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Dealing with a new reality: Half of today’s Army recruits have never held a gun – “More than half of raw recruits have never held, let alone fired, a weapon. Young people who form the bulk of the Army’s rookie soldiers don’t have nearly the exposure to guns as past generations. And the drill sergeants tasked with transforming these men and women into competent marksmen are going back into training to adjust their approach. Many are dropping the tendency to bark out orders and are adopting a more mentor-like coaching attitude.” Then again, the non-shooters are clean slates for ambitious drill sergeants.


Blame the gun or the man set to collect $900,000? Shotgun design could be key in murder defense – “Russell Bertram, 64, is accused of first-degree murder in the death of the young woman. Authorities plan to lay out a case in which they portray Bertram as a controlling abuser who murdered Stickney after he found out she was pregnant with another man’s child. Key to their argument is that Bertram was the beneficiary to two life insurance policies worth $900,000. But Bertram’s defense, according to court documents, could hinge on putting something else on trial: The shotgun he used that day during his hunt.”


Rifle about to get a rifle range? City of Rifle to consider a shooting range in town – “Among the numerous items to be considered when Rifle prepares its annual budget in the coming months, city leaders are expected to address the possibility of a shooting range in city limits.”

Ever wonder what life’s like in an urban hell hole? This Video Game Wants You To Experience Life On Chicago’s South Side – “The violence in Chicago has been splashed across headlines, been the focus of documentaries, and been presented in popular music. South Side hip-hop hero Chance the Rapper, who grew up on 79th Street in Chatham (nicknamed ‘Murderer’s Row’), told heavy-hearted stories throughout his second album/mixtape Acid Rap: people being murdered for phones, funerals for little girls, and firefights with police (who shot first). On the second track, ‘Paranoia,’ he spits: ‘They’ll be shooting whether it’s dark or not, I mean, the days is pretty dark a lot / Down here, it’s easier to find a gun than it is to find a fucking parking spot.'”


11 states are considering a law that could transform how the US prevents gun violence – “(I)f new legislation in 11 states passes into law, it could help transform how the US prevents one of its deadliest challenges. Instead of addressing violence as it happens, the country could improve its methods for detecting “high-risk” people and take guns out of the equation altogether. The proposed law permits judges to order police officers to confiscate people’s firearms for up to one year if those officers (or in certain cases, family members) report the person is at-risk for suicidal or homicidal behavior. The states considering the law include Delaware, Illinois, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Wisconsin.”


Credulous UK rag finally discovers smart guns: Smart guns to stop accidental shootings could revolutionise firearms laws across world – “This new technology would see only the gun owner being able to actually fire it. And the new hi-tech security system could have an impact on gun laws in Britain further into the future. Wolfgang Tweraser, CEO of Armatix said his firm is developing a pistol which connects to a smartwatch, you input a code before you are then able to shoot. Mr Tweraser said: ‘Our goal is not to replace guns, normal guns, so to speak. It is just to bring another product to the market that has safety features.'”

Springfield Armory Daily Digest: Wishful Thinking, A 'Gun City' Down Under, and One Shot, Four Kills">Previous Post
Springfield Armory Daily Digest: Hosed in San Jose, A Bad Day at Black Rock, and House Dems Grandstanding. Again. Still.">Next Post


    • Of course, my good fellow. I shall retire to tea whilst you prepare yourself. Please notify my man at your leisure and we shall again commence.

  1. To save everyone a click, the “defense” is the Remington’s safety is defective and it was an accidental shoot. I’d love to see prosecutors point out how that even if that were the case it would require breaking all four rules and then some.

  2. “More than half of raw recruits have never held, let alone fired, a weapon.”

    The average age of a new Army enlisted is less than 21, so the odds are that most new recruits have never held a real job, lived in their own home or done anything worthwhile in their very short lives.

    Which is why they enlist. It’s a pathway to actual adulthood and the chance to do something meaningful. Oh, and they’ll also learn how to fire a rifle.

      • NO KIDDING! When I was in the Marines (back when Christ was a corporal) the M249 or the M240 or definitely the M2 would have been WAY less fun if I had to buy the ammo. Hell, they took out most of the fun just by making us carry the damned anchors through the hills of sunny southern california.

      • The military has a way of making everything not fun. Including a day at the range. So I wouldn’t exactly call it free ammo. You pay for it, just not in any monetary measures.

  3. In boot camp the best score amongst my group was posted by a man from NYC that had never touched a weapon before basic. Us country boys that grew up shooting also grew up developing bad habits.

    He listened during the classes and applied his new knowledge on the live range.

    • That expert badge on ones chest IS the ability to accept instruction, anything less means your mind cannot control your body.

      • During my first qualification, my ego learned the hard way that shooting since an early age does not an expert make. And I was so amped about making top score and being allowed to fire a live AT4, what marksmanship fundamentals I did have went buh-bye. I bombed so horribly, I got sent to the last firing order for retraining in the interim…. and got a no-go on that too.
        Two days later all of us who failed to qualify got another chance before being completely recycled; it took a lot of mental effort to forget everything I’d learned shooting at cans with my Dad’s old M1 carbine, or taking deer with a Mossberg slug-gun.
        But I also got lucky and drew a very good instructor, who was incredibly patient & could see why I was so horrible despite my previous experience; he helped me immensely in finally earning that Expert badge on my last attempt. To this day I still regularly practice my fundamentals the way the Army taught me, with the dime drill being one of my favorites.

        • It is something I’ve often joked about plinkers (especially many SSAA members, Silverdale range moreso). They think they have 20 years experience. In reality it is 1 year 20 times.

    • That was a common theme I observed in basic training, the majority of the small arms expert ribbons went to trainees who had never fired a weapon

      • Well, in 1969, when I went for USAF pistol qual (nothing like you guys training, sort of “see paper, shoot hole”) for the first time, I failed to qualify expert because they counted the roughly 2″ hole in the center by counting the holes which cut out that circle, and not accepting that any additional bullets went through the middle. I barely qualified, but I never again shot a hole bigger than 2 bullets, spread them around to make the suckers happy. Maybe that’s why prior shooters did worse!

  4. And just how would LE in those 10 states know what guns to confiscate?

    It looks like quite a few of those states (if not all of them) have laws *requiring* gun registration.

    Yet, they *promise* us that no one is coming to take your guns.

    Oh, wait…

    • Illinois does not have “gun registration” it has gun OWNER registration, big difference…

      Why sir, here is that Nagant I got my FOID card in order to purchase. No, you may not search the rest of the home without a detailed warrant.

      • “Any and all firearms found on any premises owned or occupied by….” is all the specificity required. They did not need to be able to identify specific arms. Further, if these laws are anything like the one in California, the court issues a restraining order against the owner, and the owner is legally obligated to turn them over to the police or relative or gun shop for safe keeping. So your ploy is a nonstarter.

      • Virginia has Terry McAwful, and plenty of NOVA douches who are willing to introduce anti freedom legislation. Just wait until those douches become the majority in both houses, and you can be the next Maryland.

        • Dude. I HATE nova. A bunch of liberal douche imports from the Northeast. I want to ship them all bank and retake control of our wonderful state.

          Petersburg can be razed to the ground while we are at it.

        • McAuliffe and Herrin keeps trying this crap and getting slapped down. Their rescinding reciprocity backfired on them. When will they learn?

    • PA has no registration officially. However, the State Police keep records of all handgun purchases. They state that these records are only kept on paper forms in some warehouse, and are not searchable.


      • I hate to tell you “we don’t have a gun registry in MY state”, guys, YES YOU DO! Its done for you by the feds, Specifically the BATFE, and they have been building that database since at least 1968….

  5. Come every Monday morning, maybe the Army needs to send some recruiters to Chicago area jails with a duffel bag full of bail money and pick up some recruits with real world firearms experience.

  6. Actually recruits that aren’t shooters perform better than those that are. This is because the ones that think they can shoot have to unlearn and often times refuse to adjust to a new way. I was a non shooter and then I joined the military. I was my platoon’s best shot in the fleet. As a city boy all those guys that thought they could shoot because dad had taught them in reality were poor shots because they came in thinking they knew it all.

    Nothing wrong with non shooters joining the military.

    • Fair enough, that is reality in a lot of ways. I’ve always enjoyed shooting as a 1st/2nd date, because, as a general rule, novice women are just pretty damn good at following instruction, and calmly executing it. Especially when they want to impress you.

      (Then giggling like they’re 12, or a guy, when it all works, but I digress…)

    • My dad knew he couldn’t shoot so he gave me a bunch of army sniper manuals and had me read them. I have never been in the army, but I would consider myself a very good shot.

  7. Most new military recruits never held a gun?, Yea, I can believe it.. To my amazement, when I served most recruits from large urban areas never drove a vehicle. I was bewildered that they did not know how to drive a vehicle with a clutch. I grew up in a small city in Alaska, I was driving at 12 years of age, I had my own car at 15, I was hunting before I can remember. Our grade school, (Harborview school, look it up) actually had a gun range in the basement. We took marksmanship classes at school. No one shot each other, no accidental discharges, nothing, why? Parent involvement and responsibility, it’s that simple. teenagers today are really smart, but the problem, it is only in a virtual world, not in the real world. I work with these idiots, Some actually had master degrees and PHD’s, but no actual life experience. I blame parents, they spend no actual time teaching their children anything , Why? because they are stupid also, they spend no time with their kids, (Frikken losers breed losers). But alas, I am preaching to the choir.

    • And the hive dwellers that had no idea what those millions of points of light in the night sky were. Scared the heck out of them.

      Bigger problem is that majority of 18yr old young men are total fat turds. Has been a big problem for 20yrs and reportedly continues to get worse. Can’t and won’t get in shape and slim down.

  8. Looky looky, here we go with comfiscation? Noooo, whoo’d do confiscation. We just wanna do coomon sense until we coolect your guns.

    Piss ant small states, small minds, small (D)i<ks, and that includes their girl children.

    F to the power of (D). F em all.

    The next civil war is actually going to be kinda fun.

    • Hmmm, I think its because the run amok government doesn’t fear the citizenry anymore. THEIR in charge and THEIR going to do what THEIR going to do….Which of course means “Authoritarianism”. In the form of “Confiscation”. Meaning our friendly neighborhood “Now Paramilitarized ” Police Departments, and “soon to be goose-stepping State Troopers ” will Dutifully execute those orders in the name of the law. Which will lead to Confrontation, and the death of innocent US citizens who will have their civil liberties trampled upon. Leading to US citizens engaged in armed resistance. To rebellion, and to a full scale 2nd US Civil War for our rights, liberties, Freedom , and the Pursuit of Happiness !
      Paramilitaries be warned, the US citizenry will not tolerate Infringements upon liberty !

  9. In case anyone was wondering, that anti-gun movie just released it’s trailer. “Miss Sloane” starring Jessica Chastian (Zero Dark Thirty, Interstellar, The Martian), Mark Strong (Sherlock Holmes, Zero Dark Thirty, Kingsmen), Sam Waterson (Law & Order) among others. Release date December 9, 2016.

    Tried watching the trailer but couldn’t bring myself to finish it. Anyone else if free to have a go at it.

  10. Hmmm…I’ve been on 79th in Chatham. The usual way out of the ghetto (other than by way of the morgue) is to move south and f#%k up my neighborhood. Ain’t no game. And neither is Minority Report style gun confiscation…

    • HEY! Guess who I just saw on the Chicago news? One Neil Steinberg, Chicago SunTimes columnist denied an AR15 about 3 months ago for being a violent drunk POS. And made fun of all FB and here…the system works LOL. He was witness to concrete falling on some poor woman on the EL. Preternaturally annoying azzwhole…

  11. i know everyone has kind of gone down the trump path here, but any chance we can get an article about ALL the presidential candidates views? I’d like to see one that includes evan mcmullin.

    • Before deciding to vote for McMuffin, etc, remember there is no magic. Only reason to do such (I have done it) is to say loud and clear “I had the energy to pay attention and to get out and vote, but neither of you losers earned my vote” Because either Illary or Trump will win.

  12. “Instead of addressing violence as it happens, the country could improve its methods for detecting “high-risk” people and take guns out of the equation altogether. The proposed law permits judges to order police officers to confiscate people’s firearms . . .”

    We’ve already seen how the state can weaponize bureaucracies (the IRS, ATF, BLM come to mind) and then use them to exert control over political enemies. Progressivism (a kinder gentler name for fascism) is perfectly at home with the idea of using its state apparatus to do bad things to its enemies. (And, make no mistake, People Of The Gun are class A enemies of the progressive state.) Think a a Bloomberg or Obama (or Clinton) wouldn’t love to be able to have nameless bureaucrats come up with new and inventive ways of putting routine gun-owners in “high-risk” categories? And when they do that all those recruits-who’ve-never-fired-a-gun will happily kick down your door and confiscate ours. After all, we’re on a “high-risk” list.

  13. Not looking for a cheap shot, but my personal experience is that most mil and police types who aren’t experienced infantryman or “gun-enthusiasts” know F all about firearms (and that also reflects on the range). It is easy to learn bad habits in any endeavor -including shooting- but “Uncle Bob’s” shooting training may very well be excellent training. Any large organization has to let some people “pass.” My bet is that a large organization made up of people who have been shooting throughout their lives will probably find themselves better shooters than ones that get blank slates to train on budgets of time and money.

  14. I can categorically state it is not easier to get a gun than a parking spot on the south side. Nobody in their right mind would park a car there. Sorry chance the rapper…. everything you said was wrong. Again.

  15. Since their government won out against the gun owners by barring sales outright, I think its unlikely that you can make a more perfect gun which they’ll suddenly find acceptable.
    Without a market there is no smartgun. That’s what makes the whole effort futile. The people asking for it aren’t buyers of the technology, they just mean to interfere with gun sales.

    A gun company that goes along with plans for cutting its own throat just can’t survive.

  16. My first handling of a firearm ever was a M16A2 in basic during 2004. I qualified on my first try, but I only did ok. It took me a long time to figure out how to shoot well with my terrible vision and thick glasses. I wish I had some instructions prior to the military actually, I know I am a slow learner.

    • The best advice I can give is this:
      Picture your target as the size of the bullet you are shooting. If a .22, you should be picturing a target .22 inch in diameter.
      “Aim small, miss small” -anon

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