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Yesterday, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit in Houston upheld the federal law prohibiting anyone under the age of 21 from purchasing a handgun from a federal firearm licensee (a.k.a., gun store). Previously (on “Who Wants to Defend Their Life”) . . . “Three girls, who are members of Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority, had left a campus dance, and were walking down a sidewalk near Lee Jackson Field when two men, wearing all black, robbed them shortly after 10 p.m.” At gunpoint. In the Kappa Kappa Gamma parking lot at Akron (OH) University. According to the report at, campus police have a simple solution to this ongoing threat of gun violence . . .

Catch the bad guys! After the fact. Eventually. Gun control advocates solution? Stop the bad guys getting guns! With new laws!  Student solution? “Take precautions and hope for the best.”

Real solution? Defend yourself! Best defense? Avoid, evade, escape, attack. Most helpful tool to carry-out the last option? A firearm. Possibility of [legal] campus carry? Nil.

For one thing, an American who wishes to carry a concealed weapon in Ohio must be at least 21-years-old. For another, as points out, Ohio Universities are “gun-free” zones.

ORC 2923.126 prohibits concealed carry on any premises owned or leased by any public or private college, university, or other institution of higher education, unless the handgun is in a locked motor vehicle or the licensee is in the immediate process of placing the handgun in a locked motor vehicle. [NB: some Ohio Universities continue to ban the practice.]

Oh, and the University of Akron’s Code of Student Conduct promises “suspension and dismissals” for “Possession of firearms, fireworks, explosives, weapons, or dangerous chemicals.” Floor cleaner? Mixed alcohol punch? JK.

As you might expect in the halls of academia, there’s something of an anti-gun culture at the University of Akron. Click here to read Questioning the Necessity of Concealed Carry Laws posted on the University’s law review website. On the other hand, that was ’04 and let’s not forget . . .

The University of Akron rifle team! I wonder how that whole firearm ban thing works for them? Anyway, plenty of parents send their sons and daughters to the University of Akron, unarmed. Whether they ever consider the possibility of violent crime and the recent history of same, or simply close their eyes to it and “hope for the best,” is impossible to say. Include me out.

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  1. the predators show up where the weak and defenseless are. The admin and the law are essentially aiding and abetting the predators.

    • The main court is in New Orleans. However, the 5th District has judges residing in, and hearing cases in the following cities in the 3 state District. Austin, TX., Shreveport, LA., Houston, TX, Jackson, MS., Lafayette, LA.

  2. Trust Robert to provide a picture for us of a shapely university rifle-woman dressed in form fitting black leotards…I love this site. I would even more love to stay at a bed and breakfast in New England for a few days with her.

    The liberal inmates of America control our universities. No wonder they are PC intolerant, lack common-sense, and physically dangerous.

  3. Questioning the Necessity of Concealed Carry Laws is a pro-2A paper. It’s questioning whether laws allowing concealed carry should be necessary, since the U.S. Constitution already allows it.

  4. I went to University of Akron, they would try and suspend you over the smallest things. I was threatened with repercussions for having a flameless candle in my door room. They claimed it was dangerous, though it was just a common light bulb. They even advocated you call authorities before defending yourself. Akron is a relatively high crime area, once you step off campus you are no longer safe. It was a hassle to protect yourself in that area as a student of that university.

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