Three chicago police shot wounded
CPD officers cleaning up after another shooting. This time, three cops were the victims. (Courtesy Chicago Sun Times and Twitter)
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You’d think that thoroughly frisking a paroled convicted felon when you arrest him for a carjacking would be…automatic. Apparently not in Chicago. That oversight almost cost three of the Windy City’s finest their lives because Lovelle Jordan had a gun “extremely secreted” away in his “private area.”

Here’s the AP’s report:

By Kathleen Foody, AP

A convicted felon on parole has been charged with attempted murder in the shooting of three Chicago police officers outside a station, authorities said Friday.

Lovelle Jordan was taken to the station on the city’s northwest side after officers arrested him Thursday in connection with a June 26 carjacking in downtown Chicago, police said.

Jordan began firing when an officer opened the door of the squad car they had driven him to the station in, Deputy Chief Brendan Deenihan said. Officers returned fire and wounded Jordan, who faces six counts of attempted murder as well as charges of possession of a stolen vehicle and possession of a weapon as a felon.

Jordan was still hospitalized as of Friday morning, a police spokesman said. It’s unclear if he had an attorney who might be able to comment on the charges.

Two of the wounded officers were treated and released from the hospital. The third officer was shot in the chin and remains hospitalized but is “doing well,” Deenihan said.

“He’s not out of the woods by any means … but it appears he’s going to make it,” he said.

Police handcuffed Jordan’s hands behind his back when he was arrested, but he apparently was able to move his hands to the front while being transported to the station, Deenihan said.

He said Jordan, 26, was searched before being transported, but police believe he had a gun “extremely secreted, probably very close to his private area” and was able to retrieve the weapon during the ride to the station.

“They didn’t do anything wrong,” Deenihan said of officers who made the arrest. “I will defend them. They’re out there working, they are wrestling with this guy and once again it’s the offender’s action — that’s who’s responsible for shooting the officer in the face.”


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    • It couldn’t have happened. Everybody knows its illegal for felons to have guns. And its doubly illegaler to shoot at cops.

      And I’m willing to bet money he did not have a foid card.

      • Yeah, I guess you’re right.

        Just another bogus story like the ones about shootings in ‘gun free zones’.

        • Hey, I don’t suppose you’re related to the commenter called Thixotropic, by any chance…?

          Yeah, this was totally impossible. It will be even more impossibler when the progs finally get their way and take guns away from all the people who *didn’t* do this impossible thing that totally couldn’t have happened.

      • I was working at a New England small town hospital in the early nineties as a security guard. One of our duties was to babysit patients the police brought in through the emergency room with drug and alcohol problems. When the hospital took custody we searched them to make sure that they didn’t have any weapons or other contraband and then placed them in what we called a holding room. One night the local cops brought a guy in from the jail. He was quite intoxicated and they didn’t want him puking, defecating or dying in their jail. As I searched his pockets I started pulling out fifty dollar bills. The officers who brought the guy were stunned.I called the duty head nurse and continued searching the patient. Before I finished I had over twenty- five Thousand dollars in cash.The police officers who brought him in were gob smacked. They insisted I immediately turn the money over to them. My reply, “Ain’t happening dud. The guy got his money back from the hospital at a latter date and the police learned to be a little more though when searching their prisoners.

        • Good on ya. If the hospital had turned the cash over to the cops, it would be gone into a nightmare tangle of red tape at best, or…. disappeared. We need to stop asset forfeiture. Creates too much incentive to “legally” steal.

        • That money would have disappeared if those cops got their hands on it. I knew who and what they were. Hell, one of them is a state senator now.

        • I once accompanied a close relative to the ER following a serious vehicle wreck he had suffered (other driver’s fault, it turned out). While there in Trauma for 8 hours, I noticed two things that stuck out:

          1) How often patients were wheeled in while cuffed to the gurney and sequestered in a special side room that was guarded by a Sheriff Deputy.

          2) How much the nurses openly flirted with the EMTs and Firefighters. Nobody ever flirted with any of the Deputies.

  1. How the fuck could he move his hands to his front if he was handcuffed behind his back???????

    • when i was a kid, i could do it but I was pretty skinny and limber in those days

    • It’s pretty simple; you just pull your knees up to your chin and pass your hands under your feet. Nearly anyone can do it, though I guess those with an unfavorable arm length to torso length ratio might have trouble.

      • “…pull your knees up to your chin and pass your hands under your feet. Nearly anyone can do it,…”

        You haven’t seen my wife’s side of the family. Ooch. Hearty breakfast eaters, all of them…

    • A very skinny flexible guy (or gal) with long arms can work their cuffed hands around the butt and then get their legs through the loop. Doesn’t take long if you practice. Plenty of stories of people hiding little .22 NAA revolvers where the sun don’t shine.

      • I’ve seen xrays a full size revolver hidden in somebody’s prison pocket. There’s one of those “top ten craziest” articles about it.

        • I saw an X-ray like that too. But in the guys defense I think the revolver belonged to the herbal that prolly brought it with him.

        • There was a “Manswers” episode in the mid 2000’s (the greatest show in the world, it was on Spike TV right before 1,000 Ways To Die) that had a re-enactment of a guy who shot someone in prison with a revolver he’d smuggled in using his prison wallet. Someone in El Salvador smuggled in a small hand grenade in the same manner.

    • I was arrested once (for refusing to give an officer my SSN as an identifier), and I did the same thing in the back of the patrol car. When I got out of the car, the officers were mighty surprised, and asked me how I’d done it. I told them, and one said, “Well, put them back.” So I did. Easy peasy.

      • Your joke aside, you *do* know that you’re not legally required to provide your SSN to any LEO, right? Doesn’t matter what the LEO demands from you or says is department policy…per Federal law, the only entities that can require you to disclose your SSN are Federal agencies or any financial institution with which you’ve applied for an account. No State, County, or City entity can require it under any penalty. I know of more than one account in which someone politely refused to provide his SSN for a traffic ticket and informed the LEO of the legalities, upon which the LEO said it was only procedural, and not required. They can’t force you.

        • Doesn’t mean they won’t legally arrest you, either. But it has to be for an underlying crime.

          For example. Say I’m some copper patrolling an area and I come across a guy pissing in public. I go up to him to issue him a ticket, which is normally the most that the law allows. He has no ID. How do I identify him? If I can’t, that ticket becomes an arrest so he can get photographed, printed, and fully identified at court.

          Or another case- Texas. In Texas (at least as of a few years ago) you can be arrested for most traffic violations. Now, they don’t normally do it, but if a cop is filling out a ticket and someone starts telling him off and refuses to provide info, he might just get arrested for the speeding ticket instead of ticketed (see: sandra bland)

          You can disagree with the ethics of that, but it is not illegal.

        • @Hannibal,

          Agreed that a LEO might wish to push the issue, but note that I specifically chose the words “politely declined” in my comment, which is vastly different than your twist-around of “telling him off”.

          I personally know someone who was pulled over for a simple traffic violation of a rolling stop through a stop sign (e.g., slowing down to only a crawl before proceeding, instead of a full stop). The guy argued and argued, calling the cop names and asserting his “rights”, while the cop gave him every chance to just sign the ticket and be on his way. In the end, the guy was arrested for escalating the scene and pissing off the cop. That’s not the way anyone should assert their rights.

          If you politely explain the situation to the LEO who pulled you over, and inform him/her of your concern of protecting your identity, I’ve been told that the officer will usually explain that the SSN request is procedural for identification purposes, but may offer another alternative. Of course, this is what others who have done this have told me, as I myself haven’t had a traffic ticket in 25 years.

        • I Haz,

          You stated that you cannot be forced to divulge your social security number under any penalty. I provided several examples where by failure to do so might end in an arrest which may have not otherwise happened, regardless. Being a jerk is only one way- there are others.

          Here’s another example. People with the same names and DOBs exist. If one has a warrant out on them and the other does not, the social security number is often the next identifier a police officer will go to. This is the same phenomenon as filling out a 4473 with your #- you don’t have to, but you may have problems if you don’t. Eventually these problems will be solved- but it’s headache.

          If you refuse to provide it when the police have a warrant return on your name and dob- politely or otherwise- you are not breaking the law but you may very well be arrested on the warrant while your alternative universe self who provided it might be let go immediately, unless the police can establish that you are different than their subject through other means.

          You can be ‘right’ and still end up in handcuffs.

        • Hannibal,

          You’re arguing over semantics. I stated that you’re not required to provide your SSN. That’s the only point I was making. You’re spiraling that out into all the different ways you can make life difficult for yourself by not providing it. While you’re correct that it may be the case (depending upon the situation and the LE involved), it’s separate and superfluous from what I originally said.

          Making a mountain out of a molehill.

        • As an aside to this discussion I have a good friend, a professional, with no criminal record of his own, who shares a name, ethnicity, and DOB with a fairly serious felon. He has been mistaken for this person several times and routinely needs to provide his SSN for all kinds of things to distinguish himself from this person. They were even born in the same hospital.

        • one night we drove offroad haphazardly into a cornfield, threw beers all over the place and screamed “it’s the man!” at every passing vehicle on that lonely rural route. idiots. of course eventually one of the rollers was just that, he hit the hooks hard.
          directed us to pick up our mess (idiots) and ran everyone. bobby hill got snafu’d on an outstanding warrant- it wasn’t like it wasn’t possible for that kid. but eventually he handed back the i.d.’s and said, “wrong color.”
          the greek kid never picked up a thing; he just stood there laughing while gnawing on a corn stalk he had uprooted. very lenient patrolman.

      • You do know he went to jail because he understood this right? He also probably got a settlement from that department too.

        Another useless post from Haz.

        • “Another useless post from Haz.”

          We’ve now identified Haz’s widdle troll!

          The butt-hurt is strong with you, it must really piss you off for you to realize you will always grovel in Haz the Magnificent’s shadow… 🙂

    • I can still do that at 61 years young.
      I teach police recruits on thorough searching techniques. Yeah, I get my junk fondled many times a day.
      Though to date, only one recruit has seen or found the handcuff key I fashioned into an earring.

      • can o corn tom, apologies in advance.
        perhaps if you wore an earring they might find it more readily.
        okay i’m done.
        it’d take me about an hour to touch my toes, but i can still wriggle the cuffs to the front. way harder if your cuffed to someone else.

    • I have seen inmates that can do a step through, when hand cuffed and
      hand the
      cuffs handed through a slot in a cell door after exercise. So , this shouldn’t be a surprise. As far as hiding a gun , it is the anuis or his crouch. Either way, it was a bad search. I worked at the Iowa State Penitentiary.

  2. This peckerhead just needs to be hung in front of the police station. Public hanging, or perhaps a public execution by firing squad of volunteers. No reason he should remain on this earth for another day! These executions need to be public, swift and certain, by order of the court and with public volunteers doing the executions. we could have one of these executions every day in front of the city hall or the police headquarters. 365 days a year!

      • No, he wasn’t hung, he just had a really big Glock. You would think one of the three cops would have frisked him.

      • Too late ED, it was only attempted murder therefor a quick Chiraq release is indicated, no bail needed.

  3. I was just commenting on this to my son as we watched Jeopardy…Keystone Cops strike again😃”They didn’t do anything wrong”…or right. You can’t blame Beatlejuice for this one😏😏😏😏😏Rectum>killed ’em!

    • Sad but true. Chaos ahead. People are actually claiming crime didn’t go up with all the fellons released. Err… Maybe as we are dysfunctional in recording?

  4. Is there any wonder that two of the worst LEAs* now have their own TV series, extolling their competence?

    *Chicago PD; FBI

      • Think about the logistics of that. Do you know how hard it is to insert and remove a gun from your rectum? If you’re trying to smuggle something into prison- sure. But if you’re walking around? No way. Maybe he could put it between the cheeks but that’s usually a giveaway when the person walks. Most likely is the crotch. My .380 with a clip on it disappears under briefs and would not be found without a thorough search- which apparently did not happen.

        • I’ll defer to your expertise in the matter;-) I never tried to hide a gun on me when I was arrested.The cops must not have been very thorough at all. This guy is now the proverbial past camper that ruined pat downs for everyone. Everybody that gets nut grabbed hard when they are arrested from now on should give him a few thumps if they meet him in gimp prison. “Oh, you’re that Lovelle Jordan?! My balls still hurt, bitch!”

    • Just like they bring in women to pat down women, maybe they should bring in a female officer to pat down a guy.

  5. So, he’ll be back on the streets in about an hour. Aint that right Kim Fox?

    Next up in Shitago, 3 Chicago police officers charged with attempted homicide, conspiracy to commit homicide, unlawful detention of this respectful BLM member just exercising his right to peacefully protest police aggression against people of color.

  6. I’ve seen prisoners with cuffs above the elbows and at the wrists. Also secured at their sides to a heavy locked belt.

    Guess there are ways if they think about it.

  7. He was ‘unarmed’ except he wasn’t. Remember how BLM people said the cops should never have shot Rayshard Brooks because they already patted him down and therefore should have known he couldn’t be dangerous? And that was a pat-down which is a lot less intrusive than a search incident to arrest.

    So somebody did a bad search. If you aren’t feeling junk you won’t feel the gun hidden there, either. Maybe they got complacent and maybe they didn’t want to get accused of groping someone. In my experience the guys that started yelling about getting felt up were the guys who had drugs stashed somewhere.

    • “They lived” – so you’re rooting for the scumbag BLM twit? Moron.

      The 6 cops and they ran out of rounds and the bastard lived? Though it is “paralyzed from the chest down” so I’d call that a win. (yeah this time I’ll cheer for the cops).

    • cgray says:
      July 31, 2020 at 17:18

      They lived.


      Because of “folks” like this registration should be required.

  8. The really sad part about this is why was the felon/thug only wounded? If he was sitting in the vehicle, he had no where to go. So they have to replace the seat from all the bullet holes – better than letting this scum able to be back on the streets in short order.

  9. Seriously!?!? Political correctness would be the cause; because they likely have no right to search forbidden zones . . . sorry . . . if my life could be on the line, whatever it takes should be allowed! If you have to get naked in public so be it . . . don’t break the law, and you won’t have to be concerned.

    • You’ll probably feel differently if the police ever strip you and cavity search you in public. There’s a reason we don’t grant that sort of license to police.

      • If a man can become a woman and a woman can become a man and you can go back and forth between the two depending on what day it is or how you feel about, does it really make a difference who searches who? And quite honestly, how the hell is the officer really supposed to know who is what?

        • This is hilarious, A local department store has a special parking designated for pregnant women near the front doors. I checked the state law / regs and there is no such legal parking designation. Whenever I go to that store I always park there. If anyone would ever say anything, I would push my belly out and explain I was self Identifying as being knocked up. I would like to get one of the signs for the parking at my shop.

  10. As a detention officer, I went to a where we practiced pat down searches. I was given a Glock 19 red gun to hide on my person. I put it right on my gooch and all but one officer caught it. If you want to play cop, you got to check your ego and not worry about a felon calling you gay for touching his junk.

  11. Well, that’s just piss poor police work…sloppy and complacent…
    And once again, law abiding gun owners will suffer the wrath for this…

  12. Sure it wasnt hidden in his mangina? An accidental knee to the nut sack when they were scuffling may have been essential in determining he was armed. Or, a simple grab, pull and twist technique. Seriously, you gotta go up both sides, all the way to the gong, Ive done thousands of searches, plus if they resist or protest by acting out its a two-fer.

    • Wow. You’re just the worst kind of person. They start doing this to everyone they come across and they’re gonna need more insurance.

  13. Almost everyone commenting on this story, Has missed the most important point. A multi time felon recently paroled for the second time. The last time being for (Felon in possession of a firearm). Is out on the street committing more felonies. The REAL problem is in the Courts. Far to many Activist Judges , Parole Boards and Politicians letting these Thugs out under the Guise of Criminal Justice Reform. Allowing then to Prey on innocent citizens. Definitely time to bring back the Hanging Tree. Starting with a few of the above mentioned Activists.

  14. Until we see justice for Breonna Taylor, Daniel Shaver, Kelly Thomas, George Floyd, and the other thousands of victims, don’t expect a shred of sympathy out of me. Those pigs can rot in hell, for all I care. You want to go out on the streets and kill minorities while beating your wife at home? You take your own chances out there.

    • Just because YOU beat your wife at home doesn’t mean everyone else does….
      And nobody really cares what you think anyway….

  15. There must have been six to seven posts pulled from this
    thread. should be replaced with

  16. play stupid games. win stupid prizes. If you’re a cop and you’re too lazy to pat down your own fcking prisoner/detainee, before placing him behind you, WTF do you expect?? Idiots.

    Talk about accelerated Darwin Awardees.

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