Los Angeles crime scene
Beverly Hills crime scene (AP Photo/Damian Dovarganes, File)
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From the NRA-ILA . . .

Many municipalities being pressured by the progressive left have “defunded the police,” with activists claiming that shrinking “massive” police budgets would actually improve public safety. The Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD), for one, faced budget cuts of $150 million for 2021.

The Los Angeles Police Protective League, a union for the LAPD’s sworn officers, is now proposing that officers stop responding to almost 30 types of 911 requests for assistance, with the calls being handled by other city agencies or affiliated nonprofits. According to the League’s statement, “The Union agrees to cease providing a sworn police response to the calls listed … The Union will work with the City/LAPD to implement safe protocols if an armed LAPD response becomes necessary after the initial non-sworn response has been deployed.” The union’s proposal is expected to go before the city’s Executive Employee Relations Committee at some point in the future.

The types of calls that are up for “depolicing” include non-criminal mental health calls, non-violent juvenile disturbances, calls to schools (except calls by school administrators for an emergency police response or about mandatory reporting), loitering/trespassing “with no indication of danger,” “Code 30” alarm calls (alarms reported by an alarm company) other than robbery silent alarms, “under the influence” calls (alcohol/drugs) with no other crime in progress, vicious and dangerous dog complaints where no attack is occurring, “927-D [dead body] where no indication of foul play,” and others.

It may well be that other listed calls (“driveway tows,” “abandoned vehicles,” “syringe disposal,” “public health order violations,” and trash dumping) are indeed more appropriately handled by code enforcement, waste management, the health department, or similar municipal agencies.

But when dead human bodies (for example) do not prompt a police response, citizens have reason for alarm. And resorting to police only when an armed response is imminently required is not likely to result in police officers who are trained and predisposed to provide the calming, de-escalating presence that many activists and “reformers” claim to want from law enforcement.

The reason cited by the union for the stepped-down police response is the “long-term, chronic understaffing” of the LAPD, leading to the need to prioritize police resources and improve officer morale.

According to the Los Angeles Times, the LAPD has lost approximately 800 officers since 2020. Another factor affecting policing efforts may be the “carefree attitude toward prosecuting crime” of Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascón, who took office in late 2020 and “has led the growing movement of progressive prosecutors.”

Los Angeles County Prosecutor George Gascon (AP Photo/Damian Dovarganes)

The department’s most recent “Public Contacts Snapshot” (as of Jan. 31, 2023) shows that the number of LAPD public contacts (stops and calls) has declined by almost five percent between January 2022 and January 2023; when compared to the five-year, year–to-date average, contacts are down by 26.8 percent. Likewise, LAPD arrests have decreased by three percent between 2022 and 2023, and by over 32 percent when compared to the five-year average.

A resident the Los Angles Times quoted on the union’s proposal indicated she was open to the idea, but had questions about how 911 calls would be handled going forward. “Who will be responding? And who are they responsible to? Will they be fully trained for what will come up and do they have experience? … We just want to make sure that whoever is going to be answering those calls is fully prepared for what they might find and how to deal with it.”

Those, of course, are the critical questions. Even trained police officers responding to a 911 call don’t know what’s going to happen after they arrive and can’t predict whether a welfare check, a “non-criminal mental health” crisis, juvenile disturbance, or a substance abuse situation will suddenly escalate and turn violent.

Los Angelinos already dismayed about rising crime, laissez faire prosecutors, and the depressing statistic that criminals committing a murder now have about an even chance of getting away with it, can add the possibility that an unarmed, nonprofit activist may be their first responder to a 911 call.

Facing these unpleasant realities, residents of La-La Land are re-examining their options. Many who have the means to abandon Los Angeles have already done so. For those who remain, however, the Second Amendment has started to take on renewed relevance.

Business last year was already “booming” at the only gun store in Beverly Hills. “This morning I sold six shotguns in about an hour to people that say, ‘I want a home defense shotgun,’” said owner Russell Stuart.

In an interview, Stuart indicated that many of his customers are people who “have said their entire lives that ‘I was afraid of guns, that I would never own a gun,’ and probably wouldn’t even advocate for that ownership,” but have definitely changed their mind.

Sheriff Alex Villanueva
Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva (AP Photo/Jae C. Hong)

In a related development, Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva said concealed carry permit applications are on the rise and predicted that his office could issue as many as 50,000 permits now that the United States Supreme Court has struck down “good cause/special need” licensing requirements.

The consequences of this latest stage in law enforcement are anyone’s guess. The old saying – that when seconds count, the police are only minutes away – may be relegated to a fond recollection, rather than a grim joke, when “a non-sworn response has been deployed” to emergency calls.


This article originally appeared at nraila.org and is republished here with permission. 

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    • My favorite take-away from this (which, by the way, has been known to Los Angelinos for months now since the first rumblings were mentioned here) is that LE will no longer consider responding if you need help removing a drunken trespasser who refuses to leave your porch. Literally. And add to that the earlier declaration by D.A. Gascon that he won’t prosecute charges of public drunkenness and trespassing, and we’re cooking up a train wreck of an expansion to our homeless problem.

      If I’m awakened at zero-dark-thirty to find an inebriated man (or worse, a tweaker on drugs) twice my size relieving himself on my back doorstep and attempting to enter with his own house key, and refusing my demand to leave, I know I cannot rely on 911 and/or LE to provide assistance to extricate him. If I go “hands on” to remove him for the safety of my family, either I’ll be successful but endanger my neighbors when he simply stumbles over to their house, or I’ll encounter resistance that may escalate to the need to defend myself with force.

      Massad Ayoob recently presented a thorough explanation of the legal consequences of the decision to step outside your door to confront a threat (e.g., “looking for trouble”) as compared to remaining inside and waiting for LE to show up, using the McCloskys as his example. So if I’m actively watching (thru my exterior camera system) a druggie crapping on my driveway and causing damage in my yard, I’ll be forced with the decision to handle the situation myself.

      Of course, there *is* the potential argument to be made that I confronted the interloper precisely because Los Angeles LE has openly declared they won’t respond, so I suppose that might help a Defendant’s case if it escalated and ended up in court.


        • SAFEupdateFML,

          You may very well be on the right track: the homeowner who finds a drunk on his porch (who refuses to leave) simply has to make his/her porch an unappealing and uncomfortable place to hang-out.

          How do you make your porch unappealing? Simple: irritants. Consider multiple varieties of irritants for all of our senses–sight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch (pain).

        • Unfortunately had quite a bit of experience with it’s utility when I first moved up to NY. Would have loved having access to CS granules but that would have been more trouble than it would have been worth for a bunch of reasons. With that said a narrow fogger and a removable peephole can clearly articulate wrong door.

      • Haz, you’re a decent person, and you think about other people, which is why the solution to your problem isn’t obvious.
        Because if you weren’t such a nice person, you would just shoot that guy or stab him in the gut a few times and let him wander off to die on somebody else’s property, or maybe your own backyard ,and then go back inside and go to bed. Who cares? Nobody’s calling the cops. Even if they do, they probably won’t show up. And if somebody finds a dead body and somebody’s yard? Who cares, nobody’s calling the cops.

      • Haz,

        Taking into account JWT’s comment, above, you could notify 911. Tell them you are an armed homeowner and that you are trying to prevent this from becoming a home defense situation.

        Cops will be there lickety- split.Of course, you will be the one they arrest, so there is a downside.

        Water sprinklers may be a better approach….no, no, no…living in a desert.

        Ferocious dogs? No, no, no…don’t want the dogs to get rabies or monkey pox.

        Microwaves!! Narrow beam microwaves. Silent, deadly, and will leave no evidence of their origin. Check with Debbie W. She has like built one of these already in an AR format.

        • I few short years ago, a trio of strangers walked in front of my house (at the end of our cul-de-sac) and fired a total of 15 rounds into a nearby hillside for impromptu target practice. There were children and residents of three households outside in our front yards, who all dove for cover as I immediately called 911. The operator caught the final volley of shots on the recording as I spoke, and expedited the call to the local LASD station.

          Deputies didn’t arrive until 30+ minutes later. Very bored, very uninterested, and asked me only two questions: (1) was I certain I heard gunfire and not fireworks? and (2) did I have any video footage for them to review? We did not have video, so they simply left and we never heard from the LASD again. That prompted me to get a full exterior camera system installed (a commercial grad one, not Amazon Ring or the like).

          We Angelinos already know we can’t rely on LE.

        • Elected by a very dumb voter base following a crafty campaign funded by a group including Soros. Gascón defeated incumbent D.A. Jackie Lacey in the Nov 2020 general election.

      • LAPD is different from LASO. Besides, Villanueva who is pictured in the article was defeated in the last election and a kinder, gentler sheriff was elected. Now for a reality check. LAPD has not responded to burglary calls unless you are holding the burglar at gun point and they are afraid you might kill said burglar if they don’t show up. If your house is burglarized, you can call the report in and talk to a recording and at some later date, BUY a copy of said report to send to your insurance company who will promptly raise your homeowner’s insurance premium because you live in high crime neighborhood. I predict that if current trends continue we will see a return to vigilanteism.

        And replying to Haz, yes, Jackie Lacey, a woman of color was replaced by Garcon (the misspelling is deliberate) After all garcon in French means “boy” and he certainly is Soros’ “boy”. Lacey was a decent prosecutor who took her job seriously replaced by Soros’ “boy” who is a bad joke as a prosecutor. It is my impression that he was run out of San Francisco as the DA because he was too lenient on crime. I find that hard to imagine, but SF just did it again and the new DA in SF seems to realize she has a crime problem on her hands. Really???

      • I retired from LAPS nigh onto 30 years ago. At that time, my officers were so busy responding to urgent calls that lesser crimes just went unhandled anyway. Gotta be worse now. But it is also how you report the trouble, if you know what I mean.

        • I talked to a local cop who had gone on a ride-along with LAPD. He told me he was flabbergasted. The instant they checked in at start of shift the radio was full of armed robbery calls, shooting calls, aggravated assault calls. He said here in our suburban town if the cops get an armed robbery call a week it is a busy week. He said in the shift he worked with the LAPD there wasn’t one call of the kind our pd usually answers. It was all major felonies and that was more than 25 yeas ago because I have been retired 23 years and have been out of touch with the local cops for that long. Heck, all of the cops I knew have retired. So that’s one reason why LAPD doesn’t answer cold burglary calls at all. you get to talk to Robbie Robot. If you got prints, lift ’em yourself and send ’em in. And, in my humble opinion it is because we ae not putting felons in prison where they belong. I don’t look to cure felons of their criminal behavior, I just look to keep them off the streets and prevent them committing more felonies.

  1. How do leftists reduce crime without hardly trying?… just make hardly ANYTHING against the law anymore.
    Problem solved, crime went down 31.62 percent in a one year period!! We’re doing a GREAT job, so reelect us.

    • Pb_fan59,

      You were close and yet missed the mark.

      Actually, Far Left Pr0gressive True Believers want almost everything to be illegal–although they only intend to enforce those laws on their political enemies.

    • The only things that should be illegal are harming or threatening to harm another person or their property.

  2. If we could just get them to stay in Ca, instead of moving to Tn. They bring their 30 y/old antifa kids living in the basement with them.

    • Redneck, don’t complain. At least you guys have
      basements they can be kept in. Around here they have to walk around on the surface.

      • Come on now you live up in the Florida mountains. You can dig a basement. Us coastal folk can’t.

        • I’m 25 miles from the Atlantic and 125 miles from the Gulf in central FL, 25 feet above sea level and our ground water table averages about three feet below the surface…

  3. Quote———-The types of calls that are up for “depolicing” include non-criminal mental health calls,——–quote

    The largely untrained savage cops are the last people you want to call to defuse and help a person suffering a mental health crisis. The cop solution is to just gun them down in a pool of blood and carnage. It really makes their day.

    Defund the Police has meant to require intense and thorough vetting of applicants for police work to weed out the sadists, bullies, and racists that are drawn to this profession like flies are drawn to shit.

    Defund the Police has meant to require psychosocial tests be given to all applicants to weed out the nut cases and homicidal maniacs that flock to this profession.

    Defund the Police was meant to prevent the cops from spending millions of tax dollars on heavy weapons of war such as flame throwing tanks and killer robots. Cops are supposed to protect the community not torture and massacre people for burnt out tail light bulbs.

    Defund the Police was meant to give more power to civilian review boards because police unions often do not discipline sadistic cops or fire homicidal cops. Homicidal killers like Derek Chauvin and sadists like Mark Furman should never have been allowed to become cops and once they were cops should have been prosecuted and put in dungeons for the rest of their lives before they had a chance to brutalize and even torture and kill people like Chauvin did, a mad dog cop if there ever was one.

    Defund the Police was meant to hire more professional people that are trained to defuse people in mental crisis situations instead of unleashing homicidal cops on them or turning killer dogs loose on them to rip their living flesh off of them just like the Geramn Nazi’s did in WWII. Americans are tired to seeing modern day Nazi Cops brutalize people for the thrill and sadistic pleasure of it.

    Defund the Police was meant to increase training time for police. The average German cop gets 3 years of intensive training before being allowed to deal with the public compared to the brutal world of Capitalvania where cops get in some cases only 4 weeks of training. The only way to solve a problem for them is to put a bullet into someone’s head for even spitting on the sidewalk or not bowing down to them and begging for mercy or their lives.

    In 2012 German cops killed just 12 people and in China that has 4 1/2 times the U.S. population they only killed 4 people while in the barbaric land of Capitalvania 1,200 people were slaughtered under the jackboot of killer U.S. Cops.

    Defunding the police was meant to funnel more tax dollars into community programs such as after school activities for children who often do not have enough to eat or a home to go where an adult is present and not out working to make ends meet because they can only find minimum part time wage jobs. Only in Capitalvania are workers treated like troglodyte slaves to serve their super rich masters that live in the gated communities and make millions on C.E.O. salaries and perks while their workers starve.

    Vote Socialist for the right to form Unions, and for a civilized America where workers are paid a living wage and can retire with enough money to live in dignity, not poverty and squalor. And under Socialism people receiver Universal Health Care which includes mental health care.

    And the last time we had a Democratic Socialist as President (Franklin D. Roosevelt) we got Social security, a minimum wage and strong labor unions. Something the Neanderthals of the Far Right cannot ignore, refute or ever lie their way out of.

    Under Republican President Dwight D. Eisenhower he taxed the super rich corporations 90% and we still had a vibrant economy running at full steam. Now Biden proposes to tax the corrupt oil companies which will save Medicare. Let’s hope Biden socks it to them. Socialism makes for a civilized society. Ask any European. Few Western Europeans who even want to come to live in Capitalvania.

    • I want the criminal nutbars kept safely away from me, otherwise care not about them. I don’t need them defused or “helped” in any way. No cops may be the WORST thing which could happen to them, since if they frighten me or my family I will likely shoot them several times, which will not be near as caring and considerate as those “savage cops” might do.

      And pray tell, are you assuming someone might agree that Social Security, minimum wage, or labor unions are a good idea?

    • ‘Savage cops’? You mean the same guys you want to give the authority to decide who can and cannot own a firearm or carry one?

    • Dacian, have you written your manifesto yet? Will you release it or would that be considered premeditation?

    • I’ve held two full time jobs in my life. The longer one, for a large corporation, required a technical education and engineering skills. Due to internal politics, it was a constant source of frustration but it paid well enough that my wife and had excess income to invest for a comfortable retirement. My retirement job, which I held for less than ten years, was with a small company which paid a fifth as much as the corporation. However, my contributions were accepted and appreciated, instead of fought against, and I became the go to guy wherever my skills were applicable. If “social equity” required equal compensation for both jobs, there is no way in hell I would have wasted any of my life on the corporation.

      In a way, that might be a good idea. In a labor market where employers were prohibited from using high salaries to make up for a poisonous work environment, they would have to clean up their acts in order to attract competent employees.

    • LOL “save Medicare” even if you taxed at 150% of ALL people making over 1 million per year that Medicare is going to fail at the rate they are adding EVERYONE BUT taxpayers…even illegal aliens can get it without paying in one single buck!

      My example when I was taking care of my mom they ordered her a portable toilet form her bed room to help her out at night… Medicare cost to my home for that ONE ITEM 600$ delivered in LA. I had to order one in an emergency when her’s finally broke 3 years later same item sent NEXT MORNING shipping to my home 80$ with shipping!!!!!!
      I thought bring in the ‘private sector’ was going to bring cost down not up 10 times!

    • Everything you listed “defunding the police” was meant to do sounds like it would cost MORE money. Additional psychological screening, more thorough vetting, additional costs to screen more applicants because you have ruled some out, more training. These things cost more, not less.

      • Local cops responded to an accident scene. The first deputy on scene observed the suspect cutting himself with a knife. Deputy conversed with the suspect together him to put the knife down. Another deputy arrived together with a sergeant. The second deputy to arrive retrieved his shotgun from his trunk and loaded it with less than lethal rounds. In the meantime, the suspect charged at the first deputy and sgt with the knife in his hand. Deputy #2 fired 5 beanbag rounds at suspect striking him four times. Suspect continued his charge and was shot by service handguns several times, finally falling deaf less than five feet from the l.e.o.s. Toral crime elapsed as provided by body camera on deputy #1 3.5 minutes from first encounter to final culmination. Tell me how a “counselor” would have managed to do something about that intense encounter. Oh, oh, oh, I know. The counselor would have used a different tone of voice because he “knows” how to defuse such a situation. While the suspect’s BA was considerably over the .08 for driving, there was nothing in his background nor his activity in the bar where the folks present were interviewed that indicated any kind of suicidal or homicidal tendencies. The DA’s investigation of the incident resulted in a report almost 100 pages long complete with time line graphs, photographs of the scene, transcripts of interviews with acquaintances and patrons and employee of the bar wherein the deceased has spent the evening. People who talk about sending psychologists out in place of armed officers to folks having a psychotic breakdown just need to some ride-alongs for a couple of week in a small town and one or two nights in a city like LA. Dacian is living in some fairyland where waving a magic wand will cure all ills.

        • But “social workers” are the in thing right now. Most cops would be happy to let them go first. Reminds me of one call I was on in the mid-70s. Caller said he was suicidal and going to drink himself to death! When we got there he refused to open the door, so we had to kick down the door. Found him in bed with his “social worker”. He had also called some suicide hotline and they sent the girl over. Seems she had a special way of preventing suicide. Didn’t have a chance to complete her therapy before we took him to Unit 3, the psych ward. Made me think, but I would get Nurse Ratchet.

        • going to drink himself to death!

          That actually takes awhile, a LONG while, like years unless he chugs like a gallon of vodka otherwise he’d most likely pass out before he could drink enough to actually die from alcohol poisoning… Guess he COULD pass out on his back and possibly choke on his own vomit, that happens way more than death from alcohol poisoning… Oh wait, CDC says 6 people per day and 2200 per year die from alcohol poisoning (who knew?) my bad, carry on…

    • I suppose the North Koreans sent observers to your elementary school looking for ways to improve their re-educating camps. Damn – what a pile of steaming feces.

  4. Meanwhile gov. newsob will get away with his Reparations vote buying scheme if someone does not stand and hold his democRat Party liable for the race based atrocities that occurred across this country. Anywhere where bigotry took hold…many times by intimidation.

    From the Legacy of Slavery to Jim Crow, to Eugenics to Gun Control and beyond the guilty as sin democRat Party owns it… Reparations are in the coffers of the democRat Party.

    • Yeah, I had a question whether the state of CA ever had legal slavery, and if not what are the “reparations” for?

      • I want reparations. I’ve lived in CA for 40 years and had my 2a rights denied to me illegally.

      • The history of slavery in California began with the enslavement of Indigenous Californians under Spanish colonial rule. The arrival of the Spanish colonists introduced chattel slavery and involuntary servitude to the area. Over 90,000 Indigenous peoples were forced to stay at the Spanish missions in California between 1770–1834, being kept in well-guarded mission compounds. This has been described as Defacto slavery, as they were forced to work on the mission’s grounds amid abuse, malnourishment, overworking, and a high death rate. Indigenous girls were taken from their parents to be housed in guarded dormitories known as monjeríos for conversion to Catholicism and control over their sexuality.
        White colonists from the Southern and Eastern United States brought their systems of organized slavery to California. Several thousand free and enslaved people of African ancestry were part of the California Gold Rush (1848–55). Some were able to buy their freedom and freedom for their families, primarily in the South, with the gold they found.

        • So should they petition the Spanish Government for their reparations?

          It’s a good place to start…

        • MADDMAXX March 7, 2023 At 18:15
          Your comment is awaiting moderation
          The history of slavery in California began long before the Spanish arrived.

          Not my problem and not my job to do deep dive research for someone else, dude asked a question, and I provided enough information to satisfy that query… If you have something more to add go for it, if not then why bother…

          Really? MORE moderation? For What?… Had three posts just disappear over the weekend and one post that I can’t even post a reply to, shit is getting fucking old…

      • Them Chinamens dug a lot of tunnels and built a lot of railroads.
        And if you run off the boss would send “English Bob” after you.

  5. So, this changes things…. how? What difference does it make with the “no cash bail” revolving door system? Arrests mean paperwork for the cops and the perps are back on the streets before the ink is dry… Solution? Just hire more Social Workers…

  6. George Gascon is a Cuban communist, who hails from a family of Cuban communists. What else did the people of Los Angeles expect? #SOCIALISMKILLS

    • excuse me, its not politically correct to call them ‘domestic terrorist extremist violent far-left wing’ – the correct deception speak is ‘activists’.

      • … till you realize the violent far left wing are the ones who have attempted two actual armed violent insurrections so far and now this attack within the last few months, and many actions in the last few years (which were called BLM ‘mostly peaceful’ by the media).

  7. Looking over (ever so briefly) the “de-prioritized” items in this article, it seems like someone other than police should respond to those calls, at least at first blush anyway.

    The good news: Los Angeles (city and/or county) get to reap what they sow. Who knows, maybe everyone’s quality of life will improve.

  8. Wow sounds to me like defunding the poleece and not answering most of those 911 calls almost rings of freedom.
    Hes drunk/high but ain’t hurting nobody, your dog wont shut up, dead guy in a little coat. Sounds good to me, in fact I wish all a the poleece did was watch the traffic violators, the rest of the stuff armed people could take care of. ” He needed killin.” Good enuff if the majority thought so too
    Without poleece protection being a criminal wouldn’t be such a great job no more.
    Defund the poleece completely
    and give us a chance to ‘take the power back’.

  9. The message to the people is clear. Arm up and defend yourselves, as the police are not interested in your problems.

    • The message to the people is clear. Arm up and defend yourselves, as the police are not interested in your problems.

      Luck with THAT in L.A. guess you can TRY to defend yourself with that single shot .22…

      • Or you could go to Big 5 and buy a pump 12 bore. Or the lgs and buy a 1911. Or a Glock. Or a .357 magnum.

        Think I could defend myself with any of those?

        • Sure, as long as you have your gun safety course certificate, California ID and your gun is on the “approved” list… Until it isn’t…

        • Believe me. I’m not defending the system. But CA is awash in guns. Nobody that wants one is empty handed.

        • I mean you always have home depot if it gets that bad………so long as you have ammo.

  10. Police don’t respond to fires or heart attacks (at least where I’m from). What is wrong with sending a dog-catcher to dog complaints, tow trucks to blocked driveways, a garbage man to littering, or a non-ambulance/non-police paddy wagon to scoop up drunks and junkies?

    Don’t we demand the means to defend ourselves? So why would we want the police to be involved in every interaction between us and our neighbors. Has anyone read this list? Most of the 30 types of 911 calls are the sort of thing any adult should be able to handle on their own, or by any competent civil servant. Would you want the police to charge in if your niece was truent from school? Landlord/tenant disputes, park calls for service, panhandleing, loud noises? I accept Los-Angeles’s ability to mess this up, but most of this is common sense.

  11. Honestly, most of those don’t strike me as “emergencies”. Nor do they seem to require police response.

    When Grandma dies in her bed at the age of 93, I don’t need the cops, I need the coroner.

      • One of the purposes of the 911 number is to direct your call to the correct agency. So if the 911 operator calls the police for a barking dog, that is on the 911 operator, not the caller. I can guarantee you that at 0200 there is no dog catcher on duty in CA. But when does the barking dog annoy you? It isn’t at 10:00 when you are at work, it is at 0200 when the owner is drunk in bed and the dog is yapping in the yard because it hasn’t been fed or given water for a couple of days.

    • Yeah but then the cops dont get to snoop thru grandma’s house and incriminate the family with untaxed cookie sales.

  12. I hate to say this since I don’t like violence, but..
    When the social workers or whatever show up to a bunch of kids partying, or someone having a psychotic break, and things go south in a matter of seconds, how many of those employees are going to stick around? Especially when they start getting beat up, stabbed, shot and otherwise assaulted? It isn’t going to end well.

    • EMTs and paramedics have had to deal with this for a long time. When we show up if things get dangerous we leave and call the cops. If we get there and think it’s dangerous we leave and call the cops. Poor patient behavior usually corrects itself. After all, all bleeding eventually stops and all cardiac dysrhythmias eventually resolve.

    • In the actual case I cited above, it was all over in less than four minutes. For whatever reason the deceased individual had suicide on his drunken mind and four hits with lead filled bean bags didn’t deter him. When they describe them as bean bags, they aren’t filled with beans. They are filled with #9 shot and they don’t penetrate although they leave a very impressive bruise within a short time.Perhaps a psychologist would have been able to talk the perp out of murder in under four minutes but I think that is asking a lot of some psychologist at 0300, rousted out of a sound sleep to answer a call.

    • blame the feds for a ruined cali via letting in the illegal alien mass invaders for 40 years…the REAL locals voted to end that crud in 1994…with prop 187

  13. “927-D [dead body] where no indication of foul play,”
    And how exactly is a 911 operator who is not a detective or an MD supposed to be able to figure out over the phone whether or not there’s foul play over the phone?
    So if John Q. Public comes across a dead body in the woods and calls 911, the police won’t show up because there’s no proof the person was murdered? John Q. Public can’t tell by looking at a dead body whether or not there was “foul play.”

    Oh wait, that’s nothing new — police in New Jersey already didn’t respond to my three 911 calls of a gang rape in the woods one day in 2011, because they might have had to get their fat butts out of their patrol cars, so they just never bothered responding.

    • Most people found dead in the woods around here are recovered by a volunteer mountain rescue team. Dead in the woods near a city may be suspicious, but people also die in their home all the time. I imagine some other government employee would show up to receive the remains. This funeral home employee or coroner’s technician should be able to make a determination if uniformed officers are needed.

      What is with this site? Half the time cops are incompetent thugs who should only be equipped with bicycles and whistles, next post every sworn officer is able to defuse any situation, detect any wrong doing and the only person qualified to issue a citation, scoop a dog turd or decide what you should have for breakfast. The problem in LA appears to be people calling 911 for 30 types of issues they should call someone else for, but no-body remembers how to use a phone book.

  14. The protect part of protect and serve has long been struck down and now the serve part is being eliminated. So why have a police dept. at all? Just let people handle things as they will. Call someone to come pick up the dead bodies and don’t even bother with a report.

    • That’s one reason I believe releasing thousands of wild swine in the city’s is a good idea.
      Once they got a taste of blood criminal activity would slow way down and there would never be any dead ant evidence

  15. If my fellow Americans want to destroy themselves why should I care? They have free will. The Libertarians believe that suicide should be made legal. They say drugs should be made legal. I say the voters get what they voted for. And if you didn’t vote you’re just as guilty. Because you just stood by and let bad things happen.

    If they want to commit Collective suicide I will not stand in their way. But I will not give them my blessing. I will not say that it’s okay. I will not say anything that will make them feel comfortable, with the bad decisions that they made.

    I’m one of those harsh judgmental conservatives that they complain about.

  16. Angelinos are getting the law enforcement and quality of life support that they wanted and voted for.

    The proposal by the police union will go a long way to making that happen. We should all set back and observe this experiment in holistic enforcement.

  17. “…..many of his customers are people who ‘have said their entire lives that ‘I was afraid of guns, that I would never own a gun,’ and probably wouldn’t even advocate for that ownership,’ but have definitely changed their mind”. These are the same fools who have finally figured out that no one is going to protect them, figured out that guns may not be a bad thing for self-defense, but will still be too damned stupid, and vote for politicians who will try and take their newly acquired firearm from them.

  18. For a change here is some honesty about why crime is going up in LA.
    From 3 days ago.

    “Former Gang Member Explains Why Los Angeles’ Becoming Unsafe | Gil Tejada”
    video 34 min long

  19. Oh Boy! What will Megs ‘n Arry think about THAT and their security?? They might even return, God forbid, to the UK. PLease , please do NOT do this!


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