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If you’ve never seen or tried a Fix It Sticks took kit, you don’t know what you’re missing. They’re great compact tool kits that are perfect for quickly mounting a scope or red dot, adjusting your sights or just working on your guns. Now Fix It Sticks has packaged a set of tools aimed at the growing legion of SIG owners . . .

Fix It Sticks, the industry innovator of modular firearms maintenance tools and torque limiters has introduced the perfect kit for handgun shooters, the Compact Pistol Kit for Sig Sauer. Designed specifically for Sig Sauer pistol owners, the new kit features the tools, wrenches, hex bits necessary for setting up and maintaining Sig handguns. The kit also includes a variable torque driver. This comprehensive selection of components can handle almost any maintenance or setup task as needed. The Compact Pistol Kit for Sig Sauer is not much larger than two double stack magazines, making it easy to carry in a range bag, in a vehicle, on an ATV etc.

To maximize convenience and performance the kit comes with the Fix It Sticks Ratchet T-Handle w/Locking Hex Drive as well as the Mini All-In-One Torque Driver which is perfect for properly mounting the optics commonly used on handguns. Sig handgun-oriented components include a E2 Slide punch bit and grip screw bit.

Compact Pistol Kit for Sig Sauer includes the following parts, tools, and bits:

    • Mini All-in-One Torque Driver
    • Ratchet T-Handle w/Locking Hex Drive
    • Brass Hammer
    • Set of two 8-32 Adapters
    • Two Brass Rods
    • T-Pins
    • Cleaning Brush Bit
    • Steel Pick
    • Spring Tool
    • 1/16″ Pin Punch
    • 1/8″ Pin Punch
    • 1/8″ Roll Pin Punch
    • E2 Slide Punch
    • Grip Screw Bit
    • Battery Cap Tool
    • 9 Electroless Nickel Plated Bits:
    • Hex: 5/64”
    • Torx: T6, T10(2”), T15, T20, T25
    • Screwdriver: 3/32”(2”), 5mm, PH2
    • Compact Carrying Case w/ molded bit holders designed to hold any ¼” bit

The Compact Pistol Kit for Sig Sauer is contained in a soft zippered carrying case with a molded low profile bit holder that is designed to hold any bit / accessory with a standard 1/4″ Base (including Fix It Sticks Torque Limiters), and any 8-32 threaded component. With overall dimensions of 6 1/2” x 2 5/8” x 1 5/8” this kit easily fits in glove boxes, tool storage compartments, range bags, etc.

The Compact Pistol Kit for Sig Sauer is now available with an MSRP of $184.

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  1. $58 torque wrench + what looks like a $20 hardware-store driver / bit kit = $184?

    I don’t get the use case. Modern guns are designed for practically toolless basic field maintenance. Serious smithing requires items not in this kit. As a SIG pistol owner, I can’t see anywhere I’d use at least half of these.

      • Thank you and Geoff both. I thought maybe I was missing something that one of you culchered fellers might’ve picked up.

      • I’m a Sig fanboi and they ain’t spoiling jack diddly squat for me. I’d never in this lifetime spend that kind of scratch on that crap. That’s a piss poor value in my opinion.

    • “I don’t get the use case.”

      It’s for the delusional ‘fanbois’ (as Mike mentioned just above) who want “only the best” for their ‘German Perfection’.

      Yow, I was predicting a price of maybe 70 bucks, and that monstrosity is a full 100 Franklins + more than that.

      Analogies of fools and their money come to mind…

      • Er, not 100 Franklins, that would be 10 grand… 🙁

    • Sig fanboy here. I asked the very same question. Why do I need this kit?

      A modern pistol should not be like a classic car that requires a trunkful of tools, belts, hoses and fluids to keep going.

      • Amen. I use the tools in my box for all my maintenance. the only two specialty tools I ever bought were, the AR15 multi wrench the Glock front sight nut driver. And for you and the rest of the SIG guys, I meant my “fanbois” comment as a joke. Not an insult.

        • No offense taken.

          I admit to being a “fanboi” about many things….Glocks, Sigs, AR-15s Jeeps, whiskey, middle-age women.

      • zerofoo,
        I stripped my SIG to the tiniest pieces and did much more work to it than most owners, and I can’t begin to fathom where I’d put (much less need) more than half of those bits. As alluded earlier, I needed tools that aren’t included in the kit; while I cheated and used a mill, ironically I could have done my complex custom work for less than $184.

  2. 184 bucks???

    I have a couple Sig armorer certifications but I still wouldn’t get this. You can buy everything you need to take down the entire gun for a fraction of that price. The best Sig-related thing I have is a P320/P365 Accessibility Tool, which I admit is a not-needed luxury but I would have paid for it just to put the stupid spring and guide rod back into a Legion.

  3. If I purchased that kit, I would have to purchase some Sigs to make the kit useful. But I have no intention of purchasing any Sigs, so……..

  4. Speaking of buying new toys, I just switched one of our 3 cellular phones to Patriot Mobile, from Verizon. The new SIM card should arrive tomorrow. I’ll keep you all posted as to the quality of service. No one I know uses them, so this is a leap of faith….especially since I use my phone heavily for work.

    • How long does a phone last as a framing hammer?
      Them old timey ones worked pretty good but the coily cord slowed the swing down.

      • Young ones, nowadays, never had the joy of holding high the end of the coily cord and letting the receiver twist in the air until it was all unraveled.

        • We has an extra long coily cord. I used to enjoy getting the dog tangled in it as I talked on the telephone. Alas, those halcyon days are gone and 5g is slowly cooking our innards.

  5. Wow all that and only $200.
    To bad I sold all my gunms and bought a meth lab and a pound of fentanyl.
    Them gunms was going to get me into trouble.

    • ……… while a joke (hopefully) there are areas of the country where this is uncomfortably close to the truth. So what is your drug lord name Oppossumhizer?

      • Good luck picking out the right Possum from all the other ones out there in nearly every drainage ditch…

  6. Golly I just checked out my EDC, it has exactly one screw, the magazine release and being of Russian design any old rock can work for a hammer.
    A guy said it was getting a little loose and he could tighten it up by welding the grinding down the guide rails and a bunch of other complicated expensive stuff. I told him I’d get back with him on that. That night I drove down I-35 tossed it out the window and let a few semi trucks run over it. Good as it was when I bought it.

  7. I actually got on their website. This thing is cheap compared to the rest of the stuff. I don’t know who their target demographic is, but it ain’t me.

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