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In case you needed a reason to support school choice . . . Dallas High School Teacher Posts Video “Shooting” Trump With Squirt Gun In Classroom – “The video was captioned with ‘Watching the #inauguration in my classroom like…. #no #stop #denial #squirtgun #hypocrisy #powerless #saveusall #teachthembetter #atleastitsfriday’.”

IRONY ALERT . . . 6 Shot at Memorial For Victim of Chicago Gun Violence – “Community activist Jedidiah Brown told reporters that “the opposition” to those attending the memorial came through an alley before opening fire on the group of mourners. He added that the mother of the person being memorialized was also among the victims, though police have not confirmed that information.”

When seconds count . . . Colorado’s rural schools arming themselves against danger, long response times – “Teachers and staff members in at least a dozen of Colorado’s most remote school districts are arming themselves instead of waiting for local law enforcement to rescue them in the face of a Columbine-style attack. Those districts have employees carry concealed weapons, train like law officers and then be the first line of security should a school or classroom be targeted by assault.”

Open carry activist Jeffry Smith spotted toting guns around University of Cincinnati campus – “A walking, ‘interactive billboard’ is what Jeffry Smith hopes to be for open carry rights on the University of Cincinnati campus. Smith has been spotted around campus this week toting two sidearms, a larger rifle and ammunition at times. Three UC employees (who wished to remain anonymous) contacted WCPO to say Smith’s presence made them feel uncomfortable.” Freedom can be that way sometimes.

Never mind . . . Controversial video game gun study gets retracted – “A controversial study about video games and guns titled in part ‘Boom, Headshot!’ has been pulled because of issues with the original data, the website Retraction Watch reported recently. The now-retracted study argued that training with a violent video game can actually make people better at shooting with a real gun.”

Paging Dr. Fudd, Dr. Fudd . . . Andrew Park: Hospital, campus are no places for guns – “I’m an emergency physician. I’m comfortable with guns because I grew up around them in rural western Kansas. Some of my best memories are of the hunting trips taken with my dad and brother when we were young. However, many people I work with in the medical center do not share this level of comfort around guns. For most, the thought of sitting down with a patient who has a hidden gun or dealing with an angry patient or family member who may be carrying a gun is absolutely terrifying.”

The True History of the Umbrella Gun, a Surprisingly Serious Weapon – “In 1978, Georgi Markov was on his way to work at the BBC in London when he felt a sharp sting on his thigh. Behind him, he saw a man picking up an umbrella. The man, who spoke with a foreign accent, apologized and hurried into a cab that whisked him away. That night Markov came down with a fever; four days later he was dead from ricin poisoning.”

That’s why they call them less lethal . . . Police Investigate Death of Man After Stun Gun Shock – “Virginia State Police are investigating the death of a man who was shocked by a stun gun during a confrontation with authorities. Police said in a statement Wednesday that 44-year-old Sabin Jones of South Hill died Tuesday. He was stunned during a Jan. 20 confrontation as Mecklenburg County sheriff’s deputies served an emergency custody order at a convenience store.”

Chinese woman jailed over balloon-popping guns set free – “A Chinese court on Thursday set free a woman who had been jailed for three-and-a-half years for illegal ownership of guns used in a balloon-shooting game, a case that sparked anger over what many people see as the uncompromising application of the law. China strictly controls gun ownership and gun crime is rare. Zhao Chunhua was sentenced last month after police determined six of the guns used in her street-side balloon game were air guns capable of firing small metal bullets, rather plastic ones that should be used.”

Gun Fu:

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  1. Yay John Wick II ! Held a couple versions of S&W Shield 45 today- felt fantastic. Amazingly thin…aybe a future CC. Yeah “irony” in Chiraq…daily.

    • Regarding the teacher emptying her reservoir on Trump: Kinda cool the left feels empowerment of the gun. Needs some training tho. But any gun love is good love. And going for the head shots no less.

      • my brain read “#leased tits friday” (that will be the first and last time i ever place that sign in front of a word). could be a new chive segment…

        • This.

          In the current Gun for Hire Radio podcast, Anthony and Sandy talk about NJ diners for a good half-hour and it never gets boring.

          The funny thing is I’ve been to many of the ones they talk about: Pompton Queen, Ponzio’s, Mastori’s and Olga’s.

        • I’ve been to both.

          The problem in China is, the recipes are great but the quality of the ingredients is …. Let’s call it “spotty.” But on average a lot lower than the US, at least in my experience.

          The problem in New Jersey is, well, being in New Jersey. Although in all fairness it depends on the exit…

        • I currently live in China. The food here can be so-so but the noodles and dumplings are almost always great.

        • I used to fish Pompton Lakes sometimes. Breakfast (or lunch or dinner) at the Pompton Queen was part of the experience.

    • Nah, one is a crowded foreign land with noxious air where the people can’t speak English and are lorded over by a corrupt, Kafkaesque one-party dictatorship hostile to human rights and dignity, and the other one is China.

  2. “Smith has been spotted around campus this week toting two sidearms, a larger rifle and ammunition at times…”


    “For most, the thought of sitting down with a patient who has a hidden gun or dealing with an angry patient or family member who may be carrying a gun is absolutely terrifying.”

    Well that’s just too bad, isn’t it. Maybe that should seek some help for their irrational fears.

    • No issues with the Smith guy.

      Gotta diverge in opinions on hospitals though. You’re often not dealing with people in the proper frame of mind to be walking around armed in a hospital setting. They’re often scared, angry, mentally ill, or a combination of the three. Wouldn’t call it an irrational fear as it’s a legitimate concern.

      • Holy crap!! Hospitals sound dangerous! I’ll remember to bring my gun next time i go… thanks for the heads up.

      • So how exactly is a “no guns” sign on the door of the hospital going to keep these scared, angry, mentally ill people from bringing a gun in? One more time, for the slow kids: the only people who obey gun bans are the people who you have the least to worry about in the first place. The kind of person who is going to shoot their doctor because of some bad news isn’t the kind who is going to leave the gun in the car because he saw a picture of a Beretta with a red line through it.

        Even if banning guns from hospitals was a good idea, unless it’s enforced with metal detectors and searches at every entrance, you’d still better assume anyone in the building could be armed, and make peace with that.

      • Sounds similar to bars. Tell me, again, what good comes from disarming victims in a place where, by your own admission, they’re at a heightened risk of violent attack?

        • I have to say: if you’re willing to let those who are in danger carry for self-defense, you must also be willing to allow those who are dangerous to carry.
          Why do I say that? Because to say otherwise would mean you have some magic device that can differentiate between the two. And I know you don’t.
          I don’t profess to know all the answers, but I can certainly point out problems for those who do.

  3. “For most, the thought of sitting down with a patient who has a hidden gun or dealing with an angry patient or family member who may be carrying a gun is absolutely terrifying.”

    So your coworkers are terrified all the time since that could be any patient or their family members because someone really intent on killing you for telling the family that granddad has cancer isn’t going to be deterred by a sign or a rule, right?

    Christ, I though to be a doctor you had to be like smart and shit.

    • I didn’t want to kill the doctor for telling me my mom has cancer. I just want him and his staff to do everything in their power to save her.

  4. That “teacher”, which is loosely used because it takes no skill to teach an art class because there’s nothing to teach in such a class, is a typical hipster SJW loser. Look at those skinny jeans, look at the glasses… hipster. Hipster trash.

    School board should fire her and she can go back to being a crack whore.

    • This could just be me thinking like a stupid californian but here is her school district’s policy,…. at least for students, regarding threatened use of weapons to inflict bodily harm:
      It is the fundamental right of each student to learn, each teacher to teach, and each parent to place his or her child in a school environment that is free from fear, disruption, or intimidation. It is the intent of the District to maximize the use of all appropriate laws to ensure this right.
      In the event any person possesses, exhibits, or uses a firearm or threatens to exhibit or use a firearm to interfere with the operations of any District school, campus, school-related function, including
      athletic events, or a building:
      1. The principal’s first response will be to call the youth action center or the police department, who will notify the police and
      follow through with appropriate law enforcement agencies.
      2. The principal will also notify the appropriate Executive Director, who will notify appropriate personnel to ensure proper follow-through.
      The administrator or principal will be responsible for informing students, staff, and other interested parties within their supervision of the existence of the law and consequences of violation. In working
      with police, the principal or administrator will request full prosecution under the law and file a report if so requested.
      Any item or instrument may be defined as a weapon if it is used to inflict bodily harm to another person or if it is used to threaten bodily harm to another person. The instrument used in this manner will
      be confiscated by school authorities who will then contact the youth action center for further action. When pistols, knives, or other dangerous weapons are taken from the possession of students by principals or teachers of the schools, the youth action center will be notified in each instance.

      • I live near (but not in Dallas, thank god) and I am pretty sure they have a zero tolerance policy on weapons.

        On the other hand, I have a friend that worked an IT contract in DISD, and he says the time he really wished he had his CCW was in DISD schools.

        • I live in Fort Worth and refer to dallas as “Not Texas.” I also like to say that “Not Texas” wants to be New York Jr, but can only pull off Chicago Lite.

    • She was either going to get in trouble for this or worse in the future when she has three 14 year old boys over to her apartment for “tutoring”. She breaks out the handle of Fireball and teaches them the finer points of running a train.
      Yep. She’s destined for a mug shot.

    • I remember that I flunked a technical drawing class in high school so to graduate the next year I went to a general art class.

      It took two classes of me face-palming before I went to the guidance councilor and told him to put me back in technical drawing or I was done. He did and I aced it. Nothing like motivation!

  5. If Trump is smart, he’ll invite that teacher to the White House for a squirt gun fight. Seriously, this country could use a little comic relief, and it could serve to remind school administrators not to take themselves too seriously.

  6. We survived over 2,900 days under Obama, and the left has lost (what was left of) their collective mind in less than 7 days under Trump.

    But the lefties are right about it being a long 4-8 years. For them living under Trump and for us living with them.

  7. Those of us who work in healthcare can agree with Dr. Fudd in one way – it is entirely possible that the patient or visitor is crazy and potentially homicidal. That is why many of us have CC permits and do not always follow the orders of our employers concerning “gun-free” zones.

  8. This “teacher” is a perfect example of the immature snowflakes created by the Left unable to cope with reality. It is obvious she has some serious mental issues, and should not be in the classroom, but at least she did not use a pop tart on the new president.

  9. I’m all for not restricting guns on family and friends who go to a hospital with a person who is seeking treatment. However I also don’t have a problem with a hospital restricting a patient who is being admitted or receiving treatment from being armed with a firearm. If the person becomes unconscious due to their illness or injury,administration of drugs or a reaction to drugs, has to undergo immediate testing via X ray,MRI or other forms where clothing must be removed the hospital staff should not have to control,remove or secure a firearm or have the delay in doing so. If an armed family member wants to stay with or near the patient as much as reasonable that is fine but not having a patient with a gun is an acceptable restriction in my opinion.

    • I once wrote a letter to the Director of my local blood bank protesting the [No Guns] sign on the door. He was cordial enough to respond and pointed out that patients sometimes lose consciousness while giving blood, and nurses aren’t trained to handle the firearms that may be strapped onto an unconscious patient.

      I say, fair enough. If you’re the one being treated, you shouldn’t have a loaded weapon attached to your body.

      Friends, family and staff, on the other hand, should be allowed to protect themselves.

  10. “FBI data from active shooter incidents has shown that unarmed citizens were 20 times more likely to stop an active shooter situation than an individual with a gun.”

    Wha???? Because that worked out so well in Orlando and San Bernardino, or Aurora, or Roseburg OR, or Charleston, or Virginia Tech, or Columbine, or Newtown, or Ft. Hood, or Kileen, TX (Luby’s), or the Navy stockyards, or…you get the picture. No one without a gun stopped any of those shootings.

    • I’m sure what they mean is that is it 20 times more likely for an active shooting to STOP (as in, the targets are dead and the shooter has offed himself) when their targets are unarmed vs when they are not confronted by armed individuals (cops or otherwise). In a liberal’s mind, this is somehow proof that more mass shootings are ended by not resisting than are ended by the shooter being shot by someone else.

      You know, I had to try three or four times to write that last sentence in a way that was even representative of their mindset. The kind of mental gymnastics they have to do to justify their beliefs make my head hurt to to even contemplate, let alone actually engage in. Excuse me, I’m gonna go pop some Advil and lay down.

  11. If Kid Pop-Tart got expelled/arrested, how is this crazy teacher bitch still employed or not arrested for bringing a “weapon” to school? Where are the swat teams? Where’s the PTA? Won’t somebody think of the children?!?

    • Right? Pop Tart gun and Hello Kitty bubble gun get 6 year olds suspended or expelled, but a teacher THREATENING someone with a squirt gun (which looks way more like a firearm than either of the above) is fine? Oh wait, I forgot, we’re dealing with the liberal mindset. The rules don’t apply to them because they are right and we are wrong. How naive of me to have forgotten.

      • It’s crazy how the anti-gun, anti-violence, anti-hate crowd are the exact opposite of what they proclaim to believe in. It’s straight up psychological projection. Oh and BTW, if this was a white male teacher doing this to an image of Obama, at the very least the Secret service would come a calling.

  12. I was born in Dallas but I hate the place. Used to go back to attend really good gun shows at Market Hall or the Dallas Convention Center but I don’t even do that anymore.

  13. School choice is a threat to the Education Industrial Complex.
    Public schools are for employing government workers, not teachers. They are not for educating America children. Public schools are job centers for all grade level teachers, including college.

    I hope President Trump makes it easier for parents who care to get their kids out of the evil public school system.
    The Trumps and the Democrats send their kids to private schools. And there is nothing wrong with it.
    Let the motivated kids go to private schools where they teach 2A and the rest of the bill of rights.
    The children left in government schools will do just fine with the “superior” government workers there.


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