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Go long on suppressors . . . 3 Gun Laws President Trump Could Change Within the Next Month – “The NRA spent more than $36 million on advertising supporting its favored candidates during the 2016 elections — an all-time record. That support paid off big time when pro-gun Donald Trump won the top of his ticket and was sworn in as the 45th president of the United States on Friday. With Trump, along with firm Republican majorities in both the House and Senate, we could begin seeing loosened gun control laws in relatively short order. What follows are just a few of the changes President Trump might propose.”

Desperately seeking relevance . . . Gun Control Activist Attacks Conservative Radio Host Over Women Defending Themselves – “The founder of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, Shannon Watts, attacked conservative commentator and gun rights advocate Dana Loesch on Monday, saying that women like her live to ‘shoot thugs in the head.’ The National Rifle Association posted a video on its Twitter account over the weekend featuring Loesch discussing the importance of women speaking out and defending their families.”

No cans for gang bangers! . . . Editorial: Let’s hear it for keeping gun silencers from shooters – “Just as Chicago is moving ahead with new technology that could help reduce gunfire deaths, Congress and the Illinois Senate are considering misguided bills that could shoot Chicago’s effort to pieces by making gun silencers easily available.”

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‘Wait, you mean maybe we can buy guns, too’ . . . Why the Left Wing Needs a Gun Culture – “Now is the time to reconsider long-held preconceptions, as they embody precisely the thinking which led us to this point—this point where hate crimes against minorities are growing, and economic and ecological hopes are rapidly shrinking. At a juncture where liberals’ wholesale denunciation of “violence” and “gun culture” are revealed to have done nothing to reduce either one, the Left needs to disentangle the issue of oppressive force from that of necessary self-defense against oppressive force.”

With lefties and the .5% now stocking up, there’s no need to worry much about the gun business . . . Doomsday Prep for the Super-Rich – “Huffman, who lives in San Francisco, has large blue eyes, thick, sandy hair, and an air of restless curiosity; at the University of Virginia, he was a competitive ballroom dancer, who hacked his roommate’s Web site as a prank. He is less focussed on a specific threat—a quake on the San Andreas, a pandemic, a dirty bomb—than he is on the aftermath, “the temporary collapse of our government and structures,” as he puts it. ‘I own a couple of motorcycles. I have a bunch of guns and ammo. Food. I figure that, with that, I can hole up in my house for some amount of time.'”


This is why we can’t have nice things . . . Accidental shooting at K-State reignites debate over guns on campus – “According to a release from Kansas State University, a 19-year-old student accidentally shot himself in a campus residence hall on Sunday night. The university didn’t say why the student had the gun but did say they are investigating whether to charge the student for having a gun on campus illegally. It’s currently illegal to have a firearm on a college campus, however, in just a few short months the university’s exemption to Kansas’ concealed carry law will expire.”

Making the law great again . . . Court: Pennsylvania law used to seize man’s gun ‘doesn’t exist’ – “You can’t enforce a law that doesn’t exist, a Pennsylvania court ruled in a recent decision, ordering a gun to be returned to a man who brandished the weapon during a road rage incident. Commonwealth Court Judge Patricia McCullough concluded in the ruling issued by a seven-member appeals board that ‘common law forfeiture does not exist in Pennsylvania’ because it was never transferred over from ‘English common law’ that dates back hundreds of years to when Pennsylvania was still a colony. ”

Meanwhile, elsewhere in the Keystone state . . . Ambushed Deliveryman Speaks After Returning Fire in Southwest Philadelphia – “A pizza deliveryman who managed to shoot back at his attackers is recovering Tuesday after a violent robbery in Southwest Philadelphia. The incident began at 7:05 p.m. Monday at 54th and Yocum streets. Keyveat Fredericks tells Action News he can’t believe he survived the ambush attack. ‘When I turned, the gun was in my face. He came out of nowhere,’ Fredericks said.”

Decent production values in this video class short. But…why was that gun conveniently sitting there on the air conditioning unit? Where’s the sound of the gun firing? And why no squib pack? We’d give these skulls full of mush a C.

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  1. Regarding the HPA, didn’t it have a refund if you bought your silencer within the last “X” amount of months?


    Regardless, I’m really hopeful it either passes or Mr. Trump just does an EO and removes them from government scrutiny.

  2. Oh boy I hope you’re right about Illinois. It’s mired in the Al Capone mind set. As in only gangsters need a can. Yay Dana! Slap that sleepy-eyed Bloomie b***h…

    • Yes, we all know that silencers make the gun go “pew, pew, pew”. In the movies all you hear is the thud of the bullet hitting the body. That is why we really should call them “suppressors” or “mufflers” to reflect the reduction of the noise from painful to loud as hell.

      I have been starting to wonder if movies screw up everything as completely as they do guns. Do they get anything right, or is it all complete BS? Let me guess……

      • They get a lot of it wrong. The IT/computer side of things in movies is portrayed just as bad as guns are.

        • At least they occasionally get something gun-related right. They might as well just replace all the computers in movies and TV with wizards and fairies casting spells, because the way that stuff is portrayed is pure fantasy…

        • I really like those laptops that will connect anywhere, and then project whatever’s on the screen to the user’s face. I wish I could get one.

      • They mess up cars as well. I remember after the first race in the first “Fast and Furious” movie, Vin Diesel goes to Paul Walkers character, telling him he’s lucky the 200 shot of nitros did blow his engine (though a 200 shot is so ridiculously large it would have set it off like a bomb) and that he had been “granny shifting, not double clutching like you should”. For those that drive manual and know how to double clutch, you realize it is far from the ideal in a race.

      • Started binge watching Sneaky Pete. I was enjoying it until one episode had a girl point a shotgun at a bad guy. They put the sound effect in of racking a pump action but they used a double barrel as the prop.
        How can you be that fucking stupid?

        • Directors ALWAYS put one of two sounds in when a character points a gun, if it is a long gun, it will almost always have the sound of racking a pump shotgun. If it is a handgun (of ANY kind) they will have the sound of cocking a revolver.

          Even my kids now say, “That gun wouldn’t make that sound.” Chips off the old block, they are! 🙂

        • Did you notice that in Octopussy, the villain’s henchman, during the taxi chase scenes, uses a blunderbuss with one bell, but breech loads two shells side by side?

  3. The Left (at least “Antifas,” party-obsessed Democrats, self-proclaimed feminists, socialists, and communists, and people who are actually regressive illiberals despite their claims to the contrary) do not need a gun culture. They are dangerous, delusional psychopaths. Their gun culture is what we call “gang violence” and “mass shootings,” and encouraging these power-crazed, self-absorbed whackos to own guns only contributes to the shooting problems we have in this country. There are a lot of people who are not completely indoctrinated into the Leftist cult, and those people can be shown the light of self-determination, independence, freedom, liberty, personal responsibility, and self-defense, etc, but once they start down that path their Leftist worldview starts cracking and they eventually stop being part of the Left.

  4. A new gun owner having never touched a gun before in their life is a dangerous person. These liberals with their first ever gun, no training, not even familiarizing weapon fire of your new gun, will have their gun taken from them, in their first perceived confrontation.
    It would not surprise me if they loaded the bullets backwards in a magazine.
    I bet they won’t be able to “fix” it when they hear a click, instead of a bang.

    This kind of liberal gun owner will always be a FUDD.

  5. Liberty makes nice safes, so I’ve heard.

    Pity I won’t win this one. I don’t “do” Facebook. And after this election, my intent is to live out my life without doing so. I have no desire to help enrich Mr. Zuckerberg and his “editors.”

      • Umm, I couldn’t help but notice that this was a Sentry safe, not a Liberty safe. Liberty still makes the old fashioned nonelectric tumbler locks in safes that weigh hundreds of pounds. Wrong link, or wrong product?

      • Jesus that was the douchiest link Ive ever watched. That guy is a tool and the video didnt apply at all.

      • That wasn’t a Liberty Safe.

        Tbe purpose of any security container is not to prevent entry. II is to prevent entry in a specific time. The standard GSA security container used to store secret and above material can be defeated in a half hour using standard safecracking methods. Your safe only needs to hold out long enough for the police to arrive. That’s about 5 minutes where I live. So all I need is a 6 minute safe. My safe can probably hold out for 10-15 minutes.

        Never get a safe with an electronic lock. These locks are not secure as demonstrated in tbe video. Most safes also cannot protect against modern cutting tools. A “Caution Black Powder” warning sticker can defeat those tools since the thief will spend time thinking about how he can break in without the safe blowing up in his face. You might consider placing a 5lb bag of black powder in your safe so if the idiot decides to call your bluff it will destroy the contents and with any luck kill or maim the thief.

        • Right. And destroy your house and everything in it with the resulting fiery inferno. Scorched earth policy, indeed!

        • 5 lbs of black powder in a steel safe won’t destroy your house. The explosion will be contained within the safe. The objective is to deter the thief and keep your guns off the black market.

        • strych9, thanks for the link – that’s a great sign. And they also make it in a magnet version, which I definitely prefer!

        • “Right. And destroy your house and everything in it with the resulting fiery inferno. Scorched earth policy, indeed!”

          The sign won’t blow up.
          Whether or not you actually have gunpowder in your safe, the sign will give fair notice that the safe may well blow up if tampered with.
          At least the wireless signal will alert the authorities to clean up the mess.

    • Hey No One, click the link in the article and you can enter without being on Facebook. I just did it.

  6. Idiot hipster in the video had it coming…. “i can’t stop following you.” (Approaches victim) (silent)BANG!!!….. looks like a good shoot to me.

  7. “… Shannon Watts, attacked conservative commentator and gun rights advocate Dana Loesch on Monday, saying that women like her live to ‘shoot thugs in the head.’”

    I read and reread that statement and still can’t find the “attack” in there.

    Unless you live to have thugs shoot victims in the head.

  8. There’s nothing liberal about gun control. That’s a horse they hitched their cart to just to be contrarian. I’m down right left wing when it comes to my feelings on social programs, but don’t tell me what I can own and do that doesn’t cause others harm. Liberal and guns can coexist just fine, the problem is DEMOCRATS and guns don’t. Not all of us pray to the Pantsuit Queen….some of us just want money for education and the environment not to be ruined….and then be left alone to persue what we will. So yeah, remind your liberal neighbors if they’re so afraid of Trump that the second amendment is there to protect them from the government, and then make fun of them for giving you shit about being worried about Obama banning firearms.

    • It may be possible to have a government that engages in big social programs and also respects personal liberty and self-determination, but I don’t think it’s ever actually been done. There’s probably a reason for that.

      As the saying goes, “Any government big enough to give you what you want is big enough to take what you have.”

      • That’s probably accurate in the grand scheme of things. Frankly I just wish our elections didn’t have to come down to which rights we don’t want taken away….this year was awful. A pro-censorship gun grabber vs. a guy who’d use the constitution to wipe BBQ sauce off his face if he was out of napkins. Puke.

        • Oh this bullshit I have to hear. What “rights” is that nasty Trump going to take from you? You precious snowflake you.

        • This entire election cycle, I didn’t realize Obama was running against Clinton. Huh.
          If you mean Trump, I have heard from Dems how bad Trump will be, but so far they haven’t put forth any actual evidence, other than election rhetoric that all politicians use. (Remember when Obama said his would be the most open and transparent administration ever? When he said he would shut down Gitmo? When he said he was a uniter, not a divider?)
          It was Obama who was the worst recent president when it came to the constitution. His EOs violated the separation of powers multiple times, to name just one example. Using them to alter legislation is not only against the constitution and his oath of office, but an impeachable offense. That the Republicans are invertebrates doesn’t alter that fact.

        • See, this is where ya’ll lose your shit at. Did I bring up anything pro-Obama? And yeah, I value land use and privacy rights. Those have already been crapped on. He’s on a record setting executive order pace. This is all crap. He legitimately ranted about Obama’s use of EOs and is just doing the same himself. I realize some of you don’t value other freedoms that you don’t personally care about, but that’s the same BS excuse that has been used to instigate gun control.

        • #notanargument Trump’s executive orders are being used to roll back Obama’s bullshit or radical Demokkkrat corruption. I’m still waiting for an example where that nasty Trump took away any of your rights.

        • You got me Pwrserge. In his first week he hasn’t yet had the time to do so. Obama didn’t take any of my rights away, either, doesn’t mean he wasn’t trying to. But you just keep testing trusting your league of billionaires to have your best interest in mind and Lord help you if you have any property in the way of the wall or pipelines because hallelujah imminent domain is going to be all the rage.

          • ” Obama didn’t take any of my rights away, either, doesn’t mean he wasn’t trying to.”
            Well, I think you’re wrong, there. The ACA took away your right5 to choose whether or not to carry health insurance. Even if you wanted to carry it, he took away your right to make the choice.
            Lots of us don’t understand that when your right to choose is taken away, it’s been taken away,even if our choice is to do it the now required way to do it. (I hope that makes sense.)
            IOW, if you have the choice of A or B, and you happen to choose A, if your right to choose A or B is taken away, and all that’s left is A, you’ve still lost the right to choose B.
            That’s the way a lot of governments do this; they limit your choices, and lots of people don’t realize they’ve lost something. And, of course, those people have no problem with those who do realize it, because, after all, all those other people were just not smart enough to choose A when A was so obviously the better choice.
            Especially when the Great Leader said, “If you like B, you can keep B.” Just because he know you couldn’t keep B, it’s really not so bad, because you were just too dumb to realize A was what you really needed, so the fact that you lost the choice to keep B after all just doesn’t matter.
            This is how tyrants keep taking, and a lot of people just don’t understand the problem because they are just fine.
            Until *their* choices get limited. But then, it’s too late.

        • ACA was devised from a Republican plan in the 90s…Obama merely latched onto as a way to get something passed and keep his name on it. The Republicans will sell ya down the river just as easily and quickly, they just go where the lobbyists take them and at the moment their agenda meshes with the agenda of this website. With that in mind, Obama took no rights away from ME. I’ve worked full time and carried employer provided insurance since I was 17 years old. But that’s my point. Too many right-wingers on this site refuse to see common ground just like the liberals do. Just care about about your own lifestyle and morality and damn the rest. “We” are not that different when you take the bullshit out of it. I might personally find Obama less offensive than Trump, but make no mistake he’s no ally of mine and is equally an enemy of the people every time he put pen to paper that took away an individuals constitutional rights.

        • Bullshit. Not a single Republican voted for Obamacare. Demokkkrats cooked it up and implemented it. They also added bullshit mandates that almost doubled my insurance costs. It’s yet another Demokkkrat vote buying scheme that needs to be repealed right along with all the other handouts that come out of my pocket.

        • Do your research. The mandated insurance stems from Republican efforts (it was largely modeled off Romney’s plan). They voted against it because they voted against EVERYTHING Obama proposed. HE wanted a single payer system, the compromise to avoid filibuster was the ACA which borrowed it’s core from the Republicans. Career politicians and billionaires are going to sell you or regardless of their party, might be time to open your eyes.

    • Education is grossly over funded.The dirty air, dirty water the sky is falling from carbon emissions meme is tired and obtuse. If want to to an ecological/human suffering disaster cast your eyes upon any city run by democrats.

      • That’s what happens in a government mandated monopoly where the workers get to vote on management. Basically, the education system in the US is hopelessly corrupt. When public sector workers are allowed to form unions, elect officials, and then “negotiate” with the people they elected, you wind up with pointless waste and an entrenched bureaucracy that needs a boot to the head to be shaken loose.

  9. “Now is the time to reconsider long-held preconceptions, as they embody precisely the thinking which led us to this point—this point where hate crimes against minorities are growing, and economic and ecological hopes are rapidly shrinking. At a juncture where liberals’ wholesale denunciation of “violence” and “gun culture” are revealed to have done nothing to reduce either one, the Left needs to disentangle the issue of oppressive force from that of necessary self-defense against oppressive force.”


    Where’s the stats showing hate crimes increasing? Every time I hear of a nationally-reported “hate crime,” it ends up being a false flag operation, perpetrated by the supposed victim.

    The narratives that the left creates for themselves are much more dangerous than reality. Quite frankly, given the level of lunacy, lack of self-control, and absurd self-delusion I’m seeing from the left since 11/9/16, I think we should be very careful in encouraging them to own guns.

    • They’re frightened by their government finally. They should have been for decades but it’s finally sinking in. I am no fan of Trump, but he might finally be the catalyst to make liberals realize the threat of a overly powerful federal government and get on the same page that conservatives have been. Ya’ll are used to being threatened by the feds, it’s new for most of us libs and the more irrational of our group are handling it like frightened cats.

      • ” he might finally be the catalyst to make liberals realize the threat of a overly powerful federal government”
        Never gonna happen. The left’s main method of “change” and “social justice” requires a large powerful government.
        To them, Trump is an aberration, someone who simply shouldn’t be president, and wouldn’t be if the electorate were as smart as themselves.
        You may ask where I get this idea, so I will tell you: I watch TV, I read news. I see the spokespersons tell me how much Trump only speaks to the worst elements of our society. I see them blame everyone and everything for their loss but themselves and their own policies and rhetoric. It never occurred to them that every time they spoke, Trump got more popular. They might have had a far easier time beating any of the other candidates the Republicans put up, but they instead fed the one candidate who was willing to fight. Was Trump the best candidate? Not by a far shot. But when the fight was on, he was the only one willing to get into the trenches and fight back (something the right hasn’t seen in decades). The Dems didn’t understand how to counter this, mainly because they hadn’t seen it for so long. No longer would a compliant news media and a fawning celebrity horde be enough to ensure victory. No longer would the electorate simply roll over.
        For good or bad, it’s a new era.

        • The progressive movement was founded to stop oligarchs and plutocrats from taking over every facet of society. At it’s roots the movement is about returning power to the people. To be fair I actually like some of Trump’s opinions on this regard. The progressive movement got taken over by statists and has been a shit storm since. But for that I blame the parties, not all the people behind them.

    • The strange thing is, when you see all these reports of hate crimes since the election, it always seems to be in L.A., San Francisco, New York, Austin, Chicago, Ann Arbor… all some of the most liberal areas of the country. This strange preponderance is remarked upon by precisely nobody in the mainstream media.

    • Trump has not been president for a week. If “hate crimes” against “minorities” have been “increasing”, let’s remember that it has been happening under president Obama, not Trump. These morons need to at least understand you have to allow a couple months/years after inauguration before launching this kind of lies, right not it takes a real retard to believe them.

  10. “this point where hate crimes against minorities are growing, and economic and ecological hopes are rapidly shrinking.”

    The fantasy world these people live in sounds awful. Of course in the real world it almost always shakes out that these “hate crimes” were hoaxes perpetrated by the person mewling about being the victim. And funny they start caring about the economy now that a republican is in the White House. I’m sure they’re also furiously googling where the US military is conducting operations/drone strikes too, since that *obviously* didn’t matter at all before 12 noon on 1-20-17

  11. Stupid vid shows they know less than nothing about guns–note that hammer always stays down and that slide never cycles—and no brass ever ejects–even tho slide does say Caspain or Caispan–note muzzle detail–prob an Airsoft replica !!! DMD

  12. That piece on liberals needing a gun culture was quite a trip. Half of it was the ongoing post-election temper tantrum and Chicken Little panty soiling. They need guns for when racists and fascists declare “open season.” They really have worked themselves into a tizzy.

    But the other half was actual history. Stories about the well-armed, non-violent civil rights movement of the ’60’s. Whooda thunk a liberal could read?

    • They think they are threatening us, “hey, we’ll get guns, too! HA!”, never realizing they are perfectly welcome to do so. By the time the average lib actually figures out how a gun works, he probably won’t be a Lib any more.

  13. If you actually read the article on “Why the Left Wing needs a gun culture” it is blatantly obvious that the type of paranoid but that wrote the article are not the kind of people you want buying a gun.

    I’m sorry but that is one of the most delusional rants I’ve read in a LONG time. Such a person is unhinged and divorced from reality.

    As I’ve said before it’s their RTKABA but I’m staying the hell away from these people. They’re crazy, flat out paranoid and now they’re arming up. That’s a trifecta of tomfuckery that I want nothing to do with.

    • Validated by the blue on blue shooting at UW. These guys are walking examples of everything the gun grabbers say about us.

    • They’ll soon tire of the cost of ammo and they’ll find the smell of Hoppe’s #9 disagreeable. Next thing you know, the gun is up on E-Bay.

  14. Just love that pic from the Motley Fool article. Cup and saucer hold, thumb not wrapped around the grip. Three button suit buttoned to the bottom (or do they do that now? I am getting long in the tooth.) And last but not least, the fact that it is a water pistol was icing on the cake.

    • Yeah, from the amateurish grip, the ill-fitted suit, and the near-beard my first impression was “when did mafia assassins start taking on summer interns?”

  15. America’s current division into what are commonly called leftists and right-wingers is unsustainable. If we feed into that division we are doing our nation a grave disservice. The name-calling and blame-tossing is a recipe for eventual civil war.. all who fuel that dynamic, whatever their political stripe, do their nation no favors. Be an American first, not a Republican or a Democrat.

  16. The Hysterical Mother is ill equipped to take on Dana Loesch. She lacks the requisite cognitive fire-power. Not even Shannon’s Sugar Daddy has enough money to even up that mismatch.

  17. Pa has no laws on the forfeiture or brandishing.
    So he basically got a fine for being mean.

    See, we’re nowhere near as gun hating here in PA as some of you guys think, there’s actually a VERY comfortable amount of freedom here.

    On another note, anyone see the irony of bragging about how the NRA spent $36 million dollars to get pro gun people in office.
    But when an anti gun group spends a fortune to get anti gunners in office we chastise them about it.
    Maybe not the best opening statement, that’s pretty much like admitting that yes, the NRA and its pile of cash is the reason gun violence exists. (even though we know better, you have to think like a lib)

    • I don’t ever plan on trying to “think” like a lib. Helping congresscritters understand that advocating gun control will get you removed from your cushy job and required to work for a living, is a GOOD result in my book, if it causes extremists to have a breakdown, that is another good result. Let’s thumb our noses at them and carry on.

    • “On another note, anyone see the irony of bragging about how the NRA spent $36 million dollars to get pro gun people in office.
      But when an anti gun group spends a fortune to get anti gunners in office we chastise them about it.”

      In my mind, I find a huge difference between spending money to protect a right, and spending money to take away a right.
      One is good, the other is evil.

    • “Maybe not the best opening statement, that’s pretty much like admitting that yes, the NRA and its pile of cash is the reason gun violence exists. (even though we know better, you have to think like a lib)”

      No, it’s not admitting that at all, unless your view of the world excludes human nature. Which not even the libs do, because they often claim that it’s human nature that forces people to be so stupid that they need the libs to know what’s best for them, and protect them from themselves.
      Does the left claim the NRA is the reason such violence exists? Yes, and often. Do they ever even try to back that up? No, because everyone but them are too stupid to see what is so blindingly obvious to them. It is so obvious, in fact, that proof doesn’t even need to exist.
      “Thinking like a lib” is an oxymoron.

  18. Epic

    I love how gun-control advocacy has devolved into obsessing over and attacking my looks. I hold the power by living rent-free in your head.

    — Dana Loesch (@DLoesch) January 23, 2017

  19. As a KSU alum *facepalm*.

    That said at 19 the twit could neither have a CCW nor carry legally under the constitutional carry provision of the state. Stupid people doing stupid things. These two facts need to be trumpeted loud and clear in any discussion about how “kids” in college are not responsible enough to carry firearms to class.

  20. I followed the link in the “gun laws could be changed by Trump” piece, and found an interesting video piece by a TV station in Litchfield. It was about neighbors to a gun range complaining about the noise generated, and was pretty much anti-gun. At first, it seemed like this gun range was new, and the neighbors were complaining about the new noise. The interesting thing I found though (buried in the piece) was that the gun range has been there since for about 20 years! Which means that the neighbors knew about the gun range if they bought their property within the last 20 years…amazing.

    • Yeah, I noticed the same effect with airports during the past several decades, particularly military bases. The base is built miles and miles from anywhere, then houses are built nearby for the people who work there. When those houses are sold, the new owners are “shocked” to discover jets are noisy, want to demand that the base be moved even though their homes were less expensive than in other locations because of the noise. But, hey, their “minds” are made up, don’t confuse them with facts.

      Where I live, you can buy houses on the other side of the lake cheaper, since that adds an hour to the commute, so people who bought on the other side of the lake want to spend my tax money to build a bridge over the lake for their convenience and profit. Human nature.

    • New neighbors in the flight paths of both Luke AFB and Sky Harbor airport complain about the noise every once in a while, until someone very publicly points out to them that the noise pre-exists their residency.

  21. “We’d give these skulls full of mush a C.”
    Not me. Brainless boobs such as created this trash deserve NOTHING above an “F”! The “F” stands for FAIL, and it is the perfect grade for such material. “D” means below average, and that this is definitively NOT. It is exactly the average holyweird trash that seems to permeate Kalifornia.
    “C” is average, “B” is above average, and “A” means excelling(the opposite of failing).
    The only way this would rate even a “C” is if she had been properly carrying the gun, the man was shown to conclusively be a dangerous stalker(he made no threatening moves, so she should be up for manslaughter at the least), and the gun was fired and the perp “died” with a proper blood pack squib.
    A “B” would require: showing the man as a definable danger, showing the gun properly carried by an experienced person, the proper attitude of ‘I don’t wish to kill you, BUT…’, followed by the shot, WITHOUT the slide locking back, followed by the proper phone call to Law enforcement informing them that a shooting has occurred at the location and that you will be waiting for LEOs but will not be making any statements at this time, because you are quite shook up.
    The “A” would require a reload of the expended rounds, while calling them cartridges and NOT bullets! I’m a tough grader, but THAT would deserve an “A+”!

  22. OOohhh time for a good old fashioned fisking, since they don’t allow comments on the editorials.

    “Congress and the Illinois Senate are considering misguided bills that could shoot Chicago’s effort to pieces by making gun silencers easily available.”

    go to Amazon, search ‘solvent trap’. Illegal silencers are already readily available or easily manufactured, yet criminals, people who care nothing for what is or isn’t legal, don’t seem to be making use of this. Why? the added size and weight and complexity must be undesirable to criminals who are most concerned with portability and concealability. Who could have imagined?

    “Chicago’s new technology, called ShotSpotter, alerts police as soon as bullets start flying, instead of making them wait for a phone call. Officers can respond more quickly — sometimes within seconds. By arriving faster, detectives are more likely to find witnesses, and crime scene personnel have a better chance of scooping up evidence, such as shell casings.”

    And how many crimes has ShotSpotter solved? How much time is wasted on the many many false positives generated by the system? Enough to be worth the enormous expense over putting more officers on the beat?

    “But ShotSpotter is ineffective if shooters use gun silencers, devices that muffle the sound of gunfire when they are attached to a gun’s barrel.”

    [citation needed]. High-end cans on small-caliber firearms could defeat ShotSpotter, but how many gangbangers are going to put a $1200 can on their Lorcin?

    “Silencers also further imperil innocent people at a shooting scene because they can’t hear the crack of the gun that tells them to get out of the way. The Violence Policy Center in Washington says silencers “could help enable mass shooters and other murderers to kill a greater number of victims more efficiently.” A proliferation of silencers would mean more dead innocent people.”

    You clearly don’t know how silencers work, or how the public is often able to rationalize away real gunfire as something else. The first reaction that most in an area that has suffered a mass shooting have is to wonder if it’s a car backfiring or firecrackers. 130dba gunfire instead of 160dba gunfire will not make a difference here.

    “Defenders of easily obtainable silencers, including Donald Trump Jr., say the devices protect the hearing of hunters, who apparently can’t be bothered to wear hearing protection or obtain federal silencer permits, which involve submitting fingerprints and a photo, paying a $200 tax, a background check and a wait of several months.”

    9-12 months, and quite troublesome. You’ll of course say that the more troublesome the better for anything involving firearms, so WTFE. Silencers are over-the-counter items in Australia and most of Europe btw, and it’s considered polite to not bother your neighbors with ear-shattering kabooms.

    “But the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence says there is no public health evidence that gunfire is causing hearing loss.”

    The CDC says otherwise in their publically available study results. It’s almost like the Brady Campaign is hopelessly biased or something.

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