might seem small on the list of things so far done, above, but while there would be many and sundry, the ones I’m really interested in are Holland & Holland riles, a few drillings, a wall-sized collection of various Ruger No. 1s.

  41. I would buy a ton of land to safely build a 2,000 yard range, somewhere with easy access to the sea. That’s probably good for quite a few million.

    At that point, I’d look into Class III either through buying transferrable firearms or incorporating my own firm or buying a manufacturer. In particular, though, I’ve always wanted a select-fire M14 to call my own, and a ton of ammo to pour through it.

  42. I think I’d get a Big Horn Armory Model 89 and a BAR. Probably a lot of lesser guns also.

    And I’d buy a place like Hickok45’s for my range.

  43. one blanding’s turtle grade h&h royal deluxe double rifle in mongoleum nippaloy stocked in lignum vitae with narwhal horn end cap. .585 nyati, please.

  44. First off would be several hunting concessions in 5 or 6 countries in Africa.
    Then get my PH license in each country. Then the guns…

    A nice Purdey shotgun with 3 different barrels/gauges.

    Matching Heym double rifles in .600 NE, .470 NE, .416 Rigby, and .375 H&H.
    Invite all my friends to come and hunt in Africa.
    Then spend the next few years hunting, guiding hunts and trading hunts with other outfitters all over the planet.
    Gotta get my Marco Polo ram!

  45. Hunting trips around the world, trips to gun ranges like the ones in Vegas, an NFA tax stamp for a couple LMGs, and a few (hundred) thousand dollars set aside for ammo.

  46. In no specific order, these would be the guns that I would request:

    1. A 500 Jeffery caliber Mauser sporter built by Marco Rigido of New System Arms on one of his in house machined from the bar stock actions
    2. A 30-06 sporter by Joel Dorleac on either an FZH Mauser action, or on a Johannsen slim action
    3. A 9.3×62 sporter by Dave Norin on a GMA Mauser action
    4. A matched pair of O/U 12 ga sidelock shotguns with barreled actions by Richard Barnes, Stocks by Robert Flerin, and engraving by Roland Baptiste
    5. A 450-400 double rifle by Johan Fanzoj, engraving by Dr Velisa Ranitovic
    6. A matched pair of SxS 12 ga shotguns by Robin Brown of A A Brown and Sons, engraving by Roland Baptiste
    7. A stainless steel double rifle by Ralph Badenhorst in 303 completely built in-house by him
    8. A 375 H&H sporter by Keith Dennison Thomas on a Vektor-Denel Mauser action
    9. A 270 lightweight sporter on a Brno ZG 47 action by Ola Nyhuus, engraved by Dr Velisa Ranitovic
    10. A .62 cal flintlock sporter by Steve Zihn, with the hammer on the left, but stocked as a right hand rifle
    11. An underhammer .54 cal sporter by Mark Kisenwether
    12. An English style flintlock sporter by Steve Bookout in .32 caliber as a squirrel rifle

    Yes, I have had the privilege of coming to know some of today’s finest artisans in the gun trade, and I would like to make sure that I have one masterpiece from each great person whom I know.

  47. Spend enough on political contributions to get the NFA and GCA ground into dust, as well as preempt state AWBs.

    Then…a couple fully armed Bell 407s and 212s, a company or two’s worth of small arms, heavy weapons, and individual equipment for my state’s nicely well-developed militia. As well as one of every lever gun Marlin ever sold, and a good deal of land with a 1000yd square range and basic maneuver training area.

  48. Barrett 50 cal, custom Les Baer 308 and 338 Lapua. I’d spend a whole lot on ammo to feed everything I own to last through two presidential elections and enough food and bunker to survive those elections.

  49. First one on my list would be the AX50 from Accuracy international… Followed by something in every caliber from NEMO Arms… I was going to get the AX50 but no one had them in the US at the time so I got something else. 🙁

    Beyond that… whatever I want, multiples of all, enough to outfit a well regulated army!

  50. I already got all the guns and ammo I want. I’m thinking private commercial-grade shooting range in my basement.

  51. My own island, bunker, and mercenary army equipped with assault rifles, belt-feds, RPG’s, MANPAD’s, etc.

    I’d be like Dr. Evil except competent hahaha.

  52. These are just some of the few guns I’d purchase…

    – CMP Special Grade M1 Garand
    – MK14 EBR
    – FNH SCAR 17S
    – FNH FN Five-Seven MKII
    – Ed Brown Special Forces SR 1911
    – Chiappa Rhino 60DS
    – CZ 75 SP-01 Tactical
    – Smith & Wesson M329PD
    – FNH M249S
    – Sig Sauer P226 Legion
    – Dan Wesson Elite Series Titan 10mm
    – Any gun Hickok45 recommends owning

    As for experiences…

    – Range day for my closest family, friends and I at my “new” range with all the vendors from the Texas Firearms Festival.
    – Shooting lessons from Jerry Miculek
    – Develope a K-12 after school program that offers academic tutoring and teaches firearms fundementals. Kids will not get to shoot unless they meet or exceed the same academic standards required to participate in school sports.
    – Sponsor Kim Rhode (Bronze medal women’s skeet shooter)

  53. Barrett 82A1 decked out. I’d also like my own personal state and federal Senator and House Representative like other people have. Oh and one of every Savage 99 caliber/model/version ever made.

  54. Glock, lock stock and barrel. Then I could start producing a G19 gen 2 frame with a G26 stainless slide, and finally have the perfect Glock, since Glock wont make them.

  55. I am old and my moderately priced guns and vehicles are all that I need or want. I would take the money and spend it on the best medical care for my wife and daughter as well as helping others with the same conditions. I would also pay for the best education my 3 grandchildren wants to get.

  56. Glock 18 and Grandpower K102/K105 is out after it s producted after 1986 but i would add one of the handfull transferables Baretta M93R on my list

  57. I’d own all the raw materials needed to make explosives and ammunition. Then tell the federal and all state governments to abolish all unconstitutional gun laws. If the don’t, they can make welded sculptures with their weapons.

  58. MP-40 smg, Luger Carbine, engraved LOTS of pistols, STG44, FG42[replicas even], belt fed water cooled, shoot from helicopter door, shoot with Speed Demon Jerry Miculek, damm………I’m moist just thinkin’ of this.

  59. If I had unlimited money I sure as hell wouldn’t spend it on a gun. No, I’d buy congress. Get rid of NFA, no more import bans, no more ITAR with developed countries.

  60. With a 500 million dollar win I’d buy a full set of WWII NFA guns (mg42, fg42, tommy gun, grease gun, sten, etc etc). With unlimited funds I’d do like Elliott and buy up the government and make the country truely free again.

  61. For the Hell of it, I would probably buy those two “VERY custom Browning Hi Power longslides” from RJB Custom on gunbroker. I’m unsure when they were placed for auction, but they’ve been sitting on the site quite a bit. But then again, asking $9,000 for a Hi-Power with custom job dating back in 1990 does seem scammy at best.

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