SIG SAUER P320 XTEN 10mm pistol
Dan Z. for TTAG
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Yesterday was day one of SIG SAUER’s inaugural SIG Freedom Days event at the massive Ben Avery Shooting Sports Center north of Phoenix. SIG’s invited the public to pay one price and try out a lot of their most popular handguns (favorites like the P220 legion, the M18 and M18, P320 Spectre Comp, P365X and the new P322 and more). Long guns are well represented, too (MCX, Cross, MPX Copperhead, among others).

SIG SAUER Freedom Days

Discreetly tucked into the far end of the pistol range, way down by the new XM5 and XM250 next gen squad weapons, is a brand new pistol that hasn’t been announced yet.

SIG SAUER P320 XTEN 10mm pistol
Dan Z. for TTAG

The new SIG P320 XTEN is a 15+1 round 10mm pistol. Beyond that, SIG isn’t giving out many details yet. We talked to Phil Strader, SIG’s director of product managment, who didn’t want to give too many details about the new 10mm, but said they’ll officially announce it around May 15.

I put about ten rounds of JHP ammo through the XTEN. That’s not a lot, but it was enough to tell the grip isn’t as big as I expected and recoil was very manageable. It uses the same fire control unit as the 9mm P320 pistols with the takedown lever of the .45 pistol.

More to come when we get specs and pricing toward the middle of the month.

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    • So I shot the 10mm SIG today. Full size pistol, 15 round magazine. Didn’t see what SIG ammo they were using, however it recoiled like a 9mm 124 Grain NATO round. Accurate, easy to control, decent trigger. If 10mm is your thing, it’s worth a look.

  1. Will it shoot .40 smith, like the Glock, that’s the big question for me .

    • of shoots 10mm downloaded to most of the 10mm ammo is loaded too..πŸ˜’

  2. It has the lines of a serious handgun in a serious caliber. Look forward to learning more.

  3. Since .40 S&W and .357 Sig have one foot in the grave, maybe it’s time to jump on the 10mm and 9×25 bandwagon.

    • Dude, “foot in the grave” is what they said about 10mm a while back. Now it’s hard to turn a corner without bumping into one.

      • 9Γ—25 dillon has always been a niche hunting/ max power factor comp round. I do most of my handgun hunting with a 10mm loaded with my 180 gr. Handloads running 1315 fps out of my glock 20 barrel. 9Γ—25 would be a awesome round for varmint hunting with really light bullets.

        • Right, and due to changes in the power-factor rules (and the market) its niche went out the window. Also, manufacturers now offer hot 10mm loads at the low end of bullet weights, covering everything 9×25 does while still giving shooters heavier options. I’m pretty sure no manufacturer (certainly none of the big ones) offers a factory 9×25, and it’s getting harder to find conversion barrels these days.

        • More to ummm’s point brass and die sets for the caliber are almost non-existent/ backorder only and only ever saw Barstow barrels in stock for around 300.

      • I am guessing it may end up like 38 special where it is always in use/production but at an ever decreasing market share as agencies move away from it.

    • I have to laugh at how many times I’ve heard lately people of forums say that “10mm is a dead caliber.” How many manufacturers in the last couple years have launched new models chambered in 10mm? Springfield, S&W, Sig….and that’s in addition to the models offered for some time by Glock, Ruger, Kimber, Colt, etc. “Dead caliber” indeed…

      • Hi. We have 10 .10mm’s. SA, Dan Wesson, Sig, Les Baer. They will not be leaving our gun safes any time soon nor will the 3 .40’s and 4 .357 Sig’s. No plastic guns as they are all real guns.

  4. It needs a manual safety or at least a grip safety. Otherwise I’d buy one.

      • I’ve learned from experience.
        I’ve also met to many TacticoolFools who suffer from GlockWalk or GlockCock.
        I will stick with my Smith and Wesson 1006.

        • I had one of those…sort of. It was the 645. Same thing as in Miami Vice. It was too big to be a practical carry gun. I sold it to a friend and it was still too big as he is smaller than I am but since it was his first handgun, he didn’t know any difference but he eventually traded it in for a new LC9. I carry a P229 in .40

      • I’m with Hammer. My 1911 and 22/45 have safeties – none of my other handguns have them. Plenty of greats without safeties.

      • @ Hammer
        Safety? Yeah what a joke that was. The real safety is between ones ears.
        I try to tell the newbies around me that insist of having a safety on or not chambered that if shit hits the fan, they don’t want to fooling about racking one in or fooling with the safety. I subscribe to the philosophy that you draw, present, squeeze the trigger and weapon goes bang PERIOD not any of this Hollywood crap like pulling the slide back or flipping the safety off. That’s pure stupidity.

        • I’m with you on that one. 1 in the tube. No manual safety. The real safety is “between ones ears” and with training it’s a much better tool.

  5. But will it fire itself if you look at it wrong? If I bought a 320 variant without that defining characteristic I’d feel like I’d been cheated

  6. I like my 10mm Banshee with 8” barrel. I load it hot. With the amazing bullets available in 9mm, 10mm doesn’t make much sense in a pistol, especially when so many load it closer to 40 caliber velocities. P320 is just ok as well. I will pass.

    • I think its best fit is braced / chassis pistols. “Real” 10mm loads span a much broader spectrum of bullet weights, and are finally available again after manufacturers spent the COVID Pan . . . ic focusing more exclusively on 9mm.


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        Or put it this way: If your local theater matinee is showing all older movies that you’ve seen, would you rather choose A. a two-hour movie you love, or B. a three-hour movie you hated?

        • Well I’m kinda hoping to be changed into a buzzard myself. You never see them ran over on the road. Hawks, deer, possums, dogs, cats, raccoons, coyotes, owls armadillos, snakes, cows, maybe a crow , but never a buzzard.

        • But then you’d have to change your username. I never knew possums could type before you enlightened me. Are buzzards web-savvy?

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  9. Doubtful, since the .45 FCU and the 9/40 FCUs weren’t interchangeable either.

    I’m a big fan of Sig’s P320 modularity and currently own two P320s in 9mm. And as a big 10mm fan, I welcome Sig finally offering a P320 in 10 as well. But the P320 Ten is going to have so many unique parts – frame, FCU, slide, barrel….that it won’t really have anything modular about it. It will likely be entirely up to the aftermarket to provide any alternative grip modules, etc.

    I’ll also add that it really drives me nuts when Sig comes out with an “optics ready” model that doesn’t even have optic-height sights on it, so you need to go spend another $100-$150 just to have BUIS, if you can even find the right sights in stock, which is often not the case. My M&P 10mm came with optic-height sights and six adapter plates straight out of the box. That’s how you do “optics ready.”

    • It might (big key word there) share some compatibility with the 45 like how the Glock 20/40 and 21/41 in theory has intercompatible parts and can be converted from one to the other with either a new slide and barrel or a new barrel depending on what you are starting with. More realistically it will probably be it’s own animal.

  10. Nothing screams over hyped quite like the 10mm, the do it all cartridge that is no better than a 40 or 45

    • I can assure you that the performance of a true 10mm hardcast load on a large animal is a big difference from a .45 ACP.

  11. Rumor has it that one simply needs a new barrel, magazines and slide in 10mm if you have a Full Size X Grip and Custom Werks FCU in your 9mm.

    Perhaps a new Recoil Reduction Assembly too.πŸ€”

  12. πŸ‘Œ Great to hear….Hope it’s
    ” All That “. . . . & , Follows the same as the 320 β€” interchangeable slide/barrel and grips !?!

  13. I’d like to feel the new X10. Presently I have a 10MM/Glock 20, which I will not go in the woods, off grid, without it being in my holster (w/220g flat nose).

    I hope SIG comes out with a compact of this new one.

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