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So there I was, sitting at the coffee shop when an absolutely stunning Asian woman asked if the chair opposite to me at a nearby table was free. Free? I’ll pay you to sit there.  Needless to say, I struck-up a conversation. Turns out she moved to the U.S. from China when she was 13. Capitalizing on the genetic legacy of her engineer parents, she’s now a Brown and Oxford grad. She’s helping out in three local ERs while applying to med school, where she hopes to become a neurosurgeon. She worries she won’t be able to pursue her passion for jazz piano or raise a family (oh! pick me! pick me!). Eventually, I asked the underachiever [/sarcasm] if she’d ever shot a gun . . .

“My hands are going all sweaty,” she said. True dat. She was having a fight or flight response just thinking about shooting a gun. “Every American should shoot a gun at least once,” I said. “If only to exercise their Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms one time.”

Yes, well, no. I gave her my card in the hopes that . . . who am I kidding? We live in a bi-furcated country, split between liberal do-gooders and conservative conservatives. I’m not sure when I joined the cc’s. I suppose it’s when I picked-up a gun. It just took me a while to get the news.

Speaking of which . . .

Countdown to confiscation confrontation, as foreshadowed by Hit us with your best shot Andy! at

“I’ve heard from hundreds of people that they’re prepared to defy the law, and that number will be magnified by the thousands, by the tens of thousands, when the registration deadline comes,’’ said Brian Olesen, president of the American Shooters Supply, one of the largest gun dealers in the state.

Not-so-Golden State gun grabbers-in-training. “Some of us believe the second amendment is outdated and that we should ban all guns in the U.S.” California State University, Long Beach’s

Like I said, bi-furcated. Why College Campuses Should Allow Concealed Carry

Crap headline, terrific pictures (sample above), lousy spelling: Gunning for no change: Thousands of armed protestors gather at state capitols in pro-assault rifle rallies across the country

Then again, what do the gun ban Brits know about dangerous weapons? Check out the club cops confiscated (above).

After some careful fact checking, the Washington Post will never let a pol trot-out the “40 percent of sales don’t involve a background check” stat ever again. Until it does.

The anatomy of an “assault rifle” illustration (above) in today’s Chicago Tribune.

So let’s just keep the ARs in the hands of the police then. Or not. Off-Duty Oregon Police Officer Shoots Deputy

Oleg Volk loves him some KSG. Again. Still. For-eva. But if you want a really fast reload and even more capacity . . .

That would be the Alliance Armament Origin-12 above.

Ending with immigration . . . What’s the one document that lets you buy a firearm? Bill to let ‘Dreamers’ get driver’s licenses

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    • Just you wait. The call will be made for nobody, cops included, to be allowed the storage of a firearm within their own home.

      • Pre-Obama, we would have laughed at the thought.

        Pre-Colorado, we would have snickered at the thought.

        Pre-Newtown, we would have rolled our eyes at the thought.

        Post Inauguration – it’s not the thought that matters anymore – it’s his promises that terrify me.

      • No government employee should be allowed to keep guns in the home. That should be one of the rights they lose, along with voting and freedom of speech, once they take the King’s coin. We need to make government employment unattractive.

  1. Ah crap, I used the bayonet lug for a sling mount. I will have to find a kitchen knife and try throwing it like a spear. Presonally I would think the muzzle was alot more imtimidating than an awkward spear/gun.

    • We need to bring as many of them over to our side as we can. Most don’t even know WHY they’re afraid of them, and once they’re exposed to them, they find they love them.

  2. “She worries that med school will mean she won’t have a life”


    DiFi and Dear Ruler want to take away ALL of your guns and YES, she will have no life. Sorry, but Sanjay Gupta is a TV personality now and I would rather he not come close to me with a sharp (or powered) object.
    There’s always Radiology or Dermatology, but….

    If you have her number, tell her to go to dental school instead.

    • Don’t fret what Dirk says, Robert. I know plenty of “Dr. Mrs. Chen-Goldsteins” and “Dr. Mrs. Kim-Zimmermans” or “Dr. Mrs. Lee-Adelmans”

      • It’s the Jewish / Indian couples who produce the real superkids.

        You can’t stop the Hinjus.!

        • Curry and gefilte fish?

          That would make dining out at Taco Bell seem like a visit to The French Laundry.

        • Kosher Jewish-Asian fusion food is delicious, though sadly, I think I’d have a tough time giving up shellfish and pork.

          I salute the discipline of my Jewish / Muslim friends… ham and shrimp are just too damn delicious to give up eating.

        • “That would make dining out at Taco Bell seem like a visit to The French Laundry.”

          – overpriced and overrated?

          But in all seriousness, how would beef fit in this cuisine?

        • – overpriced and overrated?

          I no longer live in the Bay Area so I haven’t been in about 5 years. Do you not appreciate the style (it ain’t for everyone), or are you saying Keller is slipping?

  3. Just wanted to mention, that girl holding the sign ‘guns aren’t scary…’ Was from the Connecticut rally at our Capitol.

    • And had her mother known there was not supposed to be an apostrophe in the plural form of “bad guy”, we wouldn’t look like illiterates.

    • When “they” can’t refute your ideas they have to attack your character …or your spelling. Can gun grabbers actually do any of the debating they claim to? Or are they just guilty of red herrings on a topic they really know nothing about.

      • Chris, you’re right. My point was, why leave them the opening for an ad hominem attack?

        Right, wrong, or indifferent, the look matters. It’s human nature and political spinmeisters on the other side are certainly leveraging it. Why shouldn’t we?

  4. Hey Robert wake up..wake up Robert. Dude you were talking in your sleep. Must have had a heck of a dream man! LOL…

  5. I was married to a Stunning Asian Woman. My advise: keep the guns on the Down Low, The QT. Once your married you can introduce it as a “better and less expensive, alternative than chaseing skirts and gambleing” and one that she is free to share in.

  6. Oh great. Another female Monday doctor in America’s future who will like so many others before her will decide after she gets married and has children that she needs to be a full-time mom and will work part-time to keep her career alive. About 55% of the medical school seats in politically-correct America are filled with women students. How many will continue the traditional full time (40++) hours of work most male doctors put in? More than ever America needs all of its doctors working full-time. Satisfying the egos of young women to get their MD is hurting everyone in the long run and in the big picture. Ever hear about the growing doctor shortage? This is one of the major reasons. It’s going to get worse.

    • It’s a good point. In Canada it’s even a bigger deal where the spots are both scarce and government-subsidized.

      Female doctors of the world – instead of marrying your also-Dr boss, marry the clerk from Best Buy, practice some asortive mating and make a house husband. Or marry Robert – he could still blog from home.

      • I wouldn’t be surprised. Men are also choosing to skip the university education and thus a career in the corporate world with all its associated political-correctness, office politics, and pro-feminist anti-male policies. Increasing numbers of young men are choosing to go into the trades.

        • Read Shopcraft as Soulcraft. It’s a pretty good book about how working with your hands is more rewarding than mind-numbing office cubicle work.

          Dang… I just clicked on Ivy Mike’s link and it’s written by the same guy who wrote that book.

        • The only thing I don’t like about that article is the picture. I’m a 6-sided wrench sort of fellow.

          Just to demonstrate my tolerance, I’ll admit that I do have a spare set of 12-sided wrenches under the bench grinder, for the odd days I feel like rounding off, say, a corroded brake bleed screw.

        • Or pounding onto a rounded-off nut or bolt.

          I’ve never done that, just seen it, and turned that person in to the proper authorities for abusing tools.

        • Nowadays, 12 points are kinda for high/precision torque applications (head bolts, head nuts, some aircraft stuff).

          There’s some really useful newish sockets which are available even in big-box stores that deal with rounded heads, classic square nuts, and all sortsa oddish fasteners.

          Of course, I am not above pounding a 12 point onto a recalcitrant fastener when I can’t find my proper tool for such occasions.

  7. RF, I have to agree with hoppes#9.
    Save the “Have you ever shot a gun…” line for an awkward (morning after) conversation starter, but only AFTER she makes you breakfast. 😉

  8. It flees from the centralisation and power amalgamation of its peers, while these founded peers confuse your own Government into frenzied bewilderment with the continual exportation of false positives; they look like guns, they weigh like guns but are in matter of fact children’s toys that can easily get any man woman or child killed when brandished within the wrong venue, or at the wrong personality.

    This great Republic…

    Its fellow cohort openly protest your worthlessness by iterating its own sense of great yet false achievement lifted straight out of archaic books published in the last millennium. In this great Republic, you get what you pay for and now it comes with a free gift that further sours the bitter caffeine rush, the new company.

    You also know about the traditional medicines these deceivers are peddling in order to sponsor their growth and learning of the exotic oriental West. Its unwanted crap like the airsoft gun but you wouldnt have the gall to say as much, making new enemies or at least accepting that some people cannot help but create havoc is opening up the battle front to new possibilities.

  9. Robert, did this event with the beautiful Chinese woman really occur or was it a dream and the gun someone’s phallic symbol? Asking a younger foreign woman you’ve just met if she’s ever shot a gun might be taken as a proposition or an indirect subconscious warning of a threat. Save that line for after you’ve consummated your new friendship with her.

    • True story. (Truth being something of an obsession and all.) And I’m single now. Have been for a year and a bit. Firearms are now a litmus test. For better or worse. So to speak.

      • I’m oddly comforted by the knowledge that I’m not the only single guy who uses firearms as a quick compatibility check.

        Also, Sir, I wanted to point out how apropos your title is. We can’t win this by staying at the range or our LGS; we have to step out of our own comfort zones and take a stand in this fight, regardless of how dangerous or unpopular that stand is. Thank you for what you do.

        Badger 8-3

        • I check out a prospective date with the four G’s and the five C’s.
          1. G_d
          2. Government
          3. Gun’s
          4. Gay’s
          From a liberterian perspective, of couse.

          Then when you are in a relationship, you need
          1. Courage
          2. Commitment
          3. Compromise
          4. Communication
          Adds up to
          5. Character
          These are the elements one needs for a successful relationship.

          And, I’m still looking.I am something of an idealist.

        • ThomasR, good list! I agree.

          Personally, I think idealism in this matter only makes sense. Why settle, when you can find better?

          That’s why I’ve resigned myself to being a bachelor. It’s easier that way, I don’t have to run my firearms purchases past the significant other, only the appropriations and budgetary committee…

  10. If it helps you dream, my CCW class had two doctors, one of which was a stunning and very pleasant woman. She was also an outstanding shot, both right and left handed.

  11. The Stanford Review article was pretty good. From it, this nugget:

    After a combined total of one hundred semesters, none of the twelve colleges across the country–Colorado State University, Blue Ridge Community College in Virginia, and ten public colleges spanning 30 campus in Utah–that allow licensed individuals to carry on campus has seen a single incident of gun theft, accident, or violence, including threats and suicides. In addition, all Utah educators have been able to carry concealed weapons to work for the past 12 years, in which there have been no accidents or shootings in the schools.

    The Washington Post/40% “no background check” article was really interesting. How many of you knew that

    This study is based on data collected from a survey in 1994…In fact, the questions concerned purchases in 1993 and 1994, while Brady law went into effect in early 1994.


    …we find that the survey sample was just 251 people. (The survey was done by telephone, using a random-digit-dial method, with a response rate of 50 percent.) With this sample size, the 95 percent confidence interval will be plus or minus 6 percentage points.


    When all of the “yes” and “probably was” answers were added together, that left 35.7 percent of respondents indicating they did not receive the gun from a licensed firearms dealer. Rounding up gets you to 40 percent, though as we noted the survey sample is so small it could also be rounded down to 30 percent. Moreover, when gifts, inheritances and prizes are added in, then the number shrinks to 26.4 percent.

    I sure didn’t. Both of those articles are going in my “Anti-anti” file.

    • Oh, and in the Chicago Trib “Anatomy of an Assault Weapon” graphic, at least they pointed out that grenades are and have been banned for decades. I suppose a “nobody ever actually uses these things” note on the bayonet lug would have been too much to ask.

      • Seriously. I assume the only reason the bayonet lug is on there is because of some ancient Army policy that insists that the bayonet may be good for something. Bayonets intended to be used regularly were also much longer then current issue bayonets. I don’t get having a bayonet on a gun that can fire thirty rounds between reloads, and assuming you have a spare mag, reload in seconds.

        • I believe it was British Coalition troops who performed a bayonet charge in Sadr City, circa 2005 or 2006. I’m not sure on the date, but I know it happened…

          In basic for the USMC or Army, the very primal act of “killing” a target with a bayonet is all part of the break-down/build-up process. Plus they look good during dog-and-pony shows…err…reviews.

        • Bayonets are great for holding someone in compliance that you don’t want to shoot at the moment.

  12. What is about to happen in America is no joke. The only phallic symbol is your president taking your firearm and shoving it up all our butts!

  13. The swords confiscated by the Brit police are jokes–cheap Chinese stainless steel knockoffs. Not a real sword in the lot. Quite a collection of kitchen knives, though, even one packet that looked wrapped up like cooks carry their kives home from work. Probably was–no knives for Cookie!

    • The metal baseball bat has a big dent in it… I’m sure whoever had the misfortune to get wacked with it wished they had a gun to defend themselves with.

  14. RF, please show some restraint! Showing the High Capacity club (above) with multiple nails (where the thingy that goes up is…) will result in bans and restrictions by Bloomy and his ilk.

    On a lighter note, pix would have told the story of your “lost opportunity” with said woman. I’m thinking she held onto your card however………

  15. And the police will have all their guns locked up at the station house , just like the National Guard has it’s guns and ammo locked up… and note also the regular military has all it’s ammo locked away also… We could be invaded and no one but a FEW military police could even shoot….This type logic sounds like the whole country is insane????

  16. That speech is something else. I’ve shared the love.

    Also, it’s galling the Post can’t bear to give that false gun statistic any Pinocchios. I got your verdict pending right here.

  17. You’re right, brits don’t know anything about dangerous weapons. he should have grinded all the nail heads off.

    That sling swivel bayonet mount made me laugh lol !!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. So that circled piece isn’t the trigger? Damn, I thought my AR was faulty. Guess I need to keep looking….

  19. BTW, that thing is a NAZI-BASHER. The cooperative, disarmed Brits were reduced to improvising weapons, many much like that one.

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