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The Right Way With Guns: The National Rifle Association Comic Book From 1956 – “Grim and absurdly funny, here’s a rare item from 1956 titled THE RIGHT WAY WITH GUNS! by Capt. Frank Moss and produced by the George A. Pflaum Publishing Company (based in Dayton, Ohio, the company was notable for its Catholic religious weekly newspapers and comic books since 1889) in conjunction with the National Rifle Association. The comic appeared first in Treasure Chest ‘the Pictures Story Magazine For Boys & Girls’, distributed in parochial schools from 1946 to 1972.” Dated? Fair enough. But there’s nothing about the underlying message that doesn’t work just as well today.

North Korea reportedly executes two top officials with anti-aircraft guns – “JoongAng Ilbo reported that Hwang was killed because his policy proposals were seen as a challenge to Kim, while Ri was accused of nodding off during a meeting with the dictator as well as corruption.” Nork ministers may want to pound some Red Bull before those cabinet meetings, no?


North Haven, CTO.F. Mossberg and Sons, Inc. is pleased to offer new sub-compact NFA firearms, based on its time-proven 12-gauge 590A1 and 500 pump-actions. Classified by the BATFE (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives) as AOWs (Any Other Weapon), the 590A1/500 Compact Cruiser AOWs require a $5 tax stamp for transfer, as well as the required NFA transfer paperwork. Two 12-gauge, 3-inch sub-compact versions are available with all of the standard features of the 590A1/500 platform that millions worldwide have selected for personal defense and in service to our country.

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According to Shannon, opposing gun control is now officially un-American: Moms Demand Founder: NRA’s Fight Against Gun Control Is an ‘Attack on Americans’ – “It is interesting to note that Watts did not argue with the NRA’s key point, namely, that Clinton plans to use the Supreme Court to go after the Second Amendment. Rather, Watts tried to deflect the NRA’s point with a subtle accusation that an attack on gun control is an ‘attack on Americans.’ It is also interesting to note how she tried to present recently defeated gun controls as ‘lifesaving gun laws.’ But the word ‘lifesaving’ is a difficult one to use when the most prominent gun control push in recent years has revolved around universal background checks.”


(Lefty) mob rule: Lt. Gov. Newsom on Guns and Ammo: “Will of Voters” Should Trump Legislature – “Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom strongly defended his gun and ammunition control ballot measure, Proposition 63, saying it goes “much much further” than the package of gun control bills passed recently by the California legislature and signed by Governor Jerry Brown. ‘The legislature hasn’t acted as it could on gun safety and now the people will have a chance to do so,’ he said in an interview broadcast Sunday on NBC4’s  ‘News Conference’ program.”

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Uncertainty rules Indiana’s laws on guns at polling places – “Dr. Jody Madeira of the Indiana University Maurer School of Law said, for the most part, when it comes to enforcing gun laws at polling places, such as stopping armed citizens from engaging voters outside the location or even standing watch as a party poll worker inside, Indiana election authorities are powerless.” And?

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Guns in Donald Trump’s America – “Trump’s missive drew widespread condemnation for its opportunism and insensitivity, particularly in the context of Chicago. Shootings in the city surged more than 88 percent in the first three months of 2016 alone. The furor that ensued after the tweet raised an important question: How would Trump’s gun policies affect life for minority and low-income people in cities like Chicago?” ‘In the context of Chicago’, gun laws that keep firearms out of the hands of law abiding citizens — blacks in particular — are deadly.

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  1. I’ve always wanted a master key snubby shotgun…

    Do I need one, no. But, do I want one, yes, badly.

    • That’s not going to be safe as a master key, no back-pressure relief or teeth to hold it on target.

    • I’ve always felt that the only real use for stockless, cruiser style shotguns was as house/rv guns. Off the top of my head I can’t think of any other place where such shortness in a 12 ga would be useful.

      Maybe behind the counter of a liqour store.

      • Anti-carjacking, loaded with slugs vs bear at close quarters although I’d prefer the JIC… other than that, yeah, it’s a pretty niche gun.

        • I don’t think I’d want a pump gun for a car gun. Would be awkward to handle it and the car controls at the same time. I’m not a fan of semi’s but the car gun should probably be a semi.

        • Not sure I’d want to be inside a car popping off 12 gauge buckshot that close to the ol’ earballs. But yeah, I can’t argue that it would probably be very effective at convincing a carjacker to reconsider his transportation choices.

          As to the other thing, I’ve worked very hard to construct a life that ensures I will never be in a situation with a bear that one could describe as “close quarters”.

          All that said, I really would love to have one of those tiny shotguns. Just because.

        • You don’t want to be popping off anything that’s not well suppressed inside a car or a house or any enclosure unless you have earpro.

          I’m merely pointing out that in a carjacking situation at a stoplight where you’re not the first in line so running the light is not an option, or traffic is heavy enough that such a move isn’t an option showing that thing to the thug barrel first will have him either moving a long or DRT in a short period of time.

          Really, for anti-carjacking I’d prefer this if it wasn’t illegal as hell in the US:

        • GTFO! Does that thing use gas from the car’s tank? Freaking AWESOME, where can I get a couple?

      • I’m a practical guy when it comes to guns, but it’s all about the cool factor for me on the super short shotgun.

        It’s my only weakness. Well, that, and redheads. And Scotch. And pecan pie. And big, black, jacked-up Dodge trucks. OK, I have a lot of weaknesses.

      • It makes sense in Canada, as we can use them for wilderness carry (it’s a lot easier than getting a permit for wilderness carry of a pistol), but in the US where you can carry a pistol more easily it’s not quite as useful. Backpacker guns like the Mare’s Leg (with or without a full length stock) are popular up here for that reason.

        There’s always the fun/cool factor.

    • Start by sending a letter to your congressman and senators demanding they introduce legislation to repeal the NFA and then follow it up with phone calls asking what happened to it.

  2. So Catholics were once pro-gun? All I see is fadder’s and a pope railing about gun ownership…and stay awake you North Korean loons. Do they really worship that fatazz with a bad haircut???

    • Interesting bind the Catholics have put themselves in. They believe he is “infallible” in the decrees he makes interpreting the word of God and the scriptures.

      This makes a very interesting situation when a pope is chosen for very political reasons. The bishops chose him ostensibly because a South American funny-hat-man would stir up interest and enthusiasm for the church in a region where, the church believes, it’s demographic future resides. There just aren’t enough Catholics in Europe who will spread their legs and multiply–this is death for this branch of Christianity in the long term. Even if the Philippines or the US put up respectable numbers of baptisms every year, you can’t just up and move the Vatican to someplace your numbers are stronger. This is a very serious problem plaguing a religion that has propped itself up with symbolism, relics, and the Holiness of location. Those supports have become chains, binding the capital of Catholicism deep in a dying state 200 miles away from millions of people who are just fine with proselytizing by the sword

      So, when they chose El Holiness Nuevo, they wanted South America to literally float the religion…a curious strategy for a continent that can’t float a monthly debt interest payment. Unfortunately (and I believe a lot of bishops share this sentiment), Francisco did not only bring a fleeting flurry of Latin American excitement, but also a deep-rooted political ideology that is completely incompatible with western values, economic growth, stability, and ultimately the ability of a bunch of bishops in Rome to continue living a life of luxury. I guess the consoling irony of the situation is that Latin American got so screwed up in a large degree due to the Catholic Church tolerating the Spanish tyranny there in exchange for gold.

      The Muslims have it good…plop your rug down, stick your ass in the air, and face your best guess of where Mecca is. If an Imam had to flee one city for another, it doesn’t really matter.

    • Catholics aren’t anti-gun. The Church has no teaching on gun ownership. The Church DOES teach that self defense is a grave duty of parents and persons. Guns are the best way to fulfill that duty. Bishops, even the Pope, who preach against guns do so fallibly and politically.

      • Of course! In order to correctly protect catholics and murder non-catholics, catholics must be armed. As soon as you can get the power, of course, non-catholics will be summarily executed if they are discovered to be armed. Simply muslims with a different book.

  3. The Mossberg safety that sits atop the frame is in a great position for stock held shotguns, but is in a terrible position for pistol grip held shotguns

    • If the HildaBeast gets in, you can count on a metric (or SAE) sh!tload more of Shannon & Bloomie.

      On the upside, it may bring Dirk back into the fold of TTAG…

      • If she gets elected? Have you seen the news of the DHS taking over the job of running the voting process? No shit.


        The fix apparently is in. This would be it and Shannon & Bloomie would not be the problem, a few SCOTUS picks and gun rights will be removed from the people and held to apply to the (for instance) National Guard (militia) only. The bill of rights will be simply taken from us – never to be allowed back.

        Lets take it one step farther, let’s say that the SCOTUS makes such a decision and the resulting confiscation efforts result in some measure of drama and LEO deaths at the hands of ‘radical originalist factions refusing to submit to state enforcement teams’ and, in order to quell the unrest president Clinton, via executive order rules that gun rights supporting journalists and web based discussion forums are hereby permanently shut down. After the introduction of the ‘Internet Access Licensing’ act of 2017 any web based logins are monitored and tracked by DHS and TTAG operating license being revoked you are unable to access TTAG nor are you even able to discuss the subject matter on forums such as Facebook or Youtube as keywords such as ‘gun rights’ or ‘second amendment’ are tracked an monitored by DHS and you are no longer allowed to access the internet anonymously anymore (for example as one would be stupid now to access porn sites from a work computer as in such environments you are already positively identified and content access is logged and keyword tracked, think of the same thing happening on a national scale). Bottorrent, TOR and the like are deemed felonies irregardless of the content.

        First amendment, gone. Second amendment gone. Tenth amendment, gone. What’s left?

        Think it can’t happen?

        Positively Stalinist. See you in the camps.

  4. I love that Trumps tweet rankled so many Dems, many of whom are dullards who didn’t catch the real meaning of it: Chicago, which has been ruled by progressive lefties at the city and state level for decades, is one of the most dangerous places for black people to live in this country. Hope and change hucksters did nothing for them, and the Hildebeast is selling more of the same.

  5. “Trump’s missive drew widespread condemnation for its opportunism and insensitivity,”

    Given the rapidity and fervor with which the Left waves bloody shirts, this is rich. The hypocrisy is so blatant it’s glowing neon green, but they just don’t seem to see it.

    Someday, future sociologists are going to get a lot of dissertations from this era…

  6. We live in a time when people stampede at the sound of a popped balloon, and going to the airport means choosing between being groped and being viewed naked. Yet a comic strip that taught children about responsible gun handling and marksmanship is supposed to be absurd? No.

    • Feminists have a comic explaining the evils of men and the patriarchy.

      True story. And it’s just as awesome as it sounds.

  7. Pretty good comic book. It’s too bad we won’t be seeing something like this in the lame stream press of today.

  8. I’m waiting for Ithaca to re-issue the stakeout so I can be like Tubbs.

    I already have the Smith Bodyguard.

    Then head to MY Yammy!

  9. So, it’s just a comic book that explains how to safely handle a gun, and suggests that people get proper training? Yes, that’s so grim and absurdly hilarious! What will those crazy gun nuts think of next?

  10. when it comes to enforcing gun laws at polling places, such as stopping armed citizens from engaging voters outside the location or even standing watch as a party poll worker inside, Indiana election authorities are powerless.”
    Yeah, this has just been such a big problem in Indiana! WTF?

  11. “…nodding off during a meeting with the dictator as well as corruption…”

    Well, we were willing to let the corruptions slide, but nodding off at a meeting was just too much to endure.

    Off with his…what? Anti-aircraft guns? I see….

  12. Poll watchers are fine, but I don’t want any electioneering within 100 feet of the polling station. Your party and your candidate have already had the entire campaign and every media vehicle to reach voters, introduce your positions, and persuade them.

    Accosting people at the polling station, on election day, with a captive audience of voters entering, or standing and waiting to enter, is cheap and cheaty. Adding open carry of firearms to that mix is unnecessary, unhelpful, inflammatory, intimidating, and should be illegal.

    • When I go to the polls, I have no problem with armed people being there, why do you? I mean, *I* am armed, why shouldn’t the next guy be? Are we advocating for a GFZ, now?

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