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The Constitution is a piece of paper. It was written by man for man. You want to change it?  There’s an app for that. If 38 out of 50 states vote to ditch the Second Amendment protection of Americans’ right to keep and bear arms, BAM! Gone. Even in the midst of the post-Sandy Hook hysteria that’s about as likely as me scoring a date with the Arielle Arts babe at my daughter’s gym (while sitting next to my second ex-wife). So why would CBS give airtime to someone arguing that the United States Constitution is “antiquated” and irrelevant? Because they’re commie bastards. Next question? What’s in the news today . . .

Jumping the gun? NYSRPAWCFOASAFE and file a Notice of Claim against NY’s unconstitutional SAFE Act—before it’s amended.

Michael Bane reckons gun rights advocates should use Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals against the civilian disarmament movement. I reckon we should force them to stare at white on black type for four hours.

Surgical precision (courtesy

AX vs. Ballista vs. TRG M10 vs. Defense’s Modular Sniper Rifle vs. Remedy. Here’s hoping it doesn’t add up to nothing in the end. Gun makers aim at US sniper rifle contract

Plus ça changeplus c’est la même chose. Force de Frappe and why we need AR-15s.

28 out of 29 Utah Sheriffs agree: firearms freedom is better for their constituents who do guns.

Shouldn’t that be “magazine”? MSNBC Caught Selectively Editing Another Clip This time the Tiffany Network’s spawn makes it look like pro-2a folk heckled the father of one of the Newtown victims. [As above.]

Twice the toll of Newtown in one month. City of Chicago Reaches 40 Homicides in January

President Obama and friends

Carl F: “The Hawaii Senate has introduced SB219 which reinstates the 1994 ‘assault weapon’ ban. As I read it. it makes owning any semi-auto illegal (class C felony) and also prevents you from selling it (Class B felony). It makes owners instant criminals with no way out, other than giving it to the cops, who are of course exempt.”

New TriStar C-100 pistols (courtesy

There’s a new kid in town, pistol-wise: TriStar Arms C-100. Four bills and change.


Tomorrow’s another day. David Horsey, columnist, cartoonist (as above) and civilian disarmament proponent for asks Do gun absolutists want the right to bear rocket launchers?

Westford, MA wants to have their own gun ban. The town’s attorney’s considered opinion of the plan: The Second Amendment prohibits the prohibition. I guess they shoulda read the fine print. Oh wait; there isn’t any.

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  1. Finally, someone besides Moi uses the “C word”.
    Now if we could, once again, resurrect HUAC and out law communists in our schools and government America might have a fighting chance.
    And while were at it kick the UN out of America and declare it a Subversive Org.

    • So basically you just admit that you don’t care about the first amendment and only care about the second.

      The good professor trolled you into a crazy person response and you fell for it, cheers 🙂

      All this McCarthyist red scare anti-communist talk is hilarious since half of you probably own AK-47s or Mosin Nagants, the weapons that free societies. 🙂

      It just makes it very clear you are a right wing fringe hate group masquerading as gun rights site 🙂

      • So, one person makes a comment that you define as coming from the perspective of “a right wing fringe hate group masquerading as gun rights site” and you then reach the conclusion that the entire site and everyone who visits it are like minded in that respect. Interesting. I imagine your Math teachers had quite a challenge trying to explain Proofs to you.

        • a right wing fringe hate group is anybody who uses that pesky first amendment to say things he doesnt agree with.

      • Great Lenins Ghost?

        Says alot about you; Lenin, the enabler of mass murders, psychopaths and just plain monsters that have murdered more people in the last hundred years than over a millenia.

        Lenin, Marx ; communism, marxism, the creed of sheep and of tyrants and dictators that have the sick need to control them.

        A twisted and perverted relationship that has brought nothing but misery, suffering and mass death to those who attempt to practice this just plainly evil belief system.

        History will look back on the aberation of communism/marxism and call it the abomination it has proved it self to be.

    • THERE ARE NO REAL COMMUNISTS. Not even in Pyongyang. You say “communists”, and most of us simply see tyrants. Fascists. Authoritarian A-holes. Dictators. Communism has never existed, outside of theory. Communism always was supposed to exist without Dictators.

      What you see are dictators, their fans and sycophants. When you shriek about “communists”, you leave yourself open to being shot down. I don’t want that to happen, and you shouldn’t either.

      Just sayin’.

      Except this Great Lenin’s Ghost fella, below. He might be a communist. He certainly believes he is, but he’s probably just self-deluded.

      • Technically you are correct. Its kind of a trick question. Communism never worked in the real world because it could not. It was a utopian idea put to paper that never factored in the HUMAN equation.
        Sure, many can idealistically believe that it could/would work. But, once an individual gains power and tries its implementation, they soon realize that it does not work and it fails, or they like the power and become dictators (assuming they were not a dictator wanna be in the beginning).

  2. I live in Hawaii. that ban is bullshit and have been waiting for people on the mainland to bring it up. the first state to propose outright confiscation, despite averaging ONE rifle killing per year the last three years.

  3. Beardo and his anti-Constitution talk makes my head hurt.
    Once the outrage wears off, the rational half (or quarter) of my brain keeps trying to tell me that these are the actions of a desperate movement, who were soooo sure of their victory, that they’re now grabbing and lashing out at anything and everything on their orbit down the drain…

  4. True, the press doesn’t give a rip about the Constitution. They don’t even care about the First Amendment, because they gladly sacrifice the truth as willing slaves to their Party. Every story is filtered through that agenda.

    By the way, Robert, if on average 12 people per year have been killed in mass shootings since 2000, and on average 12000 were killed by drunk drivers during the same time, why aren’t they trying to ban cars? Sorry to give you something else to dread.

  5. Hey RF, heard you today on CBS radio news. Good job, I hope they keep in contact you, they could use somebody who speaks the truth.

  6. You know something…

    I think that it would do this nation some good to be invaded, and enslaved for maybe a generation or three…

    Remove the ballot boxes, no need for them as elections are so antiquated…

    Take over all local and national media centers, can’t have people hearing dissenting ideas, now can we…

    Have people suffer the indignity of having troops barge into their homes at zero dark thirty, go through their stuff, and maybe carry off their daughter(s) with them into the night…

    It would be a good thing to have people be forced to be stopped on the street, and show their papers, do the same thing on the major high ways as well, have packs of angry dogs at the ready, just in case…

    Force people to move into ghettos, cramped together with other “undesirables”…

    For good measure, we can have entire platoons of soldiers quartered in people’s homes without their consent…

    Maybe we could throw in a genocide or two into the mix. We could wipe out all the Asians in this country, blame them for all the economic hardship that we’ve been going through recently. They only make up 3% of our population anyways, and honestly, who’d miss ’em?

    Maybe after all of that, people who scoff at the US Constitution will begin to appreciate it, and what it means.

      • Agreed. The CZ isn’t that expensive to begin with. One of my first pistols was a CZ-75B SA. Easily one of the best purchases I’ve ever made… and that was something like, eight years ago.

        • You never know when you might find a diamond in the rough. The CZ design has been copied and cloned by numerous manufacturers, and some are able to offer quality products at similar or even lower prices. Tanfoglio makes several variants intended for competition use that offer a pretty impressive cost/quality ratio for that use.

          The C-100 pistols featured above come in at about $100 less than the CZ version. For some people, that can be quite a bit of money. Time will tell if it will be worth the savings or not, though.
          As near as I can tell, these are made by Canick55 in Turkey. Same as the Walther P99 “inspired” TP-9, reviewed here:

          For what it’s worth, everything in the review of the TP-9 can be applied to the P99, except for the “spiky plastic brick” feeling of the grip. I owned a P99 for a brief amount of time, and the ergo’s were quite nice. Trigger pull was exactly as the TP-9’s is described… very DAO revolver-ish.

          Point being, the C-100 could very well end up being a good pistol. Either way, anyone thinking about picking one up would probably do well to wait for some proper reviews to surface.

  7. You think the guy with the beard bothers you? In 78-79 he was my Criminal Law and Advanced Con Law prof. Fresh from clerking for Associate Justice Thurgood Marshall and then practicing criminal law, he was very eager to fight for the implementation of the Civil Rights Act in tandem with the 1st, 4th, 6th, and 14th Amendments. It was precisely the support of Constitutional Amendment solidity and Judicial Review by the Supremes that enabled the construction of a more admirable “equal justice” regime. But that was under a relatively liberal court. With a more conservative court he has, predictably, given up on the stability value of Rights, perhaps figuring that if the nation has elected Obama twice, they’d be willing to pass “as policy,” and by 51%, his dream policies. The Founders knew better. Seidman used to. Absent the Constitution a slight shift in the public mood would give demagogues nation-destroying power.

  8. F it. Just donated a couple of bucks to NYSRPA. I dont live there, but they’re gonna need all the help they can get.

  9. “It is true that the provisions of the Bill of Rights were designed to meet ancient evils. But they are the same kind of human evils that have emerged from century to century whenever excessive power is sought by the few at the expense of the many.”
    ─ Justice Hugo Black

    Here’s a question if a drug dealer gets arrested should you be punished for his crime?

    If you believe this is what should happen then take yourself to jail.

    Why then should taxes be made higher on ammunition or further restrictions be placed on those who legally own firearms for legal reasons hunting, competitions, or self-defense, mind you LEGAL, for the act of a disturbed individual.

  10. Listening to that S L O W T A L K I N G english pri*k is like having my back waxed! I just can’t do it! The whole interview is painful. His Lordship should have to live like one of the peasants in the rough area of Chicago or DC for a weekend… They’d take him apart.

  11. the constitution address universal evils that grow from the abusive use of power.
    It is as relevant today as it was the day it was written , maybe more so.

  12. …at a minimum…if they are going to allow this anti-liberty, anti-freedom point of view to be broadcast on their system…they owe an immediate opportunity for rebuttal… sad that CBS couldn’t even provide that point of view…


    RJ O’Guillory
    Webster Groves-The Life of an Insane Family

  13. IMHO the good professor is nuking futz! Can you imagine where we’d end up if we cut the politicians loose to change the Constitution? The United States of Exxon! Lifetime terms in Congress! The Constitution daily proves to me the genius of those who wrote it 2 centuries ago. In other words “dance with who brung ya!”

  14. I’m hearing this thing about trashing the Constitution more and more. Apparently that dusty old document in the National Archives is just too structured for those who just want to exercise absolute, unfettered power and mob rule.

    If anyone wants to update the Constitution, there is a built-in mechanism to do that. It’s called an “amendment”. There is a process to do that. It can be done.

    If we simply toss the Constitution, or ignore it as some are already doing, then by what legitimate authority does the President continue to exercise power? By what authority does Congress continue to meet? By what authority does the Supreme Court rule?

    This is really frightening. Peace, civilization, and order doesn’t just simply happen on it’s own. People in this country have been spoiled by the stability that the Constitution has provided. It has been something that all sides could agree on. It is the “Law” that “Rule of Law” is anchored on. Once it is gone we are left with the arbitrary “Rule of Man”. That is also known by such words as tyranny and dictatorship.

  15. Yeah, it is radical. And you’re a radical loon.
    Yeah, so whatever fuzzy feel good loony shit feels good at the moment, let’s do it.

  16. if you view the Constitution as “just a piece of paper” then you may as well surrender your guns now. the Bill of Rights acknowledges and protects our most basic human rights, without that a government can do pretty much whatever it wants, including sending you and your family to a death camp for any reason or none whatsoever. without the Constitution we cease to have a government and fall into chaos, with local warlords vying for control of resources. or, worse yet, a centralized dictatorship with absolute power, which is what our Forefathers fought against to begin with.

    following the Constitution makes us a nation of laws, not men. men pass gun control legislation in the heat of the moment; men break treaties that are supposed to last “as long as the grass grows and the rivers run”; men send Japanese-Americans to internment camps; men wipe out entire tribes and villages of native-Americans; men legalize the mass slaughter of unborn children.

    our founding document was very carefully thought out, and yes, they DID think ahead. take the second amendment for example; they could’ve put “the right to keep and bear muskets, bayonets, swords, and cannons shall not be infringed”, but no, they said “arms”, meaning ANY weapons. and don’t try to argue that the only “arms” they had back then were muzzle-loaders; ever hear of the Ferguson rifle? how about a swivel gun? firearms technology was constantly on the advance even then.

    think long and hard before you go trying to get rid of a document that has been instrumental in making us one of the greatest nations in history, and consider that it has been disobedience against that document that has gotten us in the rut we’re currently in.

  17. In the 2014 Mid-Term Elections Gun Owners in the US need to become One-issue Voters, irregardless of any other considerations. In the meantime, we need to boycott the Advertisers of CBS, NBC, ABC and CNN News and write letters, send e-mails, telling those Advertisers why we are boycotting them. CNN is already in trouble.
    There’s a backlash against the current POTUS growing, and we need to feed that as much and often as we can. Support our gun lobbies (since Washington DC is oiled by money), and help to resist however we can in addition to keeping our letters and e-mails and phone calls flowing to Congress and State Governments opposing further infringements on Second Amendment Rights.
    Take note of the fact that Thomas Jefferson and several of the other Founders believed a Revolution about every 20 years was a good thing, but that did not preclude a Revolution to strengthen and support the exisiting Constitution, which could include amending the Second Amendment to strengthen RKBA for all The People (which I am betting would have a better chance of passing than repealing the Second Amendment, even in today’s political environment).

    • I do believe many will lose their jobs in 14′. Then again, I did believe that people wouldnt be stupid enough to give Barry four more.

      • Yeah…*bitter laugh* me either…to my ongoing shame and self-reproach, I voted for him in 2008, mainly because I thought John McCain was going to get us into an expanded War in the Middle East. In hindsight that would have been better than where we are now (not much better, but better nonetheless{it’s a sad state of circumstances when being in a “shooting war” seems preferable to peace}).
        We gun owners, Second Amendment Supporters and ardent Constitutionalists have just got to defeat the Progressive/Democrats in 2014. Now, there seems to be a declaration that BHO will seize more POTUS power via “Executive Order” as he grows more frustrated with the current Congress.
        A Republican/Libertarian controlled Congress might have the chance to tie his hands until 2016 with resistance, even Impeachment Proceedings. We have got to try. There’s no changing the minds of the Progressive/Democrats about their commitment to a Socialist “nannystate”, nor the deconstruction of The Constitution. In a sense we are already in a Cold Civil War, and we need to accept that situation and move forward on that basis.

  18. Practically every single day I am absolutely amazed and truly thankful at how astute and forward thinking our founding fathers were to compose the Bill of Rights. Without it we would have lost our 2A rights long, long ago, and assuredly many other rights would have been since curtailed as well. I really wish I could thank them personally. If I could travel back in time but just once, I would go back and thank them, and then warn them about just how crazy it has gotten even *WITH* the Bill of Rights!

  19. Re: Westford, Ma – I occasionally work out of an office in Westford. Without getting too detailed, color me a criminal, I guess.

  20. Due to the field I am in, I have to work with a lot of PhD’s.

    I can easily determine the idiots from the people with a brain often using a simple test, the PhD’s with a brain, do not bother to even advertise they have a PhD and you would never know unless someone else told you. The idiots not only have it splashed on their name plate and just about everywhere they can put it, but also like to mention whenever they can “during my PhD work blah blah”. I assume the former group stopped using “PhD” to distance themselves from the others.

    The professor in the video reminds me of the idiots I often come across. He would have been better to keep his mouth shut. He reminds me of the professor in MA who some time last year wrote the school saying that the US Flag should be removed and banned from the university campus and they should ban any ceromony where soldiers are honored or any activity where items where collected to send to troops because he believed that patriotism was bad. Another example is in yesterdays daily digest with the math question about guns and violence.

    Sadly, these are the people teaching our kids. If their hate for this country is really that much, they should all spare us and leave and find a country they believe is better.

    Yes, lets ban the constitution that allows you to say such stupid things and does not land you in jail — you a$$hat!

  21. Sorry, but I have to agree.
    There’s a good possibility that the framers would as well.

    “I am certainly not an advocate for frequent and untried changes in laws and constitutions. I think moderate imperfections had better be borne with; because, when once known, we accommodate ourselves to them, and find practical means of correcting their ill effects. But I know also, that laws and institutions must go hand in hand with the progress of the human mind. As that becomes more developed, more enlightened, as new discoveries are made, new truths disclosed, and manners and opinions change with the change of circumstances, institutions must advance also, and keep pace with the times. We might as well require a man to wear still the coat which fitted him when a boy, as civilized society to remain ever under the regimen of their barbarous ancestors.” – T. Jefferson to H. Tompkinson (AKA Samuel Kercheval), July 12, 1816

    220+ years is not too frequent an interval to change things.
    Of course the hell is finding consensus about what to leave in, what to add, what to drop.

    Yes, most of the (so-called) “left” just want to cut the 2A, but I’d strengthen it.


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