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Don’t pity the poor Democrat clown car of candidates wanting the party’s nomination to run for President. Coming from deep Democrat strongholds, some believe that aggressive campaigning for gun control will get them the nomination. After all, thoughts of gun confiscations sometimes sends a thrill up the leg of their friends.

However, polling data on these candidates shows that gun control doesn’t really play in Peoria, or even that strongly among Democrats.

The hapless Eric Swalwell famously announced that he might resort to nuclear weapons against his fellow Americans who own guns and refuse to surrender them.

swalwell for president
(AP Photo/Elise Amendola) and Bigstock

While that might elicit polite applause and the occasional fist bump at Democrat cocktail parties, it doesn’t impress regular Americans. Nor does it inspire even Democrats to back Swalwell’s campaign that’s based on gun control. A recent poll cited by the Des Moines Register shows the California Rep. at exactly zero percent support.

John Hickenlooper, another of the Dems running for the nomination, says he stood up to the NRA as the centerpiece of his campaign. From Think Progress:

Hickenlooper puts gun control at the center of his White House bid

Former Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper (D) is running for president, and he’s hoping he can take his gun control efforts to the White House.

How is that working out for him? He remains stuck at zero percent right there alongside Swalwell.

kirsten gillibrand gun control second amendment
Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, D-N.Y. (AP Photo/Elise Amendola)

Kirsten Gillibrand used to support gun rights and the NRA. Now she supports gun confiscations and calls the NRA “the worst organization in the country.”

Her back bench status in the Senate and flip-flopping on issues have resulted in zero support for her in Iowa. Looks like we won’t ever have to say “Madame President Gillibrand.” But I look forward to someone Googling that phrase in the future and finding this story.

All in all, nine Democrats who claim to have viable campaigns for President currently have zero statistical support. And speaking of zero support, Bill de Blasio’s name didn’t come up a single time among likely Iowa caucus participants. Ditto for Wayne Messam.

Who? Exactly.

Others barely cresting 1% including some high-profile gun grabbers like Julian Castro and Cory Booker.

From the Des Moines Register:

The field of Democratic presidential candidates is starting to settle into tiers: Joe Biden leads the pack, and Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren and Pete Buttigieg are in close competition for second place, a new Des Moines Register/Mediacom/CNN Iowa Poll shows.

Twenty-four percent of Iowa’s likely Democratic caucusgoers say former vice president Biden is their first choice for president. Sanders, a Vermont senator, is the first choice for 16% of poll respondents, while Warren, a Massachusetts senator, and Buttigieg, mayor of South Bend, Indiana, are at 15% and 14% respectively.

No other candidate cracks double digits. California Sen. Kamala Harris comes closest at 7%, and other numbers within the poll indicate some underlying strengths for her.

Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar and former Texas Congressman Beto O’Rourke are at 2%.


Meanwhile, Joe “Buy a Shotgun” Biden, the would-be creeper in chief, has seen his lead decline from 26 points to a mere 8 in recent weeks.

Frankly, given the current clown car occupants, I don’t think we have seen the Democrat nominee for the 2020 Presidential race enter the field yet. If I had to guess, I’d put my money on Michelle Obama. At the same time I wouldn’t write off Michael Bloomberg and maybe not even Hillary Clinton, either.

Time will tell. One thing will remain as certain as the sun rising in the east: The final Democrat nominee, in today’s world, will seek to take your guns and put you in jail if you don’t surrender them. Count on it.

Who do you think will come out as the nominee? Tell us below and why…

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    • It’s an expression, not a geography test.

      Peoria is America’s flyover country in case you have to find it on a map.

    • Peoria is an unincorporated community in Richland Township, Mahaska County, Iowa, United States.[1] Peoria is located along County Highway T33 7.2 miles (11.6 km) northeast of Pella.[2]

      Hat tip Wikipedia.

      • Haven’t been to Peoria for several years, but I was in crappy South Bend about 7 months but just driving through. If America needs an enema I know the perfect place to put the nozzle.

      • The phrase comes from Peoria, IL, which is a mid sized city on the Illinois river. Trust me, I lived there from 1994 – 2015.

    • they’ll just do what they did in the mid-terms…lie to us about their positions…..

    • Yeah, no kidding. Their front running has a long history of not doing a damn thing in office, not to mention a very long well documented history of being exceptionally creepy around children and women. And in the #MeToo era that alone is pretty much a death blow to any presidential campaign.

    • While you are correct that the Democrats have no one…..despite emptying the whole circus clown car……they have masses of stupid, Santa Claus loving (free shit), touchy feely snowflakes, and Useful Idiots that will once again vote for whichever clown the crooked DNC puts forth. That’s how we got Obummer for eight years. Never underestimate the power of stupidity in numbers. It’s the handlers that you have to be fearful of… AOC’s handers…..

      • I wasn’t alive when The Beatles were together either. That doesn’t mean I don’t know Sgt. Pepper’s entire album by heart.

      • I was. I remember the peanut farmer very well… but I was too young to vote against him, so I had to wait for Reagan in 1980. Yeah, I voted for him. I didn’t know then that both parties are bought and paid for by the same people. I just put it down to being young and ignorant.

        • My first election,I voted for Carter in ’76, because he was campaigned as an outsider… Then after he f’ed the country, I rallied against him in ’80 and campaigned for Reagan… Then I learned the same things you did, and still, whataya do? After voting a long string of mostly worthless Libertarians after Reagan, I still voted for that F’head Trump. Had I just listened to my father, I wouldn’t have bothered voting again after WWII. It’s been a losing proposition for an awfully long time…

        • A frightening fact someone disclosed to me the other day.

          Reagan’s election was nearer in time to the Nazis surrender than is is to present day.

          It hits middle aged people the hardest, try it and the facial expressions are priceless.

    • Whoever it is, there’s a good chance Kamala will be the VP on the ticket to guarantee black voter turnout.

      • I tend to agree if they think identity politics is the winning hand.

        Messam is blacker, and more authentically so, but Harris is also half Indian and female.

        I think the ultimate identity politics card is Buttigieg/Harris at this point. With Messam you just get authentically black while progressive. With Harris you get black, Indian, progressive, woman and then throw in Buttigieg for the gay card. Which is VP on that ticket doesn’t matter much to the Left, but I think the white gay guy probably does better at the top of the ticket because he’s, well quite frankly, better spoken than Harris.

  1. Don’t worry, our current President seeks to take our bump stocks, er, “retroactive illegal machine guns” and silencers and will put us in jail if we don’t surrender them. We will have gun control and we will like it, or else! Just how much and how quickly seems to be the question.

      • Impeached for what exactly? I get that’s a cool word to throw around these days but it’s now fact that he’s don’t nothing impeachment worthy.

  2. Swalwell, a sound one might make after consuming too much alcohol. Do some of these people comprehend that threatening and bluffing about weapons is what got Saddam Hussien in SERIOUS trouble. For those who have forgotten or were not alive at the time, he did not have weapons of mass destruction but made serious bluffs that he did. That didn’t get him very far. For those who contend that Bush reacted to bad intelligence should NOT FORGET that that stinking desert runner would not allow U.N. people to survey his “nuclear” facilities and even made Iran believe he had such weapons. He did everything he could to make the world believe he was very dangerous. To those who blame Bush, FONG!!!!. Figure it out.

    • I think what you meant to say was that Bush made the nuclear boasts FOR him. Then it would be accurate.

    • Except for his chemical weapons stockpiles, delivery systems, and precursor chemicals… not to mention research into biological weapons… but yeah, no clearly labeled nuclear missile ready to go, so CLEARLY no WMDs 🙄.

      To be fair, Iran, Russia, Britain, France, China, Taiwan, and Israel ALL concurred with the assumption that Saddam was trying to get nukes, so he did a good job of duping everyone.🤷‍♂️

      Back to the topic at hand, the DNC is the party of fascism, and all of their presidential candidates are a joke.

    • blame cheney…he scored big…and bush couldn’t tie his shoelaces without him….

    • I remember watching Hans Blix say there was chemicals (WMD) in the soil he tested. If there’s no weapon found that day, does that mean there never was? What was in those semi-trucks I saw on the road to Syria? There were LOTS of trucks.

      • And then years later Syria used chemical weapons against its own people with no prior chemical weapons programs to produce said weapons…🤔

  3. “I’d put my money on Michelle Obama. At the same time I wouldn’t write off Michael Bloomberg and maybe not even Hillary Clinton, either.”

    No. Hell no. Just…no.

    • If any of those were elected, I would probably understand how the very worst of the howling TDS victims feel.

    • Hillary has support among the true believers who refuse to see the truth that she obstructed justice and destroyed physical evidence (her server and e-mails) in order to preclude an investigation into her corrupt activities and her disclosure of secret and top secret information in violation of federal lw. Why “the government” refuses to investigate the Clinton Foundation has always been a mystery to me; the stench of “pay to play” is overwhelming. Is that enough to keep her from being elected? Yes, at least until the Dems succeed in eliminating the Electoral College.

      • “Yes, at least until the Dems succeed in eliminating the Electoral College.”

        If they game the system so a conservative will never be able to win national office, the day that happens is official kick-off of CW2…

        • CW Duex is correct. I love my country, and I love my freedom. I will fight for both.

        • They already cheat. Brazenly. I’m sure they’ll continue to find new and better ways to do that.

          As far as eliminating the electoral college, they’ll need a Constitutional amendment, or they’ll need to thoroughly pack the SCOTUS with lawless justices. If they have the juice to do either one of those, we’re already screwed.

      • I fear it’s even worse than that. I fear many Hillary supporters know full well what she did, but simply don’t care. The same will be true of high level corruption at the DOJ.

      • The Clinton Foundation has a particular whiff of corruption and nepotism. It’s commonly known as the Clinton’s slush fund. The charitable organization that spent over $140 million to donate 5 million. Included in the costs were 27 million in accommodation, at least the same again in travel, 40+ million in salaries, and the list goes on. If anything, the biggest beneficiaries of the Clinton Foundation are William Jefferson Clinton, Hillary Rodham Clinton, and Chelsea Clinton.

        Perhaps the IRS should do a good audit of the books.

  4. Democrats Republicans, all the same to me.Just people blabbering sht to get what they want

  5. I hope it never happens again, but, eventually the donkey party will get the presidency, that is why President Trump has to get one or more conservative judges on the Supreme Court,,, other wise you’ll become a socialist country…word..!!

  6. My worry is that somebody will win the 2020 election. Maybe it will be Trump, maybe someone else. But however it plays out, one of these morons will win.

    Same deal as in 2016. No matter the vote count for the various candidates and parties, the outcome is just plain awful.

    • You cannot tell me the 16 election wasn’t fun. Watching all fair and impartial msm folk dying an inch at a time as the orange haired wonder destroyed their annointed empress.

      I haven’t had so much fun watching an election in decades. Hoping 2020 is more of the same.

      • It was fun, no doubt. I didn’t like, and still don’t like Trump (I was finally coming around right about the time he hauled off and started banning shit), and still I say it was the best free entertainment we’ve had in ages (the Obama years were a rather humorless period). Seeing all those stuffed shirts crap themselves…that must be how the Sith feel when they blow up a planet; awesome.

        But entertainment is no way to run a society. Bread & circuses.

        That said, I could probably die a happy man if Trump & Biden get into a “They Live” style fist fight on live national TV.

        • I’ve said it from day 1. I do not like Trump. Never have. Never will. But it was Trump or hillary.

          As for a slap fight between Trump and Biden? Hell yes! Be the greatest TV moment ever.

        • I still think Cruz could have walked away with it easily (primary and general) if he had simply kneed Trump in the balls on live TV during the handshake in one of those debates. It’d be so ridiculous, and so hilarious, and so unexpected, and so humbling to the blowhard, that I don’t think he’d ever recover. Frankly, it’s a vulnerability that I sure hope Trump understands with respect to Biden; all Creepy Uncle has to do is humiliate the man in person in some clever, shameless manner, and the Idiocratic meme-tards on both sides of the aisle will flock to him like schoolkids.

      • that was an enjoyable evening…and it just got better the longer it went?…huuugely entertaining….

        • Particularly the ones who were talking about reconciliation and coming together earlier when they though Hillary would win, then were screeching hateful and incoherent venom when it become clear she didn’t win. Those will always have a special place in my heart.

      • I have to admit, Trump wasn’t on my top 3 list, even among the candidates who were running. Nevertheless, I enjoyed the temper tantrums to a borderline unhealthy degree.

      • It was incredibly entertaining. I was hoping against hope, but I thought that Trump would not take Michigan. People who had lived in Michigan were telling me earlier that week that, as much as Trump could be “competitive” in Michigan, it was almost impossible to break the union hold over the Detroit area, and that would put Hillary over the top.

        Tuesday night came, and Michigan went to Trump – and a whole lot of people’s jaws dropped here in Wyoming. Lots of people here now came with the CBM boom in 2006-2010 from the midwest, and they were shocked to see MI and WI go for Trump. Shocked, but pleased.

        I remember the election of 1994, as well, as the election returns came in and it was another slow-motion realization by the press that the Congress was going to be completely controlled by the GOP for the first time since before the Great Depression.

        As that flunky Peter Jennings said: “It appears that the American people are having a temper tantrum.”

  7. This is why the prog/libs want the popular vote and to do away with the Electoral College. Rural areas are gun owner areas, cities tend to be gun free or severely restricted… yet they are democrit strongholds. If they can get rid of the Electoral College then the only votes that matter are large cities… the democrit machine will win.
    Case in point, Connecticut the former-Constitution State is a democrit run cesspool of corruption…yet the democrit run cities overwelmingly vote to re-elect the democrits that take from the wealthier rural areas and redistribute to the demcrit run cities… they are organized…Rural areas of CT have no say in our budget, this Will happen if the Electoral College is removed

  8. 1) Acquire SpaceX Falcon Heavy rocket
    2) Paint “Democratic Party Presidential Debate 2019 in Here ->” on the side
    3) Set trajectory to obtain gravitational slingshot off Venus before arriving at the sun

    • Add a second rocket ship for the Republicans and I’m all for it.

      Of course, give us a “NONE OF THE ABOVE” option on our ballots and I’ll really get excited!!!

  9. A The Fly style transporter accident will merge them all into a cretinous affront to God trailing bodily fluids and organs and it drags itself to the podium of the first debate to slur and slobber out “orange man baaaaaaad” before collapsing into a radiated flesh pile.

  10. The Marxist left wonders why Infringement doesn’t play well in America,perhaps because it is un American like they are.
    If every leftist who said that if the President was elected they were going to leave this country,had left,America would have been better off for it. Yet one of their candidates solution to Americans resisting tyranny is to threaten to nuke it’s citizens,that sounds un American but not to the Marxist left.

  11. the democrats have no platform to run on other than not Trump and gun control. Trump is putting money in every ones paycheck and that’s hard to ignore despite his non PC failings. If you keep poking the 100 million gun owner bear you are going to get some push back so you’d better ease up if you want to have a chance at election. I don’t think any democrat will pay attention to the actual will of the people and will continue on with both of these issues.

  12. The Dems have no message, no purpose, and no party plan or platform. Instead all of these “candidates” grab at anything they think will get a few cheers or applause in hopes of garnering a couple more of the pathetic lost electorate than their com-padre. It’s better than Saturday cartoons listening to them spout off in their media appearances for their chance at the next Emmy Awards.

  13. I’ve grown to really like that picture of Swalwell with the nuclear explosion in the background. Actually, Swalwell in general is a pretty unintentionally amusing guy.

  14. The Democrats really have only three natural constituencies left:

    1. Wall Street billionaires, bankers and multi-national corporate CEO’s.
    2. Academics, full-on frauds and poseurs that they are, and their brainwashed skulls of mush students.
    3. Illegal aliens and welfare grifters.

    In short, an amalgam of the third world, such as one would see in Mexico.

    What I’d like to see is in this election cycle someone take some video of America’s largest cities, their streets filled with trash, spent hypo needles, human feces, resurgent diseases, “homeless,” criminals and illegals, and just make a silent movie, with subtitles showing the location, date/time and a list of the local politicians governing the area, with their party affiliations attached.

    No commentary. Just a video recitation of the facts, as they lay there on the ground.

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