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President Obama didn’t mention civilian disarmament directly in his inaugural address. But he did mention it. “Our journey is not complete until all our children, from the streets of Detroit to the hills of Appalachia to the quiet lanes of Newtown, know that they are cared for, and cherished, and always safe from harm.” By that standard, American gun owners are screwed . . .

As you know, there is no way to create a society where all children are safe from harm. To aspire to that goal is to justify anything, anything in its pursuit. Put another way, the President’s push for gun control will never end. “If it saves one child,” Vice President Biden and disarmament advocates opine, “it’s worth it.”

Not true. Our rights are more important than our safety. A government that believes that safety trumps liberty is a tyranny-in-the-making. Or in progress. Speaking of which, earlier in his speech, the President touched on that topic too.

Through it all, we have never relinquished our skepticism of central authority, nor have we succumbed to the fiction that all society’s ills can be cured through government alone.  Our celebration of initiative and enterprise; our insistence on hard work and personal responsibility, these are constants in our character.

But we have always understood that when times change, so must we; that fidelity to our founding principles requires new responses to new challenges; that preserving our individual freedoms ultimately requires collective action.

Preserving individual freedom requires collective action? Sure, when we’re under attack by a foreign enemy. Unfortunately the enemy to our liberty lives within our own borders.

For the American people can no more meet the demands of today’s world by acting alone than American soldiers could have met the forces of fascism or communism with muskets and militias.

What the hell is he trying to say—other than militias and personal firearms are an outdated concept? Wrong. We met the forces of fascism and communism with modern (for the time) rifles and bands of brothers. Individuals who joined together to defend liberty and freedom around the world.

It should also be said that our soldiers fought to protect the American way. You know; the Constitution. A document that includes a Second Amendment that protects our individual right to keep and bear arms.

Truly, I’m frightened. The President is a Constitutional scholar who singularly fails to understand the Constitution and, thus, his oath of office. A Chief Executive who’s bound and determined to disarm us.

Thank God for checks and balances. On the eve of President Obama’s second term in office, let’s hope they stop this jingoistic juggernaut from destroying the right upon which all our liberties rest.

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  1. Wow. Disarming Americans will make children all across this land “cherished”. Never had it explained to me in such clear terms! I’m turning MINE in TODAY!
    Or tomorrow, maybe.

  2. If he means it it means everything is screwed… No more skateboards, no more bikes, no more cars, no more heavy tvs, no more play time, no more tree climbing, no more school (disease vectors), no more dvds (no exercise = diabetes), no more VHS (a kid could choke on the tape), no more legos (choking), no more carpet (rugburn), no more tile, no more hard wood, no more couches (see diabetes), no more food (see choking, see diabetes), and — wait, Obama wants our kids to starve…

      • …and trampolines.

        Maybe we should all simply be confined to rubber rooms and fed through a straw. You know, for safety. And, for the children. If it only saves one life…

    • We’re already halfway there. Little Johnny (or Jennie) is to wear more pads on their bicycle than we wore racing motocross.

      They don’t climb a 25 foot rope to the ceiling in gym class, let alone one with only 2″ mats between them and than floor. I’ve heard many can’t even play dodgeball.

      They don’t carry rifles to school during deer season so they (egads!) ride a different bus home to go hunt at their friends house. (Yeah, we had to leave them in the office.)

      8-10 year olds are not taken to the rifle range as part of YMCA summer camp, to be taught gun safety – let alone the joys of hitting what you aim at. They have to wear helmets just to ride the horses now.

      Lawn darts, glass click-clacks (ok those were dangerous), hell even Times Square has been turned into frakkin’ Disneyland.

      We rode motorcycles on frozen lakes, rode skis on snowy roads being towed by a rope down the street, drove powerboats, jetskis, carried guns constantly, every male carried a knife to school, learned about the stump removing powers of fertilizer and diesel, and that was the tame stuff.

      There were a few minor injuries, a few broken bones, a few trashed cars and bikes. We were all the wiser for it.

      The only people in my age bracket that I buried during and shortly after HS – one died from cancer, one suicide after years of sexual abuse from Catholic priests, and one tight bud who made a bad judgement call when passing and ended up face-to-face with a fully loaded dumptruck.

      Nothing the current pansification regime would have prevented at all – except all the living and learning we got to do.

  3. “If it saves one child.” Never mind the ones LOST for lack of proper defense. AND GOD FORBID anyone mention the Pakistani children blown to pieces by Drone Killa’s Smart Death Machines. Forget them. This is about YOUR GUNS.

    And Farago, thanks for tossing in a non-Nordic looking lovely…. It’s nice when people listen.

  4. “cared for, and cherished, and always safe from harm.”

    since when was this the govt’s job? you take care of disputes between states, and i’ll take care of myself and my family thank you.

    • Abso freakin lutely.

      A sense of community is tops too. The Vietnamese community in Village de L’Est after Katrina is a great example.

  5. Heres an idea for caring for children, parents that are active in their lives.

    What? No!? Disarm responsible adults!? Let irresponsible adults thrive!?

    Yea, let me know how that works.

      • stop being an idiot and contribute something useful, both democrat and republican voters are in this fight toguether. the election is long over

        • The Democrats got us into this mess. Pointing out root causes of errors are a big part of preventing future errors.

        • Dude I live in Chicago……. I know all about the corrupt bs of the democratic party. I hear about gun grabbing everyday. Even before sandy hook. So its not being an idiot. Its speaking from experience.

  6. Funny that a man who seems to so cherish children never mentions doing anything about child abuse, child neglect, or child molestation. Pretty sure banning or restricting guns won’t have any effect on those things. Maybe he only cares about children that might be shot…for some reason? Apparently you can molest’em, beat’em, and neglect’em all you want.

  7. He didn’t mention it outright but he was dropping a lot of code words and argument framing.

    Specifically when he invoked the muskets and militias after arguing that we are so very different now than we were in the past. What he calls a militia I call “community organizing”.

    That’s the argument he is going to roll out, that we are SO DIFFERENT now that the protections of the 2A can be changed and restricted, due to it’s lack of relevancy in the modern world. This is of course BS.


  8. Good lord just how dense are these people? Do they not understand that violence-free utopias are impossible to create? Have they ever cracked open a history book and noticed just how many “peaceful” societies became so only after everyone who objected to the majority or ruling class’ views was systematically murdered?

    I used to think that people were not dumb enough to want this country to turn into Mao’s China without understanding the grave consequences, but now I’m starting to think there are a whole lot of antis who are giddy at the thought of receiving a shiny new pair of government issued jackboots among an unarmed citizenry.

  9. ” a Constitutional scholar who singularly fails to understand the Constitution and, thus, his oath of office” is like someone who takes the vows of marriage with the intent of not being monogamous.

  10. Well, that’s your Hope and Change from the Predident who “won’t go after your guns.” Lots of emotion with precious little substance, speaking a speech about government over reaching its bounds. I didn’t vote for him, but definitely regret that so many people did.

    Regardless, the fight for freedom continues. We’ll see how “well off” we are in 4 years, and how much debt, freedom, and government expanse BHO’s “promises” will cost us.

    • I think you already know the answer Accur81, and I think we both know it isn’t going to be pretty.

  11. I just read this as more BS by a snake oil salesman. Whenever I hear the word “safe” from droneman I hear the constitution being flushed, Randy

  12. conservatives in general are on the cusp of losing all grounds in politics, not because the platform isn’t sound, but because it’s not marketable. After probably the longest process in recent history to come up with a presidential candidate the best the GOP can come up with was Romney – really?

    the house is effectively the last stand – lose that and it might be game over for your gun rights, and soon after, a number of other rights.

    when 2014 comes, vote wisely

    • Accur81, I’m not disagreeing with that point. However, the comment I responded to made no mention of that, or anything else substantive. It just threw out (yet another) casual Hitler reference, and that’s just stupid. Even if it was accurate, it still gets us nowhere. Nobody who says that actually thinks they’re gonna change any minds with it. They just say it to be saying something. It’s the argumentative equivalent of feel-good gun legislation.

      • Our nation teeters on the edge of becoming the greatest threat to humanite’s existance.
        And if you don’t think this was all a pre-planned plot, dating back 70 years ago,,,,,,

      • “It just threw out (yet another) casual Hitler reference, and that’s just stupid.”
        What is it about arrest, imprisionment, torture, execution, without warrant or even judical overwatch, OR even Acknowalement that brings to mind the basic UN Human Rights Decree, rather than the operations of Hitler’s Secret Police State?
        This is why the US Constitution is the LAW OF THE LAND

      • I’m amused that the original comment, and my original response have been moderated out of existence, which decoupled everything that followed them.

        Not upset, just amused.

  13. Truly, I’m frightened. The President is a Constitutional scholar who singularly fails to understand the Constitution …

    He understands it, he just doesn’t like it. It cramps his Marxist/fascist style. Just as the bigots who rammed through the disarmament law here in NY – they hate gun owners and the merchants of liberty. Bigotry practiced on a societal scale is fascism.

      • Class warfare is not fascism? It sure as hell is. Using populist rhetoric to isolate a minority segment of the population (bourgeois) vilify them and foment anger, resentment and hatered against them in the majority (proletariat)?

        Marxism is fascism. It may be a lot more but at least it’s that. Fascist political tactics are used all the time. As we see now with gun owners.

  14. The “Militias” IE Resistance fighters of Europe contributed uniquely and measurably to the defeat of the Axis Powers. Small bands also contributed in the Pacific Theater.

    These contributions were at great cost and sacrifice to those indigenous militias, since they were not accorded the protections of combatants.

    Does the President not know enough history, or have a good briefer to tell a fair and balanced story?
    And to be accurate, before WWII broke out most of our defense was Militia, not the Standing Army.

    ” He who would sacrifice freedom for security will end up with neither”B Franklin

  15. that preserving our individual freedoms ultimately requires collective action.

    Collective is an interesting word choice. I think he used the Lincoln Bible because he expects to be the second president on preside over a civil war.

  16. What kind of moron promises that people will “always be safe from harm”?

    Moreover, what moron believes it?

  17. Has he handed out executive orders against physics, chemistry, biology, pathology, and history, too?

    Life’s dangerous. The only safety is in the grave, and even that’s uncertain when the government might take the cemetary under eminent domain.

  18. If he thinks these orders would have “helped save one life” why didn’t he make them earlier? He could have save those Newtown kids.

    What kind of an evil person who claims to have the power to save kid lives via executive “actions” not have tried at his earliest opportunity?

  19. Obama wants all the children in America (shore to shore) to know they are loved, cherished, and safe. Well, minus the 700,000 we decide to abort…they don’t count. But those of you that we don’t put under the knife, you’re special.

    • What about those in Afghanistan, Iraq or Mexico? He sure didn’t care about those kids as he sent the guns in.

    • Abortion (or not) is a choice that one is free to make, there are no forced abortions by government mandate – as much as there ought to be judging by the popularity of Lardassians and Honey R-tard.

      Don’t sanction abortion for whatever reason? That’s your right not to have one, the gov isn’t forcing anyone to do it. No one. Whether I agree or not, your decisions are just that. Your decisions.

      After that, their choice is NOT your business any more than an anti’s fear of my 2A rights are a valid reason for them to interfere with my choices that have no effect on them.

  20. So this is a warning to the individual/s, whom keep and bear arms for the sake of Life, Liberty and Property, that the Collective will not stop until they have gained complete control of everyones’ lives through the use of coercion, via an all mighty federal government?

    So… I guess this means that for four years we have to worry about succession and/or civil war.

    American arms manufactures cannot even deal with the current demand. Plus most Americans are not ready physically nor are they equipped with the tools of defense!

    Though this is not a surprise for anyone who has been paying attention since 2001. Even though I has a kid at the time, I could see this situation well in advance.

  21. “…ALWAYS safe from harm.” reminds me of Team America when one of the man puppets told the woman puppet “I promise I will never die” to get into her pants. Completely unachievable assurances just to get some dimwitted bimbo (or the general masses) to trust someone trying to gratify themself.

  22. “Preserving individual freedom requires collective action? Sure, when we’re under attack by a foreign enemy. Unfortunately the enemy to our liberty lives within our own borders”
    The enemy of modern tyrants is social media. Those who wish to insure freedom from tyranny should work on making the internet immune to a tyrant’s “off switch.”

  23. In the Spanish Communist Insurction they marched with a raised Clenched Fist, which is wht tha Nazies Marched with a raised open hand now we see the New Salute. I wonder if Lenord Nimoy will live to deject it

  24. In the name of the children we need you to disrobe and all step into the community shower. It may smell a bit funny (Zyklon-B) before the water comes out (and you become a pelvic ashtray piece of furniture filled with your own ashs).
    Insane effing libtard morons.

  25. I tried to post this in the million moms who are morons, but the thread looks corrupted.
    I read a lot here but do not post much, and haven’t seen this in the media at all.
    I would like to see a list of medications and the toxicology reports on all mass shooters. I think there is a link to mental illness/treatment here that is being ignored. We all know that the FDA would never allow harmful drugs to be dispensed to the masses without thorough testing and would never cover up poor research into any drug being sent for approval.
    I am guessing the drug lobby (bribers) are more powerful than the gun lobby.

  26. I had a choice between clearing a stuck toilet or watching him take the oath. The toilet took a while but was a more pleasant experience .

  27. Did he say anything about… know…..the debt, or crazyass over the moon and stars ‘Big Gov’ spending? What a gay speech (literally) (and not gay as in happy).

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