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By Theresa Inacker

Only tyrants threaten the use of force against their own people. On Wednesday, President Biden remarked,  “If you wanted or if you think you need to have weapons to take on the government, you need F-15s and maybe some nuclear weapons.”

This is reminiscent of California’s infamous Chinese-spy-bedding Congressman, Eric Swalwell’s threats via Twitter back in 2018, when he said about a hypothetical war against gun owners, “And it would be a short war my friend. The government has nukes….”

Both references to nuclear weapons is designed to do one thing: to intimidate America’s  armed populace.

Drilling down, the core question is why do these politicians distrust the people with the arms the Constitution guarantees their right to keep and bear? What are they doing, or planning, that makes civilian disarmament a priority? If civilian gun ownership isn’t a threat, why are lawful gun owners constantly conflated with criminals, scapegoated for crimes they didn’t commit, and their rights under incessant, incremental attack?

The reason is the power of an armed civilian populace is not to be underestimated, and they know it.

All men have the potential to be tyrants. As Aristotle warned . . .

The three aims of the tyrant are, one, the humiliation of his subjects; he knows that a mean-spirited man will not conspire against anybody; two, the creation of mistrust among them; for a tyrant is not to be overthrown until men begin to have confidence in one another — and this is the reason why tyrants are at war with the good; they are under the idea that their power is endangered by them, not only because they will not be ruled despotically, but also because they are too loyal to one another and to other men, and do not inform against one another or against other men — three, the tyrant desires that all his subjects shall be incapable of action, for no one attempts what is impossible and they will not attempt to overthrow a tyranny if they are powerless.

Wednesday’s speech was a prime example of attempts to humiliate, foment mistrust, and lay the foundation for plans to render popular action ineffective, just as Aristotle described. Biden’s ham-handed remarks about the government’s arsenal of F15s and nuclear weapons were intended to mock and humiliate anyone who believes she is free citizen, not a subject. Anyone who believes her life if worth defending against those who wish her harm. Anyone who subscribes to the historic values enshrined in our Constitution.

The second tactic was intimidation, the use of divisive language, stoking fear and mistrust amongst our fellow citizens by scapegoating gun owners. He all but blamed us for higher crime rates rather than looking at other, more politically inconvenient factors such as defunding, demonizing, and demoralizing police forces throughout the nation.

Biden tried to stoke fear of modern sporting rifles, of which there are about 20 million in common use in the United States. Attempting to ban them over arbitrary, mostly cosmetic features defies all logic. If it wasn’t so clearly tyrannical, it would almost be humorous.

Finally, Aristotle recognized that tyrants desire to render their subjects incapable of acting. In Biden’s case, through civilian disarmament. How would one actually accomplish this? Enter Biden’s ATF Director nominee and current gun control lobbyist, David Chipman. The man refused to identify what constitutes and “assault weapon” because he knows it will be far more convenient to let that definition be whatever the tyrants want or need it to be.

In the end, Biden’s speech was embarrassing and his empty threats pathetic. America’s gun owners will not be intimidated. If gun-grabbing politicians didn’t fear the people, they wouldn’t spend so much time, energy, resources, and linguistic wrangling attacking Second Amendment rights.

We rest easy knowing our constitutional foundations, and the pre-existing rights codified therein, have brought us to this. Not to disappoint the President, but we know that the Supreme Court has already ruled that we have an individual right to possess arms in common use. That’s a feature, not a bug as this very moment was thoughtfully crafted and designed by the Framers. Our duty and responsibility is to uphold the Constitution.


Theresa Inacker, an attorney and Second Amendment advocate, a member of the US Supreme Court bar, the New Jersey delegate to The DC Project, and a Board Trustee and Communications Director for The Coalition of New Jersey Firearm Owners.


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  1. Kinda hope this administration does do something heavy handed like using military ordnance against their own citizens.

    The political backlash, uniting and igniting freedom loving americans, trade embargos on the country due to crimes against humanity, PR disasters, and could effectivly spell the end of democratic party. Its clear this man and anyone supportive of that rhetoric doesnt understand how wars are started or ended.

    But by all means pull the trigger.

    • I honestly think the left is not above using nukes on its own soil to achieve their agenda. If it gets to that point, they will have won nothing. There’s no pride in being Queen of the ashes.

      • “they will have won nothing”

        but they will have won. isaiah 60:12 “the nation that will not serve you shall be destroyed” and that’s what they intend.

    • Something like that already happened, in Waco.
      Remember what happened after that?
      Pretty much nothing.

      • The media has done a spectacular job demonizing David Koresh/Vernon Howell (who never got his day in court) and the Branch Davidians to the point that most people believe they shot their own children and each other while imolating. With no good guy perceived in the fight (ATF’s accepted actions still being indefensible), no one cares.
        The truth, proven in FLIR footage from above, is that at least two ATF agents behind the compound shot and killed people attempting to flee the flames, and even ran over at least one person with an Abrams tank. Not too long ago, Chipman publicly stated that the Davidians shot down a helicopter (no, they didn’t) with a .50 cal Browning heavy machine gun ( which they didn’t have), without being corrected.
        You can easily verify all of this for yourself.

    • there’s a hell of a lot more of us than there is of them…whatsmore they know it….how’s that Afghanistan thing working out?…last I checked no nukes or F-15’s in the hands of the taliban…

  2. Typical of tyrants, rapists, perverts, kidnappers, child molesters to flaunt their power to control. Well muther f-ers…You want it come and get it.

  3. If I remember history correctly, the Vietcong did not have nukes either and yet defeated the US, but hearing Biden and others like him says those things is more dangerous than anything I can think of at this moment!

    • Some Mujaheddin with goats and mere AK-47s held the advancing Soviet Army at bay in the mountains of Afghanistan for two full decades, until the Soviets finally gave up and retreated.

      The goats were standard capacity.

      • I don’t have to fight the military head on to win. The military in this country is far too dependent on fighting on foreign ground with secure civilian manufacturing and long distance complicated supply lines all thousands of miles away from the action.

        All the planes of the US military are worthless when they run out of fuel and parts. Military owned transportation and logistics is wholly inadequate to requisition all the widgets and gizmos this complex military machine needs for long term. Sure they have supplies they THINK they need squirreled away on base. It’s the stuff they don’t know they need that will bite them in the ass. Anyone who had anything to do with military logistics in the sandbox knows how degraded the military capability can become very quickly.

    • “the Vietcong did not have nukes either and yet defeated the US”

      more specifically the united states decided to play by viet cong rules.

      and as anyone around at the time can recall, the u.s. did win, and left with a functioning south viet nam in place. but when the chinese and soviets fully outfitted the nva for a full invasion and the arvn called for air support (like the treaty agreement said the u.s. would continue to provide), the newly democrat-majority congress refused and reneged, leaving the arvn to be overrun by superior forces, to the celebration of the democrats here.

    • The vietcong did not defeat the US in Vietnam.

      Walter Cronkite, public opinion, and feckless irresponsible and civil authority did.

      The same feckless irresponsible civil authority saw to the US losing in Korea, and today in Afghanistan.

      And its clear that todays civil authority once again lack the ability and fortitude and willingness to prosecute a war with the violence and aggression and willingness to kill the enemy as fast as they can with maximum violence. Our adversaries dont have this problem and this is why will lose every future war. And why we lost every war since WW2.

      • JB
        So true this country hasn’t run a war properly since ww2. G. Kahn did it right, wup their ass, take their shit and go home. The US tries to run a pc kind of war that can never be won.

  4. Well written piece! So I take it that Sleepy Joe just suggested we all should own F-15’s, and nukes? Cool, I always wanted an F-15, although I’m partial to F-14’s of old…

    • I just saw one in person two weeks ago when visiting the U.S.S. Midway in San Diego. The F-14 and F-16 are always my favorites.

      • Far less vulnerable than it would be to air crews that go #lolnope to the idea of bombing runs on US citizens.

  5. “Dangerous, Threatening Rhetoric is the Tactic of Tyrants”

    those who are weak talk. those who are strong act.

  6. “the core question is why do these politicians distrust the people ”

    it’s not that they don’t trust them. it’s that they don’t see them as people. would you let your chicken have a pistol? neither would they let you have a pistol, and for exactly precisely the same reason.

    (remember the video “cows with guns”?)

    • they don’t trust us…they don’t even trust the military which they’re trying desperately to change…

      • Good luck keeping things running with the work ethic of many of those “trustworthy” military personnel. Would be tragically hilarious to see what the army would be capable of with typical work standards, expectations, and regulations applied.

  7. “two, the creation of mistrust among them; for a tyrant is not to be overthrown until men begin to have confidence in one another”

    well no need for any tyrannical action here, the modern right is mostly loner isolates who won’t work with each other or anyone else on anything to begin with.

    (or tyrannical action in this regard is already done. like lenin said, “the best way to control the opposition is to lead it”, and the meme that patriotism means not working together but rather means working alone has been well-propagated for decades in the “right-wing” blogs)

    • The FBI is turning its focus under Biden on “domestic right wing violent extremism”, which is to say they will seek to foment extremist acts like they do in their Islamic terrorism entrapment cases – an art form they perfected these past 20 years…

      Given all that, honestly it’s best to trust no one and have no organized structure. Just sayin’.

  8. He is clearing the way so that when the Chinese come to put slave collars om the subjects of the new United States that the paid politicians just hand over, no one will freak and start shooting/resisting.

  9. Biden show lack of knowledge of warfare tactics. If he did he would realize, using history as a guide that sophistication isn’t needed when you have the support of the citizens.
    He is also wrongfully assuming that the military would simply follow along under his orders. Again another big mistake.
    He also stated that you couldn’t buy a cannon, which is wrong, they were considered arms and in fact you could.
    The more he talks the more his ignorance abounds.
    The masks are coming off and the true disdain for lawful gun owners is becoming apparent.

  10. At some point they’re going to have to decide whether millions of citizens with AR15s are no match for the US government, or whether a few hundred people with flag poles and protest signs came within a hair’s breadth of overthrowing the same government on January 6th. Both can be false, but both cannot be true.

  11. both are true.

    the few hundred people with flag protest signs came within a hair’s breadth of demonstrating that the present leadership is fraudulent and illegitimate. that would have overthrown THAT government.

    millions of citizens with ar15’s are disorganized and individualistic, leaving them unable to compete with even a moderately-sized suppression force. furthermore .99 of those millions of citizens with ar15’s are completely dependent for their livelihoods and for their lives on an electronic financial/economic/logistic structure that these frauds pretending to be government totally control from top to bottom.

    so yeah, both are true.

    • Look back at the revolutionary war. A small percent of farmers, shop owners and businessmen became very pissed off that the British were over stepping their boundaries. They had everything to lose as well if they chose to fight, but they did choose to do so.

      They kept communications only between small groups, they organized and developed a plan. Even with a heavy presence of British soldiers and spies they were able to organize against a much larger and stronger force. When the time came to fight back many on the sidelines realized what was really at stake joined with the patriots. The outcome we know.

      If people today get the same feeling that they are being governed (which we are) by a corrupt government they may follow that path again. The progressives will sit back as they have no back bone, just big mouths. People will again make a choice to back the right side.

      This is why the government is feeling threatened and throwing out this talk of gun control, banning guns, even using jets and nukes against the populace. There are fearful that more people are seeing them for what they are. All it will take is a bad action by the government and it will set this in motion.

        • That could be the first action which has woken up quite the crowd. The next action will be some executive order banning guns, forced confiscation or prosecution of a select group of people. Well I guess 2 actions have already occurred. Time to socialize more with those people with like minds.

        • Yes. Keep in mind that we haven’t seen the end result of that particular bad action yet. 40% of Americans think the election wasn’t fair or legitimate, despite massive gaslighting. The reaction may be slow and disorganized, but large scale revolts are only ever predictable in hindsight. One is coming, I’m sure of it. Not sure what form it’ll take or how violent it’ll be, but it’s coming.

        • “Keep in mind that we haven’t seen the end result of that particular bad action yet”

          … ‘k, I’ll buy that.

        • Food, clean water….the economy broken enough. Basic social services not provided. (Police, Fire, Medical , ect)
          Add those to the current mix and make it wide spread enough and there will be rebellion.

    • Bollocks. I saw the videos of the Capitol riot. Organized it was not. It doesn’t get much more individualistic than some dude in a buffalo horn headdress and body paint hanging out in the Senate chambers. Yet you claim they came close to overthrowing the government. That was a few hundred. 1% of several million is several tens of thousands.

      No. Neither is true. You’re taking nonsense.

  12. I’m willing to bet that most of the hands managing, controlling and deploying the nukes and F-15s are attached to a person of the gun.

  13. With the surveillance countries have now nuclear weapons and airplanes would be of no use.
    What would be needed is some geek hacker to get into the main frame.

    • “What would be needed is some geek hacker to get into the main frame”

      already in, and they’re all working for the ones destroying america.

  14. Sure, they could nuke is. We would die free and they would have nothing worth ruling or safe to go near.

    But the tactics needed for freedom fighters can use small weapons. Just take out anyone telling groups of government employees what to do. Eventually no one will want to be a chief, or people with leadership skills will simply become hard to find that support tyranny.

    • Somebody(s) is delivering the fuel for the planes yes? Somebody(s) has families I’m sure. planes must be maintained no? No fuel, no maintenance, no fly. The other that Creepy Joe mentioned is a bit tougher but still the same in the end.
      Insurgency 101. Two can play hardball if that is the path.

    • Mudhunter….die if you prefer. I lean more toward ole Gen. Patton’s perspective.

      “Now, I want you to remember that no son of a bitch ever won a war by dying for his country. He won it by making the other poor dumb son of a bitch die for his country.” Gen. George Patton, circa 1943-1944.

      I’d forego a posthumously awarded Medal of Honor for a leisurely stroll along the DC Reflecting Pond to the strains of “America The Beautiful” and “The Star Spangled Banner” admiring traitorous heads on pikes.

  15. Great article!
    NJ is a 2A first strike battleground for the rest of the country. Great to see a NJ author active in the cause. What happens in NJ has become a model envied for those who oppose our rights of self protection and our shooting sports. The fight is active in NJ. Dont let the policies and laws of NJ make you think we all agree. Far from it.

    • Perhaps they are really surprised at just how accurate civilians are at hitting a target at over 800 meters?
      A .308 or other 30 caliber rifle, bolt action or semi auto, can control the battle field. The 5.56mm was not made for long range combat. The military has it because it’s less weight to carry for an American fighting man.

      • “A .308 or other 30 caliber rifle, bolt action or semi auto, can control the battle field”

        yep. on a battlefield with no armor, mortars, artillery, or airstrikes, yes, long range rifle fire will be dominating. been saying that on prepper boards for years, everyone replies “you’re an idiot wannabe my 15 is a combat machine” but I think they’re in for a big shock.

        “The military has it because it’s less weight to carry for an American fighting man”

        not exactly. in the army/marines various weapons are assigned to various zones. m16 for 0 to 400 meters, autos for 400 to 800, artillery/air at 800+. in iraq/afghanistan this broke down a bit with increased urban engagements and reduced outer zone weapons support, so the m4 with the m855 was introduced to compensate. in engagements where outer zone weapons simply are not present then m4’s will be limited to short los usage under heavy concealment while the heavy rifles will dominate any open spaces.

        in my opinion it will be an environment no-one is anticipating and in which no-one has any training or experience.

  16. Legit, did anyone notice the part when he stated there have always been restrictions on the 2A? Or that you can’t/couldn’t own a cannon? Americans are so historically bankrupt that they will buy this crap, namely cuz the guy selling it believes it to. Americans privately owned cannons in the 18th and 19th centuries. Prior to the NFA, you could buy whatever you wanted: full auto machine guns, explosives, cannons, etc. and all over the counter.

    He mentions nukes? Anyone who knows about the early days of the U.S. nuclear program(s) knows how haphazardly and carelessly some gov. employees handled nuclear material. The war department irradiated much of the United States, including civilians and government employees, into the 1960’s.

    I guess millions of Americans have taken a shot of 80 proof stupid to down their crazy pills.

    • DW, Americans still own, buy and sell cannons in the 21st century. Biden is a liar and a Democrat. But I repeat myself. The terms are interchangeable.

  17. Demented old Joe has in so many words said he would use nuclear weapons on US soil against Americans he deems a threat to his regime.

    Think about this.

    Last week he said the biggest threat to America today are White men with guns- that they are Domestic Terrorists.

    Its clear Biden is telling the American people to expect some grand event. Im certain this grand event will be a false flag attack sponsored by Biden that will be carried out by actors who are White men who are members of some militia group against a minority population in a school, hospital, or church. This act by Biden will will be used to trick the people into believing that Biden was right all along- that racist White men with guns are the biggest threat the nation faces

    The Biden regime is not a government that can be trusted. This is not a government of, for, and by the people. This is not a government that honors its responsibility to the Constitution. And this is a government that fears its citizens so greatly it will use nuclear weapons against them.

    The Declaration of Independance gives Americans the legal means to throw their government out should it become Tyrannical The 2nd Amendment gives Americans the tools to do just that. This is why the Biden regime fears gun owners.

    • “Posse Comitatus Act”

      For a second there, I read that as “Possum Comitatus Act”, and was imagining our Possum getting some ‘Possum Style’.

      (Including hearing a 70s ‘Wocka-Wocka’ guitar porn soundtrack… 😉 )

      • possums dont do it the road, no one would be watching us doesn’t matter. We dont want the last thing we saw to be two bright white lights.

  18. So Biden was better than Trump??? Or Biden and Trump are just the same. Really???
    I hope you are enjoying that weed you are smoking.

  19. What an empty threat! Does General Dementia actually intend to breach Posse Comitatus and wage conventional war against the American people using the U.S. Military with F-15s and JDAMS? That’s what his threats imply – and if he’s thought about doing it and sought advice regarding it, that’s conspiracy of TREASON.

    And nukes? Really? He’d nuke the U.S.A. just because he, a crybaby, traitor bitch didn’t get his unconstitutional way? No need to worry about that threat though. It’s impossible because such an order would be unconstitutional and the Officer carrying the “football” has no duty to obey such an order and would, we hope, deny him access to it.

    What’s left then for wanna-be dictator Joe? Sending federal law enforcement and/or the National Guard to disarm us. (The majority of local law enforcement will most likely bow-out because they too have taken oaths to obey the mandates of the Constitution.) If that’s his plan, the one he doesn’t seem to remember (no surprise there, if this dumb-shit ever even knew), is that a modern Democrat (or Republican for that matter) admin. has never won a guerilla war – and if/when the govt. ever comes for our “arms”, that’s exactly what they’re gonna get. The opponents (American patriots and govt. forces) won’t be lining up across a field of honor from each other at the front lines, instead, the people will be everywhere, behind every bush and building, under every rock and atop every hill and building. For this exact reason the people will dictate every skirmish when our enemy (those who would strip us of our rights) is at his weakest. It will be a war of attrition, and for the fact that the people vastly outnumber the government’s forces, the govt. cannot win a conflict of this type.

  20. The logistics for a nuclear weapon strike is not as easy as Swallows and Xiden think.

    Maybe putting one on an aircraft or launched by a submarine is easier, but will the aircraft crew or sub commander launch once they see the target location? What if the crews found out the planned strikes were against American targets, possibly their own families? Silo launches may be the least likely since those are intercontentinal rockets and missiles probably preprogrammed with target data.

    It’s a fantasy for them to think they could just launch a nuke or two. How would other nuclear armed Countries react once they detected a nuke being launched? Would they launch theirs? Would they think it was a ploy to us using a first strike against them? Would the nukes even work if used? Have the delivery systems been maintained well enough with a lack of budgeting in the nuclear side if the house?

    It’s mostly making a bluff since even the most rogue of leaders who have had a nuclear weapon never used one on their own dissenters. Since the Left is all about how they are viewed, how would world opinion of them change if they did so?

  21. The validity of the Constitution is not subject to the whims of nine black robes.

    Does theBiden own a fiddle?

  22. The fools who think like that conflate military victories and political ones being the same. They are not. These people don’t seem to realize that the people doing the fighting and the pols have families that would not be isolated from the war zone. I would think that nuking could even cause someone surprisingly to the left to object in such a manner. Not being nuked is surprisingly bipartisan.

  23. So I do have a question (no pun intended to “I Haz A Question”). That is, what is to stop Dementia Joe & The Hoe from bringing in the Chinese that PM Trudeau has so willingly invited into Canada? For a take-our-guns or all-out war with the American people? It would not take much for Chinese troops to come right on down through the northern border, into the Dakotas, Montana, etc. What are the chances we could survive such an onslaught if the Chi-Coms got involved, and helped the Democrats out?

    • Me, I think the main likelihood in that case is that *everybody* loses. The carnage involved in such an attempt would be unimaginable. And if Americans as a whole consider them unwelcome and decide to resist, none of the invaders are getting out alive.

      This map is kind of ridiculous and made me laugh…but it does illustrate the point:

    • Is this the same Chinese Army their own leaders decry as a bunch of “wimps, sissies, and little emperors”?

      Their wargames are always scripted so they win. Losing will not go well with them.

  24. I find it laughable that Biden would even entertain joking like this much less say it in any kind of serious manner. I also see it as particularly dangerous considering the foreign threats from Russia, China, and the middle east that are so hot and active.

    Surrounding the US capital in barbed wire and troops is not an act of a true leader. It’s also not an act of someone that does not consider civilian owned small arms a real and personal threat. It certainly looks to me and many others like AR15’s put the fear of God into these people. It is interesting to note that the ONLY gun shot fired on Jan6 was NOT by a rioter but by a security guard that is not held to account but is lauded as a hero.

    ANY nuke that goes off on domestic soil will be blamed on one of these foreign threats but now that Biden HAS said this (just like Swalwell), a large and significant portion of the American people WILL interpret it has Biden being THE white male domestic terrorist that he claims is Americas greatest threat.

    Yes Waco and other things happened with little to no consequence. It is (or alteast should be) obvious that a ground swell of frustration is on the edge of boiling over. Half the country sees it and the other half doesn’t. The ONLY way for this whole thing to cool off would be for government and elected officials to start doing their jobs and stop acting so crazy to the point of insanity.



  26. Thank you Ms. Inacker for treating Dementia Joe’s statements as the Threat by a Despot that they are (as Swalwell’s were earlier). You are one of the few sounding the alarm, because those are words no elected official, regardless of Office or Party should ever utter, let alone think.

    “But when a long train of abuses and ursurpations, pursuing invariably the same object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their Right, it is their Duty, to throw off such government, and to establish New Guards for their future security.” Those are not some empty words scribbled on a piece of parchment. They are the Underlying Principle of Our Republic. We the People, have the Right and the Duty to throw off such a government and establish New Guardians for our Life and Liberty. We were charged by our Forefathers to Act should the need arise, and it has arisen.
    Our Courts are corrupted. Our Congresses are ineffectual, and through chicanery our Executive is a Senile Fool, who was never up for the job even before Dementia sunk its talons into his brain.
    Every grievance listed in our Declaration of Independence, that George III and his parliament inflicted upon our forefathers, is now being inflicted upon us, their descendants, by the current Democrat Regime in power.
    Lies, more Lies and Damned Lies are vomited by the minute from DC (District of Corruption).

    At what point do we decide this is enough? When Biden’s Geheime Staatspolizei are breaking down the door to confiscate our Firearms? I’d say that’s too late. Already, Governors in several States are Infringing The Right To Keep And Bear Arms (including my State of Residence, Commirado, where Butt Spelunker Polis is infringing with every Gay flourish of his pen, and the State Gestapo Troopers will carry out his commands with Gusto). At what point do we rebel?
    Trust the Courts we’re told, but that hasn’t been successful, as Jurists frequently warp interpretations beyond originalism. The Third Branch is hopelessly politicized and partisan to the point of ridiculousness. It’s highly questionable whether it remains a separation of power (Appointment should never be political, and that’s is all it is anymore. Politics over Merit).
    The Media indoctrinated and brainwashed the masses on the hour, every hour. Truth falls to 1st Amendment Right to propagate Lies. When do we hold the Liars responsible for their words and actions?

    It’s time for some lines to be drawn. That we’ll accept No more BS from the elites who think they’ve the Right to abuse us, use us, and enslave us. That they will be held responsible not by a fickle and misguided court, but against a wall.
    You don’t fight Evil by playing pattycake (politics) with it.

  27. quote—————-We rest easy knowing our constitutional foundations, and the pre-existing rights codified therein, have brought us to this. Not to disappoint the President, but we know that the Supreme Court has already ruled that we have an individual right to possess arms in common use. That’s a feature, not a bug as this very moment was thoughtfully crafted and designed by the Framers. Our duty and responsibility is to uphold the Constitution.————quote

    As usual the Far Right never bother to read all of the Scalia decision. Just as 2A was a farce that was deliberately written to make the average yahoo think they had the right to own a weapon so too was the Scalia decision as well. The court ruled that they could “regulate” firearms which is double talk for “ban” or “restrict” access to any firearm usually with an an avalanche of expensive and time consuming paperwork that would drive a brass monkey insane.

    The Court stated that the right to keep and bear arms is subject to “regulation”, such as concealed weapons prohibitions, limits on the rights of felons and the mentally ill, laws forbidding the carrying of weapons in certain locations, laws imposing conditions on commercial sales, and prohibitions on the carrying of dangerous and unusual weapons. It stated that this was not an exhaustive list of the regulatory measures that would be presumptively permissible under the Second Amendment.

    And machine gun ownership was once in “common use” in the 1920’s as well but the disingenuous Supreme Court made no mention of restoring those rights when they wrote the Heller decision.


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