Hoplophobic harridan spouts bogus statistics in support of failed agenda . . . ‘Gun sense’ advocate visits Rock Island –  “’States that have implemented background checks have already prevented nearly 300,000 gun sales to domestic abusers,’ she said. ‘In states with stronger background checks, there are 47 percent fewer women shot, 47 percent fewer gun injuries in domestic violence situations and 53 percent fewer law enforcement officers shot and killed in the line of duty. This is something that affects us all.’” We defy her to provide support for any of those “statistics.”

Undoing the damage . . . House Republicans consider little-used act to repeal gun rules for Social Security recipients – “House Republicans will move this week to wipe out a series of rules finalized in the closing days of the Obama administration, including one that could prevent certain Social Security recipients from purchasing guns. Under the rule — part of President Obama’s gun control push — Social Security was to scour its lists for people receiving certain disability payments who were deemed mentally impaired, then flag their names in the national gun-purchasing background-check system.”


In the District, illegal guns range from the ordinary to the exotic – “This month alone, the list of confiscated pistols includes an array of weaponry of makes that include Cougar and Desert Eagle, High Point and Llama. Also turning up in police descriptions of items taken off the streets are the brands H&E and Radom. On city streets, talk of Taurus may be of the zodiac symbol. But it is also a brand of pistol, in addition to the one found Jan. 22, several others were seized this month. Perhaps one of the least familiar, and possibly most exotic, was one seized Jan. 7. It was apparently made by a firm in Serbia and was called a Zastava.” Bless their hearts. Remember, no one writing or editing at the The Washington Post has even the slightest knowledge of their topic when subject is guns.

Look Ma, no ear pro! New from Witt Machine: “Witt Machine & Tool has been doing some suppression magic well under most people’s radar. Mostly known for their true Integrally Suppressed AR15 uppers that used 16″ barrels and now a quieter integrated version with a pinned monocore; with no exception this Integrally Suppressed Ruger Precision Rifle is more than impressive. The proof of concept and prototype was done using a Ruger Precision Rifle .308 with a 20 factory barrel. Finished the overall barrel length now comes in at 28″.” Expect production models in mid 2017. Check out some videos of the gun in action here.

Lake County sheriff wants his guns back – “Lake County Sheriff John Buncich would like his sidearms back. A defense attorney for the sheriff is petitioning a U.S. District Court judge for the return of the weapons he surrendered last year when he was charged with fraud and bribery. The U.S. attorney’s office charged Buncich Nov. 18 with felony fraud and bribery charges alleging he solicited and received money from towing firms seeking business from county police.” No doubt any citizen in Indiana would be afforded the same consideration.

No. Next question . . . Do Americans want to buy ‘smart’ guns? – “My own research focuses heavily on gun purchasing and teen gun carrying. Previous research on Americans’ willingness to purchase smart guns has found mixed results. So I set out to try to better understand how Americans feel about smart guns and why they might feel that way.”

Peshmerga makes unmanned vehicle equipped with guns and camera – “A Peshmerga has transformed a regular army hummer into an unmanned vehicle equipped with machine-guns and cameras to be deployed against the enemy and save the lives of Peshmerga soldiers.” (click image above to view video)

Die zombie, die! . . . How to find the best guns in Resident Evil 7 – “In true survival horror fashion, the Baker residence hosts an arsenal steadily ramping up in potency as you continue your search for Mia. You can easily miss these handheld cannons in your travels, so use this guide to make sure your armory is fully stocked before escaping the Bakers for good.”

We prefer using a holster. But that’s just us.


  1. I live a scant mile or less from Lake County Indiana. I can assure you the indicted Sheriff would f#ck you if he got the chance…and yay for the Peshmerga! My favorite Muslims-even though me and others were called “nitwits” by a certain TTAG guy?

    • Looking at the original article, I notice that there’s no way to comment on the article in “the QCTimes”…how strange.
      So, I’ll just repeat Dan Z’s statement: “We defy her to provide support for any of those “statistics.””

      • I live and work in the Quad Cities. The Quad City Times is a known liberal rag…so it’s not surprising at all, really.

  2. See, I think we need to get innovative with the border like that. Not just a wall and more agents, but drones and bots. They can be out in the sun all day and don’t need water, or sleep, and would have all the night vision/infrared they’d need. Such a bot/drone combo would also help eliminate the tunneling threat.

    • There is an old system called MAID MILES. A pressure sensitive pneumatic hose connected to sector alarms and buried. It’s sensitive enough to tell the difference between a human or a rabbit crossing it. And that was in the 1970s.

    • Let’s ask for Guard volunteers to man tanks and Bradleys spaced 2 klicks apart and 3 klicks back, the entire length of he border; have em patrol with live ammo and a free-fire zone to the south. Thermal sights and a good boresight, and that sector is secure. Not as cheap as a mine field, but certainly more fun n better training than OPTEMPO miles on the weekends.

      • Oh, HELL yes! I’m pretty sure that will clear out around a mile or so on the far side of the border, as well. Unfortunately, the wall would suffer. Maybe we could rent out the Bradley by the hour, to constantly rebuild the wall.

  3. Glad to see that Republicans are fighting for the rights of people who receive government benefits/welfare because they have been adjudicated mentally ill, buy guns.

    • Not sure if just ignorant of the issue, or trolling.

      The problem with the list of Social Security recipients is that they specifically were NOT adjudicated mentally ill. That is the important word. Adjudicated, through due process.

      Note the original article does not use that word, but instead uses the word “deemed” mentally impaired. No due process, just some bureaucrat making an uninformed decision because a person has an executor for their finances. Just because you have someone else managing your money doesn’t make you mentally ill, and there certainly was no adjudication process.

      So yes, you should be Glad the Republicans are fighting this tyrannical rule.

      • there are rich people all over this country who have people manage their finances.
        It’s not even remotely a sign of incompetence. It may in fact, be a sign that you are quite well aware of what is needful, especially if finance and financial planning are not in your strong suit. The endgame here is that the Gov wants to manage errybodies finances and so, deem us all non compos mentis. If we let it happen, then maybe we are.

      • “The problem with the list of Social Security recipients is that they specifically were NOT adjudicated mentally ill. That is the important word. Adjudicated, through due process.”

        Despite what some Supreme Court justices might want you to think, the Second Amendment is not all that complicated. There is exactly ZERO content within the Second Amendment that gives the government any authority to adjudicate ANYONE, due process or not, as not allowed to exercise their natural, civil and Constitutionally PROTECTED right to keep and bear arms. It says, simply, “…the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.”

        Nit-pick all you want, but due process is the 5th Amendment and until it has run its course and you are under lock and key and 24/7 surveillance the government has no authority over your RKBA no matter how crazy people, or the government, may think you are.

        • I see people preach this same sentiment all the time… and while I agree that it should be true, repeating it over and over doesn’t actually make it true.

          Gun permits, carry licenses, background checks, registration, confiscation (prohibited persons), etc. etc. etc.

          These are all things that we as gun owners allow to happen.

          Maybe you live in a free state where you don’t have to deal with any of that.. congrats if you do. But not all of us do, nor do I see you marching armed into D.C. to fight to get back everyone else’s rights either…

          Shall not be infringed, Molon Labe, Freedom! and all that shit… it’s all just words.

  4. Completely scientific and accurate reliablility chart:
    “Smart” gun

  5. A genuine smart gun would know what I’m aiming at, even if the barrel isn’t quite pointing at it and guide the bullet to my intended target. That’s the smart gun I want. Sandia Laboratories has been developing a .50 BMG round under DARPA. I’d just like to see it in 9mm.

  6. Bragging about preventing 300,000 gun sales shows very clearly what their goal is, and it has nothing to do with crime control of any kind. How many arrests? How many convictions? What change in per capita crime? Absolutely nothing, except really ridiculous lies.

  7. Any women reading this, don’t do what she did. Dress around the pistol. Don’t stuff it in either crack for God’s sake.

  8. I kinda like it when I read things which make me look up other things which have left me scratching my head. For instance, while I consider myself to be reasonably knowledgeable about firearms, I had never heard of the “H&E” pistol the WaPo noted as being taken off their mean streets, so Internet a-hunting I did go. It took awhile to find it online, mainly because the pistol was an “H-E”, a pre-WWII .22 target pistol made by Hi-Point, instead of an “H&E”. I do hope that if it turns out to be stolen that the MPDC returns it to the rightful owner instead of destroying it as in the course of researching it I found one which recently went for $1100 at auction.

    And while I did scratch my head over it, I did NOT do a search to find out why some woman would be shoving a pistol down a pair of short shorts on day so frigid that her lips turned blue.


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