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Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, D-Fla. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)
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By now, it’s been widely and conclusively established that the Parkland shooting was an epic failure of everyone involved in every level of government. Whether it was the Broward Schools, the Marjory Stoneman Douglas administration and security staff, the school resource officer, the Broward County Sheriff, or the FBI, every one of them failed to do even the minimum amount necessary to prevent the deaths of seventeen students and teachers.

None of that, however, stopped the Florida legislature from enacting a slate of bills that would have done nothing to stop the shooting that day. But why stop there? As long as there are grandstanding politicians who oppose civilian firearm ownership, there’s always more opportunity to use a colossal failure like Parkland to push still more restrictions on the right to keep and bear arms.

Which brings us to Florida’s Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz. She’s foursquare behind a federal universal background check requirement for ammunition purchases. Yes, ammunition.

And just to ensure she pulls on as many hearstrings as possible when speechifying on the bill’s manifest benefits, she and Da Nang Dick Blumenthal, the bill’s co-authors, named the background check bill after one of the dead Parkland students.

federal ammunition background check blumenthal
Sen. Richard Blumenthal, D-Conn. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)

From The Floridian:

The “Jamie’s Law,” which calls for universal background check for individuals looking to purchase ammunition, was named in honor of Jamie Guttenberg who was on of 17 students and teachers killed at Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland.

“Every day we wait to act and enact reasonable gun safety measures, we risk losing more lives,” said Wasserman Schultz. “It is inexcusable to sit and do nothing while people have their lives torn apart by gun violence. Our communities deserve better.”

There’s only one problem. The Parkland shooter passed a background check and bought the gun he used legally. Thanks to the repeated coddling he received from the school and local law enforcement, he had not criminal record.

Which means that even if the Wasserman Schultz/Blumenthal brainstorm would have been the law of the land at the time, the shooter would have passed a background check for the ammunition purchase as well.

Wasserman Schultz contends that “requiring background checks on ammunition sales” would save lives, and would close the loophole of individuals who are already prohibited from buying a firearm, to be able to purchase ammunition.

That isn’t a “loophole,” by the way. It’s already illegal for prohibited persons (again, the Parkland shooter wasn’t one) to possess ammunition. And a federal background check bill wouldn’t prevent anyone who wants ammunition from getting it, particularly a prohibited person with a gun.

Long story short, “Jamie’s Law” would have done exactly nothing to prevent the Parkland massacre.

But who are we kidding here? The bill was never intended to be passed and signed into law. Like other gun control bills the Democrat-controlled House has passed, its sponsors have no illusions that they’ll ever pass by the Senate, let alone be signed into law by President Trump.

Instead, these are political bills meant to be used as cudgels against Republicans in the coming election year for their failure to enact “common sense gun safety laws.” It’s all part of the pre-election Kabuki theater and battlespace prep that’s going on to give anti-gun politicians as many issues to use in their reelection battles as possible.



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  1. Debby Blabbermouth Schultz? I thought she was in prison or dead or somethin! Irrealevant drones pushing useless bullshit, thinkin nobody can see through it!

  2. I dont see Schultz as being a problem here in Florida. No one pays any attention to what she says or tries to do. They just laugh at her and say ” wtf ” is she taking to herself again???
    Even for a Libitard she gets no attention. Except from maybe her own kind.

    • “…No one pays any attention to what she says or tries to do”

      Maybe true in the rest of the state but down here in her ‘home turf’ there are far too many people who are simply fawning over her and how brave she is resisting Trump and standing up to the NRA.

      • I guess that would be true in her own backyard.
        As a 50 year resident of the South East. Ive pretty much given up on politics here. Palm Beach and Broward Counties have been turned into the same cesspools the Northeasterners had made of their former homes “NY” and infected this place too.
        This was a nice rural area at one time.
        Now its Long Island but hot.
        If I had someplace else to move to. Id be long gone from here.

        • Jay, come to NW rural Florida. We call it the Forgotten Coast. We’re changing too, but we’re not a cess pool yet.

  3. How about a Jamie’s Law that would have saved Jamie, like mandating the all incidents of violence in school must be reported to the police. Maybe a limit for middle school and above. They can enforce it by pulling Federal funding from and district that doesn’t comply.

  4. Wasserman-Schultz does just like every single Libtard democrat does everytime there is a shooting–try to penalize law-abiding citizens so the legislator can “act” like they are doing something. Not one single angi-gun law passed would have done anything to save any of those kids. Why? Because the law only affects law abiding citizens because they are the only ones who will OBEY those laws! Criminals don’t give a rat’s behind what the law says. They intend to break whatever law is in place. I mean, after all, how many laws do we now have that forbid murder? The “perps” don’t care because they are going to break those laws anyway. They don’t care what the law says! (Hint: That’s why they are called “criminals”). Our “legislators” have set up so called “gun-free zones”. Guess how effective those are? Why? Because only honest people will obey them.

    • “Because the law only affects law abiding citizens because they are the only ones who will OBEY those laws!”

      Yeah? And? That a feature,not a bug. If you don’t bend over and do as you’re told, you go to jail, or get nuked.

      SOME people think jail is a right of passage. Others try to avoid it. You do the math.

  5. Well F….why stop at ammo ? Lets do background checks on scopes, rings, slings, bipods, spotting scopes, rangefinders, gun oil, bronze brushes, patches….hell why not condoms ? If DWS daddy had used a condom we wouldn’t have her around today…

    • “Lets do background checks on scopes,…”

      RIGHT! SNIPERS! Oh my god, they use bolt actions, right? Who has the pre-written resolution on bolt actions? We have one somewhere around here…

  6. None of this drivel, from her or anyone else, is about “saving lives”. It’s always about “The Agenda”. “The Agenda” trumps everything else.

  7. The whole anti-gun position is a giant exercise in begging the question.

    Never mind the facts. The question is irrelevant. The answer is, always and forever, GUN CONTROL.

    These people are the world’s biggest ongoing logical fallacy.

  8. Ms. poodle dog goes on the infringement wagon on that which states Shall Not Be Infringed and her further infringement will do nothing to prevent murders of the type the Marxist left claims to be concerned with.

  9. Ugly Beasts like Wasserman-Shits was what ‘Hog Hammer’ ammo was made for.

    And Women’s Federal Prisons…

  10. Hypothetical question: if I discovered this thing in my bed, would shooting it in self defense be justified?

  11. But gun control, I mean gun safety, I mean gun violence prevention is critical to combat this epidemic of people not giving enough money to our campaigns and not giving us more control over your lives! This is important! Look at this baby!

    They don’t even try to hide the playbook anymore, do they?

  12. I realize that ab hominin attacks are wrong, but that photo looks like the house mother for a sorority at Miskatonic University.

  13. Jamie’s got a gunm, ooo look what she has done. Sorry about the Areosmith flashback. . . . . Yeah universal back ground checks, red flag laws, physchiatric evaluations, why not. Restrictions, omg now it’s Cactus flashbacks. Forget gunms ban Rock concerts, they may affect you for life

    • Restrictions was/is a great album.
      Token Chokin great song.
      Im a bit prejudiced.
      I took lessons from Carmine Appice for a few years. Early 70s when he wasn’t touring.

  14. Will SOMEONE please start proofreading before posting the frigging article?

    Someone, anyone? Hire a squirrel fer chrissakes!

  15. Wait, isn’t this the woman who employed foreign nationals to manage he IT dept and allowed all kinds of classified information to leak out putting the entire nation at risk? Then she tried to dismiss the incident while the IT guys tried to sneak out of the country? Yeah, she has our best interests at heart. More political pandering.

  16. Yes, background check ammo just like you background checked the shooter. Morons. Typical KneeJerk Legislation that won’t prevent a damn thing. Criminals will find a way around it without any effort.

  17. How about the novel idea about background checks for IQs of politicians?
    Lower than 90 is a no-go?
    Y’all keep spelling it’s name wrong. dobbie washedup slut, fixed it.

  18. Just post that photo at the cash register of every retailer in the nation that sells ammo. Mission accomlished. No more ammo sales, except to the legally blind.

  19. Do not worry about how cute of ugly someone is. Worry about what their desires are. Someone beautiful on the outside can be downright ugly on the inside. The problem is D.W.S. is uglier on the inside than the outside. She is a proto typical Democrat wanting to enslave the population to her desires; while claiming falsehoods to deceive the voters.
    Judge a person on their actions not just what comes out of their mouths.

    • wonder how much of a factor she was in hilliary losing the election?….maybe we should ask the sander’s supporters?…..

  20. How in the world was she not primaried out of her own party in 2018 after her involvement with Hillary’s DNC shenanigans?

  21. If a Muslim had the choice between her and a goat he would take the goat. I would not blame him. That is one Butt F–king ugly bitch. But Typical of the democratic party when it comes to brains. She came up short on both ends!!!!!!

  22. If you think about how badly the federal, state and local law enforcement royally screwed the pooch on this entire debacle you understand exactly why they were so looking for a scapegoat to make this all be overlooked. Which goes back to one of my widely held beliefs. Government will ALWAYS use any excuse that will make them look the LEAST guilty in the eyes of the citizenry. Don’t believe a word that comes out of their lying sack of weasel dropping mouths.

  23. This ugly looking and ugly-spirited excuse for a legislator is so anti-American it isn’t funny. Walmart in California will no longer sell ammo and it is not because they are unpatriotic or hate shooters, they just can’t keep a person in that part of the sporting goods department on a 24-hour basis. And how many different people would they have to train just to sell ammo? These people are so figging stupid they think we believe this “safety” nonsense is not a prelude to abolition. If they think they can get rid of all guns in this country I have land in the path of the next interstate construction and unicorns for sale. Every structure and room in the country would have to be searched, twice. If they tell you despotism can’t happen ask them how they would define abolition.

  24. I live in California and we have it worse than any other state for everything. I used to be a Dem but last election I reg’d as independent. These jackasses we call government all play on the same team and are playing us against each other to secure their corruptass careers. I am so tired of being forced to pick sides and I think a 2 party system forcing us to pick the lesser of 2 evils has to end. If there was even a Constitutionalist 3rd party(libertarians suck too) would be an improvement over these thieving bastards we call government. I didn’t vote at all for a POTUS last election but with the shitty options the Dems are putting out there for 2020 I will vote for Trump as a fuck you present to the Dems. Guns are not to blame, our politicians killing the middle class, education and everything to have real freedom has. Ever notice how when we demand our tax dollars be used on our own well being they brand it as socialism? What a fucking joke. Unlimited funding for wars,farmers,corporations,politicians salaries/retirement,illegals,etc. We have to band together as Americans and stop them from their endgame.

    • I was with you right up to the part of the Farmers, having been a farm hand for many years, I can tell you it ain’t easy. Some years are good, to good and the bottom falls out, some years are bad and will barely cover the cost of fuel. Then you’ve got floods,,they wipe you out. Yeah insurance,blah blah. There is one thing no other country in the world can do and that’s our farm us. Government help isn’t all that much either( debt) but it does help. However that’s kinda a two edged sword, , the government help. You see if the Farmers said, ” fuck it, me and my own, nobody else.” , Stop growing crops and raising cattle for three years, it would break this country. Little known secret about the 2℅ . an then you’ve got . Don’t Cuss A Farmer With Your Mouth Full

  25. Wasserman Schultz was the face model for a charcter on The Simpsons Cartoon show.

    Ive been fighting her for years, and when she was behind the effort to put an ICE prison on the edges of family housing and churches and schools. Only a hundred yards from suburbia. She clearly had a financial interest in the project. She is as dirty and rotten as they come, but is a sweetheart to the local AFL-CIO unions, and the elderly Jewish in Century Village. The people of the community fought her and her prison and the Obama regime, and won. After the IT infiltration by the Muslim Brotherhood she stayed out of the public eye. But after the Parkland Massacre she saw a chance to put more rubber on her face and get some TV exposure. She is a Jewish Communist, rich and powerful. Never under estimate her and her Comrads of the DNC. They are trying to turn Florida into gun free state, and might someday succeed if enough New Yorkers relocate to the state. The lower half of Florida is already a Communist stronghold. Having lived behind the lines in South Florida where there is a strong anti gun population we are but one election away from losing our guns in Florida.

  26. So fucking what, I don’t care the nra will win this fight. She haint nothing but a fucking woman. MORE KITCHEN, LESS BITCHIN


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