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How often do bad guys clean their guns? Do they take ’em to the range to see what ammo they like best? Guess there’s no way to know for sure. Let’s just be glad most of ’em don’t seem to bother. Lee Tate had been out of jail all of two hours Monday when he held a rifle at the door of a convenience store while his partner in crime, Demond Guyton, politely asked the man behind the counter for some cash. He probably wasn’t expecting the clerk to send a shower of lead his way . . .

And when he raised his rifle to return fire, nada. “The policeman said he’d be dead if the gun hadn’t jammed,” quoted another employee. “If they come back, they’re going to get shot again. If it had been me, I would’ve shot them.” Message sent.

“The man who had the rifle, Lee Tate, was later found lying in the back yard of a nearby building, Turner said.  Tate was suffering from two gunshot wounds when officers found him, according to (Gaffney Police Chief Rick) Turner.”

Tate’s holes were plugged and he has re-assumed his old cell in the county jail. MikeB and, well, Mike B., brothers from different mothers, are fond of telling us that no one needs a gun. When was the last time either of them manned the til at a c-store?

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  1. The politicians have mandated that insurance plans provide free birth control paid for by all other member’s higher rates. Therefore, the politicians must mandate that gun-owning law-abiding citizens receive free monthly ammo paid for by all taxpayers. It’s all about equality and fairness.

    • I could by a moderately-adequate yearly supply of ammunition with an $18,000 annual check. Hey, that qualifies as “stimulus” too, doesn’t it?

    • Considering the guy in the picture up top, I think the US could use MORE birth control. I am willing to bet that this criminal pictured above was not the result of a planned pregnancy or a stable home.

  2. Hmmmm. You know, right until I read that, I thought I was against any ‘stimulus’ plans… But I could get behind that one….

  3. He probably wasn’t expecting the clerk to send a shower of lead his way . . .

    That may be the last shower he takes alone for the next ten or fifteen years.

    • Ah….wishful thinking. With the revolving door in our judicial system, he most likely will be back on the streets about the time his bullet wounds heal.

  4. I see untold numbers of stories where the bad guys can’t make their gun work. It appears most of them don’t even function test the gun they’re using til it’s banging time.

    Over the years I’ve seen a number of times when the bad guy would get the gun away from the good guy and then couldn’t figure the safety out to make it go bang. Course, if you’re carrying a revolver or glock type pistol that’s something to keep in mind.


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