You Have to Respect the Greatest Generation

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Greatest Generation 1911 cartoon

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  1. Yep. I’ve owned two 1911s. I tried to get into the whole 1911 culture, but I ended up selling them. I just don’t see the big deal. I have a Glock 21 and a Smith & Wesson revolver for .45.

      • I know exactly what it is, and that’s thy I cannot use Glocks. Compare the angle of the grip to the barrel. When I pick up a Glock, and some others made the same way, having safed and cleared the gun put it in a two handed grip, drop to low ready, focus on some object a ways away at about eye level, then close my eyes.. wait a few seconds, then still closed, raise the gun to where I THINK the target is. Once I think I’m there, open my eyes. The Glock NEVER points very close to the target. M 1911, M 1926, Berretta, Springfied, Luger, the Ruger .22/45, all are almost automatically oin target before I open my eyes.

        SO.. I am NOT Glock guy. I respect them wbut won’t volunterily carry one. Plenty of them out there that point natirally for ME. And since I’m the guy gonna be NEEDING it in a tight situation maybe one fine day, I’ll ONLY carry what I know works.

        Guy in a good gun store taught me that when I was first wanting to get into handguns. He never was able to sell me a Glock but he DID in fact sell me quite a few OTHER ones that work well for me.

        “fatness” of the grip is another issue, but on most handguns this can be changed by finding a different grip that works. The above mentioned ones also all had stock factory grips tht felt natural and “at home” straightaway. Good outta the box.

        • That’s why my “Glocks” are all P80 frames with Glock OEM uppers. The rake (angle) of the grip is similar to a 1911. The best of both worlds, IMHO.

        • Haz,
          The best of both worlds would be all the Glock advancements with all the 1911 ergonomics – by far the most important of which is the sweet SAO trigger. Unfortunately, the best of both worlds is practically nonexistent.

      • For me, it is the “sproingy” Glock trigger feel. I still like Glocks and own a couple. They are very reliable, excellent guns, and I carried one for quite a while as my EDC. My 1911 feels better when I pull the trigger, though. Hands down.

    • Jimmy Beam… If you didn’t notice the difference in triggers between a Glock 21 (which I had for years) and a decent 1911 (which I have had for years) I don’t know what to tell you… Ultimately it comes down to “to each their own”…
      Happy shooting!

      • My father lived through the Depression. He saved everything, and I mean everything: paper grocery bags, plastic margarine tubs, his children’s childhood toys and bicycles, old beds, old vehicles, everything. Was old enough to join up when WWII ended.

        We kids discarded mountains of junk after he passed.

        • Jimmy, I just had a flashback. My dad was the youngest of 6 brothers (!) when the Depression hit. Granddad lost the general store and had to move the family to the next town to get work.

          My dad was drafted into the Army in 1943 while he was finishing dental school, served his career stateside. Of the five others, the oldest brother was in the US Marine Reserve, too old for combat, did admin work at Quantico. One was never drafted, may have had health issues but uncertain. My uncle who had moved to Florida, a signpainter, contracted with the Navy to paint PT boats. Another who lived in Phoenix was employed at a Consolidated Aircraft Mod Center in Tucson fitting B-24s. The second-youngest joined the Army Air Corps and became a Liberator pilot in the CBI, flying with Chennault’s Tigers (14th AF) until his Lib crashed, killing all aboard.

          Dad kept *everything.* For being upper-middle-class stock, we never wanted for anything, but those habits he learned in the Depression stayed with him. We had to do the shoveling out after he passed.

          They were a great bunch.

      • that was a generation tempered by the great depression…and proved up to the challenge…

        And drew the exact wrong lessons. Instead of realizing the heat and pressure of the Depression forged every worthwhile trait in their character, which in turn led to their success, the “greatest generation” thought “My precious angel will never have to want or work for anything like I did!” and raised the Me [worst] Generation. It’s hilarious how 21st Century kids blame “boomers” for exactly the opposite of their generation’s characteristics.

        • Alien–
          My dad (Richard Sherman- deceased 4 years now) also served with Chennault’s 14th Air Force as a bombardier-navigator on the 25. Crashed behind enemy lines and got back to base. Returned stateside after flying 51 missions. Wonder if they knew each other.

      • And then gave themselves the best of everything world and charged their grandkids for it. They were a bunch of selfish bastards who raised hippie kids and never gave up power. I wish FDR had not tricked us into WWII.

        • X’er,
          In fairness, it was their fathers (FDR’s gen) who set up the system. As unconstitutional as SS was, it was actually workable (without the grandkids) as long as the pyramid scheme remained pyramidal. Not so much now that it’s inverting.

        • Disgruntled X’er
          You’re wayyyy off base but whatever they got they EARNED! What have you done besides whine? Grow up!

    • Speaking of WWII veterans, while I was in the Costco parking lot this morning a
      B-24 flew overhead. The CAF must be having a display at the local airport this weekend. The throb of those big radial engines sure brought back memories. The grade school I attended was in the flight path from some airbase to the take off point for going overseas. Our classes were frequently interrupted by flights of WWII bombers heading overseas. The sound was enormous and drowned out even shouting. I still can identify the sound of the engines immediately. I still dash outside as soon as I hear them.

  2. Only tangentially related to the topic:

    If one who owns a 1944 Colt M1911A1 wished to sell it, what would be the best method?

    (asking for a friend)

        • Unfortunately for Gadsen, that crisp $100 bill is only worth about $35 in Joe Bidens inflated currency.

        • To Forp
          That ain’t no sht. But you’ve been fed Disinformation. its the russkins and that damned poot huns fault.
          We Have The GREATEST President America ever had. President Joseph Robinett Biden.
          Yah know his parents should have liked Batman more and just named him Robin, President Robin Biden. Joe’s kinda plain.
          But by whatever name
          We have the best president the is, the best president that was, and the best president that will ever be.
          Dont be misled by Disinformation.

  3. “Yeah? Well did I ever tell you how I got this ‘Idiot Scratch’ ? There was this butterbars Lt. fresh out of West Point…”

  4. You know what the difference between a war story and a fairy tale is?

    A fairy tale starts out, ‘Once upon a time…..’

    A war story starts out, ‘This ain’t no shit, man…..’

    • Hard times have a way of building strong people.

      I don’t blame that generation for today’s ills, because they thought they were fighting so their kids wouldn’t have to, so they weren’t as hard on them as a generation previous.

      Some will rise to the occasion, but many more won’t.

      Life isn’t a participation trophy…

      • Hard times don’t build strong people.

        Hard times cull weak and unlucky people. Leaving only strong people who got lucky enough to survive.

        • Much truer for animals. People can learn and adapt. We don’t always make rational / positive choices, but the natural negative consequences of irrational / negative choices – while occasionally fatal – are much more likely to promote growth (at least reduced likelihood to repeat the same mistakes).

          Hard times rarely cull tens of millions of “weak and unlucky” (the Depression and WWII certainly didn’t). They culled a relative few, making clear that the rest had zero options for positive outcomes other than producing them through their own positive choices.

          Unfortunately, this conditioning works both ways. Easy times produce a surplus that governments and “nice” people use to insulate the weak and foolish from the consequences of their negative choices. The only possible outcome is a net increase in negative choices.

        • “Hard times cull weak and unlucky people.”


          For some weird reason, TTAG couldn’t post my earlier comment from my crappy iPhone… 🙁

  5. sorry … i hate the term “the greatest generation.”
    they were not the “greatest” generation.
    they were just one great generation among many
    great generations in US history.

    • Also of note, the generation that fought the first world war was more aptly known as the ‘Lost Generation’.

      • The horrors they experienced on the WW I battlefields (gas attacks, wholesale slaughter) psychologically ‘broke’ a lot of people.

        When thy got home, some simply were unable to function. A lot of families had ‘broken’ fathers and uncles… 🙁

  6. Lol
    Ya didn’t win two world wars with a left handed gun.

    Lots a luv in my heart for 1911 pistols. Lots a luv for the Beretta 92 as well.

        • If any of the idiots running the “major” countries start playing with their nukes we all loose.

      • you mean the one WE provoked by refusing to keep our promise to them that NATO would never encroach on their borders, then staged a coup to take out the best president they’d had in years to that US admin could put in the monkeys they knew woule provoke this mess?

        Yeah, did’t think so.

        Go and read some REAL history of that region, going back, oh, maybe, about three hudnred years…… NOT what “they” are disinforming you about these days.

        Do you really think the gummit/BitMedia team, having lied to us for more than two years about this silly rice rabies gonna kill us all are suddenly speaking the whole truth on JUST THIS ONE issue?

        Yeah,and I gots me a pet chikkin can fly to the moon and back in two weeks. Used ta do it in ten days, but she’s getting a mite up in her age and has slowed down a touch.

        • Oh please Tionico, don’t fall for propaganda from such a stupid country.

          And I mean that as plainly as I said it. Russia is a stupid country who can’t fight their way out of a paper bag who only grew so large through bluffing and expanding into territory that was largely abandoned. They’ve only won one major war, WW2, and to do so they had to lose 20 million people AND get completely propped up by the US. Throughout the Cold War they were complete trash and even they knew it. France gets ragged on online these days for being weak but the French had several hundred years of military dominance before their decline. Russia gets embarrassed in every single war. They’re a country so stupid they fell for communism and to this day they still don’t have any idea what kind of country they want to be. The only thing effective they’ve ever done is infect the west with communist ideals. Which they continue to do to this day.

        • Well if your lucky when the blomb hits you’ll be standing next to a piece of tin that dont get knocked down. That away the future generations of cockroaches can look at your tin type.
          Global Nuclear War,
          the history that will never repeat itself.
          . or
          “I’m getting thirsty Bubba, let’s climb to the top of a pile of rocks and look for the glow of a river.”
          “I think I’m developing some kind of rash, my skin keeps falling off.”
          This Rogaine just doesn’t work anymore.
          “Whaaaaa,,,,, How come little Timmy’s got six fingers on one hand and I’ve only got three?”
          Sticks and stones broke our bones
          And bullets really hurt
          But that last nuclear blast really shook the ground
          And now we’ve got no dirt.
          Mary had a little lamb, its fleece was made of radon.
          It followed her to school one day, but the school was a melted crayon.
          . Quack Quack.
          Due to the lack of feathers, we’ve grounded all flights.
          (and shame on me,,but damnit.)
          “NUCLEAR WAR ! ! ! ”
          “OMG does that mean were all gonna have buck teeth.”

      • Judging by the performance of the Russian military it won’t be WW3 unless China decides to get involved. If it remained conventional it would look like the first gulf war.

        If Russia used nukes they’d probably still lose. It would be horrible but they’d get annihilated and but the west would survive losing probably several major cities and that’s it. It’s nothing to sneeze at but it’s a far cry from a full on 80s level Soviet nuclear exchange. I’m willing to bet over half of their rockets have been parted for generals to sell them off to make money.

        • ‘…losing probably several major cities…’

          Really, would the loss of Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, Chicago, Washington DC, New York, and Boston be a net negative or a net positive for the USA?

        • “{Loss of major cities}…a net negative or a net positive for the USA?”

          A *massive* loss, since 10s of millions of survivors will pour out of the nuclear wasteland expecting to get fed. The rural areas will have the gruesome work of keeping their food supplies safe from the hungry hoards so they can survive.

          At least the rural areas will have the heavy equipment to dig the millions of mass graves required.

          The more I think of it, the sicker I feel… 🙁

        • Monday is “Victory Day” for Russia. I’m hoping several “instant sunshine” events don’t happen in Ukraine.

          Russia may use chemical or bio weapons but they will probably take as many casualties as the Ukrainians do in the process.

          As for the missiles, it was estimated during the Cold War that as many as a third to a half of the Soviet missiles would fail in the silos. Even now their missiles have a poor reliability record.

        • I’m fairly confident the US would indeed Win a nuclear war with Russia today. In the 80s? No, it would be an apocalypse. But Russia today is nothing compared to the Soviet Union. They are a complete joke. Maybe a step above Mexico. They’d get some nukes off for sure, but most would blow up in their own silos or fail to reach their target. Russia in turn would be completely and rightly wiped from the face of the earth.

    • quote——————–Won ALL of the world wars sonny! ALL of them!———-quote

      Dud Brain there is no way in hell you ever went to college because if you did its obvious you completely flunked History Classes.

      No, Dud Brain, American actually played a very small part in WWI as their only contribution was to help end the war a little too soon and we did not even get into the war until 1917. If American had stayed the hell out of WWI the peace settlement called the Treaty of Versailles would have been far more fair and equitable to the Germans which just probably according to most Historians would have averted the next War which was WWII.

      I was in Russia for the May Day Parade many decades ago and as a young man spoke to the Russian people. What they told me gave me pause for thought in regards to who really won the war against Germany. As I studied at the University I came to realize much of what they told me was correct and that was it was Russia who beat Germans in WWII and they did not need the U.S. or Britain to help them do it. True it would have taken a few months longer and cost them more lives but the outcome would have been the defeat of Nazi Germany.

      I might add that Lend Lease to Russia which the Far Right often crow about often was wasted as spare parts often kept almost brand new tanks and planes grounded, rolling stock did not fit their width of tracks, and what tanks and planes we did ship them were already obsolete and easily blown away by the superior German tanks and planes which is why we gave them away to begin with.

      I might add all the hoopla the Americans make about the round the clock bombing of Germany was just so much propaganda as Germany produced more planes, tanks, artillery and small arms and ammo in the last year of the war than they did during the previous 5 years. It was the lack of fuel for their tanks and air planes that Russia took from them that was the deciding factor as well as the tremendous loss of skilled fighter pilots on the Easter Front.

      The Korean War the U.S. fought was also not a victory in any sense of the word. It became a stalemate.

      The 10 year Vietnam War was a humiliating defeat.

      The 20 year Afghan War which cost as much as 2.3 trillion dollars was another humiliating defeat for the U.S.

      Dud Brain go preach to the unwashed as educated people always get a good laugh from your drum beating and outlandish posts.

      • Cool story, bro. But you’re not old enough to have been in Russia decades ago. I’ve seen your facebook page jerry p. of canton ohio.

        If you have to lie, which you do constantly, you have no legit point.

        • Good luck with getting cartoon boy to ever own up to the truth; perhaps he should change his/ her/ their/ its icon to Pinocchio instrad of A E Neumann.

      • It’s always good for a laugh to read alternative history.

        “American [sic] actually played a very small part in WWI as their only contribution was to help end the war a little too soon and we did not even get into the war until 1917.”

        The entry of the United States into World War I changed the course of the war, and the war, in turn, changed America.

        ” … it was Russia who beat Germans in WWII and they did not need the U.S. or Britain to help them do it.”

        America did not win World War II alone. But without the United States, the war against Axis fascism would have been lost.

        “I might add that Lend Lease to Russia which the Far Right often crow about often was wasted … ”

        And without U.S. supplies, the Soviet war effort would have been massively diminished. America supplied Stalin with 400,000 trucks, 2,000 locomotives, more than 10,000 rail rolling stock and billions of dollars’ worth of warplanes, tanks, food and clothing. At the same time, the U.S. also supplied nearly a quarter of Britain’s munitions.
        “We were lucky to have America as an ally,” Russian historian Anatoly Razumov told VOA recently. He said American technology and supplies formed the base of Russia’s war effort.

        “I might add all the hoopla the Americans make about the round the clock bombing of Germany was just so much propaganda … It was the lack of fuel for their tanks and air planes … ”

        Which was a result of the American/British bombing campaign that destroyed refineries and oilfields, munitions factories, infrastructure, and the destruction of the Luftwaffe — in the air by American long-range fighters that escorted the bombers, and on the ground by attack aircraft as the Allies closed in on Germany.

        • To Alien Klingon

          quote———–Which was a result of the American/British bombing campaign that destroyed refineries and oilfields, munitions factories, infrastructure———–quote

          Wrong as usual it was the Russian Capture of the oil fields in Romania and the Caucuses that stopped the German War machine. The Allied raid on Polesti in Romania did minimal damage and was repaired quite quickly.

          quote————-And without U.S. supplies, the Soviet war effort would have been massively diminished.———–quote

          Wrong again. Russia out produced Germany in tanks and planes and artillery. Again the lend lease we provided was mostly
          obsolete and lacked the spare parts necessary to keep them operational. Even when they were used they were an easy mark for the superior German tanks and planes. The rolling stock did not even fit Russian railroad tracks so it was useless to them.

          quote————-America did not win World War II alone. But without the United States, the war against Axis fascism would have been lost.———–quote

          Right Wing propaganda and quite laughable. At most it would have take Russia a few more months to defeat Germany without the Americans being in the war. It is often swept under the rug by American Historians that the German troops in Western Europe were worn out shell shocked troops sent there for rest after being almost annihilated on the Eastern Front by Russian Forces.

          As a matter of fact Hitler was so desperate for manpower that he let Russian troops out of his concentration camps if they would agree to fight for Germany and facing starvation they had little choice and many of the Americans and British troops on “D” day were machine gunned by Russian troops as well as “Hitler’s Foreign Legions” which were volunteer Western European Troops, including French troops.

          As a matter of fact the Troops protecting Hitler in his bunker when the Russians captured it were actually French Foreign Legion Troops fighting FOR Hitler. A dirty little secret France swept under the rug of decades.

          quote————-The entry of the United States into World War I changed the course of the war, and the war, in turn, changed America.——–quote

          Germany was on its last legs and food shortages caused civilian riots against the Government. Woodrow Wilson did everything he could to keep America out of the war but he could not thwart the hysteria of Congress and had to go along with declaring war on Germany. Wilson correctly predicted the unfair Versailles treaty would result in Germany going to war again. The participation of the U.S. in WWI was a historical mistake.

          Give up Klingon you are out of your league. Your quoting the Far Right Flag wavers is most amusing.

        • dacien —

          “The Allied raid on Polesti in Romania did minimal damage and was repaired quite quickly.”

          There were numerous bombing missions targeting Ploesti; the first, “Tidal Wave,” was costly (54 Liberators and their crews failed to return) but reduced the refinery’s capacity by about half. The 15th AF later targeted the area from April to August 1944, flying nearly 5,300 sorties. The Russians didn’t control the Ploesti area of Romania until the King surrendered to the Allies in August 1944.

          And … Ploesti supplied only 22% of Germany’s oil at its height of production in 1943.

          Your alternative history is interesting, yet entirely false.

          “As a matter of fact … ”

          Disproven, several times. Repeating a lie doesn’t make it true, Dr. Goebbels.

          “Far Right flag waivers … ”

          Voice of America is a far-right flag waver? The National Endowment for the Humanities?

          Famous quote: “If you have the law, hammer the law. If you have the facts, hammer the facts. If you have neither the law nor the facts, hammer the table”.

          dacien, your incessant table-pounding is tiresome.

      • Russia was about to lose to Germany if it wasn’t for the western Allie’s propping them up. You’re nothing more then revisionist pro Russia history. You’re pro Russian trolling is old news and everyone globally laughs at Russia now. As they should.

      • lil d, You wrote that massive nine paragraph response to my lighthearted two sentence comment? Do you even get the context? Holy smoke man, please seek help.

      • dacian,
        What a bunch of hooey!!! If mother Russia didn’t need the Americans or British, why did he bug the crap out of FDR to hurry the invasion???
        And that’s a fact Jack! Look it up…

  7. It is rather ironic that WWII Veterans who often called themselves “anti-fa” destroyed the German Nazi’s only to have them come to America with secret identities. Obviously their philosophy took root here because todays Republican scum follow Hitler’s book “Mein Kampf” to the letter.

    Just as Hitler hated minorities, foreigners, refuges, immigrants, Blacks, Jews, Gypsies, Liberals, Unions, Public Utilities, freedom of speech, the right to vote and a democracy, and the real shocker, less gun control which Hitler did indeed implement.

    If the WWII Vets could come back from the dead the first people go after would be Republicans.

    • ss/antifa are not gop, moron. Burning and looting small, minority owned businesses is their specialty. They never attacked the wealthy, the big corporate groups. Those are the people they get their orders from.

      • to Jethro W.M.

        In reality the FBI stated the people they caught breaking into stores in Portland and starting fires was done by the Far Right storm troopers posing as Black Lives Matters supporters. To bad all you watch is Foxy News as they keep you perfectly ignorant of what is really going on.

      • Your reality is different from the real reality herr dacian. Your reality is called fantasy and it is a mostly a result of your mental illness.

  8. Those that don’t “get” the 1911 don’t think about what the 1911 was designed for. Take the 3 worst places on Earth, at the worst time of the year, assume you will be stuck in one after another for months at a time, with the only “supply” being beans, bullets and if your lucky some replacement troops for your dead and wounded, and again, if your lucky, your dead and wounded trucked out, and the gun has to work, with ammunition so crappy, that it was literally tested with black powder loads, in case the war was going so bad smokeless was unavailable, and the gun has to work, and stop enemies that literally drug their soldiers up to not feel getting shot so they can still kill you after you shoot them, and to comply with Section IV of the Hague Convention, prohibiting hollow points. And just ask yourself, and be honest, is your plastic concealed carry 9mm up to that task? And is it really a good idea for the US to not comply with the Hague Convention with its latest 9mm load?

  9. I assume there’s another panel where this 1911 is getting it’s backstrap kicked by a 1903 and an M1?

  10. I’ve used a number of handguns over the years. My CC weapon is still an ancient 1911 Officers Model. I have a Glock, I have a Browning, I have several revolvers, The old 1911 is for me the most comfortable to carry and shoot.
    Around the homestead, wearing a gun belt, I do prefer either an S&W model 25 in .45LC or a Ruger Blackhawk in the same.
    That big heavy slug seems to deliver more energy than some of the smaller, higher speed bullets upon impact. And usually stop inside the perps body and not punch through and kill the kid in the next apartment or down the street.
    You can make fun of the bunny fart velocity of the old .45 cal. weapons. But they stopped a bunch of bad guys both in the old West with the .45LC. Or in 2 world wars with the .45ACP.
    Sometimes the old ways still work. Sometimes the old tools still do a good job.

    • I have a real fondness for the Blackhawk in .45 LC. Never used the Vaquero. Would probably like it too.

  11. Still have a 1911 pattern .45 and it is my daughters favorite pistol and that is the only reason I have kept it. Even with an aluminum frame it is ounces heavier unloaded than my Glock fully loaded. Great guns for their time, and I carried that one for years and a steel frame version before that, but I really prefer a lighter pistol for carry at this point.

  12. We should respect all who serve in our name and face dangers and hardships doing so.

    I utterly despise Glock. Were I to win one as a door prize at one of the many POTG events I go to every year, I’d sell the piece of crap.

    Yes I own a 1911. Agree completely, it is a natural pointer. In case anyone hasn’t heard, the gun was designed by a GUN GENIUS. If I could afford to I’d own one of every era of it’s development from pre-WW1 onward. But then if I could afford to be such a collector my “Gun Room” would be the largest part of my home!

    But my all time favorite pistol is the Smith & Wesson model 59. I own other brands, semi-autos and revolvers both including currently produced models. Probably Ruger is the most well represented. But that S&W 59 has my fondest memories.

    • If I won a Glock I’d bury it somewhere in the backyard next to the AK47 (clone) I also won. Just in case the gubmint finds my ‘arsenal’.

  13. Meh… I’m more partial to the sidearm that won the Indian wars and the Spanish American war.

  14. That’s why I say we have no hope for change except by force. This country has been taken over by corrupt politicians for over 45 years. Everyone one that in government from the past 45 years has baggage. They all need to be put on trial and investigated.i do home work ….. 𝐰𝐨𝐫𝐤𝐬𝐜𝐥𝐢𝐜𝐤.𝐜𝐨𝐦

  15. There’s just something American about a 1911 and the 45 A.C.P., they’re a classic that no plastic fantastic or “wonder 9” can match.

  16. we honor them
    by calling them the greatest generation
    then we dishonor them
    by not doing
    the way they would fucking do it

  17. Southern Cross:

    I doubt that their paths crossed — the heavies were using different airfields than the Mitchells. My uncle flew numerous Hump trips and few combat missions, as was the case with most of the 308th BG. My uncle was killed at the end of May 1944; after a sweep of the South China Sea, his plane was diverted to a small field at Lingling to await the clearing of bad weather. The next day, the plane crashed on its was back home to Kweilin.

    Your dad was with the 341st BG? I have a friend who is an historian of the group; his father was a flight engineer in the 11th BS — I’ll ask him if he knows of your dad’s exploits. The story of your dad and crew’s walkout must be epic!

    (Again — no “reply” button on several of the posts. Is this a forum glitch?)

  18. This isn’t high school and you don’t have to justify to peer pressure or bash others to feel better. Quit being so weak


  20. There is and has been a great deal of fear about nuclear war. From the futility of hiding under desks to the uncertain levels of insanity that world leaders will goto. Few seem to realize that there are megaton bombs and there are kiloton bombs. They are not the same thing and are used for different purposes. I am sure that many here on TTAG do understand the distinction. I’m equally sure that many who read this site only need to hear ‘nuclear’ and go nuts like so many who see people in public without masks or find BB guns in webcam backgrounds and become hysterical. The truth is that the ONLY reason we are even close enough to worry about the use of nuclear (or knucealer) weapons right now is ALL due to Bidens ridiculousness. If you want to stay away from this then don’t vote Democrat. The current American Democrat left have been trying to pick a fight with Putin for a while now and certainly since Trump won the office.

    The 1911 has it’s place and will always be cherished. But the so-called ‘greatest generation’ has given us something to both be proud of AND something to lament. That’s why that designation remains in debate. They fought valiantly to protect the US and it’s future while simultaneously creating the atmosphere that produced the late 60’s. While no one is perfect and we all have our faults. They left us a powerful legacy that many refuse to deal with. When you only see the good and refuse to deal with the bad, nothing profitable gets produced.


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