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From the AP . . .

A man charged in an attack on comedian Dave Chappelle during a performance at the Hollywood Bowl pleaded not guilty Friday to four misdemeanors.

Isaiah Lee, 23, entered the not guilty pleas in a Los Angeles courtroom to charges of battery, possessing a deadly weapon with intent to assault unlawfully crossing from a spectator area onto a stage at a theatrical event and interfering with or delaying such an event with unlawful conduct.

Lee, who remains jailed, was ordered to stay at least 100 yards (91 meters) from Chappelle, whose lawyer called in to the hearing to request the protective order.

“I don’t know what happened to my arm, your honor.”

Authorities say Lee was arrested Tuesday night after rushing the stage during Chappelle’s set in the last of a four-night stint at the Hollywood Bowl that was part of the “Netflix Is a Joke” comedy festival.

Isaiah Lee gun knife
Courtesy LAPD

He was carrying a replica handgun with a large blade that folded out of it similar to a pocket knife, according to police, who released a photo of the weapon.

The Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office determined that he had not committed any felonies and referred the case to the LA city attorney’s office, which charged him with the four misdemeanors.

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      • s not a knife, no matter what it looks lik,e a deadly weapon? Is not assault or attack with a lethal weapon a felony? IS the DA selling everyone down the river once more? Thoght he was being recalled?

        • The LA District Attorney is one of the biggest snowflakes in existence. He got voted out of office in San Fran for being too liberal which should tell all something about his philosophy(?) There is a recall effort going on right now in LA to vote his A.Z.Z. out of office, Mikey Feur, the LA City Attorney is another snowflake but not quite as flakey as the D. A. (stands for D.U.M.A.Z.Z.) Mikey would like promotion to El Major of La Ciudad de Los Angeles.

          What everyone saw happen is assault with a deadly weapon, a felony in non-snowflake country. Ineptitude in the commission of a felony is not a valid defense in Kallyfornicadia. Notice Chappelle’s mouthpiece file a request for charging a felony. We will see how that turns out.

      • It’s made to secure a TKO Forfeit in a knife only fight.
        Scare the opponent into a capitulation without technically cheating.

      • “…not a felony?????”

        The way it was explained to me was, the knife-gun hideous thing was in a pack of some sort on the guy, not in his hand…

        • When he tackled Chappelle he committed a felonious assault = felony in most counties in CA. See comment above re LA DA.

      • AMEN brother its just a lefty playing a part to push the left to outlaw crap! Same with me here in bluest N.J. and i plan to buy some land in a free state and scoot! I cant take these blue people anymore and i want out! People keep telling me ot leave my politics in N.J. which makes no sense! Im not a DemonRat fleeing N.J. but a person that votes for those best for the job! Since most of us did and that was Trump and he still wasnt put in office should say a lot more about our Fed Gov then anything else! I know im going to die a free American but will my children or grandchildren? I pray they do and people wake the F_CK up!?!?!

    • One of the “hallmarks” of an assault weapon is a bayonet mount in Kallyfornikadia.

      Interestingly enough, a relative of mine was a deputy public defender for 25 years here in the Peepuls’ Republik and he has informed me that as far as he knows his office has never defended a case involving a bayonet, whether mounted on a rifle or held in the hand. Lots of knife assault cases, but no bayonet assault cases. Don’t know why that is. Bayonets are cheap and were designed as assault weapons whether mounted on a rifle or held in the hand. If I wanted to use a rifle with a bayonet mounted, I would not chose the infamous AR on which to mount a bayonet. Nosiree! Give me a real rifle, an M-1, a SMLE, a Moisin-Nagant or a K98. And, yes, I do prefer the WWI 16 inch bayonet or the 17 inch bayonet for the P-17 which is another real rifle.

  1. It is interesting that you can be charged with using or menacing with a firearm whether it is a real gun or not and in many states. If you are not open carrying a knife with a blade longer than three inches in a scabbard you can be arrested. Not sure how long the blade on the gun was but that seems to be a double whammy. Glad to see he was charged with the misdemeanors but think what he did was more serious than just that. I believe that in most states if you did what he did with a weapon like that on him the consequences would have been more severe. Then those folks in California wonder why things are totally out of control in Los Angeles County. This Leftist mentality defies explanation except one. They just want to be able to do whatever they want regardless of the law.

    • In the UK the use of a replica firearm or similar as a threat has exactly the same potential penalties as the real thing and can, and does, get you shot by the ARMED POLICE.
      I know the UK has a reputation for KNIFE CRIME. But the vast majority of knife crime is associated with youth and internicine urban warfre for the control of perceived ‘gangland TERRITORY and the drugs trade by mainly young ignorant males Very few persons outside of those social boundries are involved.
      I’m no 83 years old and have never been threatened in civilian life by any kind of weapon knife or otherwise and I do not know anybody who has and at my age I know an awful lot of people.
      Reflect on this simple statistic. Inn the UK [and I would suppose that the UK is round about, on a per capital basis the European average] in any one year there are less than 1000. ILLEGAL DEATHS. Those Illegal Deaths include Manslaughter, knife crime, gun crime the results of Domestic violence, [by far the most common and commited by ‘perps’ known to trhe victims]] ACTS OF TERRORISM [ the least in % terms] and infanticide in a population of around 65 million. ON a per. capita. basis this equates to about lessthat 5000 illegal death in the USA per annum. BUT and here’s the point there are now in the region of 20,000 deaths by gun crime ALONE in the USA whilst those on the UK can be counted on the fingers of both hands and more usually the fingers of ONE. . A single shooting in the UK will make the National Headlines. In the USA it would hardly make the local news-sheets! . So much for the price of supposed Freedom. I prefer the FREEDOM to not to have to bloody well worry about being shot when going about my usual life

      • You keep forgetting to mention that it is only counted as an illegal death if there is a conviction per the Home Office rules ( helps keep those pesky murder rates down).

        • The Home Office has admitted they have been massaging the crime rate numbers since the 1960s.

          One must keep up appearances.

      • ” … there are now in the region of 20,000 deaths by gun crime ALONE in the USA …. ”

        Now subtract suicides. Subtract accidental deaths (you stated “by gun crime,” and an accident is not a crime). Subtract justified police shootings.

        Now, if you have any ideas of effective methods to prevent the remainder while not infringing on the rights of lawful owners, I’m all ears.

      • Your numbers are way off.
        But that’s to be expected from one who has zero clue of the real facts of the subject they are talking about.

        Not all firearm related deaths are from intended violence against others but other factors like suicide ( that actually accounts for 2/3 of all firearms deaths) accidents, law enforcement and self defense also.
        Nice try stupid, NOT!!

      • Respectfully, bollocks. I’m an ex pat Yorkshireman. Lived in the US full time since 2005, was a copper here for 11 years and outside of work, I’ve also never been threatened with a weapon. In the same way you were careful to narrowly define knife abuse to thugs and drug dealers, its the same way in the USA. Outside of several very high crime, inner city areas, firearms related murder is extremely rate. No innocent people are getting gunned down in the streets on a routine basis you muppet. Stop being a pillock and STFU about things you know very little about.

    • Having the weapon in a backpack is not using it. If it is legal to possess, it should not carry any weight as a weapon used in a crime.

  2. Of course he’s not guilty. Who you going to believe? Your lying eyes and thousands of witnesses, or me? (The video was dubbed, or something.)

    • Gadsden,

      Maybe he thinks he is not guilty because he had a good reason…..or… was self-defense……or……it should not be a crime, in the first place…..or…..he is a victim of social injustice…..or…..well, you can’t fix stupid and it is not his fault for being stupid. In Left-tard land committing a crime does not mean you are guilty of a crime.

      Geez….Left-Tard thinking makes my brain hurt.

      • Where ever is the reference to LEFT wing politics here? Or any politics come to that> Why is it bthat Americans seem to reduce every bloodi thing to politics of one kind or another.
        Why for instance is it some kind on ‘Commie’ [which I take to mean COMMUNIST] plot by DEMOCRATS to inroduec a STATE FUNDED [from general taxation and maybe ringfenced insurance backed by central goverenmnt ] but quite acceptable for State funded provision for the elderly. By the way the State Medical Provision in the USA funded by genr eral taxation for the elderly costs a on a per capita basis almost as much as some European National Health Systems. In fact the USA spend more across the board state funding on National Health issues than any Europen Nation and that with the full support of the US electorate. Get old in the USA and you get better looked after at the States expense than in pretty much any place in the world from what I can ascertain

  3. when the DA
    took the threat of a felony charge off the table
    it removed the incentive for the defendant
    to plead guilty to a lesser charge
    so of course he plead not guilty

    • Kinda like pleading away Federal Firearms charges… so,um, would you agree to a twenty-third degree meanie plea if we drop the major

      charges? …how about time served in the back of the patrol cruiser ??… Pretty Please ??

    • You don’t understand the way criminal court works. A defendant always pleads not guilty upon arraignment until his attorney can talk to the DA about what kind of deal he can get for a guilty plea. Drunk driving that results in a death is a felony. Fleeing the scene of a collision that results in death is a felony. Both of those charges carry very severe incarceration penalties. The DA of this county just took a plea reducing the two counts enumerated above to a much lesser vehicular manslaughter which means a max sentence of 9 years, out in three and a half if no screwups while in prison.

  4. I’ve only read this from one source but the reason he avoided felony charges per the DA is that the GunKnife was in a bag he had, and was not used in the actual attack.

    Anyone else hear anything like that?

  5. Just curious how many felonies I would have been charged with, along with hate crime enhancement, if it had been my white ass attacking Chappelle? Would have been at least felony assault.

    • He had the living chit beat out of his gunknife wielding butt. Of course he’s a felon everywhere but Commiefornia…

      • He as far as I know not been found in open Court either guilty or not guilty For heaven’s sake entering a plea of NOT GUILTY is not a proof of guilt or of innocence or or POLITICAL PERSUASION. That is up to a jury ‘of his peers’.
        Is it not a cornerstone of a Democratic and Independent jurisprudnece that it is ‘better than a hundred guilty men go free than for one INNOCENT man to be punished. To think otherwise it’s back to the LYNCH MOB.
        In a truly free society in the final analysis we have to accept the wisdom of the independent Judiciary and that include’s the Jury System with all it’s faults.
        I am unarmed but not fearful of any kind of violence in my daily comings and goings and at my age with my background as a long term memer of the UK Armed Forces as an RAF Armourer, Small Arms instructor and Explosives Disposal tech among other things, I’ve been in some very odd places both at home and abroad. At home at least the most violence I’ve experienced was a not too serious bit of fisticuffs.

        • Albert Hall,

          I am unarmed but not fearful of any kind of violence in my daily comings and goings …

          Good for you.

          I have not been anywhere near as fortunate as you. A man sexually assaulted and kidnapped a girl from my property. A female friend’s stalker attacked her and I. Two times people attempted armed robbery against me. And my neighbor’s psychotic German shepherds, who have bit both people and dogs totally and completely unprovoked, have come after me and other neighbors more than once. I have experienced violent attacks from both man and dogs several times in my life: that is why I am armed every day–and still alive to tell about it.

        • Well ain’t that soecial, Albert the Subject. So your personal experiences should dictate everyone ELSE’s choices and actions in terms of self-defense. Because you’re SPECIAL, right, subject?? Sod off, swampy.

          There’s a reason we kicked your @$$es to the curb in 1776. And that was the last time your opinions mattered. Feel free to withhold from us your snotty European faux-sophistication. If y’all were “all that”, you wouldn’t have needed us to haul your @$$es out of trouble in TWO world wars. AND pay virtually all of the cost of NATO, AND your worthless military could contribute exactly diddly-squat to NATO having to defend Western Europe AGAIN.

          Toddle back and ask your queen what your next opinion is, loser.

        • Albert is better than us because he’s part the “The Establishment”.

          He may have seen Prince Andrew at “Lolita Island” hosted by Geoffrey Epstein.

        • Hey, Nigel, I have a rummy grand idea: How about you sit down and enjoy a nice cup of shut the f*ck up?

  6. A ‘not guilty’ initial plea is normal and perfunctory at this point in the process.

    dude probably needs a psyche eval before the court would even entertain a guilty plea

  7. He plead not guilty because he thought Chappelle was being held hostage by Clayton Bigsby and he was only trying to save Chappelle.

  8. From the article:

    Lee, who remains jailed …

    Had Mr. Lee done the same thing to some schmo walking down the street, the criminal justice system would have let him out the same day under their $0 cash bail garbage. However, since Mr. Lee allegedly attacked a VIP, the criminal justice system is keeping him in jail.

    No wonder the Far Left is okay with all of the nonsense that they push: because it does not affect nor apply to them, it only affects/applies to the “little people”.

  9. supposedly has made negative comments about tranny’s…guess that was motivation enough…

  10. 100 yards is the one distance that 99% of Americans can understand and visualize, 91 meters isn’t.

  11. ROFLAMOBT! Caught on video and he still denies his guilt. What’s wrong with this picture? Maybe he belongs in a mental ward.

      • With the evidence against him, he’s crazy not to. Time for the idiot to throw himself on the mercy of the court. Remember it’s California. The Land of Fruits and Nuts!

  12. Say what you will about his comedy, but this little tidbit might give some insight as to Chappelle’s character.

    “Later, Chappelle described convincing venue security to allow him to enter the room where his alleged assailant, 23-year-old Isaiah Lee, was being held. “I needed to talk to him,” Chappelle said. He asked Lee what possibly could have prompted his attack, to which Lee — who Chappelle said appeared to him to be mentally ill — offered a story about his grandmother from Brooklyn, who had been forced out of her neighborhood by gentrification. The attack was meant to draw attention to her plight, Chappelle recounted.”

    Good pics of the weapon here.

    A little humor —
    “Police described the weapon as a replica handgun that contained a knife blade that can be ejected.”

    Shoulda just gone the whole “chainsaw bayonet.” 🙂

    And whose fault was it? Three guesses …

  13. That’s why I say we have no hope for change except by force. This country has been taken over by corrupt politicians for over 45 years. Everyone one that in government from the past 45 years has baggage. They all need to be put on trial and investigated.i do home work ….. 𝐰𝐨𝐫𝐤𝐬𝐜𝐥𝐢𝐜𝐤.𝐜𝐨𝐦

  14. Well that knife is considerably less interesting than previous descriptions I saw made it out to be. It sounded like it physically launched a blade (with springs or something) from the “gun”, but it turns out it’s just a knife in a gun shaped handle. Lee is even lamer than I thought!

    • Nanashi, I posted some links, one showing the gun knife (knife gun?), and made comment about how the police described the weapon as containing a knife blade that could be “ejected.”

      But my post has been held up in moderation since 9PM last night. It may show up around these parts eventually.

    • And a shark! Yeah, a laser equipped knife gun attached to a shark would be awesome. Though not as awesome as a marsupial with a laser equipped pouch!

  15. all these comedians need is a good HAWKBILL KNIFE…Then a little practice.,.Soon, would be attackers would think twice, after a couple of live encounters are witnessed..

  16. I’ve been predicting this was going to happen, predicting someone would attack another comedian, ever since Will Smith got away with assaulting Chris Rock without any legal consequences. Not only did Will Smith not get arrested, he was allowed to stay at the Oscars and then called up on stage and given a trophy 30 minutes later!
    This emboldened other criminals who saw this and said, “Hey, it’s open season on comedians, now that Will Smith proved that you can attack comedians, not get arrested for it, not get kicked out of the event, and then even collect a trophy!”

    Okay, maybe this guy wasn’t expecting a trophy, but I’m sure he was emboldened by seeing Will Smith get away with an assault on live national TV.

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