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Honey-do’s can be beneficial. I was asked to grab some nasal spray on my way home from work this afternoon so I swung into Walmart. Like many, I don’t necessarily like shopping at big blue, but in my town it’s between this place and Walgreens and, if anything this place still sells guns. Even if they’ve gone full Fudd.

Anywho, I decided to grab some 12 gauge sports loads and clay pigeons when I saw a familiar yellow price tag. Clearance tags covered the ammo section.

Admittedly ammo had been “rolled back,” weeks ago, but it was only a few bucks per box. Now Walmart has hog wild.

They cut boxes of 500 rounds of 9mm to $45. I purchases as much as I could and left with 4,250 rounds for less a pre-theft price of $358. Some of the ammo was as low as 7.4 cents per round.

Over 4k Rounds for 358. (Travis Pike for TTAG)

Handgun ammo seemed to be the cheapest with everything from .25 ACP to .44 Magnum rolled back significantly. I mostly use 9mm so I stocked up on that. I saw steep discounts on every caliber available. Defensive ammo from Federal was going for $5 a box.

What About Rifles?

Rifle ammo was cheaper, but at this time the savings were between about $1 and $5 dollars a box depending on the box size. Large bulk packs hadn’t hit clearance yet. I imagine in the coming weeks I’ll be keeping an eye on ammo prices and diving headfirst into rifle ammo as well.

Ammo and Amazon fills my trunk (Travis Pike for TTAG)

As we all know, Walmart announced that they would no longer sell handgun and small caliber rifle ammunition months ago, but the policy didn’t seem to be taking effect quickly. I spoke with the Sporting Goods guy and he said they’ve still been getting shipments of ammo in every night.

But he said corporate sent out a note this morning telling the stores to get rid of it all.

I’ve never seen ammo this cheap, and as someone who makes a part of their living shooting guns I felt required to invest in as much as I comfortably could. If you need Christmas gift ideas, consider getting some ammo from Walmart on the cheap.

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  1. Since I live in VA, I should go stock up. You never know what legislation might get slipped in when the commie circus comes to town next month.

    • Since I live in CA, we have to go through a BGC just to buy ammo, and even though I’m a professionally trained gun owner, the last gun I bought from a retail FFL was way back in the early ’90s, just as our handgun registration system was being revved up. I sold that gun back in the ’90s and have moved a few times since then to different addresses, so even though I can legally own guns and ammo, I will not pass our new CADOJ approved BGC. So no soup for me.

      • This is why it’s good to stock up now on go to calibers. California is the template for the rest of the country. It’s creeping through formerly free states. VA is just trying to go full retard all in one step as a way to stick it to gun owners, because they truly hate us.

        I am also stocking up on reloading components. I have bags of brass for 5.56, .308, .30-06, 9mm and .40. I keep .40 around as during Firearmageddon 2013, it was the only thing I could still buy off of the shelf. They had FMJ, HP, or just bullets sitting on the shelf. I have a CZ100 (Craptastic trigger but reliable) that shoots .40 just for that fact.

        If the commies win here in VA, my go to rifle will be my M1. All of my other stuff will become residents of WV. I live in the belly of the beast. The chances of me getting red flagged when that law passes (I am fairly certain it will) are fairly high as I live in an apartment complex. It’s easy to resist when your neighbors will be doing the same thing. It’s not so easy when you might have some MDA flunkies in your complex that want to see you and your family die in a SWAT raid.

        • Oh, don’t worry about me. When the news hit the fan back in 2016 that Jerry Brown had signed AB63 and the law would take effect in 2019, I backed up the truck and literally bought enough ammo to handle all my needs for an estimated five years (yes, it was a lot of money). I expect it may take that long for the legal challenges against CA to make their way through the courts and have this abomination overturned.

        • Haz, I did the same, I stocked up for 5 years supply for myself and in-laws. But now I’m shooting 22LR more and 5.56 less. Need more 6.5 CM. Gonna try that Hornady Gunner 200 rd can next trip to Turners. Havent bought ammo from Wallmart since the great ammo shortage of 2013.

        • While I have around 5 pistol calibers most of my handguns are chambered it .40 S&W, and there was certainly no shortage of that tonight. Probably my favorite caliber and it pays off in moments like this.

  2. I read reports like this, and then I go to my Walmart in Maine, and what do I see:
    Lots of bulk 5.56, 7.62×39, scads of 9mm, 308, etc., etc., etc.

    • I just came back from my local Wal-Mart. Their handgun ammunition prices were good. They certainly did not seem like “clearance” pricing. Same for rifle ammunition.

      • In my local Va Wally world tonight I was able to get 200 rd boxes of .40 S&W for $30 (.15 cents a round is a helluva good deal) each and hydroshock in .40 for $11 a box. They still had a few boxes of 9mm, .380, and a good supply of .45 ACP. All out of .223/5.56 and most 9mm. .22LR was not deeply discounted and they had plenty. Didn’t look at other calibers. Interestingly this store usually has .45 Colt but there wasn’t even a tag for it…the last couple times there’s been none either so I can’t chalk it up to the bum rush on ammo this week.

        .40 aluminum cased was as low as $5 per 50 count box but damned if I am going to shoot that stuff again. Seriously thought about getting a couple boxes but I just couldn’t do it.

        • I’ve seen Wal-shart do that by region. I saw a sale on Henry .22 rifles for a stupid price that a bunch of people were discussing on some forums. I ran to the store and it was not on sale at any of the stores near me.

  3. If you are lucky everyone will quit selling ammo to bow down to progressive anti Second Amendment groups and even more deals will be had on ammo clearances. Imagine the deals to be had when no one wants to sell firearms anymore too.

  4. The two WMTs near me in AZ are running low. I bought the last 9mm today – Winchester 115gr 100 rnds for $17 and 127gr 150 rnds for $25. The .223 and 556 is all gone.

    • I’m in Oklahoma and my friend was there and asked if I wanted some 5.56 on sale for $7 a box. I assumed it was a 20 round box so I said no. Turns out is was 50 round boxes, and by the time I got there they were sold out. Win some, lose some…

    • Agreed stopped doing business with them after the announced their plan to do this and after they banned a shopper for life because he open carried a pistol in one of their stores.

    • Chris,

      Taking it off their hands for cost (or less, most likely) isn’t supporting them at all because they’re not making any profit. You get ammo, and they get no profit from it.

      • Your business acumen betrays you. You just absorbed their cost, ie profit not loss. Your money your conscience spend it wherever you like. A lot of good men died to give you that right.

        • Well, all I know is that if the price of ammo is suddenly cut in half and it won’t last long, that’s the time to buy. I’m not going to worry whether or not Walmart made a few cents on my purchase while I smile knowing that I have more ammo to train and practice. Should make the Left wet their pants.

      • Definitely less than cost.

        I don’t know what the author is talking about rifle rounds not being as good of a deal (it is TTAG, so they get a Fudd-pass now – one of their “writers” just discovered the prone position last week). I got 6k rounds of .223 for $0.14/rd in this Walmart burn-down.

        That’s not just “below cost” for Walmart.
        That’s below cost for the manufacturers Walmart bought it from.

        • Stopped by my local Wally World last night. All .223 gone. Same with .45 and 9mm. So I bought all the subsonic .300 blackout they had at 7 bucks a box (20), I got .40 S&W for 150/K.
          They had 7.62×39 left, but I don’t have anything that shoots that.

  5. That sucks for me. My local Walmart in California won’t sell me ammo even though the local shops will because I don’t have the right kind of drivers license for the ammo background check.

  6. The store in Marion, Va. only had a few boxes of 40 left today of handgun ammo. I bought a couple of 38 yesterday and 3 boxes of 380 yesterday. 380 was $7 and 38 was $9. They had already sold out of 9mm yesterday.

  7. As mentioned by ME 2 daze ago I got a 200 round Winchester WB 556/55gr for $49+cheap Indiana tax. Buying WW antifreeze,brake fluid and OTC drugs. I wish I had the bucks to buy all of it! Hammond,IN

  8. When local Wal-Mart’s moved ammo behind a counter I quit checking prices. Labels too far away to read.

    Besides, Cabela’s Club credit card, watch their sales, buy only on sale using Club Card Points.

    Way cheaper than Wal-Mart!!!

    • That’s when I got tired of it. The last thing I want to do is wait 10 minutes for a surly employee so I can play 20 questions on what kind of ammo they have at what price. The least they could do would be to put it under the glass display where you can see it…

    • that’s how I paid for and nearly left the store with 100 rds of .357 Sig, I thought I had gotten 2x50ct of .357 mag ($15/box)…employee didn’t ask if that was really want I intended and the stupid class case behind the counter made it hard to see. I also had a role in it since I should’ve looked to see that it was what I intended. I’ve never seen .357 Sig at this particular store before so it didn’t even cross my mind. Thankfully I was able to wheel and deal and since I never left the property they allowed me to swap those out for another 200 round box of .40.

  9. Stock up on ammo at Walmart. You’re gonna need it to escape from the parking lot with your life.

    I don’t shop at Walmart because, while I speak English fluently, I haven’t learned to speak Gibberish.

  10. If y’all haven’t you should keep an eye on the “gundeals” subreddit. They get this information out very quickly… about as quickly as it takes for the first guy to buy however much he wants and then post on his phone!

  11. We have two central coast California Walmarts close to us. One had almost nothing firearm related other than a few cheap scopes and a few air guns. The other had a nice selection of most of the basics, excepting the firearms themselves. Many months ago, I checked out the “good” store and it had all been completely wiped out.

  12. The two Wks near me have yet to mark down the ammo, was told at both stores that the sporting goods dept managers are out today, and the markdowns will happen tomorrow.
    I use for all my ammo purchases, and ALWAYS purchase full cases (200 rds for 50AE/7.62×51, 1000rds for 7.65×21 (30 Luger)/9mm/45acp.
    I intend to purchase ALL the quality (Hornady, GMM..) 7.62×51 168gr and higher BOTH local WalMarts have in stock. Need to feed the POF, and break-in the two Magpul D-50 drums purchased over the weekend.

  13. I try to avoid Walmart as much as possible. Unfortunately, they put most of their competition out of business around here, so sometimes they still get some $ out of me.

    And no matter the price I still avoid buying ammunition at Walmart precisely because they put everyone out of business when they move into an area.

  14. Shiny beads and shallow flattery

    Dangling carrots and needful things


    My money goes where it is appreciated. When my money and I are not wanted….I’m moving on.

  15. I just spent a little over 1700 at 3 of my local walmarts. Federal 55 grain for 150 plus tax per thousand. I paid 90 plus tax for brass win white box 115 per thousand

  16. i agree with the bootlicker thing
    there appears to be a lot of taking the easy way out here
    and not a lot of standing on principle
    whats wrong is wrong
    i wont subsidize it
    and calling into question the courage and commitment of gun owners who still shop there
    *unless they legitimately have no other choice*
    is not out of line here:
    straight up
    if youre a gun owner
    and still shop at walmart
    -for anything-
    *if you dont really have to*
    no offense but you frankly may not exactly be the type of person that can be fully relied upon when the civil war or societal collapse or total breakdown in law and order or whatever the historians are going to call it finally happens
    if youre offended by this youve proven my point
    i myself am not rich thats why i used to shop at walmart in the first place
    i used to do all my shopping there
    now i shop at 4 different stores plus i get my ammo from my local gun shop or get it through the mail
    its a total pain in the ass which costs me more time energy and money than i really care to afford in my life right now
    this isnt so much sjw virtue signalling as it is a preemptive rebuttal to all the butthurt out there who instead of trying to defend their behavior because they cant would instead attack me and call mine into question
    when it comes to this im on solid ground
    im walking the walk

  17. I avoid walmart, too much white trash, hispanic trash, and black trash. Also a company that does not support our 2A to say the least, and they surely love the made in China junk. Horrible customer service and unprofessional employees. More for you, have fun.

  18. I just finished 3 Polymer80 builds, 1 in .45ACP, and 2 in 9mm. I was needing some ammo and was looking online, (Natchezz, MidwayUSA), and called my brother to ask if he knew a good place to buy ammo, and he said WalMart.

    I already needed to go there to return an old auto battery for the core charge refund, so off I went. I hadn’t visited TTAG today, so I was unaware of the markdowns. I returned the battery, and headed for the ammo aisle. The clerk asked what I needed and I said a few boxes of range ammo in the 2 calibers I wanted. He informed me of the sale, and that all of the ball ammo in those calibers was gone. Nothing left but premium hollow point self defense ammo. He asked how much I wanted, and I said, “All of it.”

    My haul was;
    12 20 round boxes of Federal Syntech Defense 205 grain SJHP in .45ACP @$7.00 ea.
    $.35 per round
    7 20 round boxes of Federal Premium Hydra-Shok 135 grain JHP in 9mm @ $9.00 ea.
    $.45 per round

    I figure I’ll use one box at the range to see how the gun cycles with the ammo, and most of it will make nice stocking stuffers.

    I still need range ammo, LOL.

    • That’s okay, you’ll want to test your builds with JHP for reliability, anyhow. Enjoy your P80s…I did the same here in CA.

      • Thanks, I’m loving them. I have 2 more frames left to complete. Then, I’ll have 5 of Glock’s prettier cousins..They’ll keep my AR builds company. It’s been a lot of fun building them, and scouring the internet for great deals on components.. I feel like a Glock Certified Armorer at this point.

        Plus the benefit of pissing off all of Bloomberg’s minions lurking here, knowing there are 5 new untraceable guns “on the streets”. I have about 5 or 6 friends and acquaintances who are all interested in doing their own builds, and all of this will translate into reliable, Pro-2A votes next November!

    • I tried that 220g subsonic load, and didn’t like the chunky cycling. I settled on using standard 150g or supersonic 120g rounds.

      • I just scored a pre-Christmas deal on an Odin Works adjustable gas block, that’s going on my 300 BLK upper. Pistol length gas systems are notoriously over-gassed, and I hope it will improve the performance on a 12″ barrel.

  19. Feet free to tell me I am supporting the evil Chinamart but at these prices, someone is going to buy it. I picked up 500 rounds of Federal AR feed for .15 each, and a couple of boxes of Federal 9mm hollow point.

    I have mostly moved on to beans and then it will be bandaids, and Chinamart isn’t the best reseller for those items either. Just remember, no big corporation is your friend, all of them will sell you out. Remember Chick-fil-a?

    • I’m glad to see your comment and I feel the same way. Someone will buy it, why not me and be able to buy more with the money I’ll be saving. I haven’t had a chance to get to my Walmarts. Maybe tomorrow. One of them is 75 miles away to the SE and the other one is 70 miles away to the North. I hope some of what I use is available. Merry Christmas!

    • Right… someone mentioned above “let it rot on the shelves” NO, then they get to write it off as spoiled inventory. Buy it all and force them to eat the losses in revenue/margin!

      I normally wouldnt shop at Walmart, but in this case I am by no means morally above profiting at the expense of enemies of my personal rights.

      • So true.
        Nothing wrong with buying ammo from “anti gun” organizations when they are selling it for less then their cost to acquire it.
        This is WM kicking in to support my shooting costs.

  20. Why in God’s name, would I ever give these scumbags any of my money? These shitbag can choke and die for all I care. Idgaf if they pay me to take their ammo. Walmart and other big box retailers that have chosen to shit on the 2nd, deserve to loose everything.

  21. I haven’t set foot in a Wal-Mart since they announced they wouldn’t carry handgun ammo, and I will not do so in the future. They don’t get my money.

    I use Amazon Smile/Prime for things I would have bought at Wal-Mart (which come to my door now) and set the Second Amendment Foundation as my charity of choice – a portion of every order goes to support gun rights now.

    And I order my ammo online from Target Sport USA – with their prime membership its cheaper than Wal-Mart, and, again, gets delivered right to my door.

  22. I find it ironic that someone who writes for a gun website is proud of their trunk full of stuff from Amazon and Walmart.

  23. I was at a Walmart in Tucker, GA yesterday and they had 3 750 round cases of Winchester 9mm ammo for $55 a case, but they wouldn’t sell it to me because when they scanned it for purchase it was no longer in the computer. I tried everything i could to get those 3 cases, but no luck.

    I asked the manager why they couldn’t sell it to me and he said that if it isn’t in the computer they couldn’t sell it to me. he said they will most likely donate it to the local police.

  24. i open carry and have a gun license up to date and my state has the law for open carry but crooks like walmart do not do their jobs but to jump on people that have never broke the law or been in jail and treat them like crooks so if this keeps on the only people that will have the guns are crooks only and i was jump on when i did not have my gun on at all and they still jumped me law broking walmart


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