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Everybody wants to be an operator: Granbury man sentenced for taking rifle while impersonating Navy SEAL – “Luna-Gonzalez, who claimed he was wounded in combat in Africa and earned a Purple Heart as a Navy SEAL, was arrested in November 2014 and accused of impersonating a military officer, authorities said. He was in the Navy as an enlisted seaman apprentice, but his service record indicates he was never a commissioned officer or a SEAL, nor did he earn a Purple Heart or face active combat, Fowler told the Star-Telegram in a previous interview.”


Another big city top cop for civilian disarmament: San Jose Police Chief: Too Many Guns In U.S., Gun Control Needed – “San Jose Police Chief Eddie Garcia says there are ‘absolutely’ too many guns in America, and that more gun control is needed. Garcia also said Black Lives Matter is “a valid movement” and that his police department needs to to ‘acknowledge … [our] badge didn’t always stand for what it stands for today.’”

Meanwhile, not far north of there…


UC Davis begins nation’s 1st gun violence research center – “UC Davis has been selected to begin a gun violence research center, which will be the first of its kind in the country in nearly 20 years. University of California President Janet Napolitano announced the campus selection Monday for the University of California Firearm Violence Research Center. The center will be under the direction of Garen Wintemute, who has directed the Violence Prevention Research Program at UC Davis Medical Center for 25 years.” So the usual suspects spending money California doesn’t have to turn out more anti-gun “data.” Perfect.

cocks and Glocks

Presumably Texas, with its moderate gun laws has many citizens quietly going about their business all over the state while carrying concealed weapons. And because the minimum age for a concealed carry permit is 21, that immediately shrinks the number of possible weapons on campus, probably to a point well below the background percentage across the state. So the hysteria is completely and totally unfounded. But you knew that already.”


Need proof Alabamians love their guns? Here you go – “The number of federal firearm background checks more than doubled in Alabama from 2010 to 2015. A Bloomberg analysis showed there were 308,607 firearm background checks performed in Alabama 2010. By 2015, that number had grown to 737,509, an increase of 139 percent.” Roll tide.


Pellet guns blind too many protesters so India seeks a new ‘nonlethal’ weapon – “In eight weeks of violent clashes that ripped through India’s strife-torn Kashmir province, the national spotlight has been on the millions of tiny lead pellets fired by the police on protesters, blinding dozens and injuring hundreds more. Amid growing public outcry, criticism from human rights groups and calls for a ban on pellet guns, the Indian government is now looking for a new nonlethal weapon that can temporarily incapacitate violent mobs without causing permanent damage. On Monday, a security official told reporters that the use of pellet guns will be regulated and used only in extreme situations in the future.”

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Bibb County Sheriff’s Office to auction off guns for first time – “Unclaimed or unwanted guns used to be crushed with other scrap metal after they were no longer needed as evidence in court. However, a change in state law four years ago requires the guns to be auctioned. The guns to be sold are among hundreds of confiscated guns that have been in a stockpile since the 2012 law change.”


Robert Duval’s neighbor doesn’t take kindly to airborne paparazzi: Virginia Woman Blasts Drone ‘to Smithereens’ with Shotgun – “I loaded my shotgun and took the safety off, and this thing came flying over my trees. I don’t know if they lost command or if they didn’t have good command, but the wind had picked up. It came over my airspace, 25 or 30 feet above my trees, and hovered for a second. I blasted it to smithereens.”


  1. Dr. Winemute’s appointment to the “Gun Violence Research Center” and its location at UC Davis comes as no surprise to us at DRGO. It was obvious to anyone with more than a superficial understanding of the issue where this center was intended to be located and who was intended to run it. Wintemute hovered close to the witness table at every hearing this bill had. He was in close orbit of Sen. Wolk’s legislative aide at all hearings.

    Winemute’s propaganda machine was going to be funded through SB 1006 – which was supposed to undergo a legislative process. Pro-gun groups succeeded in inserting a clause into the bill requiring the GVRC to investigate the benefits of firearms ownership. Instead, Sen. Wolk pulled the bill and along with Pro Tem De Leon included funding for the center in the annual budget – which Gov. Brown signed.

    Now, California tax payers – 8 to 12 million of whom are gun owners – are being shaken down to fund a propaganda machine the only purpose of which is to strip them of their constitutional rights.

    Arthur Z Przebinda, MD
    Social Media Director
    Doctors for Responsible Gun Ownership

  2. With future drone deliveries of packages being planned by various companies, this trend of drone shooting could prove problematic for some down the line.

    • “this trend of drone shooting could prove problematic for some down the line.”

      I predict sales of net cannons will skyrocket.

      I hear some proposals for drone delivery using existing routes like electric powerline corridors. Folks wanting ‘free stuff’ will hang out near those corridors and just wait for the boxes with the Amazon ‘smile’…

      • Perhaps, but micro RFD and GPS device prices keep falling and the devices themselves keep getting smaller and becoming part of the packaging. Highwire robbers will find that they’re just leaving a nice trail of breadcrumbs right back to their lair.

      • >go drone hunting
        >see a drone carrying a box of goodies
        >shoot down the drone
        >open box of goodies
        >it’s a box of dildos
        >feels bad man

  3. You’ll put yer eye out kid! Or the po-leece will…did the old lady withthe shotgun get any blowback with her shoot? ?

  4. I can’t figure out how to do the strike through, otherwise I’d fix it for you: “Roll Tide” should be replaced with “War Eagle”.

  5. “… the Indian government is now looking for a new nonlethal weapon that can temporarily incapacitate violent mobs without causing permanent damage.”

    How about a fire hose???

  6. Mr. Luna-Gonzalez is certainly a douchebag and a dumbfuck.

    However, what he did wasn’t illegal. Lying about military service, despicable as it is, is a protected right under the 1A.

    They nailed him on receiving “benefits” for service not performed but since this was something he was informed of by an undercover, meaning he would never have attempted to get the gun without their input, I call entrapment.

    He’s a douche but he’s not a criminal.

    • He is a criminal if he was enlisted in the Navy and impersonated a commissioned officer. That’s UCMJ territory there.

      • So JAG should prosecute him for impersonating an officer, not civil authorities?

        The whole ‘stealing by fraudulent inducement’ thing applies to the ‘my kid has cancer, please donate’ people, but does it apply to somebody who got an unsolicited gift because the giver admired the recipient for a lie?

    • Strych9,

      “Lying … is a protected right under the 1A.”

      No. Offensive and unpopular political speech are protected. Lying and obscenity are not protected.

      • Been on the Internet much? It would seem that you are the only person who thinks obscenity is not protected. And I noticed a comment higher in this string with a casual “fuck” thrown in. OMG! Where’s the FBI?

  7. I’m a commercial drone operator that does aerial imagery for surveys, inspections, and much more, and I’d really not have people shooting down our drones. They cost more money that most people could imagine, and having one shot down would be beyond aggravating. And I hope if anyone does, our insurance company takes them to the cleaners.

      • Yeah I don’t see why they don’t fly over public property, like a road or something. Fly high out of reach of any buckshot, and only descend/land when you’re directly over the place you’re supposed to be at.

        • If you fly over my property, your drone WILL be shot down–my space is MY space & if violated you will suffer the consequences

        • Sorry to be the one to inform you junkman, but you actually don’t control the airspace over your property.

        • Sorta yes, sorta no. The Supremes have ruled that you have some control over your airspace in US v Causby , at least that part that you could build in. Is it applicable to this new scenario? We’ll see.

          The nonsensical assertion by assholes with drones that they can do as the wish over your property, hovering 6 foot over your daughter sunbathing will be tested rather quickly in the courts, and hopefully the FAA steps in with some minimum flight heights before we just shoot them all down.

          Currently, the legal trend has been to let people shoot egregious violators like the one in the article without consequence. No guarantees of the trend continuing, and as gung-ho as many are to destroy any vestige of privacy, who knows where the law will go.

      • Umm, occasionally private companies/operators are hired by a state or local government entity to do overhead photography for surveys and other related municipal needs. Its cheaper than having a helicopter do it which saves tax payer money.

        • Keep flying.

          Hovering over my property with the camera aimed at my daughter sunbathing by the pool is going to end badly.

        • A company hired by .gov isn’t hovering to look to anybody sunbathing….do what you want to and be prepared to pay the company hired by the .gov and probably to .gov too.

        • “Hovering over my property with the camera aimed at my daughter sunbathing by the pool is going to end badly.”

          And that goes double for the jerk comes to my door trying to recover the wreckage.

    • I can sympathize with your position, but it really is a good idea (and good manners) to check with the property owners before flying over their home. A little basic courtesy could save a lot of time and headaches in the long run.

    • What’s funny is according to FBI statistics, criminals could easily injure or kill those women with those dildos. There’d be some irony there!

  8. Alabama’s background checks are fixin to drop some- as of this summer we are able to use our carry permits instead of NICS.

    • Great, we are already there. Next, for you, is to inquire as to why you still need to fill out the 4473. Because a lot of people are wondering.

  9. “UC Davis has been selected to begin a gun violence research center, which will be the first of its kind in the country in nearly 20 years.”

    Now that violence involving guns is at its lowest in 20 years, this seems totally appropriate. Hell, that would be a great first question for them to tackle: Why does this research group exist?

      • Now that’s funny. Too bad it isn’t so. Dr. Wintemute’s research will be used to provide a “rational basis” for the next round of restrictions. He is the one who testifies that more guns = more gun crime, and that therefore it is reasonable to prevent people from getting CCWs because the fewer guns on the street the better.

        • “He is the one who testifies that more guns = more gun crime, and that therefore it is reasonable to prevent people from getting CCWs because the fewer guns on the street the better.”

          The DOJ data clearly shows ‘not so much’.

          Since the early 90’s there are a *lot* more guns in circulation (about 40 pct. more, IIRC) and ‘gun violence’ has dropped about 50 percent.

          Just how are they going to ignore those ‘inconvenient facts’?

    • He was the guy who ordered his officers to stand down when Trump supporters were being assaulted at a Trump rally in San Jose. He is as liberal a big city chief as they come.


  11. Pandering to BLM San Jose Police Chief Eddie Garcia, leading law enforcement of a sanctuary city, needs that jack ass smile knocked off his face with a horizontal but stroke with nothing less than a black rifle. Preventing a jackass from infringement could be construed as lawful self-protection…no?

    • A black rifle would do the job, but I’m sure it would better to over achieve. A butt stroke with my garand would be more effective. 9+ Lbs and a steel butt plate should do nicely. Only thing better would be an honest to god BAR, but I don’t have one.

  12. “…the Indian government is now looking for a new nonlethal weapon that can temporarily incapacitate violent mobs without causing permanent damage.”

    Two problems.

    First, at the risk of positing an absolute, any “nonlethal” weapon can either be worked through or brazened through, or it has a real chance of causing permanent injury or death. Especially for ones intended for crowd control.

    Second, there are new ones available, that should be more effective than what’s now in use, but governments are highly reluctant to deploy them due to the optics.

    Google “active denial” for instance.

    • We had a little fracas in our local burg a few weeks back that was bad enough that the dog-killing mafia brought out their fancy schmancy sound oriented crowd dispersal device. Looked pretty fancy on the news story I saw at least.

      I really don’t know how well it worked because I don’t go to fracasas. Is that the correct plural of fracas?

      Anyway, yes there are options.

  13. California Firearm Violence Research Center?

    You just know a research center is going to produce great research when it has selection bias built right into the title.

  14. Shooting down a drone, even one hovering over your property is a federal crime
    The FAA has declared drones are aircraft and shooting at them is prohibited
    Even if they are harassing you daughter
    There is a lot of law to be settled, but this aspect is crystal clear
    Shooting into the air is dangerous and falling drones are dangerous
    The most likely out outcome as someone else said is that you may end up owning the air space up to your roof line
    Right now that is not settled law

    • Boy, what an obvious spot to begin saying “fuck you!” Drones over my property will be shot down. Those coming to arrest me for that had better send drones instead of coming personally. ‘Cuz I will freakin’ SUE you, dude!


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