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“A local government cannot be allowed to flout Texas’ licensed carry laws, or any state law, simply because it disagrees with the law or doesn’t feel like honoring it.” – Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton in AG sues Waller County over right to carry guns in county courthouse [via]


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    • Should start lumping in China and France and Turkey with those lists, since they are nearly as foreign & anti-American at this point.

        • The French helped screw over the English. That’s realpolitik, not altruism. I don’t know that they were ever really into freedom for their own people.

    • Municipalities in Pennsylvania that pass local firearms ordinances are still violating the PA preemption law.

      Allentown recently backed-down when gun rights advocates voiced opposition to re-inacting their local firearms ordnances at a City Council hearing after the latest PA Supreme Court ruling.

      The only thing that was lost in PA was “standing” and legal fee recovery for anyone that wasn’t found in violation of a local ordinance.

      Local firearms ordinances still violate Pennsylvania law (and, therefore, I still ignore them).

      • Didn’t understand why bear would lump pa in with the likes of ca and nj. Pa isn’t perfect, no state is, but when it comes to my gun rights I think I’ll stay.

  1. Nothing else summarizes the elitist, ‘us vs them’ neo-feudalist mentality of our contemporary ruling class like government bodies that won’t follow their own laws.

    We should not need to pass laws like pre-emption that hold bureaucracies feet to the fire of obeying the dang law.

    Of course, none of this is helped when one of the two leading presidential candidates flaunts the law left and right and it is declared ‘acceptable.’

    How dare they demand us to commit Three Felonies Per Day when they have no intention of following ANY laws?

    THIS is why we have a 2A. They are SUPPOSED to be so sh1t-stain scared of our response if they do tyrannical stuff like this they never would consider it. Too bad we’ve allowed them to throw 2A out…or we have simply put too much faith in words on paper.

    • July 5th 2015, “No reasonable prosecutor”

      That’s the day that I fully comprehended that the rule of law only applies to the proles. I had previously hoped that there was a semblance of equality between the masses and the ruling elite. Without a great deal of change in the near future we will be no better governed than mexico. Keep your powder dry.

      • Two events made it crystal clear to me that the rule of law only applies to political enemies of the ruling class:
        (1) David Gregory waving a 30-round magazine on live television in Washington D.C.
        (2) Hillary Clinton operating her own e-mail server and related actions.

        Both events were simple, clear felonies. And prosecutors have refused to prosecute either person because neither person is a political enemy of the ruling class … nor serves to bolster the appearance of political power that the ruling class thinks it holds.

        • nor serves to bolster the appearance of political power that the ruling class thinks it holds.

          Let’s be honest. At the moment the ruling class doesn’t only think they have the political power that they think they have, they actually have it. Rectifying that is gonna be tricky.

  2. I’ve seen 30.06 & 30.07 signs posted at city and county government buildings throughout the state. Waller County better be made to pay the fines. Or else none of the other counties or cities are going to take them down.

    • Does Texas have a specific preemption statute?

      In NC, we do. That does not stop several counties and towns per year challenging it by illegally posting properties.

      • “Does Texas have a specific preemption statute?”

        JR, is a Federal preemption law concerning enumerated civil rights something worth exploring?

        Or will it (as I strongly expect) open a real can of worms?

        • Probably not for the simple pragmatic reason that State Preemption does not stop the usurpation of power where it’s not granted.

          If counties and town don’t adhere to State Preemption I don’t think we can expect States to adhere to Federal Preemption.

          Shoot, the feds can’t even adhere to their own preemption already in the books in form of the Second Amendment.

    • I’ve seen 30.06 signs at county libraries before, most recently in about 2013. A simple morning email to my County Judge’s office (not an actual “judge” like in a courthouse, but one of five county judges who collectively administer county affairs), and the stenciled signs were removed by that same evening.

      I was totally cool about it, politely citing the then-recent preemption statute and acknowledging that the signs were likely just unintentional holdovers from before.

      Other than that, I’ve seen both the Houston Zoo and the Bayou City Art Festival (both are private nonprofit entities operating on leased public property) illegally attempt and fail to ban firearms.

      • “I’ve seen 30.06 signs at county libraries before,”

        Really? Can you relay exactly where? Because I have never actually seen a 30.06 sign, including the one at the hospital where my wife underwent surgery last week. And the week before. I am completely ignorant, and yet I caused no deaths. How much do you want to spend prosecuting me? Because I want a jury trial, and I want it tomorrow. Remember? My right is a speedy, Jury trial.

  3. Punish the government for violating its own laws? Inconceivable! Or as they say in Louisiana, “nevah bin done befo.'”


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