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DNC Chairman Tom Perez (AP Photo/John Minchillo, File)
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By Larry Keane

Presumed Democratic presidential nominee, Joe Biden, called the firearm industry “the enemy” from the debate stage one year ago. Now, the rest of the party plans to follow him in that announcement with the Democratic Platform that lays out an agenda to dismantle the firearm and ammunition industry and destroy Second Amendment rights in America.

The DNC posted the party’s draft platform online, which will be formally adopted during the Milwaukee convention starting Aug. 17. Just two paragraphs of the 80-page document are dedicated to firearms, but not much space is needed when the party is in lockstep. The plan includes:

  • Criminalizing private firearm transfers
  • Disrupting interstate commerce by criminalizing online firearm and ammunition sales
  • Instituting endless “delay” windows for background checks
  • Banning the manufacture and sale of modern sporting rifles
  • Banning the manufacture and sale of standard magazines
  • Enacting licensing schemes to exercise Second Amendment rights
  • Enacting ex parte “red flag” laws to seize guns without legal recourse
  • Mandating home storage requirements under penalty of law
  • Repealing the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act to subject the industry to frivolous lawsuits

In Lockstep

Former Vice President Biden already told America exactly how he feels when it comes to law-abiding citizens demanding their civil rights. Union autoworker Jerry Wayne questioned Biden on his commitment to safeguarding gun rights, only to be the target of Biden’s temper when he jabbed a finger in his face, telling Wayne, “not to be such a horse’s ass,” and telling him he’s “full of sh*t.”

Biden angry second amendment
Courtesy NBC News and Twitter

Biden has called for “DNA-enabled smart guns,” despite no such technology existing and the fabled regular so-called “smart gun” was an abject failure. He told voters he would appoint former U.S. Rep. Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke (D-Texas) as his gun control sheriff, after O’Rourke said “Hell, yes…” to forcibly confiscating modern sporting rifles. Biden answered CNN’s Anderson Cooper when he asked if his federal buyback plan would mean the government would confiscate firearms.

“Bingo,” Biden said. “You’re right, if you have an assault weapon. The fact of the matter is they should be illegal, period.”

Beyond Biden

This isn’t just Biden pushing this radical rights-grabbing agenda. This is the party platform. These are the stated goals. This is truly an agenda. It ignores facts.

For instance, the draft DNC platform wants to close the so-called “Charleston Loophole.” They would do this by giving no timeframe by which the FBI’s National Instant Criminal Background Check System would be required to complete a check to a gun sale. Right now, 91 percent of all background checks are completed instantly. Just nine percent are “delayed.” Of those, 88 percent are finalized within three working days and a full 94 percent are completed with 10 days.

Congressional gun control advocates would rather shut down background checks and deny sales outright, if they could. We know because instead of following the law, U.S. Senators tried to shut it down during the busiest firearm-buying period on record.

The party’s objective to ban the manufacture and sale of the most-popular selling centerfire rifle isn’t new, but is getting renewed emphasis. President Bill Clinton signed the 1994 Assault Weapons Ban and even the Centers for Disease Control concluded it had no meaningful impact on crime reduction. NSSF recently surveyed likely voters in 18 swing states and more than half responded they wouldn’t support a ban on modern sporting rifles and want politicians to respect individual rights and enforce laws presently on the books.

Radical Agenda

The DNC is listening to their radical base and not the rest of America. That’s why they continue to demonize the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act, which denies activist politicians and lawyers from bringing frivolous lawsuits against the industry for the consequences of criminal activity by individuals. They would destroy an industry through litigation that would be akin to taking Ford to court for the crimes of drunk driving.

Joe Biden
Democratic presidential candidate former Vice President Joe Biden (AP Photo/Matt Rourke)

The platform wasn’t the product of Biden’s thinking, but those propping him up. They’re ramming through a radical agenda to disarm law-abiding Americans when they’re buying firearms in record numbers over concerns of personal safety. This is a platform that is far beyond being out of step with America. It’s tripping over itself.


Larry Keane is SVP for Government and Public Affairs, Assistant Secretary and General Counsel of the National Shooting Sports Foundation.

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    • My platform is to help end the democRat Party by holding the party liable for their laundry list of race based atrocities and making the democRat Party pay Monetary Reparations. To do that Black Americans are going to have to pull their heads out of their gullible behinds and cease falling for token visuals like taking a knee, removing statues or anything else the democRat Party does to distract from its laundry list of racist atrocities.

  1. Don’t vote for Trump this go round. Help biden, bloomberg, soros, pelosi remake America into a shining example of a 3rd rate venezuela.

    • My vote goes to the only candidate willing to do what needs to be done…

      “I would abolish the ATF whose sole purpose is to enforce unconstitutional laws.”
      -Jo Jorgensen

      And I support others’ right to vote for whomever represents their values.

        • Peter you a bit slow? A vote for libritarardian is a vote for dem.

          WTF is Jo Jorgensen? The latest candidate of the pothead party?

        • So the right says it’s a vote for Biden and the left says it’s a vote for Trump. Which is it because the independent vote cost Hillary in several swing states.

          Our votes belong to us period. Not your politics or the lefts politics.

        • Republicans have also screwed gun owners, ask Floridians about it, the laws that came after the school shooting in Broward County. I get it, Trump is a conman who spends his time posting on social medias like a teenage girl, but he is the lesser of two evils. The thing is, at some point it’s too humiliating to keep on voting for the lesser of two evils. Also, your vote has absolutely zero impact on the outcome of the election, people somehow love to think it does but it is pretty simple mathematics. The “I voted” attention seeking whores get their minute of fame and a sticker, and that’s about it. Bill Clinton, Bush Jr, Obama, Trump, are all worthy of being leaders of a shithole country, not of the USA, yet that’s what we got, what an humiliation. Part of the problem is also the fact millions of Americans cheer for the dems or republicans as if it was the super bowl; too many people want to vote but they have no clue, they are brainwashed not informed.

        • A vote for other than Trump or Biden is saying “F It, I’ll let other people decide.” Maybe you have that luxury if you’re in a deep blue state. Biden’ll get 60% of CA, and it doesn’t matter if the other 40% is Trump or a potato.

      • Stick your head in the toilet and give it a flush. That will have about the same effect, and you’ll come out looking about as smart, as if you vote for Jorgensen.

        I’m not a big fan of Trump, but he’s the only choice for people who want to preserve the bulk of our 2nd Amendment freedoms for a couple more years. Being a smug douche and throwing your vote in the trash is worse than stupid.

        • No one is the “only” choice- thankfully. You vote for your candidate, I’ll vote for mine. Notice how brandishing insults is superfluous to rejoin.

        • Only intelligent or responsible vote for anyone who gives a damn about this country.

          If your #1 issue is pot for all or more damn immigrants or ceding the world to the chicoms then vote libriardian.

      • Sorry, I’m not playing this nonsense. Biden wins, gun rights are under significant attack. Trump wins, the status quo as we’ve known it since 2004 remains, more or less, for a few more years. You vote for Jorgensen, you’re throwing for vote away on a clown who cannot possibly win. These are facts. None of your milksop equivocation will change any of this. If you want to vote for Jorgensen, fine. Nobody is going to stop you. But I’m not going to spare your feelings or so much as pretend to entertain your bullshit — you aren’t entitled to your own version of reality.

        • Oh be a sport CCNP, without their pot the libratardians would have NO “reality”.

          I grew up in an Libertarian home back when they had a clue (though unviable). Then the hippies/boomers arrived and with their addlebrain drug agenda.

        • “You vote for Jorgensen, you’re throwing for vote away on a clown who cannot possibly win.”
          There is no such thing as a “throw away” vote unless it is for a candidate who doesn’t physically exist, or for a candidate who cannot legally be sworn in. These are facts. None of your virulent truculence will change any of this.

          “If you want to vote for Jorgensen, fine. Nobody is going to stop you. But I’m not going to spare your feelings or so much as pretend to entertain your bullshit — you aren’t entitled to your own version of reality.”
          What’s with the seething animosity and preoccupation with other people’s feelings? A poignant validation of emotional instability, perhaps? My version of reality encompasses facts such as a conscientious commitment to objectivity, integrity, and independence. I find it curious why so many people bristle at the mere mention of endeavoring to attain those goals . Bizarre, really.

        • Your vote counts as one, how many voters in your state? What difference do you make? As much as a fart in the middle of the Pacific Ocean I guess. Nobody here is influencing thousands of voters, you’re all arguing over candidates who are all pathological liars by the way,

      • Fine to vote who you ideally favor during the primaries and whatnot, as you can express where your emotions lie. HOWEVER…in the general, when pragmatism is now called for, and understanding that we are a two (main) party system…you vote for who you think has the best chance of winning. See the difference. It’s called being an adult. Trump was never perfect, but if Biden wins…it’s over…Socialist City.

        • Voting Libertarian – especially in states that Biden will win(like Ca), is a good way to send a message. Vote for the one who represents your values. A vote for Trump in those states sends the message that you support everything he stands for, a vote for the one who best supports your views sends the message you want/
          Rarely has anyone I voted for won, I vote my conscience, not for the one the media likes.

        • It is confounding how so many people are either intellectually unable to, or actively refuse to accept the manifestly elemental construct of voting for the candidate you want to win. That is the only thing that will ever matter. Ever. One person’s choice should never have any bearing whatsoever on someone else’s choice. Your vote is your vote- it can never be anything else (no matter how enraged someone may become over it). It is simply human nature to tantrum over other people’s choices- especially if they run counter to your own predilections. But no one should ever surrender to this kind of imprudent pressure. It is simply malevolent.

          Here’s the simplest explanation I can come up with to try to get the considerate (but intellectually challenged) to grasp my view of the 2020 Presidential election:

          Biden/Democrats- disagree with 90% of their platform and find the candidate/s objectionable.

          Trump/Republicans- might agree with 35-40% of their platform and find the candidates unacceptable.

          Jorgensen/Cohen- agree with 90% of their platform and find candidates refreshingly acceptable.

          This is where people allow themselves to get confused, be intimidated, and lose their integrity. It shouldn’t be this way, and shame on those who actively engage in bulldozing the vulnerable among us. Making the right choice is as simple as choosing the candidates above that you agree with and would most like to see in office. It really is that simple. Always has been, always will be. Anyone who tries to convince you otherwise only has their interests in mind- not yours.

          I have not, would not vote for Biden/?.
          I have not, would not vote for Trump/Pence.
          I very likely will vote for Jorgensen/Cohen.

          Simple. Easy. Painless.
          Objective. Honest. Independent.

          Now watch as the despots fulminate.

        • Reply to Pat above: You vote for the one you think has a chance of winning? everybody loves a winner it’s the American way. “I voted for X” the winner, even if he is substandard he’s a winner. Now when I lived in Ct I voted for all manner of second, third ninth party candidates,. secure in the knowledge that a Democrat would win, that’s the Connecticut way. Thankfully I have escaped ,with retirement, and my vote might possibly count in Fl.
          BTW i vote by mail here and have confidence in the county’s registrar of voters…wouldn’t if still in CT.

        • I absolutely agree with you.
          It’s one thing to vote your conscience and another is to win.
          So far I have no problems with what Trump is doing, so I’m voting both

        • I absolutely agree with you.
          It’s one thing to vote your conscience and another is to win.
          So far I have no problems with what Trump is doing, so I’m voting both

        • rt66paul, I can actually accept picking “your favorite” in a NON BATTLEGROUND state where you have no hope, but please understand that the left will use the “popular” vote as a weapon against you. There will only be two names that will be uttered as President Elect this Nov…Trump or Biden. You choose your BEST INTERESTS in the general, PERIOD. Biden wins and it is simply the end of the Republic.

        • Peter Gunn, I want my poop to smell and taste like strawberry ice cream…ain’t gonna happen. What you want is not relevant, choosing the candidate that can give you the best OUTCOME is. If you pick someone other than Trump or Biden in the general election and you are in a competitive battleground state then your vote was thrown away. You must choose between the greater and lesser of two candidates in the GENERAL election. I want Reagan to come back from the grave and take power…ain’t gonna happen. I realize this in the real world and vote accordingly, because if Biden wins it’s simply the end of the Republic and the beginning of official American style Socialism.

        • PMinFL, you make your choice among those who have a chance of winning. Biden and Trump each have a chance of victory…NO ONE ELSE! Because winning and losing elections has consequences. You vote for Mickey Mouse or a losertarian in a hotly contested battleground state and Biden wins by a single vote…your non vote just transformed our Republic into a Socialist turd world. Elections have consequences. Passionate idealism belongs in the primaries while pragmatic realism belongs in the general.

      • After Jo gets his mother’s vote, he will have two votes with yours – only 270 electoral votes from winning

        • Haha – Scott here. Nope we are different folks. I was encouraged to see another thoughtful person here though. A good tell that we are different – Peter is a better writer.

    • The best thing about Trump’s “tell it like it is in plain language” spproach is that it has drawn the left out of their holes and they’re actually touting those things they’ve always stood for in the past but were afraid to say outloud. It’s impossible for anyone but a moron or delusional jerk to claim they “don’t really mean it” or “they really wouldn’t try to do it”.

      Of course it takes the same type to vote “3rd party” in an election where the nation seems to be so divided, but I guess morons and delusionals will relish the chance to prove to no one that they stand on their own little self-made pedestal of independence and principle. WTF do these people actually think makes up contemporary politics in the first place? Principles? (Hint- it’s getting re-elected once in office. The fundraising begins 20 seconds after the swearing in.)

      • I am the “type” who supports everyone’s right to vote for whomever they wish- I certainly wouldn’t use insults or incongruous reasoning in hopes of coercing others into agreeing with me.

        I am also the “type” who will not acquiesce to choosing between two evils- I would never willingly choose between either Lucifer or Beelzebub when I can choose to vote for a child of god, or abstain from voting for evil altogether. This is the power of principle. Your results may vary.

        I support your right to vote for whomever represents your values and principles. I will fight for them, too.

        • Well said Peter. I’ve been personally debating between Biden and Jorgensen. I lean libertarian, but my state may swing and my number one priority is no Trump. Particularly given the recent floating of an election delay.

          All this talk of rights seems to miss that Trump proposed to compromise the very foundational right that we have to elect our leaders.

    • Wrong! Hoping to ” get ”
      Something by First,
      ” Giving” Something, Does Not Work, When You Are
      Dealing With People, With No Morals!
      Democrats Are Evil!Rollie

      • I keep repeating that if the dems had STFU after 2016 and acted like normal sane people Trump would have probably unelected himself this round. More so if the dems had managed to pull a real moderate sounding candidate out of their asses.

        But given their doubling and tripling down on full retard, the dems are the best campaign money Trump never spent. They are driving people like me to vote for him even if we aren’t happy with everything he has done or not done and even if we have serious issues with the lying cheating scamming backstabbing republicans. Maybe we will get one more supreme court injustice out of Trump or more federal judges (where is Woody Harrelson’s dad when you need him?), and get some 2A cases won.

        I do think you R flag wavers should consider the downsides to a system controlled by two parties who don’t seem to have a lot of real ideological differences, and neither of which ever manages to roll back the constitutional infringements of the other, and both of which have conspired to rig the electoral system so that no one but the two of them stands a chance. You can insult the Libertarians all you want, but it is merely calling attention to the mote in their eye without addressing the beam in your own.

        What are the republicans and the president doing now? Federal law enforcement are defending federal courthouses in a few lawless places but they are not stepping in to defend citizens and businesses left unprotected by state and local governments who support the communist mob. The feds are not restoring order in places where disorder reigns. So much for the twitter bluster about sending in the troops.

        Any of the times the Rs have controlled the congress and the presidency they have not rolled back gun control, invasions of privacy and 4th amendment violations, economy killing taxes and regulations, or socialist healthcare. And they have a despicable tendency to start and maintain foreign wars which not only have nothing to do with domestic freedom, but are in fact antithetical to it. Further they have a tendency to want to police behavior that is none of the governments business, and that is real threat to liberty.

        The lesser of two evils is still evil. That needs to be stated clearly and repeatedly and at some point it needs to be addressed, though a presidential election year may not be the best strategic time to do so.

        But if you don’t get your house in order there will come a time when more of us who have voted with you but do not wave your flag decide we are better walking away from you and dealing with the consequences of fighting a full and enthusiastic communist administration that putting up with the vagaries of your ineffective and weak, indecisive, not exactly constitutional conservative, maybe lightly fascist administration.

        • Crimson Pirate : Sadly I must acknowledge your post and agree with most of your points. The two parties are two sides of the same coin…heads we win, tails you loose. Sad but true. They don’t call ’em RINOs for nothing.

    • Uh, a solid majority of Americans are on board with every thing the Democrats are demanding.

      Every. Single. One.

      • Hello, good sir. May we please have links to your supporting data, so we may take advantage of the opportunity to review the info for ourselves and come to the same conclusion you have, in that the majority of Americans support everything the Democrats are proposing? This would be wonderful if you could do this.

        Thank you so much.

        Everybody at TTAG

        – kthxbai

        • Do not deign to argue with the inestimable ‘I Haz A Question’ when he presumes to speak for ‘Everybody at TTAG’.

  2. So what does America do when a man attempts to rise to power on the promise to destroy the Bill of Rights?

    Hundred million boating accidents or regular people taking to the streets? An Australian style citizen response?

    • Joe Biden … the man, the puppet, the Turnip.
      The real work will be done by his minority female replacement and quisling appointees after Turnip Joe goes to the rest home.

      • Thing is, I don’t see anyone really doing anything if Kamala or similar scum end up running things when Joe Dimentia is comatose. Maybe the economic and political turmoil will change that. People have been asleep so long I’m not hopeful.

    • >So what does America do when a man attempts to rise to power on the promise to destroy the Bill of Rights?

      I’ve been wondering that since Trump proposed delaying the election.

      • Scott: I don’t see it that way, I’m no Trump lover (like Debbie W.) but had to avoid Hillary and now Slo Joe and vote R. I can’t believe people are shallow enough to believe that Trump wasn’t playing you with his tweets !!!

        • PminiFI, that’s fine. There are a lot of good people that hold the same position as you. The US is interesting. 45% of each side would never vote for the other. It’s the 10% of us who are flexible that end up electing the president. I’m willing to take my lumps with Biden for four years and fix it with the next election. That is provided that the republicans learn a lesson from the drubbing that is coming in November.

    • Incorrect.

      Trump is a Domestic Enemy to the Constitution in its entirety. I will vote against him. At the very least I’ll vote for a Republican write-in. Could be Biden too, depends on the polling in my state.

      Biden may be a one term President. At worst I fight him for four years, which has been the norm for a long time.

      No way in hell Biden, if he wins, can push his agenda thru. Hell, Democrats fight themselves faction against faction all the time. No President’s legislative agenda survives a collission with Congress, and the Democrats tend to collide with each other.

      You people really think that entire platform will become law? What the hell you been drink’n?

      • Enuf,

        Virginia is the example. The Left has the govenorship, the House, and the Senate. You saw what happened, what is happening. The first part of their gun control platform was hammered through in months.

        If the Left takes the Presidency, the House, and the Senate, the same will happen, Federally.

        I get it that you hate Trump. Not going to have that discussion with you. Neither of us will budge on that point. 🙂

        • There you go feeding the troll again Lifesavor…your buddy is voting D for damnation. He stated as much. As for dims winning I ain’t turning in chit!

        • The president’s source of power and influence extends well beyond just signing legislation. People that think Joe would be just like first term or even second term Obama haven’t been paying attention to how fast things have escalated in this country lately.

        • FWW,

          I don’t know what came over me!! A moment of weakness, I suppose.

          All the same, it bears repeating that that this is not just a fight for the Presidency, the House, and the Senate, it is a fight for the Constitution, for the heart and soul of this country; for prosperity, healthy families, and faith.

        • Dude,

          “The president’s source of power and influence extends well beyond just signing legislation.”

          An often overlooked truth. Thank you.

        • This is indeed a fight for the Constitution and the Rule of Law. The greater threat is Trump, not Biden. We can easily hold Biden back in Congress. Won’t be fun but we’ve done it for years.

          Even if the Dems take the Senate, hold the House and Biden wins it will not be a precedent setting majority. No poll shows that. The kind of majorities needed to push that big agenda are simply not going to be there. More than that, Dems ALWAYS dilute their own power with factional infighting. Those who were paying attention saw that under Obama, which came closer to stopping a health care Bill than all the Republican efforts combined.

          You people scare too easily, it’s frankly rather pathetic.

        • Biden will not be held back by Congress. They’ll be happy to pass all the anti-gun legislation into law. There are no pro-gun Dems left. They’ll remove the filibuster, like Obama called for at John Lewis’ funeral, and the Congressional Republicans will have no say in anything. Obama also laid out their plans to stack the Senate and Electoral College by making Puerto Rico and DC states. Add citizenship for all illegals to lock in their votes for a generation. If they have to, they’ll expand the courts so they can put a majority of Dems on. Maybe Congressional Dems will fight against him on Green New Deal or free tuition, but not guns. Maybe the Republicans can take back something, in 2024, but it’ll be an uphill battle, and we won’t get back the rights we lost. Name one Federal gun law that was repealed. The AWB had a sunset clause, so it doesn’t count. The Firearm Owner Protection Act was mainly administrative with limits on what needed to be tracked or how many times the ATF could audit a dealer, it had a theoretical safe travel that isn’t respected by antigun states, and all we had to give up was any more machine guns.

      • “Trump is a Domestic Enemy to the Constitution in its entirety. I will vote against him. At the very least I’ll vote for a Republican write-in. Could be Biden too, depends on the polling in my state.”

        It will be my distinct pleasure to cancel your idiotic, uniformed vote. Yeah, enuf-YOU SHOW ‘EM.

        Soros and Bloomberg funding you and your posting on this site? If not, you’re working for them for free- you at least ought to make some coin for your efforts.

        • Yes, that would be true. If I was a Troll I’d suck at it. You obviously do not know what an internet Troll is, since I am not one.

          Yesterday Trump brought up the idea of violating his Constitutional oath by delaying the election. The very thing that only dictators have ever done. We haven’t done that, not ever. Not during Civil War, two World Wars, the Great Depression and numerous natural disasters and man made calamities. We did not due it for the Spanish Flu, waves of Tuberculosis, Polio, or an other disease or pandemic.

          Polling, especially the GOP internal polling has Trump frightened. So he is lashing out like an autocrat would.

          Hope he loses.

        • “If I was a Troll I’d suck at it. You obviously do not know what an internet Troll is, since I am not one.”

          According to Websters, Collins, Lexico, Cambridge,, Wikipedia, Urban Dictionary, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, PCMag, lifewire and howtogeek a heck of a lot of your comments recently most certainly both the strict and general definitions of “troll” with regard to the internet (as opposed to the mythological realm). In fact, with as much effort as I care to put into it I can’t find a single definition you don’t meet.

          So, you most certainly are a troll, and by your own admission, not a very good one.

      • Enuf,
        There is no doubt that Trump has issues. But in the last 5 years the dems have shown that they are fully insane and fully devoted to communism. The generations of dems we fought through the 80’s and 90’s are gone. They have been replaced by AOC and the squad. They are dedicated to a philosophy that is antithetical to civilization and even human existence.

        There may come a time when we decide that fighting them tooth and nail, in a real, bloody actual war, is superior to putting up with republican crap. But I am not convinced that 2020 is that time.

        Call the Rs on their bullshit. Point out Trumps issues. Point out the places where the Rs fail. Give them a chance to clean their house. But if you aren’t in a state Biden is certain to win, vote Trump to give them the time to do so.

        I’d rather have 4 more years of complaining about Trump and the Rs issues and inadequacies and trying to fix them than fight an actual civil war.

  3. Everyone still seems to think, once a United Socialist State Republic, we will still have a Constitution. We won’t. The Democratic Republic will no longer exist. The hierarchy of The United Socialist State Republic can simply declare whatever they want. They’ll own us. And, yes Virginia, they’ll own the United Socialist State Republic Military also.

  4. Who do they think will support the military? It’s civilian dollars spent in the industry that create the capital for armaments manufacturers to fund R&D.

  5. Careful, when you call their name they always pop up with any round of crazy talk, especially californicaters.

  6. 2 trillion rounds of ammo, 400 million guns, 80 million gun owners, I wish the loony left lots of luck because if you want a civil war, that’s how you start one, especially with all the rioting bull$hit going on. Americans are tolerant, law abiding people, but pushed too far and the eruption would be catastrophic to Democrats.

    • Trump violated his oath of office in proposing to postpone the election. He should be tarred, feathered and rode out of town on a rail.

      • Dems state they want to pass sweeping bans and controls in their party platform and that’s a nothingburger that’ll never happen.

        Trump tweets a possible idea and that’s sedition punishable by death.

        Funny how that works.

      • “Trump violated his oath of office in proposing to postpone the election. He should be tarred, feathered and rode out of town on a rail.”

        What a dumbass. A mere suggestion with absolutely no effort to put it into motion and you condemn the man. No one’s suggesting you be banned from this site for your obviously antigun bias- antigun in that you have no plan, clout or backing what-so-ever to put anything you propose to do or put into motion. You just seek to try to get others to line up behind, er, in front of you, like the mullahs in the middle east. Grab your highly modified SKS and charge the White House, enuf- don’t wait too long. It’ll be fun to watch CNN for a minute or two…

        • Trump makes way too many idiotic suggestions. Had Obama done the same, this site would be melting down with the vitriol. At some point intelligent folks wake up and realize that even if you support the policies the man just isn’t fit to hold office.

        • Trumps best trick is to calmly walk up to the door, throw it wide open, point outside and yell “squirrel, squirrel, squirrel” and all the Democrats run out the door barking and howling. He shuts the door and goes back to finish whatever project he had planned to work on in peace.

        • “Trumps best trick is to calmly walk up to the door, throw it wide open, point outside and yell “squirrel, squirrel, squirrel” and all the Democrats run out the door barking and howling.”

          That’s how he won in 2016.

          Remember when he insulted a military ‘Gold Star’ mother? For any other candidate, that would have been the end, zero question.

          Trump responded by saying something outrageous, and the media dutifully stampeded to report on it. Soon, the Gold Star mom insult was forgotten.

          That’s what he is doing now. By casually mentioning the November election should be postponed, he gave the slobbering media a new shiny nothing to chase.

          They don’t seem capable of understanding Trump is running the same game on the media again (still).

          He’s playing them like a Stradivarius violin, and they are too stupid to see it…

  7. This next election is not just about the Presidency. We need to win the Congressional seats; take back as many districts as possible. We need gains in the Senate; a majority sufficient to make sure Constitution respecting judges are approved quickly.

    No matter what you think of Trump, taking back the House and improving our majority in the Senate is essential. Holding the Presidency is how we continue to take back the Judiciary.

    Trump/Pence 2020
    Ted Cruz 2024

  8. I guess we are about to see how many people are key board warrior & how many will stand & die for their rights.

  9. This is quite change from the days when the Democrats were primarily concerned with violating the human rights of Black People by doing everything the could to perpetuate and expand slavery. Now they want to violate everyone’s constitutional rights. Go ahead. You want an eye opener? Google the Democratic Party platforms from the pre-civil war years. Disgusting. All those statues the left wants to tear down? Primarily Democrats. No wonder, they just want to get rid of the evidence!

  10. Once again I am compelled to clarify something of monumental importance to people who cherish their inalienable right to keep and bear arms:

    There never has been and there never will be anything close to a perfect human being running for political office. Every candidate will have significant and serious faults. Some faults will be obvious and hard to accept. Other faults will be hidden or easier to accept.

    Since all candidates have significant and serious faults, please vote for the candidate who delivers the most substance to our lives regardless of how you feel about his/her persona.

    I mentioned this the other day: it seems like a LOT of voters feel compelled to vote for the “polished” candidate knowing full well that candidate is figuratively raping them — rather than vote for the rude, crude, egotistical, and uncouth candidate who does not figuratively rape them and actually delivers on substance for them.

    Look at it this way: when you vote for a candidate, you are NOT signifying that you like or are in-league with that candidate. Rather, your vote is advocating for yourself — choosing whichever candidate delivers the best actual substance to improve your life (or choosing the candidate which will do the least damage to your life).

    • U_C,

      “There never has been and there never will be anything close to a perfect human being running for political office. Every candidate will have significant and serious faults. Some faults will be obvious and hard to accept.”

      Practical wisdom. Well said.

    • When I vote, I keep in mind that no one can pass the purity test, and that I’m not a one issue voter. You’ll never find someone you agree with all of the time. I’ve disagreed with about 90% of the commenters I’ve interacted with on here, including the ones I get along with very well. I can’t even get the mini-me’s to agree with me all of the time.

    • “There never has been and there never will be anything close to a perfect human being running for political office. Every candidate will have significant and serious faults. Some faults will be obvious and hard to accept. Other faults will be hidden or easier to accept.”

      THANK YOUI! I’ve been saying the same thing- 51% agreement is often enough to tip the scales when surveying the candidates we have in front of us. Plenty of hype, little prior action and not much once elected- except for Trump. We just can’t seem to get used to someone actually doing what he said he would do if elected. I guess it’s voter shock or something. I hope there are enough thinking people around in Nov 2020. Hypesters like enuf should get up and run for office. That’d be fun…

      • When the establishment (with a long history of failure) from both parties comes after you, then you must be doing something right.

        • Dude,

          I love the saying, “You know you are over the target when you are taking flack.”

  11. I didn’t vote for Donald Trump because I thought he’d make a good Sunday School teacher. But frankly, I”d still feel more comfortable with him in my daughters classroom than Joe Biden.

    • Quite frankly, l have a hard time telling the difference between Mr. Trump and any other citizen of NYC – they’ve all seemed like arrogant, loud mouthed, rather uncouth know-it-alls who talk way too fast about things they know little about, to me. If I could wave a magic wand to transform Mr. Trump into a conservative statesman with a rock-solid core belief in our Constitution my arm would be ready to drop off. But I can’t – contrary to the actions/feelings of the Left in this country magical thinking doesn’t really work any more than actual magic (not the Harry Blackstone Jr type magic, that’s fun to watch!) – so I’ll go the polls and vote for my state to re-elect President Trump along with every other GOP politician on the ballot. Is that a perfect solution? Far from it, but if Portland, Seattle, Denver, Minneapolis, etc are any indication it certainly beats the alternative!

      • John Bryan,

        Laughing! I was born in the Bronx. Raised in Brooklyn and Staten Island.

        True story: A friend of mine, after his first trip to Manhattan, complained that the bus driver told him to get the f##k off of the bus because my friend did not have the required exact change. I explained to him, that the bus driver was not being impolite; that is how New Yorkers provide helpful instruction.

        • Laughing! I was born in the Midwest where impatient Nyackers and rude, opinionated Jersey mooks were, and still are, considered rude a-holes.
          Unfortunately, some things never change.

    • I never understand comparisons to Sunday school teachers. Certainly one should vet politicians far more thoroughly, as they claim actual government authority.

  12. I have stated it once, and I will bluntly state it again:” The depraved Democrats can be described in five words: “deceitful crooked immoral treasonous and socialist!” Not that RINO’s or Republicans In Name Only are much better.

  13. “But don’t vote for Trump because bump stocks and he said the thing we don’t like.”-some idiot on here.

    A vote for a democrat is a vote to strip you of your gun rights.

    • Nonsense. A vote against Trump is a vote against an Autocracy in America.

      It is also a vote to have to fight back for the next four years in Congress, where all Presidential legislative agendas and budgets go to die.

      You people scare too damned easy, Biden ain’t anywhere near that good or that well supported.

      • Have you read the Democrat platform. They are open about destroying the economy and ending representative government.

      • This won’t be 2008 or even 2012 all over again. Times have changed.

        “Biden ain’t anywhere near that good or that well supported.” Very true, but Biden is merely a means to an end for the them. He’s practically a Manchurian candidate. He’s been in office for decades, yet suddenly he’s a lump of clay ready to molded into what ever “they” want him to be.

        • He will be replaced shortly after his inauguration. A vote for Biden is a vote for whatever Communist he picks for VP.

      • I will vote for Trump for the same reasons I voted for him the first time. He keeps the Turd Pool called Washington D.C. Stirred Up.

  14. There’s also that rationing firearm purchases to one per month thing. Would it be a stretch to ration ammo, parts, and accessory purchases?

  15. I have read many comments about destroying the gun industry, taking the rights of the people of this nation, it’s the choose of the people of America, not bidden not trump, not congress, it’s the person or person’s to decide on what they want to become, or what they want to make or build, are where they want to work. Saying or even trying these theatres, proves bidden is racist and decimation against all the people of this nation, he is a disgrace to this country, setting criminals free, making false statements,turning this great nation into a communist country, now if that’s not a person who hates this country, u tell me who is, bidden is OUT for himself, he don’t give a damn about this country are the people of this nation, white, black, tan green, pink or blue, just himself, vote right vote to keep America free.

  16. They just don’t want to destroy the firearms industry. They want to kill off the oil and gas, chemical, pharmaceutical, automobile, heavy industry and modern agriculture. The Democrats have gone well beyond Venezuela. Their platform is full Pol Pot.

  17. The time hasn’t yet arrived for watering the tree, but it seems almost in view. Vote Trump or we may find ourselves getting out the irrigation equipment!

  18. Read more:
    Under Creative Commons License: Attribution
    Follow us: @Ammoland on Twitter | Ammoland on Facebook

    Not news if one has been paying attention ,The totalitarian Marxist’s have and are actively tried for decades to end this nation as a Constitutional republic.

    Perhaps Rep. Louie Gohmert of Texas introduction of a resolution on Thursday to ban the Democratic Party or any other political party that supported slavery,not to mention the parties other constitutional violations and treason of which they have self proven,is overdue.

    Rep. Gohmert Introduces Resolution To Ban Democratic Party


  19. I can’t believe how stupid gun owners are its quite simple vote Republican if you want to keep your guns. If you vote Democratic the 2nd amendment goes away. Without trump you lose the supreme court you lose the supreme court all unconstitutional gun laws remain. Gun confiscation will occur so what are you going to do when the swat team shows up to take your guns. Democrats win kiss the gun industry good by. You will no longer be able to buy guns or ammo so if they win stock up but you can’t because it already has been bought up. Without a gun industry where will the military and police get their guns. Without a military and police learn chinese. There will be no police to call because they have all been unfunded you won’t be able protect yourself because all forms of self protection have been outlawed. I’m tired of the hypocrites (people who vote democrat) who think their crap don’t think and vote on feelings because people who vote for democrats are voting on feelings and voting for some one to take care of themselves. A Republican votes by looking at facts, common sense, and reality. A Republican fends for themselves and don’t need handouts and don’t need government telling them how to live. So there is only one logical way to vote if you own guns and that is to vote strictly Republican because they are the only hope for keeping the second amendment a vote for a Democrat is a vote to give up your right to keep and bear arms.

    • Vote for a “democrat” you’ll get a socialist. How do you think they came to power to start with? They own half the country, now they want the other half. “Socialist” is a misnomer, it’s just a polite term for The Organized Crime Party.

    • “who think their crap don’t think” I thought it was a typo but I think you’re on to something there.

      On the other hand, which is where we should really be looking, all this political BS, rioting, pandemic is the distraction intended to keep us at each others throats and not looking at… What? What’s really going on behind the scenes, while we’re so busy tearing out each others guts?

      Perhaps by election day, the election will be the least of our worries. Listen to what this former intelligence analyst, now well known bible teacher gleaned from the news this week:


  20. As in 2016, I won’t vote for Trump. But, I sure as hell will vote against whoever the Left runs. Biden this lap. Sadly, for several decades, America has the lesser of two evils to choose between. Trump has done much for the economy. Although, note….. much of the upswing was pent up energy from the down OBummer debacle. But, Trump is not and never has been a Conservative. He let 2A supporters down while the “Rs” had white House and both Houses of Congress in not passing promised National Reciprocity, HPA, pushing Bump Stock Ban philosophy, etc. Don’t be surprised that this COVID mess wasn’t planned between China and Dems/One Worlders. Maybe just a probing test run. Russia hoax didn’t achieve the agenda….hey let’s try a pandemic.

  21. Lies, lies, and more lies. President Obama and Joe Biden did far less gun control that President Trump and are no threat to the Second Amendment and law abiding firearm owners. At least that is what I read all the time but IMO people that believe that are f*cking delusional.

    Those that say they won’t vote for President Trump because he banned a firearm accessory that allowed a semi automatic rifle to emulate a full auto rifle better wake up and realize what could happen with the progressives in charge of the White House and congress. Oh and those that won’t vote for President Trump because he said he would consider a red flag law, remember that he said he would only consider a red flag law that preservers “due process” which by definition a red flag law won’t so what President Trump really said to the more astute was f*ck and democrat red flag law proposal. Oh and both Bret Kavanugh and Neil Gorsuch have indicated they are anxious to hear a Second Amendment case at SCOTUS to fix the wrongs that are going on at the lower courts. John Roberts is the reason why SCOTUS refuses at this time to consider any Second Amendment Cases because Alito, Thomas, Gorsuch, and Kavanugh don’t trust him with his recent siding with the liberal justices including on saying it is OK to shut down churches because of Covid 19 while leaving liquor stores open.


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