September 2019 NICS volume gun sales
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If gun makers and the big bad gun lobby had gotten together and designed a strategy to goose gun sales (which were already good by historically standards) they couldn’t have done much better than what Democrats have done on their own.

Between Beto’s media-enabled confiscation jihad and other candidates’ using O’Rourke for cover to jump on the gun-grabbing bandwagon, there’s no longer any ambiguity at all about what the forces of civilian disarmament want and are trying to do.

That message hasn’t been lost on Americans who value the right to keep and bear arms. As the latest National Shooting Sports Foundation monthly report reveals, September NICS volume is up 10% year over year. And given the latest FBI crime statistics showing that — yet again — crime has fallen while gun ownership is up, that’s very good news.

Here’s the announcement from the NSSF . . .

The September 2019 NSSF-adjusted National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) figure of 1,011,636 is an increase of 10.0 percent compared to the September 2018 NSSF-adjusted NICS figure of 919,979. For comparison, the unadjusted September 2019 FBI NICS figure 2,189,028 reflects a 15.5 percent increase from the unadjusted FBI NICS figure of 1,895,841 in September 2018.

Please note: Alabama state’s NSSF-adjusted NICS for September 2019 was 146.3 percent higher than September 2018 which accounts for an additional 19,358 checks over this time last year. Likewise, Minnesota’s NSSF-adjusted NICS for September 2019 was 53.7 percent higher than September 2018 which accounts for an additional 8.577 checks over the same time period.

The third quarter 2019 NSSF-adjusted National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) figure of 2,955,750 reflects an increase of 9.1 percent compared to the 2,708,048 figure for third quarter 2018.

The adjusted NICS data were derived by subtracting out NICS purpose code permit checks and permit rechecks used by states for CCW permit application checks as well as checks on active CCW permit databases. NSSF started subtracting permit rechecks in February 2016.

September 2019 NICS volume gun sales

Though not a direct correlation to firearms sales, the NSSF-adjusted NICS data provide an additional picture of current market conditions. In addition to other purposes, NICS is used to check transactions for sales or transfers of new or used firearms. FBI NICS and NSSF-adjusted NICS figures do not account for firearm sales or transfers using approved alternate permits such as a concealed carry license. Several states allow the use of such alternate permits that have become popular among consumers over the past several years.

It should be noted that these statistics represent the number of firearm background checks initiated through the NICS. They do not represent the number of firearms sold or sales dollars. Based on varying state laws, local market conditions and purchase scenarios, a one-to-one correlation cannot be made between a firearm background check and a firearm sale.

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    • It’s not all good news. The bad news is I was unable to be of any assistance to those rising numbers. No new guns, accessories or ammo purchased in the last 6 months. All out of rich uncles too. Maybe I will risk a buck or 2 on the lottery… (not likely) , I have the wrong kind of luck for that.

      • Don’t worry, I got you covered 😉

        3 new guns so far this year, plus holsters, ammo, mags, etc.

  1. Didn’t buy a new gun but got ammo,magazine’s,a red dot and went shooting. Does that help?!?😄

  2. Unfortunately, I lost all of my firearms in a tragic boating accident when the entire collection was swept out to sea. Those rumors that are spreading about me purchasing last month another AR-10, a bunch of 80% receivers and various parts, or those 1000 round cases of ammo are all wrong. And that wasn’t me at the gun show last weekend buying a few red dot sights, several 20 round mags, 30 round mags and extended pistol mags. I am just a concerned citizen these days.

  3. Anyone have reliable info on the demographics? I’ve read several times that African Americans and Asians are rapidly increasing gun-ownership. Also, people who identify as liberal.

    Will that broader base translate into increased protection for gun-rights?

    • I’ve seen more African Americans at the gun shows asking good questions and buying guns. We have a large Asian community here, but I’ve seen few of them there. I do have liberal friends and family who are starting to “see the light” and do not like the gun control talk they’re hearing. They’re asking me what to buy and to teach them how to shoot. I remind them that they’re going to vote against their freedoms and they’re rethinking that too as I’ve told them it’s socialism or Donald Trump. That gets quite a reaction.

      In an unrelated, but interesting issue: the Wall St. Democrats are telling the Democrat Party two things that is going to run them to support Trump. 1.) This ridiculous impeachment that’s going to go nowhere, and 2.) If Elizabeth Warren is the nominee.

      • I see a ton of black folks around NE IL & NW Indiana gun stores & ranges(I go to Shoot Point Blank Mokena mostly). It doesn’t translate to ANYTHING…

        • Here in the bay area of CA I see the ranges are thick with Asians and more and more I see women by themselves or with other women.

        • That new one in Dublin. Guns, fishing and other gear I think is their name. And Davis street in San Leandro. Mostly. We also get a couple of vehicles full and hit the Panoche hills. Public land that’s still open for target shooting.

          Trap and skeet down by San Jose. We still have ranges here. Just barely. It’s been a while but I think Livermore is still open.

    • By the end of the year I will have introduced 3 African America ladies to shooting. They heard me talking to other co workers and expressed interest.

      • 👍^^This^^👍 i got two more people at work wanting to go, we’re just waiting on paperwork.

      • And just today I took a young lad (18 years old I believe) out shooting for his very first time. We ran through the whole gambit from .22 LR (first in a rifle and then a single-action revolver), to 9mm Luger in a semi-auto handgun, .44 Magnum in a HUGE revolver (actually makes recoil fun and not painful!) as well as a rifle, and one pull of the trigger on a 20 gauge shotgun shooting a 5/8 ounce slug at 1,560 feet per second.

        He seemed to be reasonably relaxed and also seemed to enjoy it. At the very least, he should have had a positive experience and got to see that real People of the Gun are serious about safety and fun.

        • Sounds like an awesome time, bet the .44 got his adrenalin flowing. I love seeing how excited they get taking the target home, dosen’t take long before the phone rings again.

        • Sounds like you both had a good time: you as teacher, he as student. This is how we make America great, again.

      • Excellent!! What you are doing, is how we win!!!
        You are opening eyes and the best part of human potential.

  4. Just as Obama was a great seller of numerous firearms when he was “president”, the entire lineup of the 2020 democrat field has shown themselves to be extremely anti-gun. So let’s face this fact, sooner or later there will be (and I hate even thinking about it) a democrat president, a democrat controlled house and senate, and a democratically controlled supreme court all at the same time. I’m speculating here, but I think that when they order firearms confiscation for the civilian population that it will be the final straw for a whole lot of Americans and civil war will break out. Since they undoubtedly will be using the 4473’s as a guide to determine who has them and who doesn’t it makes sense to me to have a few 80 percent receivers stanched away and the parts to make a few AR-15’s and some book’s on how to make a homemade shotgun or two. Another possibility is just simply leaving the country with your firearms now. Many countries like Chile and especially Paraguay will let you keep some of your guns. Check out Paraguay gun laws on the YouTube video “Firearm freedom outside the United States?”
    for more info.

    • ” sooner or later there will be (and I hate even thinking about it) a democrat president, a democrat controlled house and senate, and a democratically controlled supreme court all at the same time.”

      All it takes is a Leftist president and controlled Senate to stack SCOTUS, then they can pick and choose how to dismantle the 2A.

      What we really need is a Senate that will not bend and confirm Leftist SCOTUS picks. And be upfront as to why they will not vote to confirm a Leftist.

      If the Leftists are correct and demographic shifts mean a conservative will never again be POTUS, we can finally get down to having the important ‘national conversation’ we should be having – The peaceful dissolution of the United States into urban centers filled with crime and disease from shit on the sidewalks and the relatively peaceful flyover country where the majority own guns and rarely use them against others…

      • ” If the Leftists are correct and demographic shifts mean a conservative will never again be POTUS ”

        I don’t think so. The left has a peculiar talent for destroying itself. California is a good example of this. The deck is stacked so heavily in the Democrats favor, it’s very tempting for them to declare there will never again be a Republican governor. And yet, the state is sinking into a morass of corruption and incompetence that pretty much guarantees the Republicans will eventually hold sway again.

        When it comes to politics, never say never.

    • Rocketman,

      You have probably heard the old saw, “If it is time to bury your firearms, it is time to use them.”

      I would adapt that same concept to leaving the country. If it is time to leave the country because of your firearms, it is time to use them.

  5. “Another possibility is just simply leaving the country with your firearms now. Many countries like Chile and especially Paraguay will let you keep some of your guns.”

    F’ that. Lot easier just to eliminate the source of the problem.

    • I’m not going anywhere. If they don’t like guns, they can get the fuck out. And no “breaking up families”, they can take their whole family with them.

      They can defend themselves with a crappy China-made piece of junk plastic with a “disorienting strobe light” and “piercing siren” (that likely exceeds OSHA recommended levels for ear-damaging sound and blinding light exposure) and a “spice dispenser”. I prefer the choice of the time-proven effective response to a lethal threat if warranted…

  6. It is probably harder to track but I wonder what the trwnd on 80% lowers / frames looks like.

  7. I added to the gun sales in September when I bought a used bolt action rifle for the action to build my next rifle on. That purchase clearly had nothing to do with the dipshit democrats though. This month I caught a deal on a new Glock 20SF 10mm that I couldn’t pass up so I guess I’ll be adding to the sales in October as well. However the Glock was not fueled by the dipshit democrats either. Some might argue it was because of the 15 round magazines but it wasn’t. Just over five bills out the door for a new Glock 20 is the best price I’ve seen. I’m personally glad sales are up and I’m proud to have contributed. I do hope people aren’t going into debt though.

  8. I believe it, my permits were supposed to come in on thursday. Gal said their flooded right now and hopefully should be ready sometime next week, I got a GP100 sitting in the safe at my LGS collecting dust at the moment.

  9. A PROHIBITION on anything always increases interest in that thing. It worked that way on alcohol, on banned books and movies, on the AR15 because of the 1994 AWB. Give people some reason to fear a new PROHIBITION is coming and they will panic, or at least get a bit antsy about future prospects.

    Gun Law is just an issue where some people seem incapable of remembering this lesson.

    I do want the Ruger PC Carbine as my next new gun. Just need it to come down in price a bit, then I’ll use my Cabela’s/Bass Pro credit card points on it. But as it is still relatively new and now with all this PROHIBITION talk going around, looks like the price will stay up there for sometime.

  10. Great news. The more firearms in the hands of law abiding citizens and the harder it is going to be for the tyrant wannabees to try and ban them and take them away. I may not live to see it but IMO at some point the massive federal debt and spending will lead to a collapse of social services resulting in violence from many of those who have depended on such for their whole lives. I expect the tyrant wannabees already know this and are planning now to try and disarm us to keep us from defending our lives and property from their valuable supporters.

  11. I got my Nebraska pistol purchase permit in the mail yesterday.

    Infringement I know but it’s step one to buying a pistol after about 15 years of not buying anything.

    Next month I’m filing for my CCW again. I let it lapse earlier this year thinking it expired next year (the same as my Utah non-resident).

  12. The Freest States, of the Republic, for gun owners anyhow.

    Idaho (residents only)
    New Hampshire
    North Dakota (residents only; concealed carry only)
    Oklahoma (effective November 1, 2019)
    South Dakota
    West Virginia

      • Or Indiana. Florida used to be nice about 20 or 25 years ago before all of the stinking New Yorkers moved there permanently and started demanding gun control just like they escaped from. Idiots.

        • Florida, despite the post MSD HS laws passed is still pretty good. The waiting period is still waived if you possess a CWoFL, unlicensed vehicle carry, private sales unrestricted, and no magazine capacity limits. Also firearm registration/state registries are prohibited by the State Constitution. The proposed Amendment to ban “assault rifles” will more than likely be tossed by the Supreme Court of Florida.

          Given the shifting demographics, it could be a lot worse.

          • I used to live in SE Florida about 25 years ago. Back then it was legal to have a loaded gun in the car without any kind of license provided it was in a holster and the strap was closed.

    • No “Texas” what’s this world coming to? Curious to hear from a gun lover in wisconsin, been researching properties up north for a while now.

      • I have a close relative who lives in WI. Moved there from CA to escape the Leftists for a more conservative area, but she’s upset because they now have a Dem Governor and have been talking gun control and Red Flag/ERPO. Definitely swinging away from 2A over there. Of course, the state borders IL, and is close to Chicago, so a fair number of transplants have moved north and brought their anti-gun sentiments with them. A small version of “Californication”.

        • That sucks, lots of nice areas up there. I have friends in minnesota that tell me the same thing.

    • You forgot Alabama. We’ve got it good here. Permitless open carry, shall issue CCW (walk into the county sheriff’s office, let ‘em run the background check, pay fee, walk out in 10 minutes (I renewed in May for 5 yrs for $75), Castle Doctrine, purchase permit(?)….Ummmm, no.

  13. I will happily contribute to October sales, with a preban Colt Sporter lightweight carbine, that’s on layaway at my favorite LGS! My first purchase in rebuilding my collection, since the devastating burglary, that wiped me out last month! So thankful to find this, as colt stops selling new ones to civilians, and who knows how much longer we will be granted the privilege of buying these model sporting rifles, as well. At least I’ll have one gun to defend the homestead with, at the very least!

  14. Trump bans a half million ‘machine guns’ and it’s still definitely the hopeless DNC hopefuls driving sales. No, I’m not being ironic.

    • Trump banned a piece of plastic. Not a machine gun. I do not approve of that, for the record. But now the dems are on the record as wanting to come and get our guns.

      If it’s a choice between Trump and any dem I will vote Trump.

      • Like I always say, vote for the lesser of the two evils. I’d also venture to say that there hasn’t been a good choice in quite a while. I liked Reagan but he was far from perfect. The Bush’s were ok too I guess. We all know what kind of cluster the Clinton’s and Obama’s were/are.

      • Might as well go with the Republicans. It’s not like there is a wide choice here. There is considerable difference between the Dems and Reps on hot-button issues: gun control, abortion, gay rights, that sort of stuff. Not too much difference on bread-and-butter issues, despite the rhetoric. Dems represent the finance side of the oligarchy, Reps represent the management side of the oligarchy. So, not much movement can be expected on medicare-for-all, free stuff and climate change. In foreign policy, they are both identical.

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